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I personally don't like sjw's (they scare the crap out of me). Not because of what they believe in but because of how they tend to handle telling people about what they believe in. But since you tend to be more polite? Calmer? It makes it so I'm not scared. (That's my reason for fallowing at least)

idk i never liked the term “social justice warrior” because it was made to discredit people; the term sjw has been wildly successful in painting people who have more than a passing interest in civil rights as someone who is just angry about nothing and wants a soap box to show off their pink hair and yell. of course, there are people who are toxic and are probably doing more harm than good, but i always felt like the term “sjw” was just made to make anyone who feels more strongly than “racism is bad :)” to look like ranting fool. and most often the people who are called sjws for the purpose of discrediting are people of color, women, transgender people, and/or disabled people, so that label is also a way to be like “shut up your problems dont matter, dont be angry about nothing you sjw!!!”

i dont know of anyone that labels themselves as a “sjw” except out of a reactionary spite. i personally only ever use the term as a joke to make fun of people that use it sincerely to discredit people who are into civil rights (either as a career or just a small interest on the internet)

i guess my point is this: sjws dont exist, imho there’s just people who like civil rights to varying degrees, and people who go about expressing that in different degrees of intensity. everyone is different, imagine that

Ok, I know this drawing of Jack kinda sucks ( as I was told…) but I really tried. Like literally, I tried for 2 days ok, so sorry if it looks that bad. I just wanted to draw Jack with his ‘new’ hair colour but his hair is a littleee bit longer than I expected… So yey, here’s my so called drawing of Jack.


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when keith has nightmares, or just bad nights in general, he goes to lance's room, snuggles up to him in his bed and then looks at him expectantly. lance takes the hint and runs his fingers through his hair and showers his face in gentle kisses until he calms down and they're both able to sleep soundly.

you win cutest fucking post in this fandom

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So one of my Filipino coworkers calls me n***@ a lot. I am not African American. I'm an Afro Latinx I recognize my African heritage which I denied for a loooooooong time cause Latinx have issues with bad hair and colorism. I just don't know why how to be, like, stop. Honestly also it doesn't help that our actual black coworker calls him N****. They call each other that. Like why?

Would You Still Love Me?

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Pairing: Jimin x Reader (Guest appearance by Yoongi)

Genre: fluff (fluffity fluff fluff), one shot

Word Count: 918

Notes: Ok, so you guys already have been told I’m moving my fics from my old blog onto here, meaning this is super early stuff. If you think you’ve already read this, you probably have. I think this is actually the first BTS piece I ever wrote. So it’s bad, cringey, fluffiest of the fluffy. However, as it is the first, it has a special place in my heart, so it’s here to stay. 

“Would you still love me even if I lose my voice forever?”

The question came from the sniffling bundle of blankets on the bed next to you, his voice low and rough from coughing. You look over with a smile and ruffle the hair that you were just petting softly.

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Space Captain Lars, reporting for duty!!

Lining is the main issue, I need to put wire in the collar too. It’s giving me trouble. But not bad for starting at like noon today! I’m literally wearing a smock for the shirt :’) I just wanted to work on this cosplay so bad the second I saw it.

I’m wearing a while bunch of E.L.F. blush because a) I have no cake makeup and b) cake makeup would be too dark for this I feel. Sorry the hair is on the wrong side, my hair just looks really stupid flipped the other way 😂

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erson A helping Person B with simple tasks, like brushing their hair, or putting on jewelry, where it’s obviously an excuse to be close to each other, but neither are complaining. + OQ

She grins the moment his fingers touch hers, eyes opening to find him standing behind her, his smile just as affectionate, and relinquishes her hold on the hair-dryer. He does this often. When the children are sent off to school or to bed or to play, he’ll seek her out.

He’ll brush her hair at night before bed, help take her jewellery off with gentle fingers that stroke and caress as much as they do help. He’ll undress and (not always) re-dress her in fresh pajamas for the night and she absolutely loves it because she knows why he’s doing it. It’s for no other reason than to be close to her.

She’s just as bad.

He wears ties more often when they attend parties, still pretends he has absolutely no idea how to tie one despite knowing that she’ll do it for him either way. She adores helping him shave, kissing the smooth skin of his neck with every other swipe and, more often than not, she’s the one to style his hair of a morning with nimble fingers and an appraising eye.

They’re hopelessly in love still and completely unapologetic for it.

NOt to be totally off topic after the day’s events (even tho I’m gonna be), but Descendants 2……

Uma, Harry, Gil, and Dizzy are good beans and I love them all.

My grandson was kinda nasty but I was still crying every time he was in a scene.

