or is that an exclusive thing

hey guys fun fact “uwu take a bubble bath and eat chocolate” self care and “get out of bed and take a mcfucking shower” self care aren’t mutually exclusive and making fun of the former bc u think the only self care mentally ill people should practice is the latter is uh how do i say. Odd to say the least

Kill the Boy - SkyMagpie - Fallout (Video Games) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Fallout (Video Games), Fallout: New Vegas
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Characters: Logan, Ghost River, Original Male Character(s), Legion Character(s), NCR Character(s)
Additional Tags: this is like a lot of father and his adopted son moment, also asshole adopted brother from the past, and logans adoptive mom tho she is not really there, basically this fic is exclusive for people following me on tumblr, other people wont understand it, this is a lot of found family things, good and bad


Ranger Logan is having a nightmare about an event from his past that shaped him into who he is today, while he is travelling the Mojave with the most unlikely companion, a teenage legionary by the name of Ghost River in search of his mother.

don’t forget that you’re not entitled to anything. taylor swift does not owe us a single thing, yet she puts things like this together to make us happy. this was never meant to be a bragging right or an exclusive situation, so stop turning it into one. just like the media “ruined” the old taylor, now it’s going to be the fans. my heart is so heavy, can we all just chillax jeez it’s never that serious

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Part of me wants to watch House and part of me really can't bear the thought of another version of Holmes and Watson that goes on for eight seasons of desperately unspoken adoration that never comes to light before one of them dies tragically. If I didn't know what I was in for I'm sure I'd get sucked in and watch it anyway, but as things are . . . I just can't.

i support not watching it but if you do: only and exclusively watch the pilot, and then birthmarks and then Episode 10 of Season Six entitled Wilson. 

manuel didn’t know what barry was short for at first so when he was excited he would just call him “barrence” or “baremy” or “barold” and barry would absolutely lose it. and then when manuel found out he wouldn’t stop exclusively calling him bartholomew for like 3 months because it sounds like a stuck up old british white man, barry. you’re only two of those things.

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I feel like all the losers (except for ben and maybe bev) are all compatible with each other and it's like some weird "anything is possible" thing

yes, thats so true!! i actually exclusively read + write stenbrough (and one stozier fic that my friend kellie is writing), but im not against ot7 at all. they have such a great dynamic and i dont think any one pairing is ‘weird’.

Cardassian Music Headcanons

1. They aren’t “into it”, but it’s not taboo.

2. It fills the social slot of needlepoint or knitting as an art form, a cute semi-pointless thing hobbiyists do because they’re bored.

3. A kid with musicality will get “awww look how clever Natann is, Hey Natann, go write a story, mmkay?” because Cardassian -literature- IS a big deal.

4. The instruments are technologically on par with pre-1900s China/Europe. Capable of holding a melody as opposed to exclusively rhythm, but also things 1 person could make in their spare time by hand with training, not massive pipe organs or specialized brass instruments.

5. The musical style never had the transition Europe did. (A loooong, multi-century evolution from Gregorian Chant to current pop)

Basically–to Americans now, it would sound “Ethnic!” or “World Music!”

6. Is likely limited-scale, although which one is completely random and arbitrary, unlike the technological aspects. (Western Sheet Music could write their tunes, but the other way ‘round wouldn’t work very well) 

7. Because of a handful of things in the notes, and pentatonic sounding explicitly “Chinese!!”, “Armenian tetrachords” would be a headcanon I could go with in an “apathetic” sort of way.

There’s a gorgeous little Sumerian tune that seems like something a  bored Cardassian would sing before someone around them gets annoyed and tells them to “STFU I’m reading”.


Headcanons on Klingon Music:


2. It fills a social slot of Football. WE LOVE THIS THING

3. Kids get pushed into it early, but also aren’t expected to all grow up to be pros, either. 

4. The instruments are technologically -bizarre as fuck-, and at this point, mostly electronic. Studying Klingon instrumental technology evolution would be a giant field of awesome unto itself. This instrument would be considered awesome. 

5. Like European music, where the many-century shift was “Gregorian–>church funded–>government funded–>technology brought it to everyone–>corporate funded”, they have that transition, but starting from a percussive root instead of a melodic one.

6. The music theory and instruments are capable of understanding chromaticism on a theoretical level. On a practical level, their sheet music writing “Twinkle Twinkle” would look super messy but make technical sense and be playable.

7. We’ve heard Klingon music on the show. Weird, disjointed weirdness that Klingons love to pieces.

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Posey stans have always been threatened by everyone else’s success because their fav is so…lacking. // Nobody is threatened by Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Hoechlin's "success". Hollywood goes after basic white boys. They ain't special. Their fans act like they stand out the most but they really don't; white boys can just tense up a bit and look at their hands and Hollywood is like "that's acting!".

