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Seven Steps -4-

tags: eighth year, drarry, swearing

Story inspired by the wonderful @sillysaddass

Step 2: Greet him in the hallways so he remembers you exist.

Draco couldn’t sleep and was running late for breakfast. He was finishing the knot of his tie on the way, not paying attention, and nearly ran into someone.

“Watch where you’re going, ferret,” Weasley snapped.

Draco hesitated, giving his rational mind just enough time to take control. He took a deep breath and stepped to the side, careful not to look directly at the Weasel and let his temper get the upper hand, “Pardon me,” he murmured.

He felt his eyes drawn to Potter’s shock of wild black hair and locked eyes with him. By Merlin’s grace, Potter’s eyes were the loveliest shade of green.

Draco swallowed the lump in his throat and nodded to Potter, “Good morning,” he said, his voice mostly steady and quickly stepped past them into the great hall.

He moved quickly, hoping to outpace the growing heat on his cheeks, sitting at the end of the Slytherin table. He tossed a few pieces of toast on his plate and picked up the teapot.

“What was that?”

Draco jumped, tea sloshing out over his plate and soaking his toast. Draco frowned at the mess and carried the frown up to Potter, glaring back at him, one hand braced on the end of the table.

“Seriously, Malfoy, what are you doing?” Potter demanded.

Draco wasn’t sure if this was against the rules of their plan but was fairly certain silence would only infuriate Potter. “Breakfast.” He looked down at his soggy plate and vanished the ruined toast.

“Not that. What’s with you? By the door?” Potter gestured back to the entrance.

Draco picked up a fresh piece of toast and deliberately set it on his plate so he would have something to look at other than Potter. He did his best to respond as if Potter were a ministry official or a solicitor, “It’s polite to greet someone you know.”

“Then in class lately,” Potter went on with another sudden gesture.

Draco felt a flutter of anxiety in his gut, “Yes?” he asked, picking up the neglected teapot and filling the cup in front of himself.

“You’ve been sitting next to me!” Potter said.

Draco’s stomach clenched, he held his breath, “Am I bothering you?”

Potter hesitated, his brow furrowing. He looked down the table and was suddenly aware that all of Slytherin was staring at him, along with much of the other houses. He took a step back, “We’ll finish this later,” he said quietly and stomped out of the hall, a storm of whispers following in his wake.

Draco breathed out.

He had no idea what he would have done if Potter had said yes. If he couldn’t even get close to Potter, the plan was over. He wasn’t certain if it had even begun, or if this was only an exercise in futility.

“Move.” Pansy said impatiently to the second year sitting next to Draco, “Take your plate and go. Hurry up; I haven’t got all day,” she waved her hand, practically sitting on the twelve-year-old trying to scramble out of her way.

“Did you hear everything?” Draco managed.

“Everyone did. Potter wasn’t exactly subtle, not that he ever has been,” Pansy said, taking a handful of grapes and popping one in her mouth. With her free hand, she dropped a cube of sugar and a dollop of cream into Draco’s cup and dragged it closer to him in a rattle of wood on china, “Drink.”

“I don’t-” Draco protested.

“Feel like it. I don’t care. You’ll drink your tea and have some toast, two or three slices,” Pansy plucked two more slices of toast and dropped them on his plate, “You’ll be whining about being starving halfway through charms, and we both know it.”

Draco knew if his anxiety got the better of him he might lose his appetite for the rest of the day. Still, he took a few bites and washed it down with a sip of tea.

“It’s not as bad as it seems,” Pansy said, popping another grape into her mouth.

Draco sulkily chewed on the edge of his toast, “It seems quite bad.”

“You would think that,” Pansy said, utterly unimpressed, “but Potter wasn’t angry. Impatient and annoyed, maybe suspicious but at least he wasn’t angry, and that is an improvement.”

“An improvement,” Draco repeated flatly.

Pansy threw a grape at his head and missed quite badly, “When you’re starting at the bottom of the shit pit, covered in shit, anything is an improvement.”

“You’re disgusting,” Draco said, trying not to smile.

Pansy smirked with pleasure, “Thank you. Now finish your fucking toast.”

- Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4(you are here) -

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anonymous asked:

Kat, do you ever get rude or backhanded comments/responses on your work, and if so how do you deal with it for your peace of mind etc?