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Look at him  W I G G L E.

(But I yelled when he ate the gum. I can appreciate how over the top he is, but he needed to chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill.)

UMAAAA was lovely and the acting rocked and her hair!!!! She looked kind of like a Jelly fish and it roooooocked. (So did her song. I have a thing for large groups of people dancing as a single BEING apparently.)

Gil and Dizzy were just complete beans and nothing bad should ever happen to them.

Also, near the end of the battle scene where Harry jumped into the water after his hook…. I was so prepared for Uma to be angry or something. But she wasn’t??? So good. She helped Mr. Nasty out and there was only like one or two of those “villain gets angry at henchman scenes,” which were only very minor instances. A good and pure villainous companionship.

I want them all back.

(Also, Jay’s bun killed and I’m not afraid to admit that I loved it)

(and my grandson’s guyliner. A++. Does and wears wings better than I ever will)

(His “speciality”)

new bad hair day level unlocked; in the middle of a conversation rhiann just stood up and declared ‘i’m sorry but i need to go find some product to see if i can fix your hair because otherwise you need a haircut’ and walked away because she literally couldn’t stand looking at me anymore

#02 : Present

“Miyawaki, Matsui Jurina called you to the rooftop.”

Sakura got taken aback at her senior’s words, she blinked twice then thrice, trying to processing the demand this bird girl just said.


“She’s waiting for you.” Akane told with a toothy grin, then turned around and left the classroom without any words added.

Sakura stepped her feet hesitantly, praying in her heart and hoped that something bad isn’t going come. Her heart beating wildly as she saw a tall, long haired figure stood by the railing on the edge of the rooftop, the wind blowing her skirt and hair graciously.

She continued and approached her, didn’t know whether Jurina realized her arrival or not.

“A- ano… Matsui-senpai?” she chirped, watching the girl she just called slowly turned around and finally met her eyes. Jurina’s lips tugged into a tender smile, which just made Sakura melted in no time.

“Ah, I was waiting for you.” Jurina stated, dragged her feet closer towards Sakura’s stiff body. Since when Jurina’s gaze was so intense? Sakura thought, her eyes were kinda intimidating and forced her to look away.

“Is that so? U- um… is there anyt-”

“I like you, Sakura. Go out with me.”

“…. Ehh!??”

Ever since that day, Sakura’s dating the most famous student in her school; Matsui Jurina.

It was a typical monday morning where students were come to school, some were went straight to their classes, some were nursing their stuffs inside the lockers, etc.

Sakura walked through the corridor, carrying her jansport and sometimes replied the greets she received from her friends, even from some others she didn’t recognize at all.

“Morning babe,” a tender yet cool voice rang into her ears, and arm wrapped around her shoulders so casually. Sakura flinched at the abrupt act, she tilted her head and saw the all too familiar face smiling at her, dazzlingly. A smile that could make every students in the entire school forget that they don’t take their breakfasts this morning.

“Matsui-senpai,” Sakura quickly looked away and avoided her eyes and smile, focusing on the marbled floor she stepped on to. “Good morning.”

“Morning,” Jurina replied back, still placing her arm around Sakura’s shoulders as they walk, completely ignoring another students’ gazes directed to them. “I’ll walk you to your class.”

Most of Sakura’s classmates were already there, some girls who gathering in one spot to gossiping slowly stopped when they saw Jurina walked beside Sakura, watching them exchanged some light conversation in front of the door entrance.

“Still don’t get it why Matsui-senpai chose that airhead.” Renacchi exclaimed while observing the two, palming her chin lazily.

“Maa〜 love is blind, remember?” Nao spoke and grinned, following Renacchi’s object of affection on the doorstep.

“Sou sou!” Mion voiced her agreement before took a bite of her strawberry flavored pocky.

“I’ll see you on the rooftop later?” Jurina asked in her unfaltering smile, Sakura slowly nodded her head, cheeks flaring red though it wasn’t clear. “Yes, Matsui-senpai.”

“Okay, see you.” Jurina said then inching her face closer, closing her eyes then placed a kiss against Sakura’s cheek, Jurina pulled away afterwards, caressing Sakura’s cheek before finally turned around and leave.

Jurina’s figure had dissapeared, Sakura palming her burning cheeks then entered her classroom, greeted by her three friends’s teasing smiles. But however, she ignored them and instead focusing on calming her rapid heartbeat down.

“Sakura is so lucky to have Matsui-senpai!” Nao exclaimed with a dreamy smile as Sakura pulled her seat then sat on it, faced the three with a blushing cheeks. “Gee, cut it off!”

