or it could be that she already knows it's futile

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Hi, my birthday is 1th of February! I would really like everlark! Robin Hood! With p as robin and k as lady Marion! Thank you so much!

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Happiest of birthdays!!! The always delightful @andthisisthewonder has crafted this beautiful story, just for you! We hope you enjoy!

Mobs & Nonbelievers

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Katniss glanced over her shoulder one last time before she turned the corner, and the lone torch went out of sight. The thin candle in her hand cast just enough light to keep her from bumping into the damp stone wall or wandering too close to the cells. There was only darkness behind the bars, but she could hear the labored breathing of the men locked down here. While she doubted they could see her clearly, she yanked the hood of her green cloak down further to cover her face.

The smell of piss and sweat followed her through the narrow corridor. Thick and overpowering, it forced her to breathe through her mouth. She kept her head down, her eyes glued to her feet. She knew conditions in the dungeon were poor, but she had never expected this. While she was sure there were some dangerous criminals down here, murderers and rapists that threatened the safety of the kingdom, she knew there were others guilty of much less serious crimes. Men who had stolen in an attempt to provide for their family or expressed their poor opinion of the king to the wrong person.

Men who refused to live with injustice, who had taken matters into their own hands.

Men who would die for the people they loved.

Men like Peeta.

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