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Women wore red ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ robes to Texas Senate in protest of anti-abortion bill

  • Protesters in the Texas Capitol made a silent statement on Monday when they showed up to the Senate chambers dressed in the red robes and white bonnets, iconic imagery from author Margaret Atwood’s feminist dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale.
  • According to the Huffington Post, the women were protesting multiple anti-abortion rights bills, one of which was Senate Bill 415, legislation that bans what lawmakers are referring to as “dismemberment abortion” — otherwise known as “dilation and evacuation — a common second trimester abortion procedure.
  • In Atwood’s imagined future, women have been stripped of all autonomy and reduced to "walking wombs” whose sole purpose is to produce children for the state.  Read more (3/21/17 9:01 AM)

A Republican Senator got so angry at a 24-year-old intern testifying about abortion that he broke a table with his gavel

Hennessy was testifying against SB 415, a bill that would limit doctors’ ability to perform dilation and evacuation, a common abortion procedure. The Senator reacted disturbingly as she urged lawmakers to “stop playing with women’s health care as if it’s your own political puppet.”