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Everybody needs an Ignis, Ignis needs a Gladio.

what makes me sad is that isak probably still feels a rush of nerves every morning when he wakes up without even by his side. because yes, even’s probably just hanging out with his roommates or making breakfast, and yes, even loves him enough to stay with him through the good and the bad, and yes, he shouldn’t let his insecurity take over, because hasn’t he made even prove himself enough times? he must be getting so tired of isak’s shit by now. but isak will always remember that sunday morning when he’d woken up warm and cozy and ready to open up to someone who kissed him like he actually mattered, only to find out he was gone, and maybe this is why boys like him - boys so desperate for love they’ve forgotten the pain that comes after - should just accept that some things are meant to be fantasies. 

more of orriculum’s dumb oc’s

i know some of yall really like that mothman story so maybe there’s a chance someone might like this other thing which is actually about witches because the 3/5 stories i write involve fantasy witches in some way i just love witchcraft ok

it’s called  ~ E R S T W H I L E  ~  idk why it sounded cool

so here’s the plot about this one it’s about a male witch named wilfry, who was just appointed to be the local witch by the grand council to a town on the edge of the wood. a master of charms and botany, and second in his class at the academy, he has yet to actually learn what it means to be the local witch. 

overall the plot is kinda vague it’s about letting life be messy and imperfect, accepting our own flaws and such.

and i will be working on its plot today so idk

[Meta] Gladio: Ifrit’s Messenger?

Hello, I’m here to talk about a theory that could be partially confirmed in the future DLC or that may just be fanfic fodder, but please bear with me because I come with evidence.

This idea was partially born reading the Pitioss Theory in which OP mentions that Gladio’s DLC might take place in the Underworld, to follow in Ifrit’s footsteps, perhaps? For what purpose? We still don’t know.

My hypothesis is that Gladio, or rather the Amicitia bloodline, has been chosen as Ifrit’s Messengers and, based on Ifrit’s role in the Pitioss Theory, this could be the reason why the Amicitia family provides the royal family, Eos’ bloodline and future True King, with sworn shields (my post about Noctis being Eos can be found here). There might already be evidence for the connection between the Amicitia family and Ifrit in the game. A quick overview: I will first discuss Gladio’s tattoos and how tattoos with a certain motive seem to be a tradition in the Amicitia family, followed by a brief discussion about Clarus, Gladio’s necklace and how it relates to Ifrit, and end the evidence presenting part of this post with a banter about rebirth. I’ll wrap it up with a conclusion.

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My friend who typically doesn’t go near fantasy/science fiction shows just texted me to say that she started Timeless and both she and her boyfriend are loving it. S U C C E S S. 

This show has something for everyone. If you haven’t already, start it. Trust me. Take a leap of faith. Do the thing. Watch at least three episodes and if that doesn’t grip you then I will shut up. (I won’t, but you get me.)

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Grammar mistakes? Girl please! Stop kissing Ali's ass 🙄🙄🙄 You are just another girl fantasying about him. So bye Felicia! 🙄

Go on

- I hope they spend a good amount of time rolling around in the possibilities of the AU but I also hope they come back to the real world in plenty of time to resolve it well (wedding/Perthshire cottage in my fantasy, but even just some kind of satisfactory resolution for everyone). Just in case, you know. If they play these last several episodes right, I won’t even be that sad if (when?) it gets cancelled - it feels like a series finale scenario.

- I loved how IDC just switched between Fitz and LMDFitz so flawlessly. He played some of that really cold, too, which was super fun to watch.

- I doubly love how once Jemma knew he was the LMD, she did not hesitate for a second. Yes, it caught up to her, as of course it would, but she learned the hard way how to be a survivor.

- OK, seriously. I have to go to work.

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I thought about this a lot and came to the conclusion that for me there were no games. Sam and Cait denied being a couple, never reveal a relationship with each other. We didn't believe them and that was our choice. We convinced each other to not believe and started an alternative narrative and read into things even more although Sam warned us not to. The majority of the fandom didn't see what we think we saw. They are perfectly fine now and don't feel deceived. So, for the most part it's on us.

