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2.09 - Coming Home

Pick Peck. Vivian becomes the first Peck in generations to be able to partake in the scavenger hunt.

Having a hickey on one’s neck as a teen was amusing. As a twenty year old it was something to be teased about. At thirty it got eyerolls. Forty and fifty year olds were told they were too old for that shit. Going on sixty, Holly wondered if she was near the point in life where people might congratulate her.

Still, she texted Gail to inform her she sucked because neither Shay Peck nor Sue Tran would give her any quarter.

“Hey check it out, matching hickeys!”

Holly sighed and looked at the duo- no, the quartet. With the firefighter captain and the ETF lieutenant was Kelly the arson specialist and the youngest Peck. Vivian. Who was blushing. Matching? She eyed her daughter’s neck and spotted … It was more of a bite than a hickey, but there it was. Her daughter had a pretty obvious one on her neck. Heh. Gail would be delighted.

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Frankie gets coffee

“What?” Frankie ignored Chloe best she could as she poured the coffee.


“Okay then.” She grabbed the mug and headed back towards the bedroom.

“Hey! You’re not gonna get some for Gail too?” The muppet was talking again.

“Why? She’s not even here.” 

“What?” Chris asked looking almost stunned. “I thought you two hooked up last night”

“No, she just gave me her keys so I could crash here for the night. I think she hooked up with some brunette, came late for the wedding, her flight was delayed or something. I don’t know.” She shrugged.

Chris and Chloe shared a look and a smile crept over their faces. 

“Do you know her name, the brunette.” Chris asked already knowing the answer.

“H.. Heather… maybe… I wasn’t really paying attention.”

“Holly?” Chloe was basically bouncing where she stood.

“Yep, that’s it. Now if you’re done snooping I’m going to down this horrible liquid you dare call coffee and then I’m going to pass out again.” She said as  she sauntered back towards the bedroom.

anonymous asked:

Hey Bailey, I've got a prompt for ya! Gail wakes up in Holly's arms the morning after her burning wrist incident. She tells Holly that she's never been held and Holly tells her that everyone she's been with are idiots.

Hi Anon!  I like this idea.  I ran with it.  I hope you like it too :)


Gail slowly opened her eyes. The sensation she felt in her wrist was what woke her, she was sure ofit.  It was a searing, throbbing pain that was emanating from underneath the bandages on her right forearm.  She looked at it a bit more closely suddenly remembering its source: the damn drain cleaner from the damn grow-up.  A second thought hit her: her damn ex-boyfriend was sleeping with her damn supposed friend.  

She was about to get out of bed when she noticed an extra hand tucked under her head.  She looked at her own two arms just make sure she knew where they ended, then looked again to make sure she wasn’t hallucinating. She poked the extra appendage to be sure.

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Lab Coats

Holly and Gail’s Lab-scapades continue.

In Gail’s defense the accident wasn’t her fault. The fact that her shoe lace had come undone, causing her to trip and spill the tea and coffee she was carrying was entirely out of her control. It was also an incredible twist of bad fortune that Holly had chosen to leave her new lab coat draped over the chair that was directly in her path. She had tried to wipe it off, desperately scrubbing at the stained material only to watch aghast as the brown patch spread wider and wider.

Holly had found her not soon after, the grin on the brunettes face at seeing her quickly changing into a look of horror at the sight in front of her.

“Hey Holly, I bought you some tea.” Quickly she held out the now half filled cup, trying to distract the brunette as she moved her body to hide the lab coat behind her.

It was too late though, and Gail let Holly gently move her out the way as she picked up the coat. “Get out.”

“It barely even shows.” Even without her glasses on she knows that Holly would still be able to see the quite frankly massive stain all over the back of the coat.

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