or is that an exclusive thing

A Case for Exclusion

Don’t worry – it’s not what you are thinking… 

I am pro-inclusion in multiple community spaces. That means that I believe that there are spaces where it is appropriate for multiple groups to coexist, even if their experiences are not the exact same. An example of this are LGBT+ spaces, where resources are shared and education is inclusive. 

That being said, @phillipsheabutter brought up a point that I would like to expand on here. Being excluded from a closed space is not the same thing as being excluded from a wider community where multiple communities have been accepted and included to the benefit of the whole. 

What does a closed space look like? Well, all spaces are closed to a degree. However, by this I am referring to spaces that are highly specific to a given experience. Inclusion is usually based around a single shared experience, even if the individuals who share that experience are quite different. 

It is not right to, for example, insist that spaces designed for lesbians must become inclusive to people who are not lesbians. Lesbians are part of larger multiple community spaces, but at the same time they may require spaces that center around the lesbian experience. That is fair. 

What I think is important for – especially inclusionists – to remember is that exclusive spaces are not inherently bad. Exclusion in the sense of distancing people from their ability to access resources they may need, and to the point of preventing them from building a thriving community of their own is harmful.

However, there is no harm in having spaces that are exclusive to certain groups of people. There is no harm in having blogs that are specific to transgender people. There is no harm in having spaces be exclusive to lesbians, or spaces specific to people who experience attraction to multiple genders. 

The same goes for the interior of asexual and aromantic communities. Spaces designed exclusively for aromantic asexuals are needed. Exclusive spaces for neurodivergent asexuals and aromantics are needed. Exclusive spaces for asexuals and aromantics of color are needed.

In designing effective exclusive spaces, we enable people to center their focus around a specific experience. As much as this can seem contrary to intersectionality, it may improve intersectionality as people have the space to determine how their intersecting identities relate to a common experience. 

I imagine an effective exclusive or closed space as being one where the experiences of those outside the group are not called into question, where “others” are not undermined, and where malice is not cultivated for groups existing outside of a shared experience. 

I imagine an effective exclusive or closed space as being one where the emphasis on a shared experience can lead to a better understanding of the needs of that specific group, where solidarity and acceptance can be built, and where the understandings achieved can be brought to inclusive spaces.

Inclusive spaces are critically important to me, as I view them as the greatest opportunity for education, the provision of resources, and change. It is where we can work together toward a common goal, such as to dismantle systems that harm us all, while examining the way systems favor some of us over others. 

In working towards building effective spaces where multiple communities coexist, we need to understand that exclusive spaces are not patently bad. We need them. What cannot be tolerated is total exclusion, and the destruction of our spaces to close people off completely from community.  

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Not the same anon who asked the Aegon question, but after reading your answer, I get the sense you're not the biggest Aegon fan. Aside from his questionable lineage, what's your opinion of him as a person?

Thanks for the question, Anon.

I don’t hate Young Aegon. I don’t think he’s evil or malicious - heck, I don’t even think he’s that bad of a kid, all things considered in this series. But I think Aegon definitely has flaws, and that his biggest flaw - an understandable one, to be sure, but a flaw nonetheless - is believing in the fairy-tale narrative lovingly crafted for him for as long as he can remember. 

Again, I do think Aegon has good qualities. He’s decisive, bold, and willing to take command. He’s not exclusively elitist (at least not when his own romantic notions are at play): despite JonCon’s exhortations that places in the Kingsguard should be reserved for “warriors of great renown” and the sons of “great lords”, Aegon insists that the lowborn but loyal Rolly Duckfield become the first of his White Swords. He’s not uninterested in learning: based on the limited amount Tyrion sees, Aegon can speak several languages, has a good grasp on Essosi history (even accurately, if wryly, summarizing the lesson of volatile Volantene politics), knows “songs and sums”, and has been educated in the Faith - all in all, more learned than “half the lords of Westeros” in Tyrion’s estimation. He’s certainly not lazy: not only does he train hard with Ser Rolly, but he also mans one of the boats poles and aids Yandry with the sails on the Shy Maid

