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Little rant about my day: 



We played Tug of War and it’s serious af 

We were assigned with 3 games today, and man, is it tiring :( but fun!

And there were 6 opposing teams, so we won 5 of those, and the other team who had beaten us, lost from the team we beaten the last round. (idk anymore dude i forgot how to english, is that even right?or does that even make sense?)

Tomorrow is the rematch to see if we get 1st or 2nd place :D

(The post I did a while ago was supposed to be posted yesterday but I slept very early)

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scattered observations for 13x10:

  • that ‘then’ segment was everything
  • i am super here for angsty loose-gun solo hunter claire, being completely badass while taking down the monsters but incredibly gentle with the people she saves
  • that being said, keeping the hair loose seems kind of impractical?
  • lmao biker barbie. it’s so spot on though
  • i love the family dynamics between jody and alex and claire! and while i can see why people ship them, i much more interpret alex and claire as sisters
  • now claire/kaia on the other hand…
  • like how sweet was that ‘comparing scars’ scene???
  • is it bad that when sam and dean showed up i was like ‘oh… right’. like i just completely forgot they would be showing up, i was so focused on the girls
  • that entrance for donna though!!! 
  • so many hugs in this ep!! i approve
  • donna and jody are so freaking good together, i love them
  • claire will protect kaia!! kaia will go with claire!!! they’re holding hands!!!
  • they killed her?????
  • wtf i am so pissed
  • and also basically using kaia’s to further claire’s story is :///
  • except she’s back???? or i guess not her but a version of her???
  • idk i’m still kinda pissed that they killed off og kaia after she’s been suffering pretty much since the second she was introduced to us. but taking it this way does bring up a lot of possibilities

SIM REQUEST FOR @cozylemonade

hey babes! Just wanna say Ily and ur always so active on my blog & im still salty about red but its fine. Can I have a y/a female sim who is asian, but she doesnt have slanted eyes. she looks like she could murder you and get away with it and overall a major bitch. have fun with her hair color, alpha or mm is fine!

This is Adeline Tan. She’s adorable, but it looks like she has a resting b**** face. So, don’t get on her bad side or you’ll have to answer to her. Which is the last thing you want.


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on nights where steve has a particularly hard day whether it be from work or general obstacles just biting him in the ass, he's totally wound up at night time and he can't sleep. but in the moments where billy turns over and almost immediately cuddles right into him, holding onto him in his sleep, steve thinks to himself that no amount of bad shit that happens that day really matters. he has the best thing in the world to come home to in billy.

but dude what about when steve is just watching him sleep kinda petting his hair but billy is actually awake and says ,’you bein’ sappy on me?’ and steve’s like ‘nah not me.” and billy cuddles closer and murmurs, “okay good. wouldn’t want that.”

@loveyprophetWhen Derek was hiding from the law in Stiles’ room, he fell asleep on stiles bed while stiles was doing homework. Stiles hears rustling and thinks it’s just Derek leaving until he hears the softest whine. He thought he imagined it at first until he heard it again. He turns around a sees Derek twitching. Derek’s jaw twitched and his eyebrows furrowed in displeasure. His limps subtly moving in a jerking motion. The scene reminded stiles of a puppy having a bad dream. Since stiles is such a kind-hearted soul he quietly approaches Derek and gently caresses his hair.

The affects are instantaneous, with Derek relaxing into stiles soft caress. Slowly Derek’s body melts into Stiles’ bed. Snuffing into Stiles’ pillow. A deep low growl fills the room, but it’s not a threatening one. It’s something akin to a cat purring. Stiles was tempted to take a picture or a video to remember this moment (and totally embarrass Derek later) but he’d rather stay alive.


today’s @thearcanaweek‘s prompt is “Legacy”!

feat. a scene rewrite with my apprentice, Avohkii

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“It’s gaudy.”

Excuse me?” Nadia chuckles as she looks back to the portrait. For once, she’s just teasing him. Out of all the paintings Lucio had, this one isn’t as bad as the others. That horrid red is limited to only his clothes, the gold of his gauntlet actually shining, and he looks almost regal.


“Why not put it in the hallway with the others?” she asks as she turns back to him. He’s looking somewhat better today which is surprising. He’s sitting up in his bed, leafing through a book as he talks to Nadia. She’s also convinced he tried to put his hair up but she can’t tell for certain.

“I like this one.” He’s pouting. Sighing, she sits on the edge of the bed, glancing to try and see what he’s reading. Or pretending to read, rather.