I tend to get a lot of those, actually. For the most part I just ignore them, though if I’m having a bad day and one really irritates me I’ll delete it out of hand. My reasoning tends to be that as long as I have the means to moderate commentary on my work, and it’s not the overwhelming majority of voices, I should use it fully. Fanfiction isn’t something we’re paid for, and the your own comfort and mental health need to come first. So basically, whatever way feels best to respond to you, that’s what you should go with.

  • ezri dax (née tigan): [adjusting her huge dykey therapist glasses] wait a minute, he played a character named "cloaca galore"?
  • bashir: clo for short
  • ezri dax: is that even a name in any culture?
  • bashir: look, we pronounced it "klōärsə", okay?
  • dax: what
  • bashir: we were just trying to keep our game in the spirit of the original film. i mean, it's hundreds of years old! it's an integral part of earth literary canon! and it works on multiple levels, really. because that way, when one says it aloud, it also sounds like "arse"
  • dax: julian,

Circle casting 101

(Artist: kada-bura !)

A magickal circle is an energetic construct that you build or envision around yourself before working magick, doing a ritual, some like to cast a circle before meditating or reading tarots. For a solitary practitioner the circle is typically 5-6 ft in diameter, but the size expands based on the size of the group. It can be defined physically, energetically, or both.

Circles provide protection and serves as a container for your personal energy as well as the energy you conjure.

Please remember that this is just what i personally like to do when casting a circle, but that there are many methods.

Preparation for circle casting

1. Determine how much space you will need.

2. Cleanse your area. Vacuum, sweep, throw away any trash in the area.

3.Make sure you have everything you need for your ritual! Theres nothing more frustrating than having your circle casted and realizing you’ve forgotten an herb or any supplies you need for the work you’re about to do.

4. Purify your area. Light purifying incense, sage, sprinkle salt and holy 💧. Most importantly, Visualize the negative energy dispersing. If you don’t focus & visualize, your physical actions will have little effect. Visualization is hands down one of the most important things in any and all magickal workings!

5. Now its time to cast your circle!

Visualize protective energy coming from within you and direct it towards your casting arm. Focus it through a casting tool (Athame, wand, or ✋)  and visualize a beam of energy coming from it and settling on the ground. Trace your circle with this energy, 3 times in a clockwise direction. Once for protection, once for focus, and once for power.

Call the 4 quarters

  • Face North and say “I call to the North, to the element of 🌏. Grant me (us if not practicing alone) your endurance, your strength.”            Sprinkle salt onto your altar or crumble 🌏 into a bowl on your altar.
  • Face East and say “I call to the East, to the element of Air. Grant me your creativity and your intuition.”                                                                 Light incense, wave a fan,or drop feathers onto your altar.
  • Face south and say “I call to the South, to the element of 🔥. Grant me your passion and your energy.”                                                             Light candles.
  • Face west and say “I call to the West, to the element of 💧. Grant me your empathy and your emotion.”                                                         Pour blessed/storm/🌙/natural 💧 into a bowl or into your chalice.

Now would be the time to call on any deities you’d wish to work with. You can call any Goddess or Angel by personalizing this to them. I typically do not personally work with deities, but if you were to want to, Call to them similar to how the Elements are called. Ex. “I call to Gaia, Mother Goddess, Spirit of 🌏.” and then place an offering symbolizing them, so for Gaia you might place  grain on your altar as an offering.

If not solitary, now would be the time to invite others to the circle. The group leader typically invites others in by a series of phrases, although i know every coven has their own method fine tuned for themselves, This is just the method i’ve seen used and am familiar with.                                                                    Ex. Group leader:”Children of the Goddess, I now invite you to enter our circle.” Each member will be asked “How do you enter this circle?” The response should be “In perfect 😍 and perfect trust.”

Now its time to raise energy. This is the most important part of this process.

Here are a few ways! There is no wrong way to do this part, and there are SO MANY ways. You can fine tune this all to you.

Witches Rune Chant

“Darksome night and shining 🌙,

East, then South, then West, then North,

Hearken to the witches’ rune;

Here i come to call thee forth.

🌏 and 💧, Air and 🔥.

Wand and pentacle and 🗡️,

Work ye unto my desire,

Hearken ye into my word.

Cords and censer, scourge and 🔪,

Power of the witches blade waken all ye unto life,

Come ye as the charm is made.

👑 of Heaven, 👑 of Hell, Lend your power unto my spell,

and work my will by magic rite.