“It’s still morning but you two being all lovey dovey already!” Mion complained, kneeding Sakura’s ribs as she spoke.

“Right! But… isn’t there something weird? Sakura calls her own girlfriend ‘Matsui-senpai’!” Renacchi giggled.

“Eh, Seriously?!” Mion yelled, staring at Sakura in disbelief.

“Um, what’s wrong? she’s our senior isn’t she?” Sakura questioned innocently.




“Ah! your birthday is just two days away right?” Sakura asked high tensionly, her beautiful face just got even brighter under the warm sunlight. Jurina looked up from her bento box, showing her wide smile and made her charming dimples appeared. “Yeah, so you do remember.”

“Of course I do!”

The two were sat on a long wooden seat, doing their usual routine ever since they’re dating, spending the lunch break on the rooftop alone while involved some conversation.

“Then, what present do you want?” Sakura asked, staring at Jurina’s eyes in curiosity. The one who being asked paused on her meal, she lifted her head and glanced up to the sky, thinking.

“Um… ah!” she averted her gaze back to the younger girl, lips curved into an innocent smile. “I want something… but it’s not an object, so guess it!”

Jurina winked before retook her chopstick and began to eat. “Eh? not an object?” Sakura wondering her mind, trying to solve the mystery word while took her own meal and entering it into her mouth.

“What happened to your finger?” Jurina questioned all of the sudden, noticing something weird on Sakura’s index finger. Reflect, Sakura looked at her finger, there was a small cut on the back of her index finger, it bled.

“Ah, I don’t know, so that’s why my finger feels aching!” Sakura hissed, before she could take a better look on it, Jurina grabbed her hand and brought it up to her mouth, licking the wound casually. “Be careful.” Jurina murmured, continued to lick her finger diligently.

“After this, go to the infirmary to ask a band aid.” Jurina suggested before gave one last lick on her finger. Sakura totally feel embarrassed, her face now flushed red and she couldn’t breath normally.

“Ha- hai… senpai.” Sakura answered, flustered.

“Heee, not an object?!” Nao uttered in shock, Sakura nodded her head then pursed her lips, folded her arms on the table. “She said I have to guess it.”

“Apperently, Matsu-senpai is mysterious!” Mion commented, ogling at her friends while widely grinning. Sakura squinted her eyes then gripping her hair in despair “Mou〜 I don’t know what I have to give!”

“Waiiit! don’t be confuse, Sakura!” Rena spoke while waving her hand, “That’s easy!”

The three locking their gazes on Rena, waiting for her further explanation.

“Matsui-senpai wants…” Rena’s voice lowered, and she peeked every corner of their classroom to make sure nobody could hear her. After that, Rena landed her gaze on Sakura again seriously. “She wants to make love to you!”

“What?!” / Uwaa!“ / "Are you serious?!”

“Ssshh!” Renacchi sushed them, placing a finger on her lips. “It’s serious! You’ve been dating for a while so it must be 'that’!” she explained, didn’t forget to kept her voice low then grabbed her backpack then unzipped it, fishing out a magazine with a suspicious cover on it. “Look!”

Renacchi putting down the magazine and made Sakura jaw dropped. It was an adult magazine with an erotic model as a cover, and it was obviously… about sex. “Here Sakura, learn it at home, okay! Make Jurina feel satisfy!!”

Rena uttered as easy as told how to make cookies. “Re- Rena… I don’t think she really-”

“Daijobu! All you have to do is this!” Rena smile, pointing the magazine on the table confidently. “Finally, Sakura is going to be a mature woman!” Mion blurted out, showing a touching expression, Nao nodded as a sign of approval beside her.

Sakura bit her lip nervously, touching the magazine before her eyes, listening to her friends that kept gushing out about 'that’.

The bell rang and signalling the school has over, Jurina patiently waited near the doorstep of her girlfriend’s classroom, while occasionally replied the sweet smiles her junior directed to her. One by one, the students exiting the room until finally Sakura appeared.

“You done?” Jurina asked with a smile, reached out her hand to take her hand. Sakura stopped in her track, somehow couldn’t find any guts to take her hand. “… U- um, yes.”

“Let’s go home.” Jurina said, being the one who initiate the hold then pulled her away.

Both girls were walk in silence, still hand in hand and passed by the houses and stores. “Err… about my birthday,” Jurina spoke, catching Sakura’s attention. “Can you come to my house? My mom still in Nagoya so…” Jurina tightening her hand, looking away to hid her blushing face. “I want to spend it just with you.”