Because sending me multiple anonymous messages clearly shows how very unthreatened you are. 

It will never stop being funny how Posey stans accuse everyone of reducing everything to race while simultaneously reducing everything to race themselves. I mean, the entire Scott/Posey stan parade seems to be almost exclusively based on the fact that he is only half white and therefore everyone should worship him. Y’all aren’t fooling anyone except maybe your delusional selves. 

It’s a real shame for you guys that sane people actually care about things like personality and talent. 

Some important things about this blog

In light of a recent post labeling this blog as a “rabid zerith” we would like to make it clear that:

  • This blog is run by more than one user, we can have different opinions
  • We don’t make a blog exclusive content, we mostly reblog write-ups and fanart made by other people to be featured here
  • We respect different interpretations of Zeriths, including those where Aerith moved on from Zack, and also those where they belonged together forever, even those that exist in the wildest and kinkiest minds

Keep in mind that:

  • We don’t make accusatory and offensive posts and cross-tag them to be seen by other shippers who don’t want to see the thing
  • We don’t deplete mobile users’ data by adding unnecessary and uncredited gifs and fanarts in a text post
  • We don’t inflate our notes by commenting in our own post


One Of The Mods


Went to Barnes & Noble and found these exclusive Five Nights at Freddy’s token. Wanted to post something Halloween/scary related and also a heads up to any FNaF’s/ Video Game fans who like to collect things like me.
(I bought the book on Amazon, but I’m sure you can get it a Barnes & Noble too if you want it or want to know more about FNaF’s lore, it’s a pretty good book too.)

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Where I can watch Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga -Spy Game- OVA?

No idea but if you find out let a bitch know yh 👌🏻😩

(I know it was part of the special DVD thing you got bundled with the 20th manga but since it’s a region exclusive DVD I’d rather wait till some kind cunt drops the subbed get online uno)

the sweetest thing in the world are those korean artblogs that post almost exclusively homestuck and you can tell their english is bad but yet they FUCKING READ ALL OF HOMESTUCK

if you’re out there reading this i love and support you

Hey guys! I realize the vast majority of secret session swifties are really truly awesome people who are keeping their mouths shut about what they are supposed to and being really generally kind and telling us what they can but not rubbing it in our faces! However, to the minority of people who are rubbing it in our faces and saying things like “well wish I could tell you this but I can’t”….why even say that? If you can’t tell me, why tell me that you can’t tell me? Talk to each other about it, fine, you should! You should be able to reminisce! Posting opaque comments that will leave everyone who isn’t a session Swiftie wondering what you’re talking about, though, is exclusive and unnecessary. It isn’t what Taylor would want, and it certainly isn’t what the rest of the fandom wants.


Entertainment Weekly has debuted the first official of Stranger Things Season 2, featuring Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) dressed as Ghostbusters.

The new teaser for the new season of Netflix’s massive cult hit will air during this weekend’s Super Bowl.

The second season of Stranger Things takes place in 1984, one year after the events of the first season. Not many details have been exposed, but executive producer Shawn Levy (Arrival) stated “The Demogorgon was destroyed but evil wasn’t.”


For my next art book, the thing I’m most proud of is Departure - a special chapter showing a new concept that I created just for this book. I wanted to portray, in the most honest way possible, how I generate ideas, and how I go from my first sketch to character sketches, scenes, settings and concept art. When I started working on this chapter, I had no idea where the idea would take me, so it was quite an adventure :)

Find it exclusively in The Sketchbook of Loish, on Kickstarter for 14 more days: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1022149620/the-sketchbook-of-loish-art-in-progress

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Would you be with a guy who isn't vers?

I think I’d enjoy a relationship with someone who is vers just because I like to flip flop and I want him to appreciate all the squats I do… but also being with someone who only likes to bottom would be chill too bc I also like to just put my dick in things, and it would be cool if that thing was my boyfriends butthole.

I think dating an exclusive top would get exhausting bc it would just be me trying to put a finger in him and it’d be like the same old tired song and dance and we’d drift apart but still move to the suburbs and I’d make him my famous mac and cheese and he’d tell me about how this relationship is draining and that he’s cheated on me with 15 bottoms from Christian Mingle because I refuse to bottom for him if he won’t bottom for me and he’ll throw the $9.99 bottle of Chardonnay I bought from Trader Joes against our dining room wall and weep silently into the mac and cheese I made him and I’d get up and try to wipe away his tears and he’ll slam his fists on the table and shout “NO this isn’t working” and I’ll say “shhhh baby just lemme put it in you” and he’ll leave me.