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Fantastical Photographs by Jude Allen 

Every once in awhile I capture a moment with my camera that resonates with me so strongly that I don’t really know how to put it into words. So, I’ll tell the story behind this instead… I went on a short trip to Colorado to chase the Milky Way with my friend @independentcbh a few years back. What we were greeted with was bad weather and tons of road closures to places we wanted to go I.e. no color, grey skies and just everything looking bland. We made the best of it but we were kind of disappointed to say the least. For our last day Chris had planned a small train ride, I really had no idea what to expect. We awoke to six inches of snow on the ground that morning and an excitement that a kid might feel on Christmas morning. To me this photo is a reminder that while I can’t see into the future I have to give it my best in the present moment and the rest will fall into place. 🖤  ~ Jude Allen

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I Swallow Your Heart

Wincest Writing Challenge: (September) | @ilostmyshoe-79 vs @soy-em

Prompt: I swallow your heart and it crawls right out of my mouth

Word Count: 2400

Tags/Triggers: Sam is a kid when this starts, but is sixteen before anything sexual happens, Sam wears panties, blowjobs, pining

A/N: This quote makes me ache. I hope you enjoy it! XOXO

Dean loses his virginity when Sam is eleven years old. Sam knows that to be true, because Dean told him. Dean tells him everything, always has, and Sam has never minded before. It always made him feel older, made him feel special to have secrets that other kids his age hadn’t discovered yet. And it always made him feel close to Dean.

But tonight’s different.

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Dylan was intimidated by girls. He did the sound board for theater, where he liked being around other “weirdos,” but in general did not know how to interact with other people. He liked learning, but not school. He had girl friends, but never a girlfriend. (Tom Klebold says Dylan would go out with a group of friends; what Tom called “group dating.”)

It wasn’t a romantic relationship but in the summer of 1997 Dylan met Devon Adams through friends she had at BlackJack. Devon, two years younger, would be entering Columbine as a freshman.
 By the time school started Devon was friendly enough with Eric and Dylan to have breakfast and lunch with them. Dylan was not a morning person, and would sleep until noon or 1:00 p.m. on the weekends if he could. For breakfast he would eat donuts and orange juice, or soda pop. Sitting in the middle of the cafeteria, Eric and Dylan would do class work. Or at least pretend to. They could quote every line from the movie Natural Born Killers and Dylan, usually dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, preferred to talk. Devon also says she was marked for speaking with Dylan: A jock would say, “Why are you talking to that faggot? Are you a dyke?“

Devon never saw the violence when Dylan was alive. When they whacked each other with foam noodles in the pool, it was all fun and games. Other guys tackled her when they played football, but not Dylan. And when she cut her leg on the field, Dylan flipped out. He called a time out and washed her leg off. He didn’t like dogs and was scared of Devon’s Siberian Husky, but dealt with the animal, again, out of respect for her.
 "He didn’t want to disrupt anything, you know?” Devon says. “He was always very respectful of everything.”

Devon did see flashes of anger in Dylan. It might be a “dumb” occasion like getting a bad test grade. Or a spat over something inconsequential. At first, Dylan suppressed the anger. “I remember one time when he and I got in a fight cause I said something I shouldn’t have to him; I was just really, really angry at him, I don’t remember why, I was just mad at him, and he just walked away, and I don’t know if he ever got really mad about it. But he just walked away, and he just stayed away from me for about a week. And then it was fine. We talked about it. It was fine. But he was really, really upset for a while.”

A passage from

Columbine: A True Crime Story, Jeff Kass. (2009).


Okay. There’s no way for this not to sound at least a little self aggrandizing so I apologize?

But this morning one of the other professors in the Fashion program asked me to talk to a high school guidance counselor with her about our fashion program- and the costume design program.

And like.

It was one of those moments when I broke past the imposter syndrome thing?

It turned out this woman had, in her youth, been a stitcher down at Center Stage in Maryland, and now she teaches sewing and is a guidance counselor.


We talk about the fashion program- and holy shit I was able to talk about Textile Science and computer drafting like I knew what the fuck I was talking about… because bizarrely I do kind of now??