Unfortunately, Aegon also has his share of negative qualities as well. His immature and arrogant response to losing to the “ugly dwarf” in cyvasse does not reflect well on him. That same boldness can easily tip into recklessness, seen in Franklyn Flowers’ assessment that Aegon “wants to be in the thick o’ things” and Aegon’s own insistence on leading a direct attack on Storm’s End. Instead of recognizing Tyrion’s explicit lesson at the end of the cyvasse game and his own summation of Volantene history, Aegon takes Tyrion’s bad advice and sails west, without Daenerys and especially without her dragons.

The biggest criticism I have of Aegon, though, as I said before, is that Aegon believes his own narrative. For Aegon, everything he does is another verse in the song of his life, another piece in the romantic tale of the lost prince who miraculously came back from the dead, the king Westeros deserves, taking his rightful throne. Failure is simply not part of the equation, because the perfect prince cannot fail - hence, for example, why he’s so disturbed by Tyrion’s suggestion that Daenerys will not simply fall into his arms when he goes to her. He can afford, in his mind, to take bold steps - invading Westeros when he does, launching an attack on Storm’s End - because he’s assured victory and glory. He’s been told for as long as he can remember that he is Aegon Targaryen, only son of the last Prince of Dragonstone and Princess Elia of Dorne, rightful heir to the Iron Throne; his whole life has been the secret training ground to fulfill that promise. If it’s why I criticize Aegon, it’s also why I pity him; Aegon’s fate was decided long before he had the capacity to make his own decisions, and his being thrust into this constructed narrative will be the setup of his own fiery doom.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

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Ok I know we're maybe not talking abt this anymore, but I'm flabbergasted at the inconsistencies in the solo Liam rollout? Is he responsible diaper-changing father or is he grinding in clubs fun guy? Does he not "understand" Zayn or does he like Zayn's solo stuff the best? Who do you think is to blame for this disconnect? Is it true that his management company had never had a musician client before and maybe are in over their heads? Also, feel better xo


The short answer to your question is,  a lot of that dumpster fire for sure belongs to Simon Oliveira and Doyen Global, and some of that belongs to Capitol/Republic. Its kind of an equal opportunity dumpster fire. 

Its true that Loammy is the first client in Doyen Global’s music division. That has the potential to be a great thing, especially if they’re building an entire division around him and dedicating the resources to that. Previous to that, Doyen Global had been exclusively a sports management and branding/marketing company (and a hugely lucrative one to be fair). 

Sports and music are very different (duh), and while  the music industry is a very dude dominated industry unto itself, sports is  much (MUCH) more of a Bro Down Frat environment, not just in its Business Hoe structure,  but also where its general thinking, marketing, and fandom are concerned. 

Enter Loammy, who has a built-in fanbase that’s compromised of mostly women, who’s target demo is mostly women, but has a core management  team structured of men who’s experience lies in sports. I will say there have been moments during this 2 week promo tour from hell where I’ve thought “Ok, the only people these stories would resonate with are stereotypical sports bros” (like the Graham Norton story where 14 year old Loammy’s wink was ultimately the seducer of 24 year old Cheryl, then years later trotting Cheryl out like a show pony at his 23rd birthday party, and finishing off the story with “And now we have a baby”), but meanwhile, Loammy’s fanbase was more like

Simon Oliveira is a smart and successful dude, and there is 100% chance he gives zero fucks what I have to say, but my general ho(e)pe is that after seeing the brutal feedback they got from the fandom and GP over the last two weeks, they make a decision re: his image, fine tune it and stick to it. 