By all the power of Land and Sea, By all the might of 🌙 and ☀️,

As I do will, So mote it be;

Chant the spell, and be it done.

Eko, Eko Azarak

Eko, Eko Zamilak

Eko, Eko Karnayna

Eko, Eko Aradia”

Meditating to raise energy. Visualize energy building and building by 👀 by 👀 warm, yellow light fill your body until its expanding out of your body and filling the dome above your circle and visualize it filling with energy.

🎶 or Drumming, Dancing and Chanting.

Once you reach your desired energy level, it is time to get into whatever spellwork or ritual you desire to preform!


I like to walk the circle the opposite way of its casting three times, and voila!

Keep in mind that this is just my method! There are many methods and this is just one of them.

Man Up

by reddit user Pippinacious

When the bookstore at the mall put up its help wanted posters, I jumped at the chance to put in my application. Between being an avid reader who had practically lived amongst the store’s shelves in high school and a broke community college student taking a semester off to save money, it seemed still customer service.

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[Reposted from my IG] Hi! Small ad here hehe // Since some have been asking about my Patreon - yes I do have one, I just like, very rarely post about it (think I made like 1-2 link posts on tumblr for it) HAHA idk hh i really should do a better job linking all my platforms together zzz //shy but yes ;;v;;

Patreon is here ~ For those who are interested!

FAQ: What’s in your Patreon?
• Usually Patrons see full art pieces first - and depending on the tier, they receive different goodies like wallpapers, steps, hires versions, etc etc (PDF+PSD are new rewards hehe) :D
‼️ I will still continue to post all my art/comics on IG/tumblr for free! Patreon is just a way to give people a chance to see Behind-the-Scenes stuff with small bonuses 🍁

Also, more new art soon yay! So happy I’m less busy from work these coming days ( will make a post about it soon because lots of people wanted some updates about my work life - so sorry I can’t answer to everyone yet but I really appreciate the messages! :D ) 🌸 Thanks for all your support! && thank you so much for reading 🌸💖🌸 ✨✨✨


Lately I have felt like my life isn’t quite on track. I got busy, I dropped the ball on my usual routine and I let things slip. My house got messy which always has a way of overwhelming me, I felt unmotivated at work and hit a bit of a slump in my mood. I also had this feeling that I was forgetting something constantly. My mind just felt blank. So I decided to get back in control! And it is the best feeling!

Here’s how I cut out the chaos: bit.ly/2xeSWsR 🙌🏼

I had a dream about him the other night. It caught me off guard because he hasn’t really crossed my mind in months.

How we met and everything that happened after never really made sense. It was one chance encounter then random little moments that I never saw coming. When it ended the first time around, months later we found a way back into each other’s lives. And again, it ended just as quickly as it started. This was the last person I actually took seriously and when we were together, I was happy. Except it never worked, things ended badly and that was it.

But here we are again, months later - civil and polite, acknowledging the other person exists. There aren’t any lingering feelings or hopes of future chances, but I can’t help but wonder if there’s a reason I met him that random night at the bar - and why things eventually somehow find a way back around to him.



When I was 14 years old, my grandma accused me of stealing her jewelry; and instead of accusing the stranger in the house, her maid, she accused me. She threw away my clothes, broke my phone, almost ripped my bag because she threw it at a wall, broke the lamp dad gave me and told me he was dead - she not only yelled at me , she threatened to kick me out. I was only 14.

She never apologized for that, despite being on good terms with her now, I still think about that time- every now and then. I’m 22 years old now, on antidepressants and antianxiety, constantly paranoid around other people’s houses, thinking oh no, if something goes wrong, they’ll blame me.

Last night grandma yelled at Francine, my sister, and told her, flat out “it’s your fault your mom is like this!!” Just because my sister asked my mom for change (which was mine) to buy juice.

Grandma went BERSERK.

And my mind went. Blank. Back to the time she did the very same thing to me. Francine is only 12. We have a neurotic mom. You can’t be angry at a younger person like my 12 year old sister for acting the way she does, because we- she didn’t have a conventional childhood growing up. We grew up piss poor with a vegetable mom and a dad always busy with work. That’s no one’s fault. You can’t blame a child for being birthed by her mother, and you can’t tell a child she she has no right to exist if it weren’t for you.

A child isn’t bound to a contract where they can be mistreated and exploited as soon as they fall out of someone’s vagina.