Yes, I’m afraid that might be the truth. My personal jury is still out on that. There are a lot of weird things that don’t make sense. 

But we were not deceived. They denied being together and they told us not to read into things. And yet we did and we didn’t believe them. That’ sadly mostly our own fault.

So I guess we should just accept the reality and live in the fantasy? That’s my approach. I don’t know if it works though. 

I want to leave all other people out of my own fanfiction. There’s only Sam and Cait and they’re worth shipping. And if there will be glimpses into the real world, it is on me to avoid glimpsing or to take the blow on the chin without batting an eye. 

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One of the things I want with Klance is the weird crush-fantasies. The ones where you see it and you just tell, they are hopelessly in love. I also want to see the crushes develop and actually be known to us, the audience. A lot of this is just wants and hopes but if they happen I'll be happy.

you mean crush fantasies like imagining the person doing something that they aren’t actually doing cuz that’d be funny fdkj like keith imagining lance told him i love you and he’s there like “I LOVE YOU TOO<2 and lance is like “uhh keith? who are you replying to” and keith is like “shit it was just a dream”

You know what never lives up to expectations? Having the opportunity to potentially have a relationship with someone you’ve admired or respected for years..people just can’t live up to them. It’s not realistic. Everyone has baggage. He wasn’t perfect. I’m not perfect. I thought I wanted all these things we had discussed but really all we want is to be loved and sometimes we cling to the wrong person. Someone who can’t give..it’s just fantasy.

The End.

Just a Question...

I am currently sick as a dog, ( had an upper respiratory infection that might’ve turned into the flu :( ) and I had nothing else to do but re-watch Kingsglaive. It brought back a lot of feels (╥_╥)…

Anyways, I have some free time now to write something, so who should I write next out of: 

• Noctis

• Nyx 

• Ardyn 

• Ravus ( working on the continuation of “Friends Until the End”) 

• Hell, I’ll even try to write for the girls (As friends though…) 

 Go ahead and send in whatever you want! I’ll be waiting….

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hey, what songs/ type of music/artist do you like ?

hellooo I LOVE MUSIC I listen to a lotta stuff- it’s a bit eclectic! But here are some songs/people I’ve been liking n would recommend to u right now:

Number- Skepta // Funkin around- Bloodstone // Rene and Angela- Love you more // Anderson Paak- Without you // Daniel Caesar- Get you// Kevin Krauter- diamonds // Phony Ppl- Why iii love the moon// Frankie Cosmos- Young// Raye- I, U, Us// anything by Sade // Angel Olsen in general // Paul Simon!?!? JOni Mitchell!! MAriah Carey- sweet fantasy!!??? My friend Loyle Carner just came out with an album and it’s really good! Also I went to a Zion T gig the other day who was so sick live!!!

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If not done publicly, what would you say about sexual fantasies involving minors by same aged fans?

You mean a person at home keeping to themselves about having a sexual fantasy about a minor?

I mean we can’t control ppls thoughts nor do we have any right to rlly.

To be honest I don’t really think it’s an issue,even tho it may be “illegal” to act on any fantasies and/or publish them on certain platforms- someone just having sexual thoughts about another, no matter the age cannot be bashed. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts.
And I think it’s understandable for minors to have crushes on minors of the same age, in my opinion it’s only natural given the environment we grow up in. We’re surrounded by peers our age in school and dating culture and the media is so sexual that we can’t protect minors from getting caught up in it.

That being said, I will never write about a minor, even if the sexual partner is also a minor, it’s illegal to publish smut about minors

I hope that all makes sense, it’s very complicated and involves a lot of factors, but a lot of people take it too far, calling ppl disgusting and all sorts of things when the person can’t help the thoughts their mind concocts [tho that shouldn’t even be happening bc if you do think about a minor like that keep it to yourself]