or is that just my


have you found something to do that for you?
maybe, maybe.


Elise’s episode on M/andy M/ayhem’s Rapping with Actors

*Will probably delete this when (if ever) it’s accessible to people outside of Toronto*

You can view this with a Bell FibeTV account in Toronto.

Me: it’s just the name of asras snake, it’s no big deal

Also me: Faust is a story about the title character making a deal for knowledge with the catch being that if he ever feels true contentment he’ll be taken to hell and the demon tries to use someone who Faust has feelings for (Gretchen) to give him contentment and win the wager

Me: -looks at asras route with a nervous expression-


“Pennywise! Stop it! I just took a shower!”

“I’ll clean you up better than any stupid water can.”

I just can’t stop thinking about Pennywise actually grooming his lil human regularly dAMN IT

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me at a party: hi can you play the stranger things opening theme


an excited hamster ready for the stage.

i don’t normally chase after my crushes but if they’re 20-30+ ft tall and transform into some vehicular mode then a bitch might just powerwa- no wait sorry i do have to chase them after all, these transformers walk really fuckin fast,, oh shit that ones flying away lmao  Now i remember why i don’t chase after my crushes