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Laurel has cheated before (on Kan with Frank in S1), she kissed Wes while she was with Frank. Why would her cheating on Wed surprise you?

am i surprised by this knowing the writing choices they’ve already made?  no.

is it a shitty decision that makes me angry?  absolutely.

it is indisputable that the entire group of people were absolutely horrible to wes from the very start.  they called him waitlist, they referred to him as a puppy, they continually put him down as if they were better than him even BEFORE the whole mess began.  it got even worse once they felt they had reasons other than their own insecurities to be bullies to him.

throughout the entire series, one of the only people who ever stood up for him was laurel.

literally.  she stood up for him on their very first day of class, and remained by his side for the duration of his run on the show.

wes didn’t have a great life.  his mom killed herself, he grew up in foster care, and when he tried to better himself by going to law school, he got stuck around a bunch of people who continually tried to bring him down.

the one good thing he had in his life, as his grades were suffering, and his life was crashing down around him in shambles, was laurel.  throughout it all.

and then he was brutally murdered, his body desecrated, and all of this just as he was about to get what he had wanted all along…a family.  it was within his reach, and it was ripped away.  only to have his name used as a scapegoat to protect everyone else, adding another punch to the gut by saying that he took his own life, just like his mother.

so yeah, when it was shown that laurel was completely dedicated to avenging his death, and keeping the memory of him alive in the form of his child, i was all for it.  because that, to me, was in character for her.

she went to law school with an idealistic view of wanting to help people with little power, who were constantly put down, either by the system or directly by someone else.

and when this season started, and she was basically giving up everything to put her sole focus on standing up for wes, it made sense.  in my opinion, it was in character.

what doesn’t make sense, what goes completely against everything we’ve been shown of her as of recently, and what completely spits on the memory of wes is her having sex with frank for the hell of it.

what pisses me off, and what assassinates characterization as well as completely disrespects wes, is the idea that laurel cheated on him.

because i’m pretty sure her and frank were over when she and wes kissed in season 2, and she specifically stops kissing wes in season 3 because she thinks he’s still with meggy.  so they’ve established that cheating is not something she’s okay with regarding wes.

so if they go back and say she did, not only does that completely change the narrative, but it also says that not only did wes truly have NO ONE for him while he was alive, but even in death, he’s still being dragged through the mud, as the paternity of his (could be) child is questioned, leaving no legacy behind but a soiled name.  his death pointless and served only as a cheap trick.

all in favor of letting a white glorified hitman (who laurel has compared to the same man she’s trying to take down) get redemption and the girl.

but yeah, sure, that totally sounds in character for laurel.  as the writers have clearly lost track of who she is anyway based on the last episode.

Okay, we all know Frank is piece of shit and he deserves to die but I’m not going to sit here and justifie Laurel raping him. He said no, and she put her hand on his mouth and says ‘shut up and take it’ we aren’t going to speak about this disgusting scene?

Laurel is cancelled. I won’t be defending a rapist or even stanning one. Stop watching HTGAWM was a good desicion because the show keeps getting worse every episode.


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so Wes Gibbons a mentally ill, born of rape, and orphaned character who was always blamed by his peers for defending them was murdered for practically no reason, had his body get lost, is never going to meet his child, and was blamed in court for all of the murders now has to watch the mother of his child screw her ex from beyond the grave just a few months after his death….okay,,.