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Laf loves to pull harmless pranks on you, like putting baby powder in your hair drier, but he only does it to hear you laugh!

james tries to prank you but ends up pranking himself like he doesn’t realize he is putting blue hair dye in his shampoo bottle instead of yours and so he thinks you pranked him as well so he just continues on with the pranks

Ma Bijou ( Lafayette X Reader )

This one took some time but I loved writing it so much. I found this prompt on a list (“You parked in the parking space I always use so I wrote a note and put it on your car and you put one on mine the next day and now we have been writing notes for over a week just tell me your phone number to make this easier”) but, throughout the text, I changed it in some aspects. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

(also, this one goes out for @dannysrands for making me think of Laf x Reader so I wouldn’t let her down. Here ya go, Gabis)

Word Count: 2204 (I’m sorry it’s so big).

You were not in an anywhat good mood that morning. Your little brother had eaten all of your favorite cereal again, you had ran out of eggs, your hair drier was damaged. You would kill whoever got in your way, oh, you just would. You thought it couldn’t get any worse, but, when you got to the school, there was a car on your spot in the parking lot. A fancy car, yes. Red, brand new, clean. There was an American flag on one rearview and a French flag on the other, which allowed you to quickly deduct whose car that was: Lafayette’s.

You didn’t know him, no. Not personally, at least. Gilbert du Mortier, commonly known as Lafayette only, was a loud Frenchman, an exchange student who decided to stay more in America. He was part of the school’s debate team with his friends, Laurens, Hamilton and Mulligan, but also a member of the wrestling team. The students around the campus would call him the school’s favorite fighting Frenchman for a reason, as he was pretty good on what he did. Another thing about him was his accent, which always got a significant number of girls sighing over him. And, for God’s sake, not even you could deny he was one of the most handsome guys you’d ever seen.

Still, that didn’t give him permission to park on your spot.

You would have screamed at him and ranted until he took his car away, but he was nowhere to be seen. The parking lot was actually almost empty, as you were almost late, so you just decided to leave a note on his windshield to tell him how much of a pain in the ass he was being. “Bonjour, French fry. You parked on my spot. I’d be very thankful if you could not do that tomorrow. If you do, however, I don’t care how good of a fighter you are – I will find you and painfully cut your jewels off. Have a nice day. – L/N”, you quickly wrote down, carelessly attaching it to his car before running to the school.

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The Signs as Things my Science Teacher Said
  • Aries: Don't fight me, I'm like a ski hill. If you fight the hill you get hurt. If you dont fight the hill you still may hurt but it doesn't matter.
  • Taurus: O.J. Simpson changed my life.
  • Gemini: I don't think you'll just bump into someone on the street and say "HEY! Let's have sex!" Well... Maybe... I don't know how you live...
  • Cancer: I spent a lot of money on my son's new swag.
  • Leo: What if you put your baby brother or sister in the bathtub and tossed a hair drier in. That might be kinda interesting.
  • Virgo: *sticks bare fingers inside of dead cat* That's nice.
  • Libra: I have an electrocution fetish.
  • Scorpio: I love a little porn in the morning.
  • Sagittarius: Damn I only punched you twice, but others will hit you more.
  • Capricorn: Make some friends for once.
  • Aquarius: Excuse me Dr. Ahern? I'm not doing my job? No, I am, my students are just all lazy idiots.
  • Pisces: Fortunately my boyfriend I mean my husband I mean my son
What were you thinking?

What were you thinking?

You were in the bathroom drying your hair from your shower when you heard Jay shuffling about in the living room. “Babe where are you?” he called out, sounding a little too excited.

Turning off the blow drier you ran your hand through your hair before going into your bedroom. “In here~” you chimed. You watched him hurry into your bedroom, with a big smile on his face. He was wearing a cap, beaming brightly at you. He mentioned going to the hair salon today, but didn’t say what he was getting done. You raised a brow. “You didn’t cut your hair right?”

“Nope” he removed his hat before shaking out his newly dyed hair.

