or is it webcomic wednesday

— hello everyone this is mimi comin at u with the lovely (?) chu miso.  she is a twenty one year old webcomic and part time clerk at the 7/11 because art only makes so much money, even when its silly. her webcomic is named MiRACLE ! and publishes on monday, wednesday, and friday every week, operating since 2015, and you can read more about it here.  i have a few little plots up, along with a tl;dr fact page and her biography. i’ll give you a little snippet of things beneath the cut and hopefully we can get to plotting ! please bring me darkness, angst, secrets, hate, romance, all of those things in one plot, whatever. im like 99% down always.

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So sorry for the delay, folks! I had this week’s comic all ready to go and then my flight was cancelled, so I got back a whole day later than I meant to. That’ll teach me not to schedule the comic next time, eh? In any event, here is this week’s comic! Enjoy!