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Hi cee cee!✨1) Idk how to properly express how amazed I am by your writing (at this point I have literally read everything skam related that you have posted on ao3 lmao) and especially with Isaks internal monologue in tmtts! I love reading books where the author spends a lot of time focusing on the main character’s thoughts and I usually dislike it when fanfic writers do it cuz it doesn’t really work out BUT YOU manage to do it just perfectly!!!Ahh congrats on being such a wonderful writer (1/5)

✨2) ok so I am very intrigued by this “R” person,,is ram from the second chapter R from the latest one? Yes? No? Idk? I have been thinking about what could Isak possibly be paying them for, and honestly i cannot come up with anything (also it would be very funny if it turns out r is like his landlord or smth and we all just freaked out for nothing) but seriously tho this is just one more item on the list of things to look forward to in the following chapters :) (2/5)

✨3) I know you’ve been receiving a ton of song suggestions for tmtts so heres mine - iris by goo goo dolls,, isak and even are not at that stage yet but I feel like soon it would fit them just perfectly omg I’m excited (3/5)

✨4) I also wanted to say that tmtts reminds me a lot of one of my fav books ‘we are the ants’ by Shaun David Hutchinson; they both have a protagonist who is a science-y kid who has kinda given up on the world, who was hurt in the past and has very sad thoughts and then theres the charming artsy guy that shows up and changes his worldview (hasn’t really happened yet in tmtts still waiting for that),, although the book has actual aliens in it which adds to the whole space theme ahhh I highly-(4/5)

-recommend checking it out if you havent already✨5) thanks for writing isak w/ glasses✨✨ Sorry this got so long just really wanted to share this with you ❤️❤️❤️ I’m v excited for the next update but also don’t forget to rest your hand! Your health comes first!! Now go have a nice day/evening/whatever time of the day it is when you read this ❤️ (5/5)

1) god thank you so much whenever someone says nice things about my writing i still cry a little inside you’re so wonderful and i’m so glad you enjoy whatever dumb things i write as long as they’re bringing you joy i’m happy about it ok ❤️

2) i don’t know!!! could be anyone at this point. could be ram, could be someone else, or – something else? anyway, YES HOPE U GET TO FIND OUT SOON

3) omg iris will always be a classic and ofc it fits them in any universe i think it’d fit them

4) i haven’t! i’ve heard good things about it though so this makes me happy i think i am going to give it a shot after i finish writing this monster ❤️

5) isak with glasses has been haunting me since i wrote him like that in otpbd so!!! i’m so glad all of you like it ok because it’s a guilty pleasure of mine. i love you!! thank you so much for your well wishes i’m sending all of them back ❤️


Not sure what this is, but Adult Swim just posted it today. For those wondering, it is Morty in the video…DISCUSS

im sick as a dog right now but snot covered lungless self still managed to pop this baby out of the oven. imma be real with yall, i love kurt and im totally not saying this is kurt through ram-vision but it totally is. in the words of rick sanchez, try not to suck the ghost of his dick TOO hard, ram.

School  Explained By Rick Sanchez


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sanjay leela bhansali movies + reaction gifs

“You are my Universe.”

I can’t wait for Season 3, so I drew Rick and his fabricated wife! 

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Hey! :D Can I request an angsty scenario where Rick & fem!reader are in a relationship but get into an argument and ignore each other? Also, can it end with a happy ending? Please and thank you! :) You're my favorite RAM writer & I love your stories ;)

[Awe, thank you so much! I apologise that I’m late getting to this ;; I’ve been hella lazy- I also realised I have no idea how to make angst so I hope you like this because there were plenty of times I had to stop and ask myself “how do I do the write!?“ hah to be honest, I just listen to like knives on repeat till this was done.. ;~; ]

Those words echoed through your head as you stood frozen, eyes glued to him, your heart sunk into your stomach, your chest tightened and your mouth went completely dry. You understood that sometimes Rick was busy and didn’t have time to be with you but you never thought he thought these things about you.

You had come over to Ricks place to see if he wanted to maybe go out somewhere with you. You found him tinkering in his garage as usual but he looked a lot more concentrated than usual. You cleared your throat to make your arrival known but he didn’t bother to lift his head.