“It suits you,” she finally says. “The colors are nice, I’m just surprised you don’t want to show it off.” Nadia turns back to look at the painting, clearly visible from the bedside.

“I want to look at it.” The softness of his voice startles her more than his yelling ever will. He’s looked up from the book, staring at the painting. Clearly exhausted. Clearly in pain.

She waits for an explanation that never comes. Silence hanging in the air until Nadia leaves him, still staring at the painting.

As if he’s staring at something he lost long ago.

“Eyes untouched.”

Nadia’s hand runs over the painting, taking away some of the ash to reveal the sword underneath.

“…I remember when he had this commissioned,” Nadia is still clinging to Avohkii’s arm. Grip tightening as she recalls the memory, “It was a favorite. Even at his sickest, when he was completely bedridden, he could stare across the room and gaze on it. Remembering the glory days of his youth, a time when he felt the city still remembered him.”

“At the end, the past was all he could see. He…” Her voice quivers causing Avohkii to look at her, worried. “He used to speak as if he thought he could cheat death itself.”

“What was I doing with a man like him?” Nadia moves away from Avohkii. A hand on her forehead as she tries to remember, “He could be so cruel. So vain. Why did I stay with him?”

Avohkii hears a voice .The feeling of a breath as it whispers to them, “Is it vanity, to want the world to gaze upon you? When you look that good, why would you hide it away?”

Avohkii whips around, trying to will the ball of light in their hand to burn brighter, but there’s nothing. No one. They and Nadia are alone.


Heat presses against their back, feeling like flame just barely licking their skin. They see someone out of the side of their eye. A figure that melts back into the shadow when they try to get a better look.

Nadia grips their shoulders, hair falling into her eyes as she leans in to them, “You are acting strange. I need you here. With me.”

A thud sounds from outside the room, loud enough to echo through the empty halls. Nadia’s hands grip Avohkii’s shoulders tighter as she cries out, “If you are trying to play a trick on us, it is in poor taste! Reveal yourself.”

No answer for a long moment. Not until there’s a thin, reedy noise rising up around them both. A distant cackles that grows ever closer. A fierce wind whips around them, swirling dust and obscuring their visions. Avohkii feels fur whips across their cheek in the flurry.

“Do you miss me, Nadi? Do you lie awake at night, waiting for me?” The voice grows louder, no longer a whisper. Beside them, surrounding them, a presence that fills the room, dripping with false sweetness. “I’m here for you.”

There, in front of the portrait. A sickly figure, ragged and hunched. It lifts its head, great horns emerging from the darkness around it, casting long pointed shadows across the painting’s face. Red eyes bore into them as it speaks, the five clawed black tips of its hand outstretched.

“You can always come home to me.”

Nadia stumbles backwards, hitting the post of the grand bed behind us, and presses a hand to her chest, “Come home? Come home?! I don’t want you here! No one wants you here! Why won’t you leave me be?!”

She closes her eyes, trembling as she takes a single breath to try and regain her composure. Avohkii moves to her, keeping between her and…it. Protecting her. When they both look back to the portrait, the creature is gone. The eerie silence of a long-abandoned hallway is the only other presence besides them.

Nadia is shaking as she looks about the room. One hand seeking out Avohkii’s, fingers intertwining with theirs, “Silent now, Lucio? Nothing left to say? That’s a first.”

Avohkii smirks a little at her quip as she moves to lean on them more, “I…I wish to take my leave. Come, Avohkii, there is nothing left to gain here. Not tonight.”

With that, she turns her back on the room. Avohkii notices the slight tremor to hers shoulders as she disappears down the hallway. As they move to leave, they feel eyes boring into the back of their neck, hot and hungry.


“You’ll be back.”

You always come back.”

Avohkii is quick as they walk down the familiar hallway. The unwelcome grey of shadows that continue to drain their light no longer whispering, no longer moving. Still.

Nothing left to say? That’s a first.

He never did shut up. He would go on for hours if you let him. That’s one reason why Avohkii always thought he tolerated them; Avohkii couldn’t interrupt his stories. Or ramblings, or just whatever petty nonsense came to mind.

Avohkii has to stop, leaning against the wall when a sharp pain cuts through their head. They know that pain. It came whenever they tried to remember something, it worried Asra so much he told them to stop trying, that the pain isn’t worth it.

