or is it webcomic wednesday


Happy comicbooks Wednesday! I share with you a little proyect I have with my pal @danieruhuli, the anthropomorphization of our favorites comics publishing houses (and seals)! Hope you like it, and please make me know if you want us to design another one of your liking!


STRINGS OF FATE is an angsty story about a naive boy who tries to find his place in the world. His fated path is a long one, where he experiences the joys of first love and adventure, but some aren’t so keen on where it’s taking him.

Stay with him as he unravels the bittersweet truths of the world.

Sorry about the poor resolution for the summary ! You can read the typed version on the Strings of Fate tumblr page (link in bold). 

Updates are every Wednesday!

WOAHHH what’s this?!

Hi, everyone! My name’s StellarBlitz, and, heavily inspired by @figmentforms‘s comic as well as @growingupgerudo, I’ve started my own webcomic, also heavily revolving around Ganondorf >:D 

I’ve had this idea for a while, but now I’ve finally decided to try it out! Hopefully I can keep this a series. I’m planning to update every Wednesday, so stay tuned!