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Grand Blues 822 Mysterious Maiden Pholia

[On the trip to exterminate the Primal Beast in the forest near the village at the request of the Sovereign of Idelva]
Pholia: “I am the representative of the village, Pholia.”
Ph: “I shall lead you to where the primal beast lives.”

Vyrn: “…doesn’t she kind of resemble the Sovereign of Idelva…?”
Leona: “I… it’s just your imagination!”
Lyria: “We’re in your care! Pholia-chan!”
Ph: “Ha-wha!?”

Ph: “Kuku… Pholia-chan… Pholia… chan… is that so…”
Ph: “That’s nice… that’s very nice indeed…” /shiver shiver
Vy: “Why is she so happy?”
Le: “…she’s the representative of everyone so she interacts with a lot of people but this might be the first time she’s ever had ‘-chan’ used for her…”

Vy: “All right! Then for now, as far as dealing with Pholia goes…”
Vy: “Let’s leave it to Narmaya who calls everyone ‘-chan’!”

Narmaya: “Haa…haa… Pholia-chan, come play with Onee-san!!
Ph: “Fuoo…. that’s good! Being called Pholia-chan is soooooo good!!
Vy: Pairing Narmaya who loves kids with Pholia who’s happy to be treated like one…
Vy: It’s an infinite feedback loop!


Master post with all four chocobros!
This was such a fun series to work on and all the feedback I got from them were lovely as heck! The shop is going to have all four available for prints and such if anyone is interested! Thanks again for such a fun trip!


Just translated the manga sample released on ffxv’s official Japanese twitter! Originally published as a bonus to Dengeki PlayStation Vol.641. Art by Hanten Sharou.

“Final Fantasy XV Official Comic Anthology” will be on sale on July 27.

FFXVJP’s twitter post


 O L D E R   N O C T I S   A P P R E C I A T I O N

Quote from the official Final Fantasy XV guide by; Yusuke Naora.