Older people? Professors, teachers, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, you name it- they don’t, shouldn’t really hold the right to demand respect served to them on a silver platter if they refuse to provide younger people the same treatment.

Good times with a person isn’t a free pass to take advantage of them, or to guilt trip them into thinking they owe you things.

You’d have to have to have a convoluted sense of love if you think abuse can be negated.

aceeletrute  asked:

I have an interesting question. If Hajime Shinso can't sleep at all, does that also mean he can't be knocked unconscious? The thought just crossed my mind because the state of being asleep and unconscious are really similar and there's not much of a clear line defining the two. (As a side note I JUST found your blog and I gotta say, I'm in love. ^^ Your ideas and art are amazing!!)

I’m so happy people are interested in my oc… owo

Okay since this has been asked a lot about Hajime’s quirk, I’ll make an explanation of how it works! ( I’m just THIS passionate about my character )


‘’ No sleep ‘’ is a mutant type quirk, that deprive permanently its user of sleep. The body of Hajime is made in a way that it doesn’t require any rest to survive. It’s like a phone that is always on the charge. 

There are some little effects linked with this quirk. Very heavy eye bags, of course. But Hajime is also a relatively slow person. His reflexes are slower than average, and his physical abilities are also reduced. To compensate his lack of sleep, Hajime eats a lot ( Mostly chocolates, fruits and coffee )

Could he be knocked unconscious? Maybe. Because technically, being knocked unconscious is not the same thing as falling asleep. But this unconscious state, wouldn’t give him any kind of rest anyway. 

I hope I explaned well enough ( and that it made some kind of sense )

💖 Nail Polish Ritual 💅

Here’s a simple, versatile ritual that I do weekly…my favorite ways to practice witchcraft involve incorporating magic into the mundane, and this is a great example of that! 

You can charge your polish with any intent – some examples are glamours (such as beauty or confidence), luck, focus/concentration (great for exams or finals week!), protection, energy, or simply for enhancing your own magical power!

🌹 Start by using nail polish remover, and visualize that as the old polish is wiped away, so is the accumulated negativity and stress from the previous week. (If you don’t have any nail polish on a substitute could simply be washing your hands clean!) I like to charge my nail polish remover beforehand with crystals that have cleansing and purifying properties, such as clear quartz, amethyst, selenite, and celestine.

🌹Next, choose the color of nail polish you wish, and charge it with your desired intent. There are many ways to do this – usually, my preferred method is simply to charge the bottle with crystals matching my intent. If you have the time and patience, drawing sigils underneath your polish is another great way to channel energy. And of course, you could use color correspondences, just like you would with candles! Use the correspondences that work best for you, but here’s a basic list of some of my personal color associations!

  • Pink: Love, Beauty
  • Red: Confidence, Strength
  • Orange: Energy, Success 
  • Yellow: Focus, Positivity
  • Green: Luck, Prosperity
  • Blue: Wisdom, Peace
  • Purple: Inspiration, Psychic Ability
  • Black: Protection, Banishing
  • Gray: Calm, Stability
  • White: Clarity, Purification

🌹While waiting for my polish to dry, I’ll take a few minutes to meditate. I’ll put on a calming Spotify playlist, light a candle, and just take a moment to clear my mind and focus on my breathing. (It goes without saying, but of course use common sense and don’t let your candle get too close to flammable nail polish/remover!) 

🌹After your nail polish has dried, finish with a top coat to “seal” the intent and help it last longer. Again, you can enhance the polish’s strength and protection properties by charging the bottle with crystals such as tiger’s eye, hematite, or black onyx (yes, I know, I use my crystals for just about everything…)

*As a side note, I know there are several posts about nail polish magic floating around, so please know that I am not trying to claim that the entire concept is an original idea – this is just my personal ritual! 💖

Zenobia Reed - Life will give you EXACTLY what you pour into it. My highest weight was 221 pounds. I was depressed, a binge eater, unhealthy, overweight and had a very poor outlook on life. I was waiting for something to change when all I had to do was change myself and my way of thinking. My body was a reflection of how I felt in my heart and mind. I don’t even remember the day I decided that I wanted to be better, but I do remember how it felt. I’ve been chasing that feeling every day for the past 2 years. Listen, if you want something, GO GET IT! I mean LITERALLY put the work in and watch your life change. It won’t happen overnight, but IT WILL HAPPEN. Just look at me!😘👑

Halloween Prompts

Because as a spooky bitch, I love spooky things. 