Sakura’s brain felt like stopped working and her mind in a blank. Without her realize, they had reached the house and Sakura still trying to find a proper answer. She was panic inside!

“Uhh… y-yeah of course.” Sakura found her voice back, parted their holding hands then threw away her face, avoiding Jurina’s eyes.

“Okay.” Jurina who noticed Sakura’s discomfort just smiling, she approached her face to do their usual good bye kiss on her lips, but strangely… Sakura still refused to meeting her eyes, rejecting the kiss softly.

“Alright, see you tomorrow.” Jurina mumbled, patted Sakura’s head then leaving her behind. As if glued on the ground she’s stood on, Sakura did nothing but watching her back dissapeared.

“Baka! What I have done?!” Sakura hitting her own head.

Sakura was laying on her stomach in her bed, turning the page of the magazine Rena had gave to her.

Q : Where was the first time you do “that” with your partner?

A : In her bedroom.

She blankly stared at those written words, biting down her lip uncomfortably. Ever since they’re dating, Jurina was nothing more but a caring and an affectionate girlfriend, her kindness was unwavering and sometimes a bit overwhelming… Jurina was utterly perfect.

But even so, having sex with Jurina was something that had never crossing her mind in the slightest.

They were currently staying on the rooftop as usual, except the atmosphere around them were kinda changed, Jurina noticed that Sakura felt uncomfortable everytime they stayed close to each other, but maybe it wouldn’t hurt if she give another shot.

“Sakura,” Jurina called out, didn’t hesitate to grabbed her by the neck then tugged her closer, clashing their lips in a kiss. Jurina’s kiss was gentle and rough at the same time, made her head spinning. During the kiss, Sakura didn’t respond instead trying to push her away weakly.

That’s it, Jurina had enough. She broke the kiss then let out a deep sigh, “I’ll go back to my class.” she flatly said then rose to her feet.

“No, wait!” Sakura prevented, also stood up from her seat, clenched the back of Jurina’s shirt to holding her in place. “Tomorrow… I will definitely come to your house.”

Sakura took a deep breath, tightening her hold of the plastic bag in her hand while staring at the polished wooden door before her in a nervous manner. After a few knocks, a haste footsteps nearing and the door flung open, revealing Jurina’s board smiled face.

“Hey, thanks for coming.” Jurina said while tugged her hand to enter, kissing her lips the moment the door closed behind them.

“Didn’t I say I will definitely come?” Sakura grinned, “Oh and um… happy birthday, I made this for you.” Sakura brought the plastic bag up that she assumed, a cake to her.

Jurina lit up at once, her heart warmed up and a broad smile plastered her lips. “Thank you, let’s hang out in the living room.”

“Are you normally spend your birthday alone?” Sakura voiced out her quriousity as Jurina led the way. “Nah, I usually spend it with my mom and my friends, but this time… I want to spend it just the two of us.”

*Doki! Doki!*

“O-oh…” Sakura could feel sweat began to appear and streaming down her body. “Put that here.” Jurina demanded, patting the table on the center of the living room. “Ah, okay.”

“I need to use the bathroom first, make yourself at home.” Jurina excused with a tender smile then dissapeared. A stressful sigh escaped Sakura’s lips afterwards, she put her homemade cake then fixing it, putting down the candles when she sense it was in a perfect order.

Okay, prepare yourself, Sakura. She told to herself, took another deep breath and exhaling it through her mouth. While waiting for her lover to come, Sakura decided to turning on the candle with an absurd feelings in her heart.

Jurina was back, threw her a heart throbbing smile and Sakura couldn’t really replied it. “Come here,” Sakura patted the space beside her on the floor, “Make a wish and blow the candle.”

Jurina did as told without saying anything, she sat next to her then closed her eyelids, few seconds later she reopened them then filling her chest with the air, blow the candles in one try.

Sakura clapping her hands, softly smiling. “Happy birthday, Matsui-senpai.”

“Really… thank you, Sakura.” Jurina uttered, her voice was gentle as ever. She grabbed her hand then inching her face closer, making it obvious that Jurina wanted to kiss her lips. Sakura praying in her heart, trying to relish the taste of Jurina’s kiss. But it was difficult, her heart beat really fast that she could barely feel the kiss.

After a while, Jurina parted her lips but still kept the distance close, watching Sakura’s eyelids slowly opened and staring back at her eyes. Didn’t waste anymore time, Jurina went in then reconnect their lips, putting much more passion, affection,…. and lust.

Sakura didn’t realize that Jurina’s tounge was inside her mouth, tangled with hers and mixing their salivas perfectly. Jurina circled her arms around the younger girl’s, caressing the soft skin of her arms and slightly massaging the supple flesh underneath.

