or is it jieh

rio’s possible identity in :re

[credit: a big thank you to @chiselian for providing me with the information and translations based on her own physical copy of the tg jail scenario book, along with the image of the back cover shown above. this theory/meta also consists of various components in which we both have conversed and agreed upon.]

in the tg jail scenario book, there is a hidden illustration located on the very back cover and can only be seen if the removable cover is taken off. the hidden illustration is of the image on the right (shown above), which reveals only the torso of whom we would initially assume to be rio/jail (who is on the front cover, shown on the left). however, there is another character that is nearly identical (physical appearance-wise) to the supposed hidden rio/jail and has recently appeared in :re. there is the possibility that this “new” character may be the actual rio/jail that exists in canon.

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sherlock flipping back and forth between his john characterizations like plucking a little gay flower: he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me he loves me not he loves me not, he thinks im just a brain and no heart, he knows the real me, he thinks im great, he thinks im bad, he loves me he ;wifh k wgfuh;jIEH [OVERDRIVE] [EARTHQUAKE] [DRUG COMA]