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one time when i was in preschool i was like hella bros with this chick. like we were RIDE or DIE best bros. in preschool there was this super arbitrary tule that u had to take out ALLLLLLLL ur food before eating any of it. cut to day when my forgetful ass starts eating my sandwich b4 taking out my carrots. teacher comes and yells at me, i start crying meanwhile best bro is smoldering. next day, she brings matches and sets the sandbox on fire. she was expelled. i havent seen her in yrs

oh my god. holy fucking shit. oh my god

*Puts chocolate kiss in pocket, with the intention of dropping it in her coffee later* (I”M AN ADULT OK?)

*Forgets about it*

*Find messy, melted chocolate kiss in her pocket at the end of the day*


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what's another embarrassing story you have?

Alright let’s talk about my last day of high school.

So like, my school had this program where seniors could actually leave school like a month and a half early and work as interns for people in the neighborhood or something (Senior Study? Community Study? I forget what it was called). Most people did it because, hey, getting out of school early AND if you did it you didn’t have to take final exams- but some people chose not to and some couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do it because, I think I had too many detentions (long story)? I don’t remember if that was the reasoning, but I didn’t actually wanna apply in the first place because the idea sounded lowkey terrifying to me at the time for whatever reason. So anyway, our grade had suddenly dropped from like hundreds of kids to like, maybe 15-20 something. So, naturally, everyone left had even more of  ‘Kings of the School/Senior Privilege’ attitudes than usual. We were mostly just dicking around at this point.

So basically, all the classes that were just seniors were like…anywhere from 2 to 5 people max. So the teachers kinda stopped paying attention too, and didn’t really even seem to realize who was there and who wasn’t. And high school was such an…exhausting time in my life that I was thrilled with this, I just wanted it to die already.

So we get to my final day, and I am relaxed to the max. All I had to worry about that day was my fifteen minute “Fault In Our Stars” play for Theater last period. I slept through most of my other classes, or texted my friends from other schools, or read, or ate candy. It was a great day. And after how tiring, stressful, and emotionally overwhelming high school had been, I was really loving this as my last day. I deserved this for my last day, you know? A nice, calm memory!

So, I’m in my forensics class, and it’s maybe 15 minutes to the bell but I was worried I might have had a chemical on my hand, so I asked to go to the bathroom. Mistake one: Not just waiting to go until after class. Mistake two: Leaving my phone in my bag instead of slipping it in my pocket.

So I go to the bathroom, it was like down two halls and on the corner kinda. I could see the doors that lead to the stairs on both ends, and the elevator, and the door to the upstairs gym from the entrance. I go in, wash my hands and I start to walk back out.

And the fucking alarm goes off.

Not the fire alarm, the “We have a gunman in the school” alarm. We were in full fucking lockdown.

Before I can even fucking react, All the doors are slammed closed. There’s a rule that teachers have to lock the door and cover it and not open it for anybody but the principal who knows a secret knock code, which I didn’t know. The doors to the stairways were closed, the gym was probably locked, and I wasn’t gonna risk an elevator. So I ran back into the deserted bathroom.

Now, here’s the thing- usually, when there’s a lockdown or a lockdown drill, comes over the loudspeaker and says whether it’s real or not, and if it’s a drill we’ll have been notified it was going to happen because the teachers tell us. My forensics teacher didn’t even give me a hall pass, so he clearly hadn’t been anticipating this. My school had only had an actual, real life lockdown once, and that ended up being a false alarm- it was right after Sandy Hook, someone looked on the grainy security camera to see some boys holding an umbrella like it was a gun, people panicked. Right now there was no announcement, just the alarms blaring, so I was freaking out.

And then I start fucking hearing someone pounding down the halls.

And I’m just like…not fucking today. I do not deal with all this bullshit just to die on my last God damn day of school. We are not doing this, Satan!

So some surge of need for survival that I’ve never experienced blasted through me, right? So I fucking run into one of the stalls, and brace my back against the wall, with one foot up on the toilet bowl and one foot on the paper dispenser, and my arms against the door and the far wall, so that when someone came in to see if people were in there, they looked under the doors and didn’t see any feet. The person eventually left but I didn’t get down because the alarm was still going.

