or is it shimeji

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I need halp, I don't know to download the shimejis q-q

Of course! OvO


2) You will arrive on this page, download on the grey button o/

3) Open the archive and put the folder on your desktop, or anywhere you want, just put it off the archive. 

4) Open the folder and start Shimeji-ee.exe.
Check Blublu and Sanzu and then clic on “Use selected”


I hope this can help you! :D

anonymous asked:

can you make a step by step guide on how to download and use shimejis?

You guys are a bunch of oafs, I swear. Ahem, okay.

So, you go to the site you wanna download the shimeji from. For this example, we’re gonna use the Tord one.

Once it’s done downloading, go to your Downloads folder and open the RAR file (you have to have WinRAR installed).

When it opens, it’ll show this screen.

You see the file under the “..”? The one named “Tord Shemiji”?

Click it.

Sometimes they have another file in that file. If it does, just open that one.

Now, find the .exe file

Open that shit up.

Then just pick and chose which shimeji you want, and voila! You got a lil shit crawling around your screen.

Have fun, my dudes.