And then we talked about the internships or fashion students do and then we talked about costume design. And I laid out how our students assist and crew the Equity shows and then design the student shows and then I talked about me… well. About the outside work I have students assist me on.

Off-Broadway shows

Regional theatre in NY

Regional theatre in NJ

And this woman was really, really impressed and I looked over and so was the other fashion professor and like.

I am kind of awesome. And something like 87% of the time I don’t feel that.

But today I did. I DO.

It’s kind of a cool feeling. And I wanted to share.

Oh but of course she assumed I was a fucking student when she first met me, even though I was introduced as Professor P. So… whatever. Yeah. I’m not 60. And I have blue hair.

Still. I won her over.


  After having heard the irritating, although handsome boy, with the sharp cheek bones, and Rammstein shirt, you couldn’t wait to get to your next class. You weren’t sure why, but his statement really annoyed the hell out of you. When the bell rang signaling the end of the class, you packed up your things and put your headphones back on and played your music and wandered off in search of your History class. 

  Finally, after some pointless meandering, you found your class, and strolled right in and sat a few rows towards the back. Not having had breakfast that morning, your stomach was starting to growl. You sighed and glanced around. Next to you was yet another blonde girl, and she was chatting with the dirty blonde haired boy sitting directly in front of you. Although, you noticed, he seemed to be very distracted, and couldn’t answer his friend right away. You sighed yet again, grateful that at least they weren’t giving you the side eye like most of the people here. As soon as the Teacher walked in, she started her no-nonsense speech about the class, and asked everyone to get into groups of three or four to begin the semester long project. You felt your stomach drop. You may have been great at ignoring assholes and being on your own, but when it came to these social settings… you just…drowned.

  Fortunately for you, the blonde girl and dirty blonde haired boy looked around and noticed you. “She seems alright Dyl, no?” the girl asked almost as if teasing him. The boy glanced at you quickly and almost nervously, and nodded. “Hey, my name’s Robyn, and this is Dylan, do you want to be in our group?” You quickly accepted, relieved, and the three of you put your tables together.
“I’m Y/N, by the way. Nice to meet you Robyn. Nice to meet you Dylan.”  
“Are you new?”, the boy named Dylan asked you shyly. 

  You turned to give him your full attention, and you couldn’t help but stare at him for just a moment. He had long locks of dirty blonde hair, with ocean blue eyes, and even sitting down slouching, his towering height was apparent. He had on some kind of cloth necklace, with a black NIN shirt, blue jeans, and combat boots. He had very strong facial features that for now, made him look a bit odd and even goofy looking. But underneath, you were able to glimpse a hint of the man he would become.  

   You were only looking at him for a brief moment, before you responded smiling slightly at him, “Yeah, I just moved from California.” At that moment, your stomach let out a particularly loud rumble. You could have died of embarrasment, but instead, Dylan reached into his backpack and pulled out a package of Chips Ahoy, and quietly offered you some, “Lunch is still sometime away, help yourself please.” You felt your ears get hot, as you said thanks and helped yourself. You peaked up at Dylan to steal one last look at him.    


  Walking between the two boys, you could feel a nervous energy radiating from Dylan. You glanced up at him, and gave him a small smile when he quickly looked down at you and he grinned sheepishly. You were ecstatic that Dylan had thought to come over and ask to sit with him, even though the invitation had technically come from someone else…to sit with more of them. Oh well, no matter. You’ll take what you got.
  At the table you were introduced to the other guys Nate, Zach, Brooks,  and a girl named Devon, and you already knew Robyn. You sat down at an empty chair next to Robyn, and immediately Eric took the chair next to you. Dylan hesitated for a brief moment before deciding to sit down directly across from you. He gave you a small encouraging smile, before looking quickly away. As soon as everyone had been introduced to you, they all began to bombard you with questions about where you lived before, the kind of music you liked, why you moved, so on and so forth. You answered as best you could without showing how distracted you actually were. You kept stealing quick glances towards Dylan here and there, and you both kept catching each others eye. You couldn’t help but to (unsuccessfully, of course) suppress a grin, and you noticed he too, had a small (although noticeably insecure) smile playing on his lips.
  “So why did YOU pick philosophy?” a voice next to you interrupted your thoughts. You turned towards the direction of the voice, and found yourself facing Eric. “I wanted to broaden my horizons.” you replied solemnly. He raised an eyebrow, and you cracked a grin at him, “I’m only half serious dude. Relax.” you heard chuckling from in front of you and you just had to look up at Dylan, again. You both made eye contact, and couldn’t help it this time, you both broke into complete smiles. Flushing slightly, you turned to look elsewhere and just happened to catch a very curious expression on Robyn’s face.