I’m literally waiting for someone to congratulate me on this development?? Like I tell people and they don’t react or don’t react happily. Someone congratulate me please? XD

EDIT:  ahhh thanks you guys! *throws confetti* I’m gonna be really embarrassed later but for now I’m just basking in it lmao

EDIT 2: Now I am embarassed lol knew it was coming back around to bite me.

it’s so annoying that any critique of laura is swatted away w “so why do you hate well-written female characters, huh???????”

like, shut up. you can acknowledge how amazingly real and well-written her character is and still realize that she’s really shitty?? they aren’t mutually exclusive things.

you can be depressed af and still be an abusive and disgusting person. mental illness doesn’t give you a pass to be an absolute piece of shit. so idk why the “OMG ITS BC SHES FUCKIG DEPRESSED!!!! NEUROTYPICALS ARE SO ANNOYING” defense is still getting play bc it’s childish and absolves her of any wrongdoing. it’s kind of gross that you guys think that mental illness allows someone to be as abusive as they want without reproach…. that…. is not okay. mental illness isn’t an excuse.

so yes i relate to laura feeling empty and alone and i love how realistically her struggle with depression was written. i appreciated that. i loved that. it made me feel really validated and it was a nice change of pace from seeing it depicted romantically in other shows.

but stop attacking ppl and invalidating them bc you want them to love your trash fave. she’s not supposed to be a likable character. is it wrong for you to understand her? to empathize w her? no! like i said, she’s a well-written character with real, human flaws and hopes and dreams and goals. relating to her doesn’t make you a bad person. no one is saying that. tbh, laura is the character i relate to the most so far.

but don’t go thru the tag trying to JUSTIFY her actions and shooting down any real critique of her character w “djfjdjd i guess y'all just don’t want well-written female characters” like you lack critical thinking and reasoning skills. you can appreciate the character for all that they are and what it means for representation in books/media while also realizing that in the context of the book/show/movie they are a horrible person and probably shouldn’t be put on a pedestal? like, honestly, why do you want ppl to unabashedly love your abusive, selfish fave so much? some of y'all need to do a teeny bit of soul-searching. that shit is uncomfy.

this isn’t about any mutuals or anyone in particular it’s just a thing i’ve noticed people doing in general. but look, i’m all for having exclusives && mains, even though i don’t have any on this account i’ve had them in the past && there is NOTHING wrong with having them it’s your choice. however, there’s no need to put other people who play the same muse as another you’re exclusive with down. writing shit like ‘HOW CAN YOU RP WITH ANY OTHER (INSERT MUSE) WHO ISN’T THIS USER” or “THIS USER IS THE ONLY PROPER RPER OF (INSERT MUSE) THAT MATTERS”. like have some fucking tact ??? have your preferences && your mains/exclusives, but there’s no need to be so boisterous about it tbh ??? stop creating this pathetic divide this isn’t high school. this is a hobby ;; be nice for christ’s sake. from what i’ve noticed people on this website are already self conscious enough as it is, && this is hate isn’t helping anyone. sure you may not be directing hate @ anyone directly… yes that was worded badly, but like it’s still a slap in the face. 

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and the thing about lars possibly being a teen is that teen and adult arent always mutually exclusive. an 18-19 year old could reasonably be called both. so even if the show called lars a teen (i think it mightve at some point but i dont remember) that doesnt mean hes a minor necissarily.

he says he’s a complicated teenage boy, as I remember!

Obviously, I’m really upset with myself tonight. But in the end I guess it’s okay to feel that. It means I realize that I have things I need to deal with from the past that affect me now. I can also acknowledge I’ve come a long way these past years. Change is a long, slow process, and occasionally I get to be mad at myself and the circumstances of my life too. As long as I don’t exist exclusively there, it’s just part of that process.

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supercorp “Honestly, just stop it.”

Supercorp, honestly just stop

“Honestly? Just stop it. Well- them, actually. Same difference.”

Lena pauses in her typing, looking up in confusion. “What?”

“Those magazine people that keep coming in for interviews, can’t you just refuse to meet them?”

“I could, but that would just give them an excuse to write even trashier articles about what I could potentially be hiding.”