Originally posted by xxfallintowinterxx

I told you guys I’d do something fun for October though! Since I slacked so incredibly on those drabbles, I thought I’d make it up to you guys and post this list! So feel free to request these (multiple numbers will be accepted) with a Star Wars character (or the Solo triplets) and I will gladly fill your request!

Trick-or-Treat and Costume Themed:

1.  “We should do a couples costume.”

2. “Who ate all my candy?!!”

3. “You’re too old to go trick-or-treating.”

4. “What God-awful demon possessed you to wear that?”

5. “I know the neighborhood by heart, which also means I know exactly which houses give out the King Size bars.”

6. “That costume really is convincing. You might terrify a few too many children.”

7. “I hate costumes, just get me a shirt.”

8. “I will dress up as literally anything else, but don’t make me wear this..”

9. “Look, I dressed up as you.”

10. “Oh we’re going all the way around. I want this sack to be filled to the brim with sugar.”

11. “Well, they were out of mens costumes so…”

12. “And…what are you supposed to be?”

13. “I thought you agreed I should wear this costume to the party tonight?” “Oh I agreed to you wearing it tonight, but I had no party in mind”

14. “Shit we’re out of candy, and those kids are on their way.”

15. “Come on, just let me scare a few trick-or-treaters.” “You’re going to horrify them!” “It’ll build character.”


16. ”If you say let’s split up, I swear to God.”

17. “Did you hear that?”

18.  “I swear I saw that move!“

19.  “Hey, this isn’t funny.”

20. “We shouldn’t be in here.”

21. “Oh my gaud, I think the crystal ball is working. The spirits are telling me you’re a dumbass.”

22. “Anybody else notice the small child staring at us?”

23. “The house is not haunted.”

24. “Why are you so determined to see this ghost anyway?”

25. “Why the hell did you bring a ouija board? You know how I feel about that shit.”

26. “I dare you to go down there.”

27. “Mmm, I appreciated that little murmuring you did in my ear.” “….That wasn’t me.”

28. “Is it just me or did it just get really cold in here?”

29. “That wasn’t there before.”


 30. “H-holy shit, why-why is there no reflection?”

 31. “The moon looks beautiful tonight.”

 32. “What are you?!”

 33. “No, don’t come any closer!!“

 34. “Take off that mask….that is a mask right?”

 35. “I thought I saw…nevermind.”

 36. “I am centuries old. You need to do more than that to get rid of me.”

37. “Just one bite.”


39. “Lock the doors!”

40. “What’s that in the water?”

41. “We aren’t all that bad.”

42. “No! I can’t shoot you!”

43. “Do you know what I am?”

44. “You look good enough to eat.”

45. “You humans are always so gullible.”

46. “Nobody’s ever gotten past that cove.” “Why?” “Have you not heard the tale?”

47. “I thought I was the only one.”

48. “Would you like to join me?”

49. “…Sarcophagus’ aren’t supposed to open…right?”

50. “What the hell is it doing?”

51. “Get away from me!!”

52. “I suppose my secret’s out.”

53. “Don’t go out there. Especially once the sun goes down.” “Why not?” “You don’t wanna know.”

54. “Come closer.”

55. ”I just want to be normal again.”


56. “Trust no one tonight.”

57. “What are you doing out here?”

58. “Making out in a graveyard?”

59. “Did you seriously injure yourself carving a pumpkin?”

60. “There are some things about Halloween you don’t understand.”

61. “He’s gonna get you! He’s gonna get you!!”

62. “Humans are idiots.”

63. “I’m the tall dark stranger your parents warned you about.”

64. “How did you do that?”

65. “Why don’t you just take your broomstick and shove it?”

66. “You did this!!”

67. “This is disgusting.”

68. “There will be a lot of screaming tonight.”

69. “Can’t you like wiggle your nose or something and everything works out?”

70. “I hate Halloween.”

71. “I’m scared.”

72. “If you can’t wake up from the nightmare, maybe you’re not asleep.”

73. “Do you think keeping your eyes shut will keep you safe?”

74. “You don’t feel it yet…but you will. Soon.”

75. “What did you do to me?!”

76. “Somebody’s watching us.”

77. “The legend said it only goes after virgins…so sucks for you I guess.”

78. “Y-your eyes, what’s happening to your eyes?”

79. “Feed me.”