  Eric didn’t seem to notice any of this, as his complete attention had been focused on you. Somehow, he managed to draw you back into conversation, which you didn’t mind as he was not only a good looking guy, he was actually very interesting. The two of you were discussing Rammstein when you had pointed out his shirt. Eric, for some stupid reason, seemed very impressed that you even knew the band. As the two of your conversation progressed, you noticed that Dylan was picking at his hands morosely and didn’t look up at you anymore. Lunch was soon over, and almost immediately Eric offered to walk you to class. “Uhh, sure Eric, thanks for the offer,” you said, but glanced over at Dylan. Not wanting to be rude, but having at least enjoyed your conversation you accepted. You had been hoping Dylan might have offered, but as soon as Eric had asked you, he looked away and started playing with a pen. As you got up to leave with Eric in search of your next class, you looked back at Dylan and saw him looking right at you with the strangest expression on his face. He reddened slightly, “Bye Dylan,” you called out smiling at him. He nodded his head and grinned slightly as he followed you with his eyes as you walked out.


 "So Dyl, I think that Y/N, might have a thing for you.“ a female voice broke into Dylan’s thoughts. He quickly tried to clear his head but he couldn’t help, like always, give himself away by reddening. "I don’t know what you mean Robyn.” Dylan muttered hastily. She gave him a knowing smile, “Uh huh, suuure Dyl, whatever you say.” Robyn looked at Dylan for a second longer before saying kindly, “And I think you have a thing for Y/N too, don’t you Dylan?” Dylan didn’t reply, he just turned more visibly red before scurrying away to his next class.
  Dylan didn’t even pay attention in his next class. His mind full of what Robyn had said. He got these horrid butterflies in his stomach at the thought that no, he wasn’t crazy, Y/N may also be interested in him. In him! Of all people, she had graced him with even looking in his direction. Of course Dylan was instantly attracted to Y/N from the moment she had walked into the room. She walked with a quick and confident pace, and had the most dreamy and spacy facial expression. When he saw her walk in their direction he felt as if he couldn’t remember his own name. When she sat behind him, he felt as if his entire backside were on fire, and couldn’t concentrate on what he had been saying. When she turned to look at him to answer him, he caught her wonderful vanilla scent and he felt as if he had truly not lived until that very moment. And when she gazed at him in such a peculiar dreamy manner, he knew that he wasn’t alone.
  He knew that such a beautiful dreamily distracted girl would draw attention, both good and bad. He noticed that as spacy as she may have seemed, she caught on quick to when people were being hostile or judgemental. It didn’t even seem to bother her in the slightest, as she usually gave them her full attention and smiled broadly at them. Dylan was impressed at what polar ends this birdmad girl could be at. So when Eric asked about her, he wasn’t surprised, Y/N left an impression on most. He was distraught however to see that his friend had an active interest in her, and was doing his best to pursue her. Dylan didn’t think he could ever be good enough for Y/N, so he was certain that she would prefer Eric. He had however, such a burning feeling of desperate hope when she turned around and smiled only for him.