Kara collapses into the chair on the other side of her desk, leaning forward excitedly. “Then I’ll just write good things! The best things! And I’m a more qualified source,” she says, looking, really, quite proud of herself.

Lena can’t help but laugh. “And you’re going to get all the details for your articles from the many exclusives I’m going to give you, aren’t you?”

Kara grins. “Of course.”

u know the drill, prompt + ship = some shitty writing!!

my favorite trope maybe ever is the shitty witch. the witch who doesnt give a fuck about atmosphere or anything. if you ask her for an energy potion she’ll make you coffee with redbull in it and toss in a few herbs for flavor. her spellbook is this crusty ass 50-cent journal she picked up at walmart with coupons wedged between the pages. uses a candlestick for a wand. her familiar is a rabid squirrel she picked up off the street that exclusively dines on raw meat. probably owns a set of brass knuckles. they’re not enchanted or anything she just likes to do things the old-fashioned way sometimes


Entertainment Weekly has debuted the first official of Stranger Things Season 2, featuring Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) dressed as Ghostbusters.

The new teaser for the new season of Netflix’s massive cult hit will air during this weekend’s Super Bowl.

The second season of Stranger Things takes place in 1984, one year after the events of the first season. Not many details have been exposed, but executive producer Shawn Levy (Arrival) stated “The Demogorgon was destroyed but evil wasn’t.”



Hey everyone! Following on from last year’s hugely successful Volume 1, Siblings: An Illustrated Anthology Volume 2 is set for release this summer! Curators Laura & Andy plus 84 awesome guests have illustrated an all-new, even bigger zine featuring exclusive art of their favorite fictional siblings. Spanning traditional legends to games, books, T.V. shows, anime and more, we hope you’ll join us for another round of sibling-filled fun!

Teaser art:

Arielle Jovellanos (Parks & Rec) | Enduro (VLD)
Stephanie Priscilla (Digimon) | Andrea Vasquez (Stranger Things)
Sora (OHSHC) | Megan Fisher (Hocus Pocus)

Graphics by Janet Sung

Please follow the blog or Twitter for official updates, previews and eventual pre-order information. All characters in Volume 2 are new; this book contains no repeats from Volume 1. Feel free to check out the artists on our roster, the F.A.Q., or ask us any questions in the meantime. 

★ Hope you’re as excited as we are! Thanks for your support!   ★

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This is my first time on your blog buddy and im not criticizing you for a blog but about posting random shit about your life, is there something lacking that creates the need to share pointless events with strangers? Also, blogging publicly opens you up to comments. I commented, from the rest of your blog you don't seem immature unlike that tag. Its pretty on par with "mess with me and my daddy will sue you" "hit me and I'll own your stupid school" What would you actually have done to the school

This seems to be your first time on the Internet. Welcome! The particular website you are on is Tumblr dot com, a “microblogging site”. A blog is a series of separate, updated posts by one individual or organization, typically informal, often written as a kind of journal. Some blogs have particular themes, while others may contain content that is only loosely related. Blogs usually describe the sort of content one can expect from them in an “about” section, with phrases like “This is ultimately a personal blog - I post about my life and things that interest me.” It is reasonable to expect that the owner of that blog will likely post about their life and things that interest them.

If that sort of content alarms or upsets you, do not despair! There are many other types of websites. There are forums on which you can discuss a single subject of interest to you with strangers, sites and apps for browsing beautiful photographs, and wikis that contain publicly-editable encyclopedia entries on a nearly unfathomable breadth of topics. There are even countless websites devoted to hosting pictures, videos, and fiction broadly considered sexually arousing.

With a few exceptions, all of these websites are accessible to you to visit at your leisure. Chances are you’ll find something you like - if you’re having trouble, search engines like Google.com will help you find content relevant to your interests by searching for key words or phrases. And if you don’t like the content you find on one site? Leaving is as easy as closing the page. This freedom of passage means that interpersonal interaction is entirely voluntarily, so, if you were so inclined, you could have exclusively constructive or meaningful conversations with people.

