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A Nathan and Victoria AU where Nathan never leaves his dorm room. Even though he’s a shut-in, his talents are used by those around him. Only when Victoria starts visiting him does he realize that he’s worth a whole lot more. 

Inspired by Modern Baseball’s song Fine, Great

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1 - Why Does It Always Rain on Me; Travis

2 - Last Hope; Paramore

3 - Blackwell Academy; Jonathan Morali (Life Is Strange soundtrack)

4 - Chasing Pavements; Adele

5 - All the Small Things; Blink-182

6 - No Light, No Light; Florence + the Machine

7 - For Those We Loved; Austin Wintory (AC Syndicate soundtrack)

8 - Lose Your Soul; Dead Man’s Bones

9 - Cities in Dust; The EverLove

10 - Bonfire Heart; James Blunt

11 - Battle Cry; Imagine Dragons

12 - Rule the World; Take That

13 - Caranx Ignobilis; Austin Wintory (Abzû soundtrack)

14 - Everything Is Alright; Motion City Soundtrack

15 - Non-Stop; Hamilton

16 - I am Shay Patrick Cormac; Elitsa Alexandrova

17 - I’m So Sorry; Imagine Dragons

18 - Revolt; Muse

19 - Breaking the Habit; Linkin Park

20 - So What; Pink

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It’s a terrifying time for minorities, and with Donald Trump as president, he has planned to add some terrifying people to his administration. These people are particularly terrifying for LGBTQ+ members and this is why:

As you know, Mike Pence is planning on taking Chris Christie position in office. Mike Pence has said many awful things about LGBTQ members, some stuff along the lines of how conversion therapy should be implemented on the youth, he thinks marriage equality would lead to societal collapse, and he called homosexuality a choice, and also he also said that stopping gays isn’t biased, it’s him compelling Gods idea. He’s also a murder for the people of Indiana, and has killed many people who had AIDS by taking away fundings for their healthcare.

Another one trump wants to bring into his administration is Ben Carson as we all know is fucking insane. He compared homosexuality to pedophilia and incest.

Another monster is Newt Gingrich and he has called being gay fascist.

Then we have Ken Blackwell who has compared homosexuality to arson and kleptomania. He’s said, and I quote, “well, the fact is, you can choose to restrain that compulsion and so I think in fact you don’t have to give into the compulsion to be homosexual. I think that’s been proven in case after case after case. I believe homosexuality is a compulsion that can be contained, repressed, or changed. That is what I’m saying in the clearest of terms.”

ALSO let’s point out the fact that the fucking president has met with religious extremists and made promises to them like putting justice on the Supreme Court to overturn marriage equality. He has 20 candidates that he wants in the Supreme Court that agree with his ideas like this. He promised that he would sign the FADA which would allow for discrimination against LGBTQ people by government employees and others. And the anti-LGBTQ organization for marriage has sent him a plan to overturn marriage equality.

This is a scary time. I can only hope that the electoral college reconsider this nomination and vote Hillary into office. Until then, we protest. Keep protesting. Let’s show our government that we won’t stand by this. Fight back. Stand up. Stay educated.

And for us minorities, this is all our fight. We stick together.


So I just finished all of the Blackwell games and oh the last game Blackwell Epiphany was so very good that I had to draw some fanart I put both versions because I like them both but understand that the first one is most likely too busy.  

Anyways these are Spirit guide Joey Mallone and Medium Rosa Blackwell who help lost souls come to terms with their death and move on with some sleuthing. If you like to point click games and noir style themes with supernatural elements  maybe check it out? and there no better time it’s has a 80% off steam sale today! So you can all of the games for like 5-7 bucks :) 

Life is Strange Character Concept Arts

Max Caulfield

Chloe Price

Mark Jefferson

William Price

Warren Graham

Nathan Prescott

Victoria Chase

Kate Marsh

Logan Robertson (Probably)

Brooke Scott

Hayden Jones



Daniel DaCosta

Ms. Grant

Principal Wells

Arcadia Bay Residents

Source: Art by Eduard Caplain Art by Fred Augis

Note: This post will be updated when I see new concept arts.

Life is Strange:

The game: Missing girls, death, sexual assault, creepy teachers and time travel.  

The fandom: Gay ships and lesbian rainbows.