or is it a peach idk

I was tagged by the lovely @peace-love-colbert. Thanks, Katie!! :) 

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Name: Carrie 

Nickname: idk…Care?? Care Bear?? 

Gender: Female 

Star Sign: Gemini 

Height:  5′8″

Sexuality: Stephen Colbert wearing a purple tie 

Hogwarts House: My friend says that I am probably a Ravenclaw, but I honestly have no idea what that even means. Sorry y'all. 

Favorite animal: Sloth 

Average hours of sleep: 4-5, if I’m lucky. 

Dogs or cats: Dogs have a slight edge, but I love cats too!! 

Blankets you sleep with: Many. Like I’m one of those people who turns on the fan just so that I can snuggle under a mountain of blankets. 

Dream trip: New York City. Even tho I’ve been there countless times, it is still my favorite place to go. 

Dream job: Definitely NOT what I’m doing right now. I was a Communications/Media Studies major (Political Science was my minor) in college, so…anything that would actually make use of my education would be nice. 

When I made my blog: Late 2012, I think?? 

Followers: Currently 1,314. But it’s not the quantity, it’s the quality. Am I right?? 

Why I made my Tumblr:  My love of comedy, politics, and Stephen Colbert!! 

Reasons for my url: My first name is Carrie, and my favorite person’s last name is Colbert. 

I’m not tagging anyone, but if you see this and want to give it a go…consider yourself tagged!! :)

so my moms were telling me this story about how after they’d been dating a few years they were road tripping to canada, and right before the border they stopped at this farmers market. apparently it had these amazing peaches so they got a crate full and continued on towards the border. they were stopped by the border guard who asked them what was in their back seat and they, thinking it was an innocent question, exclaimed “oh it’s these fantastic peaches!!” which the guard immediately told them they’d have to throw out as they could not bring them across the border. devastated, they pulled to the side and were about to dump them until they decided the peaches were too good to go to waste. so they sat on the side of the road, and ate all the peaches. anyway, basically what i’m getting at here is that this is definitely something that has happened to jack and bitty and i needed to share


recent collection of jimin and his (?) baby ft. jungkook lol (more descriptions in the captions)
i’m still debating where this kid came from (eg. coz of abo, from a mysterious affair, it’s actually baby jm, legit he’s their kid, or born from a peach come down from the heavens IDK YET)

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