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Drone flight through a river valley, Austrian Alps


Belgian Gasser revolver

Manufactured in Lige, Belgium c.1910~14 for the Montenegrin market, due to King Nicholas the first of Montenegro’s wish for everyone of his citizens to be armed with such a handgun.
11,3x36mm six-round cylinder, single and double action, side loading gate and manual ejector rod.

Thing is, when you’re a king your wishes literally are the law. That’s why you can be sure that every old photograph of a Montenegrin subject will have them packing heat.


On November 19th, 1789, Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria died. She was the second born child, and second daughter, of Maria Theresa and Francis I.

Deemed ineligible for marriage because of a physical disability, she had instead become an Abbess, which was a typical path for Royal Women who didn’t marry.

Her health began deteriorating in the winter of 1788, causing a shortness of breath and the inability for her to move without a wheelchair. She died the following year, leaving her entire inheritance to the monastery in Klagenfurt, where she had lived for many yeas. Her last words were said to have been:

“It is probably a good country, I’ve had it ever loving. There are good people with whom I lived happily and I leave with difficulty.“

Maria Anna was buried at Klagenfurt, one of four of her siblings not to be buried in the Imperial Crypt with their Habsburg ancestors.

2P hetalia cooking

Allen , Zao , Lutz

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Oliver (the mother who has breakfast , lunch pack or dinner ready)

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Francois/Andres (the ones that do the microwave dinners)

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Luciano (the one who takes his time and don’t rush him , you’ll see a knife flying by)

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Kuro - (the one who does the skills with both hands and comes out perfect)

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Viktor - the one who makes sure his food is perfect balance in nutrition

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Gilen - cooks with love

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Flavio - the one dances awhile cooking.

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Roland - uses spells to make the food alive and still cook them.

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Matt - the one who makes the perfect breakfast and no one will know how he does it

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Snowy pool press handstands to end @mountain_pole_camp with a splash! 💙❄️🤸🏻‍♀️.

Video by @sky_bestcat
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