I need you guys to understand how hard this was though. Like, first, I had to keep my head and neck at a painful angle so my hair wouldn’t be visible over the top of the stall. Also, I have like, a lot of back problems, and bad ankle, and shitty knees (I’m literally an 80 year old man), so to hold this position for 40 minutes as I ended up having to do was quite a fucking feet let me tell you.

And I was so fucking terrified while this was going on too. At this point I’m positive it’s not a drill, because those last 15 minutes tops. I didn’t have my phone on me so I couldn’t text anyone to see if they knew what was going on. Someone is still walking around and banging on doors, and I’m certain it’s not a police officer because wouldn’t they be talking???

And then all the sudden, the alarm shits off??? And the principal comes over and is like “Everything’s fine go to class” WITH NO GOD DAMN EXPLANATION, and I hear people moving through the halls and loudly freaking out about what just happened, and I am forced to come to terms with the fact my body has ceased up I literally can’t get out of this position. Oh my God.

Finally, after like ten minutes of using my one moveable leg to kick the wall in hopes of getting someone’s attention, some random girl comes in and hears me. She deadass had to climb under the stall and open the door to get it open before helping me down. She was cracking the fuck up the entire time and her friends who were using the other stalls were demanding to know what was going on like. Holy shit.

(side note: apparently it was a bomb threat but they ended up finding no evidence of anything in the school. Although, like? Wouldn’t you want to remove people from a building before looking for a bomb? Is that just me?)

So that was well and good, but then??? I guess she mentioned it to her older brother who was in my gov class??? Because next thing I know all the remaining seniors and some junior boys were going “YEAH JAVERTS A CHAMPION” and cracking up whenever they saw me that day. And like, I can appreciate the humor in it and was like “Oooh yeah I #SURVIVED” and all that but I was just. Cringing so hard the entire day. I only thought to respond to your ask with this story bc someone just messaged me about it on facebook. I’m never stepping inside a high school again omfg.

so here is the deal, as much as i don’t want to give this adorable little filly away i sadly have to let her go.
4: please draw her in your own style! i love seeing adoptable’s in their carers own style!

(keeping it short or else i will forget about the comp) 

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honestly i personally think both greg and shiloh were shitty, but that doesn't mean theyre equally shitty? like shi did some bad stuff too but nowhere near the shit greg still does to this day. and also shiloh isnt a literal abuser like greg is?


I think if you can sympathize and forgive Lainey for her horrendous track record of behavior while being with Greg, then you need to do the same for Shiloh.

I know personally how much mental and emotional abuse can mess you up– the person Shiloh was when she was with Greg wasn’t her real self. Abuse can make you do crazy things, and a lot of the stuff Shiloh was guilty of is considerably forgivable.

Her actions are not nearly to the same scale of Lainey’s, lest we forget she groomed a 14 year-old and lured her into her home. And supported her husband’s abuse towards a 19 year-old to the point of condoning his request to keep said teenager locked in his basement for a week.

It’s sad to see how many toxic people surround Shiloh even to this day. Yes, I’m speaking of V and Mel, who continue to bash her without reason. If there’s even a shred of evidence that Shiloh is truly the terrible person they claim she to be, I have yet to see it. I welcome any kind of proof they can provide, but at this point it’s safe to say that they have none.


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I know you are not supposed to wear your binder for more than 8 hours but I have worn my regular every day for over 12 and there was a couple days when I wore it for more than 30 hours at a time and I haven't taken a break in like 6 months I honestly forget I'm wearing it I just wondering what is the danger?

You could break your ribs from binding too long and if you break a rib you are at risk of puncturing a lung. You could also really discord your chest, and in extreme cases this could lead to not being able to get top surgery. Please do not bind for too long, even if you think you feel fine.

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You are a big name Broadway blog. Also how do you make tumblr friends?

I am?!? look ma, I made it! That’s kinda cool - I didn’t know I was a big namer. :D Thank you, all you lovely people.