If you decide that blogging is something you like and wish to spend more time on Tumblr dot com, you’ll eventually encounter other individuals constructing posts exclusively using words. These are called “text posts”. Even if you follow a blog, you don’t have to read these unless they interest you. If you * do* decide to read them, you should know that humans use certain writing conventions to convey ideas and feelings through typed words. They may employ common devices such as hyperbole, sarcasm, and rhetorical questions to express an emotion or make a point. You can almost always discern whether these things are meant literally using context clues. For example, because time seems to move in a linear fashion, it may be understood that a statement akin to “you wanna fucking go?” in reference to a subject that is not present or in the intended audience of the question, in response to a situation now in the past, is not a literal invitation to a violent physical contest.

Dramatic overstatements and absurdity are used on the Internet for comedic effect. For example, other bloggers might make comments like “call my goldfish cishet and I will literally throw you into the sun”. This is, of course, not meant to be understood literally - humor is derived from the preposterous imagery. If someone were to respond to this statement by unironically and hostilely explaining that goldfish do not have complex theories of gender and the original poster would not have the strength to throw someone forcefully enough to break Earth’s gravitational pull, that would be humorous for a very different reason. Someone would likely make a second response using a photograph of the character Dwight Schrute from the American television series “The Office”. Another example of absurdity-as-comedy you might encounter on Tumblr dot com is someone jokingly taking an insincere and aggressive question at face value and answering with a lengthy, overly-detailed explanation.

hey fellow asians, let’s stop using cultural relativism and post colonial theory to justify antiblackness.

what you’re basically doing is using identity politics to weasel your way out of accountability.

our countries participated in the slave trade. that cannot be justified by cultural relativism. 

white supremacy/colonialism spread its ideology to asian countries. that cannot be justified by post-colonialism. antiblackness exists in our countries, ourselves, our histories. own up to it. 

whether it’s thinking that we can use the n word or other antiblack slurs because some of us have been targeted by misdirected antiblackness, or thinking that we have a claim to black culture because of racialization, or thinking racial relativism theory is an excuse for antiblackness (modern slavery, police brutality, etc)……. we need to stop. lmao. like. we blame black people for their hypervisibility without realizing that it’s white people who made us invisible. we blame affirmative action for the reason we get rejected by employers and universities when in fact we’re rejected because of racism and AA largely benefits white women. we think it’s okay to use the n word or that it’s fine for our people to profit from modern slavery because “uwu slavery is a western phenomenon” or “uwu we don’t have american racial dynamics”. that’s fucking bullshit and you know it’s fucking bullshit. slavery is not exclusive to the west. antiblackness is the foundation of white supremacy; thus it’s no wonder that all asians are antiblack. you can’t fucking simultaneously use post-colonialism/cultural relativism to excuse antiblackness and then at the same time use american racial politics to blame black people for hypervisibility. you’re being a disingenuous asshole when you do that. 

we alienate black asians when we do these things too. 

excusing police brutality just because the cop is asian is disgusting. justifying slavery just because the slaveowners are asian is disgusting. defending assault just because the assaulter is an asian immigrant is disgusting. ignorning the use of slurs and the theft of black culture just because the thief is asian is disgusting. 

don’t ask for support, solidarity, or respect from black people if you don’t want to put in the work or eradicate antiblackness. frankly all of us need to work on this. we are all socialized to be antiblack. you are. i am. our parents are. our friends our. our communities within asia and across the diaspora are. we ALL need to work on it. 

(don’t touch this post if you aren’t black and/or asian). 

Among the Crowd (Soulmate AU)

Summary: Soulmates’ worlds go from black and white to colors when they are in the same room for the first time. Bucky is a famous actor in the middle of a convention, trying to find his soulmate, you.