But they don’t know Lucio, do they? They only know the stories, his legacy. Stories from those in the marketplace, whispered hushes from others when they traveled, 

Why do they feel like they’ve forgotten everything?


Body positivity post: I used to have such bad acne on my face, neck, chest and back that even laying on my pillow was painful much less when I started strength training pushing against benches.
I hated the skin I couldn’t escape, so I hid it from the world behind long hair (which did make it worse).
I overcompensate by trying to have a better physique b/c I still feel ugly. For myself, #cosplay has helped me to accept that people can look past how I look & just enjoy who I am as a person who just wants to entertain & share the happiness. #transformationThursday #cosplayFitness
For my new channel, I want to make videos that express my growth, the ugly truth, learning how to improve & ways to just get by w/ some good people along the way

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i’ve decided i need to force myself out of my shell a little bit on tumblr because i’ve kinda gone and hidden in my corner the last few months? i’m going to send more memes to people i interact with and don’t (cause i’m so bad for not doing it, i swear it’s not on purpose.) and i’m going to try and reach out to some people about starting threads instead of just quietly admiring from afar. LETS DO THIS.

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Hey there, new imagines blog! So, you got any Elliott hcs (maybe cutsie and regular?)

hello! oh man i really like elliott! a lot of his dialogue is just so lovely, what a Cool and Good boy ^^ i’m sorry if i misunderstood your meaning of ‘cutsie’ though, i hope this was alright :>

“Fertile soil beneath my feet, fresh air to fill my lungs, and the sun’s warmth to delight my skin…Life is going well.”


  • Elliott’s hair is one of the most important parts of his life. He simply refuses to leave his home if he’s having a bad hair day, mostly out of frustration. After all, it just means more time to write for him! A majority of his morning is dedicated to brushing out all the knots in his hair, with the ocean air to blame for the constant frizz and tangles he has to battle.
  • Just as important to him, however, is self-confidence – and not just his own. No matter who it is, Elliott will support them and their endeavors with unwavering encouragement! No matter how big or small the victory may seem, they are all equal in his eyes.
  • He’s also prone to daydreaming, creating fantastic worlds in his mind without paying much attention to the one he’s in – this has often resulted in him being lost in his dreams and in reality. Elliot’s sense of direction is so bad, he’s managed to get lost in the aisles of Pierre’s shop. But he makes up for this with the breathtaking stories he’s able to come up with on the spot. Vincent, Jas, and Penny especially love the tales he manages to invent.


  • Elliott loves insects, and during the spring or summer, he can be seen with Vincent and Jas hunting for butterflies. Often times, he stands perfectly still for several minutes, eagerly waiting for a butterfly to land upon his nose. No such luck. He’s managed to convince the children that anthills are wondrous castles underneath the ground and that beehouses are flying fortresses that protect the bees’ honey; there is no limit to what his silver tongue can accomplish. 
  • When he’s tired, Elliott is unusually clingy – there are moments where he’ll pull you into a hug and remain stationary, staring off at something in the distance (or dozing off to sleep). He’ll try to mumble some incoherent excuse in response to whatever you have to say, or simply just sigh wearily. Either way, it’s clear that Elliott can’t survive on a coffee-only diet.
  • To Elliot, childhood is a precious treasure that is oft let go of too early – so he does his best to preserve what’s left of the dreamer in all of us, no matter how young or old. There are moments where his voice will suddenly drop to a barely-audible whisper as he paints the world in an entirely different light with his words. He points out what typically goes unnoticed, and brings the smallest details into focus.
  • “The wind is singing… it heralds the dawn with an aubade of joy. Good morning, dear.”

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hello i saw you roasting cos and i just want to jump in with the fact that al trying to copy ed's outfit looks so bad like who's idea even

unpopular (maybe?) opinion but i REALLY don’t like 03 al’s look…like at all. I understand they were trying to make him more like trisha but ed and al sharing that golden hair, golden eye aesthetic means a lot to me, especially given their xerxian heritage. they don’t even feel like brothers with al’s 03′s look (and don’t even get me started on the weird ponytail


hey so uhhhh i’m super late but i made a bnha ‘’oc’’


long-haired boys (*´♡`*)

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Hi! I'm the trash anon that begged you to consider the voltron au and let me just say that I love the character interpretation??? Like it's so spot on and I'm just in love! Thank you so much for drawing something for it, it like really actually made my day

!!!!!!! I’m happy you liked it, then!!!! ‘cause actually I have more

a Role Reversal™