How I make Tumblr Friends: Find people that you think are cool. Shoot them a private message, see if they respond. If you’re too nervous to do that, like/reblog a lot of what they post - they’re sure to notice it. :) Bond over weird things. Bond over Ben Fankhauser or Mike Faist or Ramin Karimloo or Laura Osnes. Bond over your beliefs. Bond over bootleg. If you see someone struggling, encourage them. Be nice to people. Leave people anonymous messages to brighten up their day. Then, one day, forget to click ‘send as anonymous.’ Play ask games. Just be cool. If you want a tumblr friend, hmu. I’m always here for my lovely friends. <3

Okay, so, I’ve been thinking…

When I die, I need some of you to be there to make sure Soriel fan art/fiction/other means of content are placed in my grave with me. Now some might say this is some random thought, that popped in my head at midnight, after staring at words that are supposed to form a story, and should be ignored… But I think this is vitally important.


You know what, actually just completely bury me under the stuff. Forget the dirt. Just cover me in the fan art and fiction. I’ll decompose as I lived; buried under the crushing weight of fictional skelegoat love.

Jeez, I always forget to post this, like “I’ll post this later today ” and I forgot once again, but now I am posting this.

So there was some kind of water day in our school and biology teacher was like “hey, you are drawing beautiful drawings, wanna draw something for this water day?” And I am like “ok, just give me a day or two”.
So I drew Lapis Lazuli and when I gave it to teacher she looked at me like “ I can count on you for stuff like this ”
And then she asked me to draw anti smoking drawing, she showed me few examples and at one point she pointed out her small skeleton that is in the class who I call Berlin or Bob and I already knew what to do.

So she told me to draw smoking bone somewhere around the April and well… It will be posted here soon too.

I remember when I was a flame,

Burning dark and you were the rain,

I smouldered and glowed

Until your rolling thunder passed me by,

You were the rain,

You wouldn’t hurt a fly.

But I loved you, despite being fire,

Whatever touched me

Called me hurtful, a liar,

All I wanted was to hold

Someone so close,

I loved you, rain

More than the plants,

More than most.

I asked you day after day,

“Won’t you rain some more today?”

I asked you to please stay

But the flowers wouldn’t have it that way,

Rain, your heart was kind

When you paid mind

To my request,

I told myself once you were closer

I would tell you how I loved you in earnest.

I’ll never forget that stormy day

When you came for me, rain,

You blew the leaves away

And I burned brighter than ever

For you were my spark

And I wanted to see

That I burned for you,

And hoped you would rain for me

The lightning crackled

And then there was silence

Before you came in sweeping

A grand force of nature near violent.

You swept closer and harder,

Pelting the stones,

I was but a flame

If mortal, you would have rattled my bones

I cried out to you,

Come closer, dear rain

Let me tell you I love you,

Again and again,

So long I spent watching

You from afar

You kindled my fire,

You lit up my heart.

You came close so fast,

All I remember

Is proclaiming my love

And becoming ember,

I told myself,

Perhaps this is true passion,

This is how it will last

I had never felt

Love before you, rain

So I told myself

As you doused me

That you had accepted my love

And I would give it to you again.

I want to be the best mother. The Mama bear. The neighbourhood Mama. With a capital just like that, “Mama”. I want to be compassionate, caring, loving; a woman who gives all and expects nothing in return. I want to be the person everyone knows will listen, and will make you tea and offer you cookies as you spill out all those unpleasant emotions at her kitchen table in the middle of the night on a week day when your world is falling apart. I want to be my son’s friend’s Mama. All of them under my roof whenever they need it. I want to be known to my husband as the best Mama the world could have. I just want that someday, some day when I am not crying on the bathroom floor when I feel like I’ve failed that day. Some day when I forget the urge to check Facebook while my tea is boiling. Some day when my husband stops being mad at the world and instead finds positivity and light. I want to be that light. But for now, I feel disgusted and I feel sick. I feel like I am smiling but my eyes don’t match. I feel like the world around me doesn’t see me like I want to be seen. I want to be that woman I dream of, but I need to get up off the goddamn floor, suck it up, and stop disappointing everyone. Especially my significant other. Especially myself. I am so pissed today.