Sakura gasped into the kiss, begging for air and Jurina hastily granted it. The kiss forcedly broken but Jurina didn’t do anything for too long, she moved her lips lower and seeking her another victim, targeting her neck.

Those glistening lips were brushed over that perfect skin of her neck, but before Jurina could do more… Sakura pushed her away harshly.

“Ah… I’m, I’m sorry!” Sakura stuttered, covering her mouth with her palm and didn’t dare to look at Jurina’s eyes. Silence took over and Sakura didn’t know what to do, but one thing she sure of, Jurina must be really dissapointed.

“Why….?” Jurina whispered, “Why are you always push me away everytime I kiss you?”

“No, I didn’t mean to-”

“If you don’t love me… then just say it. No need to pretending!”


“Do you want to breaking up with me?”

“…. w- what?!!”

“Let’s just break up.”

JuriSaku had splitting up for almost two weeks. No more good mornings and see you laters, no more kiss on the cheek or lips, no more Jurina’s dazzling smiles…

Sakura walked through the school corridor, gloomy and unmotivated. Some other students say their greetings, but Sakura couldn’t answered them… not now. Just right in time, Jurina appeared across the corridor, didn’t smiling, didn’t waving, she just kept walking as if didn’t see anything.

“Wait! Matsui-senpai!!” Sakura yelled, fastening her step to catching up with Jurina’s faster step. Jurina didn’t bulge and kept walking, so Sakura had to run and gripping her hand. Shockingly, Jurina turned around but gazing at her sharply, slapped her hand away then continued to walk.

“NO! DON’T LEAVE!” Sakura screamed with all her might, another students were looking but she couldn’t care. “I… I really love you!!”

“Come with me!” Jurina said then grabbed her wrist, dragging her away to the rooftop.

“You’re so difficult to understand!” Jurina exclaimed, scratched her head. Sakura stayed still on her spot, fidgeting her fingers. “I.. I’m sorry that… about you birthday present.”


Sakura looking at anywhere but Jurina’s eyes, her legs trembling. “I can’t give you that… I think it’s too fast.”

“… Give me what?”

“Err… your birthday present… s-

Jurina’s eyes opened wide instantly, her breath caught in her throat and she could feel her face heating up drastically.



“You think I wanted 'that’?!”

“E- eh?!!”

“Sakura… I don’t think about 'that’.” Jurina squeaked, covering her mouth to hid her flushed face.

“I thought you wanted 'that’!”

“No… no I’m not.” Jurina shook her head, took a step closer towards Sakura.

“T-then… what?”

“…. Name.”


Jurina clicked her tounge, Sakura couldn’t help but to fangirling at Jurina’s embarrassed and blushed face. Secretly of course.

“You’re always call me 'Matsui-senpai, Matsui-senpai’,” Jurina murmured, bowed her head down. “I really wanted to hear you calling my real name.”

“… Jurina.” Sakura mentioned, her voice soft and slightly scared, but the effect was impactful. Jurina’s face brighten, and she almost couldn’t contain her wide smile.

“Finally.” Jurina spoke, held her hand to intertwined their fingers. Pressed a light kiss against her lips without hesitation, as if found some courage, Sakura circled her arms around her neck and deepen the kiss, roaming her mouth in an agressive way.

“So… we’re together again?” Sakura asked as she broke the kiss. Jurina smiled, tucked a piece of hair behind Sakura’s ear and planted a small peck on her lips.

‌"Yeah, together.“


long-haired boys (*´♡`*)

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Hi! I'm the trash anon that begged you to consider the voltron au and let me just say that I love the character interpretation??? Like it's so spot on and I'm just in love! Thank you so much for drawing something for it, it like really actually made my day

!!!!!!! I’m happy you liked it, then!!!! ‘cause actually I have more

a Role Reversal™

u know whats great? that lance has honestly taught me that its okay to be a guy and care about beauty, that its not just a feminine thing and even if it was that there’s nothing wrong with that! 

the only other times in movies or tv i’ve see a man wear a face mask or pamper himself is when someones using it for humor- haha look at that guy, he’s not manly at all! he must be gay! thats not something boys do!

lance enjoys pampering himself and feeling pretty and it’s not just used as joke, it’s a part of his nature and no one else points it out or scoffs at it

that just makes me really happy and honestly that precious boy has allowed me to accept certain parts of myself i didn’t at first 

you can be a boy and have a beauty routine, you can take care of your skin, its a relief finally seeing that validated and i really appreciate the voltron writers for giving us this part of lance, because it’s so so important! i love him!