or is it waxing

why do shallies gotta do shiro dirty like this? an essay by mod shookeith

what i’ve seen is the creation of a fanon shiro with essentially none of the qualities of canon shiro in order to validate bad ships and build a relationship dynamic entirely different from the one seen in the show.

whether it’s between shiro and the paladins or shiro and the galra, that dynamic should be constant between fanon and canon. the shiro i’ve seen in this fandom is so unlike the shiro i see in the show that an outsider might think they were different people (obviously not considering “physical” similarities, but my point stands).

when writing or drawing shiro, whether anti or sha/adin, please remember what makes him shiro. that interpretation is up to you, but always keep in mind the core of who he is. a caring, strategic leader. a loyal friend and a terrifying enemy. always in control, except when he’s not.

canon gives us the foundations for the characters. fanon should build off of that. and then maybe takashi shirogane will be one person, not two.