  The sound of the bell ringing broke through his thoughts. He gathered his things and walked to his final class of the day. He was walking deep in thought, that he somehow managed to ignore the usual assholes he encountered. Someone yelled some obscenity at him, that he just managed to ignore. He smiled to himself, thinking how the mere thought of Y/N was enough to keep him going through all the daily bullshit he endured. Dylan finally got to his class, and like always, made his way towards the back and sat down. He was staring out the window, idly wondering just how awful this class would be, when he caught the aroma of something like…vanilla? He looked around and saw Y/N sitting behind him, staring and smiling at him openly. He felt his heart stop, and start again, as a smile slowly spread across Dylan’s face. “Hey Y/N, I almost didn’t see you.” he couldn’t believe his luck, she was in his last class of the day, and he didn’t have to share her.
  “You remind me of sunshine Dylan,” Y/N blurted out. Almost imediately she seemed horrified at herself for having said that out loud. He felt his face get hot, and was trying hard not to smile like crazy. He was at a loss for words so he just muttered a quiet “Thanks”. He looked around and noticed she had her book out again, but upon closer inspection he saw that it seemed to be a type of comic. “What are you reading?” he asked curiously. “Watchmen. Heard of it?” he shook his head. “Dude you’re missing out on life!” and she launched into a brief description of the comic as she held it out for Dylan to look at. He smiled as he flipped through the pages and looked up at her occasionally as she spoke, and he couldn’t help but notice that her book smelled very faintly of incense. “I like your shirt Dyl,” she said almost shyly. Dylan glanced down at his shirt slightly embarrassed, “You like Nine Inch Nails too?” she nodded smiling. “Maybe we can listen to them when we work on our project?” he smiled at her widely and suggested, “Robyn would hate that. So we should probably do it.” she burst into laughter, and Dylan couldn’t help himself, he stared at Y/N just simply happy to be smiling and laughing with her.
  “Will you look at that fellas?” a voice broke into their conversation, “Looks like the faggot finally found himself a dyke for a girlfriend!” Dylan didn’t have to turn around to see that it was definitely a footbal player by the name of Carl that had come to torment him. He didn’t care so much that he came to bother him, but it sure as hell pissed him the fuck off that he would come to torment Y/N too. He made a furious motion to stand, but what immediately stopped him was Y/N’s small delicate hand on his arm. He glanced at her quickly, and noticed that she was looking up at their tormentor with a serene smile. “So which one of us is it dude?” she asked calmly. That threw Carl off completely, “Wh-what?” by that point, the class was watching the entire exchange, but of course, no one said anything. “According to this scenario, we’re both interested in the same sex, but for some reason, dating each other?” she paused to let that statement sink in. Dylan started to grin slowly as he realized that Y/N had single handedly made Carl look like the fool he was. There were giggles that accompanied her statement, as Carl stood around opening and closing his mouth, clearly not clever enough to think up a retort. Y/N’s expression changed from peaceful, to suddenly cold, “If you’re going to insult us,” she started acidly as the teacher walked into the classrom, “at least make sure your insults make sense." 

   ….and just like that, Dylan knew there wasn’t anything he would not do for her.

Hey guys! I am going to be spending my morning writing imagines today -I was out of the country for the whole summer, and I moved to college last week, so I have been extremely busy and I haven’t had time to write -thus, I’ve been MIA.

I want to write at least three imagines today so I can upload them throughout the weekend! Hope you ‘’stay tuned’’! xxx

only 5 ½ hours left of my fast, i think i’m going to try and go until at least tomorrow morning though. i fell asleep @ 7pm last night and i just woke up at 9am but i’m still soooo tired and my leg muscles really hurt from my run yesterday 🙃

can someone suggest me workouts to do while i’m fasting?? i don’t want to do anything that’ll use too much energy bc i’ll end up giving in and eating cause i have no self control

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I Accidentally found your stawberry saga comic , wanna leave some comment but i have no devianart account so I just leave some comment here. You made Bulma a chaep bitch , you made Goku a retard, The storyline is just plain stupid and the worst thing is the drawing is ugly AF. I didnt know how could I read it

Lol shout out to drawing a comic while being 17. Thanks for taking the time to find my blog and dropping some comments. I’d write a longer response but I gotta be up in the morning to go work here in LA. But hey, at least you read the comic right? It’s much appreciated. Have a blessed day!