80. “I just found out my best friend and love of my life isn’t human and you’re criticizing me for being shocked?!”

“My Neighbor’s A Jerk” Part 7

Summary: Modern-Day (AU) There’s this mutual feeling between you and your neighbor, called hate. And since your first meet you both commence that feeling with a burning passion. You don’t know the reason behind his hate and you know for damn sure that he will never tell you. But what happens on the first day of your job, when you find out that you even work together? Maybe you will learn to co-operate?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2330

Warnings: none… oh wait cliffhanger yo

Author’s Note: neeeewwwww paaarrrrrrrrrrrrt y’all actually there wasn’t supposed to be a cliffhanger in this part but it was turning out to be beyond 5k words and so consider this as Part 7a 

also my R isn’t working, i have to literally stab the button so excuse me if there are some r’s missing in this part

tags closed for now! sorry ALSO, i will be altering the tag list and deleting those who don’t care to leave feedback sorry, but i can’t waste my time on tagging a hundred people when some of you don’t even care to write back simple as that :/

“My Neighbor’s A Jerk” Masterlist | Main Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

(gif isn’t mine)

Morning rolls in and despite not being best health wise, you manage to convince Peggy that you’re fine and can handle a day at work. You didn’t have a temperature, thankfully and you don’t know how much you’ve missed out on work during in those three days you were absent. You do know you’d a have a lot to catch up on. Both, you and Peggy were ready to leave. She insisted on taking in her car. You didn’t argue much and tagged along. She’d drop you after work anyway and you’re not a very big fan of driving.

The sun most definitely rose from the west today, since it was quite a surprise to see Bucky already seated in his chair, munching on an apple. He’s early to work for once, this has to be news. Steve was standing close to him, leaning his hip on the bench while the two chatted until they noticed you and Peggy approaching.

“Good morning, you two.” Steve greets you both, with that flashing white smile.

You find yourself being contagious of his beaming smile, as one pulls at your own lips. “Morning!”

“How’re you feeling now?” His question is directed towards you, his large palm covering your shoulder.

“Well, I got out of the bed this morning without feeling the urge to puke my guts out. So, yeah I’m better now.”

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Originally posted by jiminiemini

Pairing: demonJungkook x Reader
Genre: smut, humiliation
Warnings: sex, demeaning names, humiliation, choking, degradation, unprotected sex, ass play

Unfortunately for you, you couldn’t ignore the demon’s subtle smirk. Shaking your head, you frowned slightly as you scowled, glaring at him and clenching your fists.

“And all that for what? For a goddamn wish.”

You whispered with venom in your voice at the thought of your already lost best friend. Jungkook snickered a bit at your reaction, humming a bit and taking in your tense sight.The demon seemed to gauge your reactions with both curiosity and interest. From what you had seen so far, Jungkook never threatened you but however, he was tempting you to contract and to deal with him.

“Come on. Actually, I know what humans desire the most. What humans like you don’t get is the fact you could only be more powerful for just a single wish, and yet…”

His mocking glance plunged into yours and you blinked, adrenalin coursing through your veins as the chestnut-haired demon slowly made his way to you, his words slowly sinking into your mind. Through long lashes, you gazed at him, lost in thoughts and still trying to process what was happening. It was partly your fault. If only you had better reasoned your friend for not playing with supernatural…

“You are as involved as her. And now she seems to like how my talents worked for her. Why don’t you eventually give in?“

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“Nothing I do is ever good enough.” part.2

Pairing: Kim Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Angst 

Words: 1,629

*WARNING* - The following content can be triggering. With mentions of depression etc. Read at your own risk as this chapter is quite ‘dark’, and I don’t want to upset anyone.

[part.1] [part.2] [part.3 ending]

Originally posted by bwiseoks

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Sonia kaspbrak immediately taking Eddie to the doctors the second she spots the love bites, that richie has given him, all over his neck/upper chest because she thinks he has a skin disease and he's like okay might as well tell her and he's like "mom they're hickeys" and she's like tf no they're not and the doctors are like "ma'am. Your son does not have a skin disease. He has hickeys"


the car ride back home is just completely filled with tension and it’s silent but once they get inside, his mom is demanding answers on what girl he’s been hiding away that does this to him, that’s making her baby boy so sick, but he just laughs and smiles… “it was richie, mom. richie gave me these.” and before the words can even begin to process in her mind, eddie is out the front door and on his bike, pedaling his way to richie’s.