You opened your mouth, but then closed it again; Struggling for the right words. Were there right words? On one hand he still looked hot, but it was Jay. He was always hot. On the other you may have gone into shock.

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Kojina Yui 15/01/14 Google+ Post English Translation



I wonder when a shampoo CM will come?
I think that it’s about time.

と思って、ちょっとアピールしてみた( ̄^ ̄)♪
Because I thought about it, I would like to promote myself for a little bit( ̄^ ̄)♪

Please don’t mind the
slightly visible hair drier okay. lol

I’m waiting for someone to give me an offer!!♡

Today was a day that I was able to relax♪
I tried to make my first Carbonara♥

I’ve sent the picture in Jiimail (Mobame) ^^

Lately I’m addicted to cooking!
I hope that I can get better and better at it, so I’ll do my bestー

Girl power up↑↑♡♡

写真はドヤ顔( ̄^ ̄)笑
The photo is my self-satisfied expression( ̄^ ̄)lol


Little Quinx having fun!

(My light messed up Mucchan face, but I tried taking the photo so many times already, and it’s 02:30 a.m. so…I’m tired. Sorry Mucchan T_T)

How. Do. Ladders. Work.

Saiko: she wanted to dress like a cat, a robot, AND a ranger…so she used a hair-drier as a radioactive weapon, and she made her robo-ears and robo-tail using papier-mâché.

Ginshi: he knew what to be. No, you don’t get it. He KNEW. He made researches about sharks all night before asking Sasaki to sew exactly that one. He even made small Pilot Fish to be as realistic as possible. But then…he said he had enough sharp teeth for the both of them…so he insisted for Sassan to make it a bashful shark instead.

Tooru: he was sad about wearing an eye-patch…so Sasaki suggested him to be a pirate! But…unfortunately…there were no pirate costumes around, so Haise had to make one from a small Santa Claus red jacket (he modified it all night) and then he added a witch hat and converted into a more fitting one.

Kuki: he wanted to be Van Gogh, but he only found a jeans overall and an old straw hat…he felt embarrassed in front of the others. But then everyone hugged him tightly! And Mucchan even climbed a ladder to put a flower crown on top of his head!

This is for everyone who’s having a bad day or a hard time in general. I hope this makes you smile, even if only a little bit. You can even laugh at my bad art! XD as long as you smile it’s completely fine with me!

Have a wonderful day.

Braid your hair

Hi~ Taehyung fluffy scenario requested by anon. (816 words)



 After two shampoos, hair conditioner, hair detangler, you where finally struggling to dry your very long hair when you saw your boyfriend entering the room thanks to the mirror.

“Do you want me to help you?” He screamed so you could hear him.

You turned the hair drier off, and looked at him through the mirror.

“It would be kind of you.” You admit as your arms’ muscles started to ache from all of those ‘chores’.

“Sit down; I’ll take care of you.” Taehyung took a stool and smiled at you as he put his hands on your shoulders, forcing you to sit.

 He took the hair drier and passed his fingers through your hair while the hot air was blowing on it.
 You smiled at his concentrated frown while finally being able to rest a bit.

“Should I put some argan oil to make them look shinier?” He grinned as he put down the hair drier beside the sink.

“You like playing with my hair, don’t you?” You giggled as you handed him the bottle of argan oil.

“If it’s like that I won’t help you anymore.” He jokingly said.

“Thank you so much though!” You sincerely said as he applied the oil on all of your hair strands.

“My pleasure!” He washed his viscous hands.

“See you enjoy playing with my hair!”

 He turned around after turning off the water and he shook his hands so you were sprinkling by some water drops.

 He dried his hands as you stood up, planning on to leaving the bathroom.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“In the bedroom, why?”

“I’m not done with your hair!” He followed you like a little puppy.

“What do you want to do more?” You giggled as you let yourself fall on the bed.

“Can you teach me how to braid your hair?” He bit his lips before showing you his genuine rectangular smile.

“Okay.” You sat up in front of him and handed him one hair strand, taking one for you to show him.

