or is it just an excuse for a lucy photoset

Oh, Mavis

A little warm-up based on this photoset that I’ve seen going around today<3

“Hey, do you and Natsu kiss?”

“Excuse me?” Lucy shrilled, wondering when children had become so bold. 

The little girl’s question caught her babysitters off-guard, and Lucy could feel her cheeks begin to warm until it felt as though Natsu had accidentally caught her hair on fire again. 

The blonde had to run a hand through her pigtails, just to be safe. 

Asuka took in the teenagers’ startled expressions, and seemed upset that they didn’t answer her question. Determined, she set her feet apart and raised a finger to point at the startled Fire Mage. 

“Natsu, this is an order. Kiss!” 

Happy was beside himself with laughter, near tears as he exclaimed, “Asuka, you’re the best!” 

Lucy leaned away from the little girl, feeling flustered and wondering why the hell Natsu seemed so… okay with the situation. 

As she got to her feet, she nearly had a stroke when she felt Natsu come up behind her, shrugging as he said, “Well, it’s not like it’s the end of the world.” 

The blonde felt her eye twitch. Rolling her shoulders back, she turned to her partner as offered a sickly sweet, “That’s true,” before stomping her foot and exclaiming, “except that’s not the issue!” 

Her words didn’t seem to have any lasting effect on the boy, however, and Lucy felt her cheeks flush once again as he only stepped closer. 

“H-hey, Natsu,” she stammered, feeling herself become even more flustered. “You’re not really thinking…” She trailed off, not able to form the words as he stepped closer still. 

Lucy gulped, Dear Mavis

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