hey. this isn’t a “dear charlie” but about the account. i am absolutely in love with it. i’ll keep checking on it for a few days and forget about it and then it’ll come back on my feed and i’ll read all the ones i’ve missed or reread the ones i’ve already read. i don’t know what it is but this account is so heartfelt and warming to me. i feel like anyone can really come on here and talk about their problems w/o the judgement of others and just get their feelings across. 1)  hi, just wanted to tell you that i really like this account, i like the concept and i like what you write. i dont know if these are personal, it’d be interesting to know if they are..anyway, just wanted to tell you i like your posts. (:

Hey. I manage this blog but these letters are not written by me (though I have occasionally sent letters to it through my personal account). These letters are written by people from the internet. Thank you so much, I love the letters too :)

2)  Hi, you have rally helped me a lot. Thank you so much, really. I was wonder about one thing… Why are you doing this?

It has helped me when I was a letter-writer on the blog and other people say it helps, so I just keep doing it :)

3)  Hallo, I’ve never understood where to send you those letters. Could you please tell me where and how?

4)  hey. this isn’t a “dear charlie” but about the account. i am absolutely in love with it. i’ll keep checking on it for a few days and forget about it and then it’ll come back on my feed and i’ll read all the ones i’ve missed or reread the ones i’ve already read. i don’t know what it is but this account is so heartfelt and warming to me. i feel like anyone can really come on here and talk about their problems w/o the judgement of others and just get their feelings across.

Yes!! That’s exactly the purpose. I love reading them too <3 Thank you.

5)  I love your texts ;) your tumblr is beautiful. Seriously, a talented “Charlie’s life” haha. Thanks for all. ❤

The internet is full of Charlies :))) xx

6)  I cant help but wonder why you’ve stopped tagging things? Is it a matter of time ? It’s no big deal of course, I’m just curious

Hi there, we have two admins, I always tag them but sometimes on a busy day one of the admins might skip it.  :/

7)  Honestly just thank you for thinking of this and going through all of these i constantly submit letters it’s basically an outlet for me and it’s good to see my progress sometimes but thank you I hope you’re doing well.

I read letters I sent in 2013 when I wasn’t even an admin here yet and I feel the same way you do. Thank you :)

8)  Do you publish every letter sent in?

I try to, yes. Sometimes, I might not publish a letter that is a sort of a backlash to another letter on the blog due to triggering/bullying reasons (this very, very rarely ever happens), but other than that yes, every single one.

Thank you so much for all the nice comments, and I’m sorry for taking so long to answer these.

Love always,


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Do you have any advice on creating a study plan? I'm already starting to get nervous about the AP Bio exam!!

oh lord, im the worst at trying to study on time…. and i don’t really do study plans! i just looked it up and it’s kinda like a schedule for studying right? (im such a horrible studyblr am i even a studyblr) well, i always study the day before because if i study earlier than that i’ll forget like half of it.

my advice is try to study as close to the exam date as possible (???) sounds like a bad advice but all you studied about will be AS FRESH AS A DAISY and you’ll remember more of it. BUT don’t be like soooo late and have no time at all to absorb all those stuff. REMEMBER, don’t rush. keep it as close to the exam date, but make sure you have ENOUGH time to study for it. if you think you’ll need 2 days, then go for it. if one week then go for it. it’s just that studying as close to the exam date as possible works the best for me. i don’t know about study plans tho cause i’ve never made one before… hope i kind of helped?? even just a lil bit??

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What would you say are some of Jason's less appealing qualities?

Oh good lord we’re gonna be here all fucking day. Alright, let’s get started;

