or is it webcomic wednesday


Happy comicbooks Wednesday! I share with you a little proyect I have with my pal @danieruhuli, the anthropomorphization of our favorites comics publishing houses (and seals)! Hope you like it, and please make me know if you want us to design another one of your liking!

Galebound updated today! New page available over here

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Thanks for the support and Galespeed! <3

Updates will be every Wednesday!

This is a FNaF comic based around my Memories! (I’m a Purple guy Fictive.)

I’m really excited to post this because this is the first thing I’ve actually been determined to finish.

The only thing I ask is that if you repost to another website, you credit me.

And if you are FNAFKin/Fictive that you don’t add anything to your Kin/ID/Me tags because we already have everyone especially any of the guards.

If you keep up with my twitter/comic page, you can see that I am 2 pages behind schedule on my comic (sob). But instead of scrambling to finish them on top of the 2 pages for this week, I’m going to cut my losses and just update on Wednesday and Friday. I hate to be so behind but I think it’s better just to throw in the towel for last week’s pages and try and resume a regular schedule again!

For now, here’s that one sketch of Luke I cleaned up and finished in Manga Studio because I felt like it. New page goes up on Wednesday, PROMISE!!