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…Geralt’s and Yen’s story is the embodiment of the classic love that was destined to happen. Sapkowski combines this idea with the element of the Arthurian Avalon. The destined relationship of Yen and Geralt ends in the mythological land of the undying. Thus it doesn’t really matter if they live or die, because in the end they are way past the point of the question of mortality. With Ciri transporting them to Avalon they became the living tale. At the same time myth and reality in the Witcher world.
That’s basically what the entire story of Nimue is about, who after all is also a figure of the Arthurian legend.
And that was basically a short summary of why I consider Sapkowski’s novel cycle to be so excellent. In it’s full purpose it is so much more than just another high fantasy story.

My thoughts on the episode Prompto teaser, AKA WHY IS SUNSHINE BOY CRYING?!

(with intentional vagueness to prevent spoilers for those still playing/planning on playing)

First, I wanna start off with this: Prompto in that outfit is AMAZING. Warm floofy chocobo head, 10/10 would cuddle.

Now, for the actual analysis… I think the reason Prompto is so emotional over his ‘encounter’ is that he’s facing what he could have become. Head things turned out differently and had he not grown up in the environment that he did, he probably would had either dead or… Completely different (if you finished the game you know exactly what I’m talking about). I think that he’s come face-to-face with a giant “what could have been” and he’s hurting and is sympathetic to what he’s facing.

It easily could have been him staring down the barrel of a gun. Had anything gone differently, it probably would have turned out that way.

I think Prompto feels pain for those that weren’t as fortunate as him–those that didn’t manage to avoid that fate. I feel like he takes it upon himself to maybe give those souls peace… Or at least put them out of their misery. Perhaps that’s what the entire episode is about: his personal mission, while also settling some issues about his past. Of course, he feels bad for doing it, but he knows that there’s no going back–those unlucky beings have no chance of returning to how they once were.


PS: I could be totally wrong and Prompto is just crying over how cold it is and how he wants to go home. Who knows?? *shrug*


Battle Theme : Warrior
Battle intro : “I’m not going to promise I will play by the rules~” *Grin*
Victory : “Another point for me~”
Defeat : *Sighs* “Guess you can’t win every time.”
Taunt : *Motions a ‘come here’ with hand* “Aren’tcha gonna come get me?”
Reacting to Taunt : “Seems like I need to step up a notch with you.”
Tie : “That was fun, let’s do it again sometime~”
Perfect Victory : “Hehe, bet’cha didn’t see that one coming~”
Final Finisher : *Ominous tone* “Now things got serious on a personal level…”


Assist : *Jokingly* “Now, don’t make me look bad!”
Your muse down during Assist : “You’re on your own now…”
Using item : “I don’t need it… But you certainly do.”
Healing/Buffing : “Good thing you got me to watch your back~”
Tag Team Special : “How about we share the limelight~?”

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Killing Stalking is a psychological thriller, it is fucked up and it is supposed to be fucked up, and that is why people are attracted to it.

If you are delving into a piece of work like this you have to understand and respect the themes that it handles. I believe that it is possible to be interested in Killing Stalking (as a creator of fanwork or just a reader) in a respectful way, but a lot of the fandom does not handle that respect well. It’s an extremely controversial piece of work that can be harmful to a lot of people, and the fandom really needs to be aware of that. The themes involved in Killing Stalking are not “just fantasy”, they are not “just fiction”, even if the work in itself is. And because of that, you need to be careful and cautious when promoting, discussing, or creating content for it. 

This is just a message to all of you out there; please remember to be responsible, respectful, and aware when handling work involving these disturbing themes, especially those that display it as explicitly as Killing Stalking. 

AKA: Tag your shit, be cautious when discussing, be mindful to other peoples thoughts and feelings on sensitive subject matter, and educate yourself on the difference between appreciating work and glamorizing something you don’t understand.

whatarefrogz  asked:

Sorry to bother you, just a quick question! What is the Prompto teaser for? Is it an update for the game? I'm just kind of confused as to what it is. Sorry if it's a dumb question! I have the game but I'm still discovering little things within it to do now that I've finished it!

Oh! No worries :D The extended Prompto teaser that was just recently released is pertaining to the new DLC for Final Fantasy XV called Episode Prompto. It will cover things that weren’t in the main story, and Prompto’s story looks like it’s gonna be one hell of an emotional ride! Dx

Episode Gladio has already been released and players are now able to access it by purchasing it individually, or players can buy the season pass, which will give them access to Episode Gladio, Episode Prompto, and Episode Ignis :)

Episode Prompto is scheduled for release in June 2017.

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Anon is off? What about the harmless users who just wanted to request their exact fantasies without anyone knowing? ☹️

i’ll turn it back on in a little while once everyone chills out don’t worry

Personally I’m okay with some Eric/Dylan related fantasies here and there ,just AS LONG AS :

  • it’s not disrespectful to any of the victims 
  • it’s NOT about shooting up your school..(i mean,there’s a thin line between a fantasy and reality and that one should NEVER be crossed)
  • it’s not about rape  
  • it’s not a DylRic smut bullshit (come on guys that is disrespectful to both Eric and Dylan)

Just don’t let some fantasies turn into reality and if you’ve ever had any obsessive homicidal ideation, please look for help. Other than that,I’m not judgemental. I don’t really wanna judge anyone here for their blog content. And I don’t like it when other people do that. And if anyone in this community doesn’t agree or just doesn’t like my blog,you’re always free to unfollow me,it’s simple as that. No need to be hateful and disrespectful to each other.