or is tumblr the one that's crazy

does anyone else think about how fandoms are like cities?

you got your big, bustling ones that are really diverse and busy, maybe a little hard to navigate and full of crime, good areas and bad areas. the locals know the hot spots and how to get around

then the mid-range towns with big city attitudes even though they’re not big cities, a few local hubs of activity, the crazy dude ranting about stuff on the street corner who makes people uncomfortable

and then the small spot towns where everybody knows everybody, you can’t go out without seeing somebody you know, and there’s only one grocery store

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Imagine being a 16 year old on tumblr thinking they're edgy for praising a manga about a fucking crazy person locking up and assaulting a boy bc it's hot and sexy and sinful.

Thats disgusting. when did I ever say it was “hot and sexy”??? Literally its a rlly interesting story and just bc I like it doesn’t mean that I automatically ship yoonbum and sangwoo, bc I don’t. It’s abusive and unhealthy. I’m smart enough to recognize an abusive relationship and not fetishize it. You’re the one who needs to grow up a lil more bc you’re literally leaving hate in a 16 yr olds ask box and assuming shit thats completely wrong anyway lol

Dont know whats up with the fandom, the episode was not as bad as tumblr currently make it … Its not the final … The tv history but i didnt expect one tbh.
And yet it had many great moments for so much fanfic potential, and thats what i like in shows, leave it open enough for speculations … For ideas and fanfics.

If this is the last epi, yes i would be disappointed cause it seems like john has no family and no friends beside sherlock and it seems like he has no parenting skills … They make john go trough hell but focus on sherlock’s crazy sister.

But we get implied parentlock, mystrade, weird sherlolly, and yes johnlock.
Though i am still not completely sure if eurus manipulated moriarty or not.

I want a show called ‘watson’ now … I want john to get a happy ending too. John cant have a 'normal’ family … His family must either be entirely fake and non existing or his is even more screwed up than homles. Normal family attends ones wedding, are there when the wife get killed, helps with baby stuff.

Announcement about my blog!!!!

Hey so I’ve been considering this for a while but I’m thinking of remaking. I’ve had this blog since 2010 and there’s so much on here that I’ve got a crazy amount of people im following, an insane number of liked posts and I think starting fresh would be good.

The one reason i’ve held onto this blog is bc me and seba meet on this blog but he’s long gone from tumblr now LOL. so yeah. and im a sentimental little shit so its hard to move on.

BUT I will be refollowing mutuals on my new blog and if anyone wants my blog, I’ll be putting up the URL for the next couple of days. I haven’t made a new one but I will probably work on it sometime this weekend if possible. 


1 year anniversary?!

Well hello there! :D So today I was just scrolling through Tumblr and thought.. “Wait.. When I’ve started my ‘Free!’ blog? Was it on summer?” and of course I went to check it out.. And my first post was made in 8th of May 2015! Like what? :D

I’VE MISSED MY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! I found out about it 20 days later.. xD (plz kill meh)

Anyway, it’s crazy how it succeeded in just one year. In twelve months in 20 days this blog earned 5850 followers and this number keeps growing! It’s like getting around 16 followers every day! That’s insane! 

I remember how happy I was when got first hundred of followers, how I was jumping around when this blog hit 1000. I will never forget how we overcome 3000 like an hour before the New year… Damn guys I love you. :D

Even if I might be not very active sometimes your notes and messages really warms my heart and makes my day.

I’m really really thankful for all this year and all this experience you gave me and hope that upcoming years will be even better! (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。


The Beet Kirin is finished! Or: why I never do any sort of full color drawing in one sitting. Stop pretending that shit’s not bad for your health. Tendonitis, guys. Don’t.

So while I’m resting I’ll spam again with this crazy eyed fluorescent beast. I always knew beets were good idea fodder. This guy is bigger than the other kirins, so I am offering him at $90 USD, shipping included. Since tumblr is shit for messaging, email me at april.illustrator@gmail.com if interested! Paypal only.

The usual colored pencil gang on Strathmore toned paper.

ATTENTION POC that are into fitness and/or health. I made a post recently talking about the lack of representation I see of us in the fitness community. As I said in the post i will not make claims as to why that is, but I’d like to figure out ways to give us more recognition. Its become very clear that I’m not the only one who feels this way, so I’m coming up with ideas to provide us with a space to uplift each other on our health & fitness journeys and show support. One of these is a way that most people use to raise awareness of any sort, and thats through a hashtag. I decided on #fitnessincolor after trying to find a tag that wasnt already heavily occupied with random shit and failing numerous times. Im also not crazy creative when it comes to names and all that so just accept it lol. The tag appears to already have content regarding POC and fitness, more so on IG than tumblr so at least its still relevant. The only way we’ll see a shift in our representation and accessibility to others is if we do it together. The hashtag is a way to support this. Instead of searching high and low to find very few blogs we can simply tag our photos and posts as #fitnessincolor and let ppl find each other. What I’d like to do is come up with some masterpost (or multiple posts - details figured out later) of different blogs ran by POC that can cater to different health goals. This is not a space that will be strictly about lifting or even working out in general. If you live a healthy lifestyle through food and/or personal choices then this is for you as well. It also isnt limited to those that look like your conventional fit, because as we know thin and/or muscular is not the only fit out there. So all shapes and sizes will be supported, and all journeys are welcome….whether youre just starting or are almost at your goal. But the only way we can make this work is if the hashtag is used on posts. To help make the masterpost happen I ask for yall to message me, be it through an ask or fanmail, telling me what you do (lift, yoga, cross fit, etc), the type of diet you have (vegan, vegetarian, etc), and your racial background (this is optional but some people like to follow ppl of similar backgrounds). Im asking for this information so i can place blogs into categories, because not everyone may be interested in weight lifting but some may be interested in something like yoga or martial arts. As a bonus, if you could also tell me your goal that would be great and maybe what you identify as (female, male, trans, etc - totally optional as well, i dont want anyone to feel uncomfortable). Regarding the former, I’m on a journey to put on weight through muscle. If your goal is weight loss then cool. If its strength goals then awesome. Whatever it may be let me know. I feel like it’ll help people filter through pages a bit better as well. Also, you dont have to follow me to be part of the post. So dont feel obligated to do so. Obviously I wont be able to list every POC on this website (& I’ll list those I already know of), so by all means create your own lists or let me know if some lists already exist so i can reblog them. I’ll also include blogs that are already aimed at POC in fitness/health. The hashtag, again, is super important in organizing posts and making our pages easily accessible. So please reblog this so we can spread the word. I hope this becomes a success and if it does I ask y'all to be patient with me because I’ll be doing everything through my phone for the time being. Even if it doesnt take off, those that do submit info will be put into a post regardless. There is no quota to fill with this.

Additionally, I’ll be tagging a few blogs i follow (fitness related or not) that I know for sure have a good amount of followers. Hopefully, they’ll be kind enough to reblog this and understand why I’m making this request. Aside from all that, good luck with your fitness/health goals and tag those posts for more visibility!

Yours truly, fit-lioness

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(feel free to tag other blogs as well if you know of any popular pages)