“What are you working on?” you tilted your head slightly and peeked over his shoulder.

“Nothing.” he snapped quickly and you took a step back. Alright, Rick was in a bad mood for some reason.

“You okay?” You asked, your bottom lip forming a small pout as you stared at your boyfriend.

“Do I look okay?” He huffed, rolling his eyes, his hands still fiddling with whatever it was he was making.

“Y-You wanna talk about it?” You asked softly but ended up taking several steps back when Rick suddenly stood up and glared at you.

“No I don’t want to urrp I don’t want to talk about it! God, what are we in high school!? I don’t gossip! Can you, you, you stop being so fucking annoying!?” He yelled before sighing heavily.

He realised what he had said but made no attempts to apologise or show you that he didn’t mean to say it. You wanted to speak but you couldn’t, your chest felt so tight that you felt like you were struggling with each breath you took, no matter how many times you tried to swallow your throat stayed dry.

He had gotten mad at you before but he never outburst like this before. He most certainly never called you annoying before either.

Finding the courage deep down you spoke up, your voice shaky. “Y-You think I’m annoying?”

Rick let out a sighed before returning to his work, not saying anything at all. You took that as a confirmation enough and now your eyes pricked with tears, although, you wouldn’t let them fall from your eyes.

“Don’t ignore me, Rick! It was a simple question.I just wanted to help you..that’s what girlfriends do, they try to help the one they love..” your voice cracked, your hands balled into fists.

You watched as Rick stopped tinkering and let out an annoyed sigh as he stared at his desk. “Are you finished?”

“Yeah..I-I’m finished…and apparently so are we..” You finally let your tears fall from your eyes as you stormed out of his workspace. You were fed up, you were angry and sad all at the same time. He always pushed you away whenever you wanted to talk about your feelings. You were just done.

As you closed the door to his garage you heard him let out an aggravated growl and a loud bang, it sounded like he hit his table but you weren’t about to go back and find out. You knew that once you were gone, that was it. You knew he wouldn’t chase after you or try to make things better. That just wasn’t who he was.

That thought alone is what kept you up all night, you cried so much that your eyes were puffy and red, it hurt every time you blinked your eyes. Your body was exhausted from all the stress and pain you felt in your heart but your mind wouldn’t let you rest.

Your body sat up pin straight in your bed, eyes widening as you stared out your bedroom door from your bed when you heard a loud banging coming from your front door.

Your mind immediately thought the worse. It was the middle of the night and there was banging on your door. Was it a robbery? you asked yourself if this night could possibly get worse.

You trailed to the door, gripping the doorknob tightly. Tight enough that your knuckles went white before you quickly swung the door open to see Rick staggering there. He obviously had been drinking.

“W-What are you doing here?” you tried to sound cold but the thoughts of today played fresh in your mind and you felt like crying again.

“JuUUUUGGHst… Just shut up and listen okay?” Rick interrupted you. “You’re not annoying- you were concerned about- about me.” Rick let out a sigh. “I-I was mad because I lost my portal gun and I was trying…trying to make another one but I was actually lacking parts for once. I was frustrated with it and then you showed up and decided to play 50 question and I got even more aggravated. I-I-I took it out on you when I shouldn’t have and I’m sorry. I don’t want what we got to stop.” Rick couldn’t look you in the eyes but you knew it was hard for him to talk about his feelings.

You don’t know if it was because you were crying all night or the fact that for the first time, even if he did have to get a little drunk, Rick was telling you how he felt but your legs moved on their own, walking towards Rick before your arms wrapped tightly around him, you buried your face into his chest and let out a small choked sob.

“I don’t want us to stop either..I l-love you too much…” You cried softly.

Rick wrapped his arms around you just as tightly, afraid that if he let go you would vanish in front of him. “I’m sorry..” he said lowly.

“I forgive you, Rick.” You looked up at him a small smile coming to your face as he lifted his hand to cup your cheek and wipe your tears away with his thumb. You leaned up further and your lips connected sweetly before you went back to holding onto him. You didn’t care if you were starting to get chilled by the night air, you were happy that you were back where you belonged.