  • He’s predisposed to violence. Can he handle situations any other way? Sure. But will he? Probably not.
  • He’s emotional to the point of being childish sometimes. Has absolutely no chill, and if he’s really emotional about something, there’s almost no chance he’ll even glance at logic or reason.
  • He’s an asshole. He is–he isn’t always, but he can be and often is. 
  • Can be very defensive, and when he is defensive, his protocol is “the best defense is a good offense” meaning he’ll lash out at people. He’s much more perceptive than he generally gets credit for, he knows exactly what to say to make someone hurt, will pinpoint the worst possible thing you could say to that person–and he’ll fucking say it. Whether or not he actually thinks those things, he’ll say it because he wants to create distance and in his mind the best way to do that is to make people hate him. He’s very good at it.
  • However, he’s very hypocritical about this and if you do the same thing to him, that’s it game over you are shut out for basically the rest of eternity.
  • Believes in second chances in theory, in practice he’s actually not very good at offering them to people who’ve hurt him specifically. Even if they didn’t mean to, even if they didn’t know they were doing it, instead of telling them and talking about it, he’ll shut down and that’ll be the end of that.
  • In fact, he’s bad at talking about anything that matters. It’s like pulling teeth getting him to talk about anything. Especially where feelings are involved–sure, he’s a highly emotional person but god fucking knows he does not wanna talk about it.
  • Spent several years making most of his money off the import and export of drugs despite hating them and being very prone to killing dealers. The hypocrisy is real.
  • Prone to self pity about being alone despite the fact that he in fact sabotages his own relationships–prime examples of this are with Barbara and Roy. Literally, those relationships would have continued to be healthy and good for him and probably even triggered some good old fashioned personal growth, but when people get too close he panics and destroys the relationship so dramatically, that most people would not bother to try and fix it. 
  • He’s prone to torturing people, this is canon knowledge, generally speaking if they’re the kind of person you could torture intel out of, he’ll do it and he doesn’t really care.
  • Incredibly suspicious of authority figures no matter how on the level they might be to the point of this causing a lot of problems.
  • Has a lot of mental health problems he won’t do anything about even though help has been offered. 
  • He’s straight up difficult to get along with. He’s prickly and unpleasant and often willfully so. He’s not easy to get along with if he doesn’t want to be and even sometimes when he does. 
  • He will deviate from plans, making him something of a liability. If he thinks that the non lethal route is going south, regardless of how much he may have sworn not to use lethal force, he’ll do it. And he won’t be sorry about it. 
  • Is exactly the kind of person who has googled “How to apologise” at least once in his life. Can’t do it, doesn’t know how, and again, is kind of like pulling teeth. 
  • If you give him an ultimatum where an option is to leave regardless of how reasonable the other option is, he will in fact choose wrong. Always. Without a doubt. He is always looking for an exit from most relationships and interpersonal conflicts. Any chance you give him for an out, he will take it, he’s flighty as fuck. 
  • He has zero concept of backing down–even if he realises midway through a conflict that he’s wrong and that he needs to stop, he won’t. He’s very much an in for a penny, in for a pound kind of person in the worst way possible. Please see: the Under The Hood arc. He could have backed down, but he won’t ever even if he knows he’s wrong, because he hates admitting he was wrong. So he will literally self destruct and take people down with him to avoid doing so.
  • In a slightly less sinister point: he’s a neat freak, it’s a problem, he’ll probably alphabetize your spice rack if you let him.

Disclaimer: Admittedly all of these things are true and there’s probably several other things I’m not remembering but he isn’t willfully most of these things–some are definitely conscious actions, others are not. 

So, if you haven’t noticed, I haven’t posted any of my own stuff in a while, and that’s mostly because I would always forget to take a picture when I made progress, much less actually post anything. So, I’m gonna start doing weekly WIP Wednesdays to show what I’ve done in the past week instead of trying to make myself do daily updates, especially when there are some days I do nothing. (I’m also gonna do Finish Fridays–and if that’s not already a thing I’m making it one–to show what, if anything, I’ve finished in the last week.)

Now, for the first WIP Wednesday. This is the Birthstone Dragon SAL I’m working on, and each month, a dragon based on that month’s birthstone is released. March isn’t finished yet because I had to rush a project for a silent auction this Saturday (more on that Friday), but I finally got back around to it today. I hope to have it finished before April is released, but I’m not holding my breath.

Saying that Canada is a country where equality is priority and racism doesn’t exist erases the hundreds of years of brutal racism against aboriginal people which continues to this day. Don’t forget the residential schools, the last of which was closed in 1996. Don’t forget the stealing of land. Don’t forget the reserves, where people are denied their basic rights as Canadian citizens.