“Let’s starts with the basics.” You smiled at him.

“You separate this strand in three strands.” You said as you do so.

 You looked at his hands that were already struggling. You smiled, thinking of how much determinate Taehyung could be.

“Done! Then what’s next?” He victoriously grinned.

“Then you cross them like this, repeating all of these moves till you arrive to the tip of the hair length.” You explained, slowly showing him how to do it.

He failed several times but you just kept on giving him advices or helping him.

“Basically the best tip I can give you would be to practice once a day to be able to do a proper mat. Then if you want to do them faster you should use only three fingers on both hands: the thumb and the forefinger to slide down the hair strands and the middle finger to lock the third strand while crossing the two others. That’s basically how it works.” You smiled.

“That sounds quite complicated…” He tried to apply your advices but failed again.

“Oh well I will practice later!” He put your hair strand under his nose.

“Do I look hot with this mustache?” He played with his eyebrows, knowing you can’t resist him when he does that.

“You only look cute with it.” You smiled before putting a soft kiss on his lips.

He frowned.

“Do you think I’m still not looking hot, when our faces are this close?” You felt his breath smashing on your lips.

 He made you fall on your back, so he kissed you before taking your hair back in his fingers to stroke them or playing with them. You sometimes saw him inhaling the thick scent of the argan oil with his both eyes closed and you couldn’t help but smile to his cuteness.

~Five years later~

“Yeobo, could you please fix the hair of our little princess? I’m already late!”You shouted from your bedroom as you were searching for something you could wear to work.

“No problem!” Taehyung replied from the bathroom.

“Daddy?” The voice of your little girl asked.

“Hm?” His father’s low voice replied as you were trying on some clothes before fixing your hair in a ponytail.

“Would I be able, one day, to fix up my hair as good as you do?”

“You should ask your mom to teach you, she’s an excellent teacher!”

“Mommy, mommy!” Your little girl ran to you when you were about to leave the house.

“Could you teach me how to do those braids that are on my head?” She tugged on your sleeve.

“How about when I will be back from work?” You kissed her chubby cheek.

“You’ve been practicing hard, I’m proud of you!” You whispered in Taehyung’s ear before kissing him goodbye. You widely smiled at your husband before leaving the house.


I hope you’ve all enjoyed this fluffy story!

To the anon that asked me this scneario: I hope you liked it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. I hope you aren’t mad at me for adding some stuff you haven’t mentioned in your request :/ Please let me know! :)


The British Government V The British Weather

Watercolour. Ink. Silver Leaf.

Mycroft Holmes never gets caught out in the rain. Never has to stand dripping in the hallway as he strips down to his rather elegant pants. Never has to walk through the corridors of power with wet trouser turn ups. Never has to dry his hair crouched under the hand driers in the gents…Does he Greg?


Kylux sharing a bathroom
  • Hux: shampoo, shaving cream, razor, rexona men spray.
  • Kylo Ren: shampoo, conditioner, softening hair mask, mousse, hold shaping hair spray, raven black dye, beach wave hair drier, toner, serum, moisturizer with spf+500,a bag of 30 plus face care products, Chanel No.5, (secretly using Huxs shaving cream and razor).

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My sexuality is like my hair. No matter how many straightening irons and blow driers society gives me because it think I will look better with straight hair, my hair always ends up being completely not straight.

I love this. 

I have a wall mounted fish tank in my bathroom because of reasons and my cute little betta, Neptune, always comes up right up to the wall of the bowl when I’m blow drying my hair and stares at me. I like to think he thinks that I am also a fish and that my hair blowing in the drier is like the most glorious lady fins billowing in the sea and that he has a little fishy crush on me

Thick, intense, curly, frizzy, long brown hair. Hair that clogs a drain after one shower. Hair you find on pillows and in corners of the room and in your refrigerator six months after the head from which it grew last visited. Hair that could not be straightened even if you had four hours and three hairdressers double-fisting blow driers. Hair that screams: Jew.
—  Bad Jews, by Joshua Harmon