Day 3 Recap

Ehhhhhhhhhhhh. Yesterday was weird. I just got wired and forgot to eat, think, fEeL…….I was at zero calories until 9PM when ben bought pringles so I had some plus wine. We split one of my meal preps in half and went to bed at 11. I ended up between 1200-1300 overestimated calories so technically fine, but no exercise and alcohol entered the picture. I don’t feel like I overdid it, at least. But I wasn’t perfect by any stretch.

My weight is still “stuck” but I’m reminding myself to keep on keepin on. I know how it works, it just sucks. Same old song. Kind of hoping it’ll go down when I get home from work. (It’s always seven hours between dinner and my morning weigh in, then about eight or nine between lunch and coming home, so a longer “fast” and sometimes that number is a little more encouraging. Which I need right now.)

Onto the next one…

I got invited to Old Navy’s job fair this weekend! Only 8 hours a week but it’ll make an easy second job. I’m keeping my current job. At Old Navy I will be stocking and folding clothes in the morning only 2 days a week. At least to my understanding based on the call I got earlier. It’s seasonal too so it’ll be perfect!

Am I really setting my alarm almost an hour earlier than I need to in order to watch Bakugou and Izuku’s exam against All Might first thing in the morning before my all day clinical?

You Bet Your Fur I am

Ella’s Surgery was a success

Ella had her surgery this morning at around 8 am. My dad just called to tell me that they were going to pick her up and that there were no complications whatsoever with the surgery. She’ll have to wear the “cone of shame”, but at least she is well.

The tumor was sent off to see if it was cancerous or not, but that will be later on that we find out. 

I want to thank everyone for reblogging and donating. You helped me save my dog and it means so much to me. Thank you from the  bottom of my heart.

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Your icon being Iwa-chan had me imagining him talking eveytime you made a personal post. Seeing that selfie made me realise that in fact, you are not Iwa. (But still not a less beautiful and wonderful person!)

RIGHT?!?!??! I always imagine people as their icon..or at least as some similar version to it and it always feels so strange to see selfies of them and be like ohh ohh..OHHHH right
and I’m having Iwa as an icon for sooo long now, here and on twitter, that I almost made myself believe I’m him..or at least look like him..and then I wake up every morning still not being Iwa…a shame :D

Ahh thank you!!! I’m happy my selfie didn’t alienate you :D (/)//(/) 💖

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Like. I have clinical depression. Each day has gotten harder than the last lately. College has been relentless this week especially. This morning was probably the most difficult to get up for. But at least I still manage to practice basic hygiene like a normal human being.

i know what you mean like, i’m getting my ass kicked by huge scoring and composition assignments every single week and like i’m still out here taking a shower lmao. and even if you can’t find it in your heart of hearts to shower, why defend that???? why are you proud of being nasty 

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I wish you would write a fic where... Tai is a happy dad.

Dude, you could at least give me something that’s remotely possible. JK he deserves some love.

Taiyang poked at the breakfast that he was working on for that morning. He was about 80% certain that he had managed to burn the eggs, but if he covered them with enough cheese then Ruby or Yang wouldn’t notice. Maybe. Hopefully. If worst came to worst, he could just feed them to the dog, right?

“Morning dad.” Yang greeted him, and Taiyang looked over to see Yang was there, looking like she’d just crawled out of bed. Taiyang sighed and scooped the eggs out onto a plate next to some toast and bacon before sprinkling some cheese on top and setting it down in front of his daughter. “Ooh, breakfast?”

“Xiao Long secret recipe.” Taiyang answered with a smile. “Hope it’s fine. I think I burned it a little.” He turned back to the stove and began to get to work on a second plate of food. “Let me know if there’s something wrong with it.” 

Yang poked it and scooped a bit of the eggs into her mouth before giving him a thumbs up. Taiyang smiled back at her and cracked an egg into the skillet. “I’ll never tell you the secret ingredient.” 

Yang laughed loudly. “You keep saying there’s a secret ingredient but I know you’re lying. I’m pretty sure it’s just pepper. And not the good kind, just regular pepper.” 

“You’ll have to prove it, Yang.” Taiyang said, hearing Ruby come out of her room for the morning with the dog’s nails scratching against the floor behind her. His heart jumped in his chest. “For now, it’s time for you two to have your breakfast.