Word Count: 2,232

A/N: This is a re-write of a Dean W. fic and I hope you all like it :D 

Originally posted by v-writings

Bucky took a swig of water, tightening the cap on the bottle before setting it to the side. His meet-and-greet was about to start. He could hear the bustling of the crowd right outside the door and took a deep breath. Alongside him was Clint, a co-star.

“You doing okay, buddy?” asked Clint, eyes concerned as he placed a hand on Bucky’s shoulder.

Bucky smiled. “Yeah, I’m alright.”

After a few minutes, Nat Romanoff and Sam Wilson took their seats next to each other and the writer of the show, Bucky’s oldest friend, Steve Rogers, emerged from behind the black curtain that had been put up behind the actors.

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Spirit Work Terms

These are some of the terms and definitions that I personally use. They change a lot as I get new info and I didn’t create any of the words lol. Other people have other definitions and I’m not trying to insinuate that mine are the “right” meanings. They’re simply just my thoughts on things.

Spirits: Funny enough, the hardest thing for me to define. I want to say anything that doesn’t exist in the physical realm, aka anything without matter. But there’s a difference between spirits and simply energy and that’s where things get fuzzy. Also, there’s a lot of things that don’t have matter that I wouldn’t consider spirits just because of that such as concepts like justice or things like heat (aka a non woo energy). 

Etheric Copy: Also known as the “energy body”. This is actually more so a type of energy that makes up a spirit than the spirit itself but I felt it was worth mentioning. It applies to the spirit that lies within physical beings, living and nonliving and is the energetic form and feeling that their spirit takes. Sometimes the etheric copy isn’t an exact copy of the physical form where one’s etheric copy can have aspects of their astral form, such as wings on a human’s copy. 

Entities: Living spirits that are still going about their lives. They can grow, have families, withdraw money from the bank, die, etc. They can be super complex beings or just simple, mindless creatures. The important things are that they can still age and that they don’t have physical bodies. 

Ghosts: The spirits of the dead, whether they were originally physical or not. These are the spirits that you’d meet from the bones and remains of earthly organisms but you can also meet ghosts from entities that have passed. Usually hang out in graveyards, places that they used to live, or the respective netherworld of their culture. If you kill an entity, you might still need to deal with their ghost. 

[Name] Guardian: A spirit that encompasses many other spirits. For example, a “species spirit” which is a spirit of an entire species of organism, not just an individual, would fall under this. (They aren’t literally made of the individuals that fall under them). I also just sometimes write the name in all caps like COFFEE for Coffee Guardian.    

Nonliving Spirits: The spirits of objects. These can have an etheric copy if working with physical objects but it also applies to objects in the nonphysical worlds. Usually are dormant and need an energy input to be “awakened”. They usually like to do what they were made for, examples being hammer spirits that like to hammer, lamps that like to be turned on, etc. On the other hand, some nonliving spirits have the strength of gods but their nonliving nature means that they’re not actively looking for worshipers or to strengthen their power like most true gods (Ex- the Sun and the Moon).   

Demons: A “catch-all” term for the diverse group of spirits that usually live in the lower realms of the astral. They also usually work in “darker” magics but there’s some who are “lighter” and others who don’t do any magic. A lot of spirits with different names, appearances, cultures, personalities etc. fit under this broad classification. Think about how we use Kingdom Animalia to describe thousands of species that share only a few characteristics. 

Gods: Strong entities with access to power levels and areas of the universe that are inaccessible to humans and other spirits. For example, humans can create life by using their personal will and energy (and perhaps that of spirit allies too) to make thoughtforms and the like whereas gods can create life (and free will from the get go) simply by using the energy from a life-creating domain of the universe. The more connections they have to these domains, the stronger they become. A lot of their strength also comes from worship and its many forms though not all gods are a part of a religion and not all gods interact with humans. They can also form different “aspects” which are like different versions of themselves that are usually influenced by the way their followers worship and work with them. They can create these without influence though it’s not as easy.  

