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Okay so, full admission, in the previous page I wasn’t entirely sure what it was that was intercepting the arrow in mid-air. Part of me thought it might be Mokona, because how awesome would that be, but this. Is even better.

Kurogane throws a rock.

He just.

He sees some random guy pointing a crossbow at Syaoran. And he picks up a ROCK.






Kurogane is not messing around you guys.

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I don't get it why are you mad?

NSDKJHBFJSN @elany is threatening to write a Shiro x Hippo fic and I’m just grateful that they’re busy with with something else because otherwise that would have been the end of our friendship :P

I have cried happy tears twice in my life. The second time was a few hours ago over my two college friends tag teaming to have PCap sign one of my drawings and absolutely blindsiding me with it.

Quote Jiaqi “HE IS SO NICE!!!”

The con she got it done at was the weekend after SDCC, and the “thank God for PCap” shirt was on his mind so when she told him I made it he immediately knew what she meant. Quote Jiaqi again “He didn’t know how to spell Illinois so I hope it’s right” (it is).

I am crying again; frick, I’m such an emotional mess over good things.

Law Unto Themselves (5/??)

Summary: Heiji has to wait to find out whether the guns en-route to Osaka made it. Dark!AU where the good guys are the bad guys, and vice versa.

[Beginning]     [Previous Chapter]

They call him Kudo’s dog.

Not that Hattori Heiji really minds what others call him, especially when they’re just criminals awaiting prison time, but there’s an element of annoyance that just makes him want to lash out. Instead of being a right hand man, he’s likened to an animal, and frankly, Heiji doesn’t want to prove them right.

The only one person who’s opinion matters within the criminal underworld, is Kudo’s.

And after that, in the every day world, there’s only two additional opinions that hold any sway over him.

Bam, bam!”

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People who approve abusive relationships be like: "Aw they care about him because he forced him to stay!!" You can't win lol

Aw no someone trying to tell me that reading ks means I support the same thing irl, what magnificent insight, truly something my miserable plebeian eyes have never read before. I’m so happy there are so many fresh and new arguments in this fandom which aren’t repetitive at all and which no one has debunked in the history of ever, a life full of wonder and excitement.

I forgot to queue something because I’m playing a city simulation game (Sim City for those familiar) and pretending Loki is their benevolent ruler and basically got distracted for the last 18 hours… I apologize and will have something for tomorrow

Rules: Using only song titles from one artist/band, cleverly answer the questions and then tag 10 people.

I was tagged by the lovely @shakeitoutofthewoods 😘

artist/band: all time low
what is your gender: the girl’s a straight up hustler
how do you feel: lost in stereo
if you could go anywhere: hello, brooklyn
favorite mode of transportation: a party song (the walk of shame)
your best friend: stay awake (dreams only last for a night)
favorite time of day: six feet under the stars
if your life was a tv show: therapy
relationship status: no idea
your fear: nightmares

i tag: @itsalwaystay @new-romantics-in-wonderland @lastyoungrenegade @all-the-lonely-starbucks-lovers @heckyestaylorswift @auntbeckyisbae @weneversgooutofstyle @lulalulalullaby @swiftiefoxes @blameswiftandbooks

I cannot possibly emphasize what a constant trial it is being friends with me.

This doggo is so cute, Shiro went full Steven Universe for a moment there

EDIT: I drew a sequel to this comic!


Harry: Isn’t there a spell to do this?
Ginny: Yes, but magic shouldn’t replace the hands of a father. My mum always said so.
Harry: Really?
Ginny: No. I just like to see you try, it’s funny.

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Finally finished!  And yeah, this is as long and polished as the video is gonna get.  I have work to get back to. @v@ There’s some lag in the lipsyncing somewhere in the middle but I’m at peace with that!
You can blame @splickedylit for thinking of this and me for carrying it out.  But honestly, no regrets.  Anyway, here’s some rapping Felix.

Song: Whoa Whoa Whoa by Watsky
Program Used: Toon Boom Studio 4.5

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hii i love ur art! <3 how do u do side view people so well? do u use like guidelines n stuff? ❤️❤️

I don’t use many solid guidelines honestly, it’s mostly all practice (profiles have always been one of my favorite things to draw, so I doodle them a lot).

These are my basic guidelines for profiles:

As for placement, some of the notes I made in this post apply to the profile as well (i.e the ear lines up with either the eyes or eyebrows down to the bottom of the nose, the mouth lines up with the top of the jaw, and the eye changes it’s shape when it’s turned). Additional notes for the profile:

Everything else I mostly know from memory or intuition, so sadly I don’t know how to offer you much help besides this. I still struggle with my profiles so I’m always using references, making quick studies, and tweaking my art like crazy to get things right.

Thanks for the ask! I hope this helps a little bit.


Alternate version of Hermione design. She’s bald, yes. I like to explore every possibilities and the only way of doing it is drawing and actually seeing it… This is all conceptual, so I’m just throwing a headcanon here. I’ve drawn her design along with my Harry and Ginny. Somehow, I like the way my bearded Harry looks at her side. 

Again, this is conceptual. An experimenting. Just giving something to imagine.