Servitors: Simple, mindless spirits that are created from a human’s (can be an entity’s too probably) will and energy. Programmed for one certain task and are fed through the creator’s energy aka their creator giving them attention. The creator can dismantle them and incorporate their energy into new servitors, back into themselves (not recommended), release their energy into the universe, or forget about them so that they disappear into the universe on their own. They lack a mind, free will, personality, emotions, etc. unless they’ve gone rogue. A rogue servitor is one that their creator no longer has full control over and no, that’s not a good thing.  

Thoughtforms: Essentially the same thing as a servitor but they’re usually more complex with thoughts, feelings, minds and potentially more than one task programmed into them. Just like servitors, they’re dependent on their creator for food but a properly made thoughtform would have another food source that they can rely on. Initially, they lack knowledge beyond what their creator already knows and free will, however, through experience and interactions with others they can gain both of those things. The only way to know if a TF truly has free will is if they go against the task they were programmed for (a companion TF no longer wants to be a companion, a guardian TF no longer feels the need to guard what they were instructed to, etc.). When they have completed their task, they can be “put to rest” and released into the universe or released as an independent being since they do have the other food source. They can also go rogue if they become independent without their creator’s “permission” and can be dangerous to the creator and others depending on how they gained their independence (*cough* abused/neglected TFs ).   

Egregores: Spirits that are created from the will and energy of multiple people. Pop-Culture spirits are the most obvious example but egregores can be created by a small group of people like a coven or just a bunch of friends too. Like thoughtforms and servitors, they are fed by attention and smaller egregores can die if they aren’t given enough attention and don’t have an alternative food source. I find that similar to gods, these usually have “aspects” with different facets depending on how many people were involved in their creation (the more people, the more aspects). They’re more powerful than thoughtforms.   

Godforms: Human-created gods. Usually come from extremely successful egregores that obtained the attention and energy of many, many people. I’d say characters like Pikachu or Harry Potter have reached this level or perhaps even the spirit of the USA or McDonald’s. They can also be intentionally created gods like if a group of people began worshiping a being as if they were a god. While egregores are usually controlled in some form by the people that created them, godforms are completely independent and no longer require their attention just to exist. But just like gods, more attention means more power so they probably seek out more “followers” by trying to expand their influence. I don’t know for sure if they have connections to the exclusive domains of the universe that regular gods have but I can see things like the USA godform gaining access to the same domains that war gods have or Pikachu being connected to an electricity domain like Zeus is. Some would argue that all gods are actually godforms but I don’t know enough about the nature and origins of gods to make that judgement. (I’ve seen “megregore” used as a term for a godform that isn’t “religiously” worshiped but I personally don’t differentiate the two). 

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Do you think it's fair to start a relationship with someone if you're depressed?

This is a very interesting concept. I realize that at the inception of a budding (or potential) relationship with someone, it is best practice to showcase your most refined and flawless self. You want to the person of interest to think you’re perfect, you want them to like you. People are inherently flawed, however. The nuance between individuals makes us exactly that; individual. One’s allergy to peanuts, phobia of heights, reluctance to anything spicy (me af), susceptibility to depression, everything about us makes us who we are. When gauging the morality of a decision, especially when it’s not exclusively your emotions being weighed in the equation, I’m not so sure I have enough information to answer the question you’re asking. What I do believe is true in life, is love is the most beautiful thing we as humans do, make and feel. Without love, life would be utterly meaningless. We need it for purpose. We need it for passion. Love makes colors more vibrant, sounds more euphonious, food more delicious. We as humans have been able to manufacture a great many things, like clothes to keep us warm and drugs to make us “happy”, but something we cannot develop in a laboratory is love. It is something we cannot buy, it is something we cannot cheat. True love is the most precious and authentic display we can gift this world.
So, do I think it’s fair or unfair to start a relationship with someone if you’re depressed? I think it’s selfish to deny yourself and the world the opportunity to love. Be honest with your partner. Relationships take work, but love is in fact the most beautiful thing in this life.


Worlds 2017

Post FD hug <3