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Theory: Keith is actually part Altean

Ok, so this theory is a little bit…out there, but if it were true it would actually explain a lot of things. 

I think it’s possible that Keith might actually be part Altean as well as part human and part Galra.

One of the mysteries that came with Keith being revealed as part Galra is the fact that he pretty much looks like a regular human. His unusual violet eyes are the only visual clue that he is partially not of this Earth, but it’s a pretty subtle one. Hence, many people have speculated about Keith having a “Galra form.” A lot of that is people being furries, but the fact remains that Keith just doesn’t look like an alien, so it’s certainly a possibility. 

But one of the only ways that could work is if Keith has the ability to shape-shift. Which aliens do we know of who have that ability?

Way back in Season 1, Allura shocked the paladins by demonstrating the Altean ability to shape-shift, which allows her to disguise herself as a Galra soldier and sneak aboard one of their ships. The fact that Alteans can freaking shape-shift is so wild that it seems highly suspicious it hasn’t come up again. You’d think Coran would do some pretty wacky stuff with that, at least. Plus, it seems unlikely that the writers would add shape-shifting to the mythology just for that one plot point. Thus, the shape-shifting reveal kinda seems like Chekhov’s gun. In other words, it’s a setup for something much more significant to happen later on involving the Altean ability to shape-shift. 

This all ties in with another enigma concerning Keith’s origins: his mother. It seems pretty clear that Keith’s alien heritage is from her, given the general air of mystery surrounding her character and the fact that his Marmora sword belonged to her.

In Keith’s vlog, he says that maybe he is naturally untrusting because his mom left him. It’s possible that she left before he was old enough to remember her, but the way he says it kinda makes it seem like he does remember her. She is probably even less human than he is, but she if looked like a giant purple space alien, then it wouldn’t have been much of a shock to him when he found out he has Galra ancestry in Season 2. But even if Keith doesn’t remember her, she was on Earth long enough to meet Keith’s dad and have a kid with him, and giant purple space aliens aren’t exactly inconspicuous on Earth. But this wouldn’t be a problem if she had a way of looking more human.  

Allura says that the ability to shape-shift has made Alteans great explorers and diplomats, but it would make them even better spies. The mystery surrounding Keith’s mom gives me hope that she is involved in something that’s super important and badass, and intergalactic espionage could certainly fall into that category.  

This brings us to the Galaxy Garrison, an institution that lots of fans think is hella sketch and probably in league with aliens. When Hunk, Lance and Pidge are surveilling the site of Shiro’s crash-landing, Lance zooms in on a certain military officer who has just arrived.

Who the heck is she, indeed. While this moment certainly works to establish Lance’s character, it seems kinda…unnecessary? Unless this character were going to play a more significant role later on… 

not saying she’s Keith’s mom, but

There’s definitely something going on with Earth. The Galra were hanging out near Kerberos, so they definitely know that Earth exists. Why haven’t they colonized it? Not only that, but the Blue Lion was on Earth: it must have ended up there sometime after Alfor disbanded Voltron, and considering those mysterious cave drawings, it’s probably been there for a really long time. What’s with all this Ancient Aliens stuff? Why don’t most people on Earth know that aliens exist, given that aliens have known about THEM for thousands of years?  

The topic of the Blue Lion brings up another mystery about Keith: How the heck did he manage to sense its presence all the way out in the desert when he didn’t even end up being its paladin?

None of the other paladins have demonstrated that kind of connection to a lion they don’t fly. But someone else has.

In the very same episode, we see Haggar reaching out and sensing the Blue Lion, much like what she helped Zarkon do with the Black Lion in Season 2. But Zarkon has a connection to the Black Lion because he used to be its paladin, while Haggar has never been a paladin. But she is Altean. 

One last thing: at SDCC this year, Lauren and Joaquim gave this interview, in which they said that Keith was originally going to have white hair and fangs. That doesn’t sound much like most of the Galra we’ve seen, but it does sound an awful lot like a certain half-Galra prince.

I think it’s pretty clear that Lotor’s mother is Haggar, which makes him half-Altean. The other people with white hair on this show are Allura and her family, alll of whom are Altean, and Shiro, who was experimented on by an Altean. It’s maybe worth noting too that the people in Allura’s family have white hair with a bluish tint, while Haggar’s and Lotor’s hair and Shiro’s floof are stark white and all seem to be related to experiments involving quintessence. Additionally, right after Allura finds out that Haggar is Altean, Haggar strikes her with a bolt of magic and Allura discovers that she has some sort of mysterious magic-bolt powers of her own.

It seems like contact with quintessence magic awakens latent magical abilities, or maybe just magnifies existing ones, since Allura has other magical powers. In the same episode as Allura’s shape-shifting reveal, a druid’s magic leaves purple splotches on Keith’s skin, and then he gets a container full of pure quintessence splashed all over him. Afterwards, he notices that the quintessence got rid of the purple marks.

Maybe what’s keeping him looking human has something to do with quintessence itself.

To recap: Given Keith’s very human appearance, the situation regarding his mother, and his ability to sense the Blue Lion, I think it’s possible that Keith is part Altean, or perhaps his human appearance is due to something involving quintessence. 

The flaw in “Force Yourself To Write” and “Don’t Force Yourself To Write” Advice

Y’all these guides are becoming more and more frequent wth

Alright so many writing posts here on Tumblr usually have contradictions that can make anyone’s head spin honestly. So let me tell you about something I realized today.

I have a fic that I’ve been working on and off on the past year. Like July marks exactly a year since the idea came to life. Now for a fanfic, it’s really long. About 10k words a chapter (my choice so boohoo for me really).

Now then, with Tumblr, I read the “Don’t Force Yourself to Write or else it’ll be nasty and you won’t be able to unstuck yourself later and it won’t be good” advice. And I believed in that, because I was iffy about the “Never Stop Writing!! Even as you’re giving birth or performing heart surgery!!!!”

Originally posted by okyanusunintihari

That was like kicking myself in the metaphorical balls (or elbowing anywho)

I conditioned my mind into thinking that that was a valid excuse not to write. I hid my laziness behind that “advice” and I barely touched that piece (which I hold dear to my heart) for an entire year.

Now today as I was filming some vlogs, I forced myself to write for “content”. I thought, eh I can write a few scenes, sort some things out and edit a bit.

And I realized that, even if I force myself to write, I’m still closer to finishing this than I was before? Like Chapter 2 remained barely touched until today, now I have 2 little scenes left to complete and it’s done. And honestly? Maybe tomorrow I’ll see that it’s terribly written, but I rather work with some foundations for a scene that starting from scratch.

And I’m pissed at myself that I followed that rule to the T.

Yes, don’t force yourself to write when you’re not feeling it, but don’t use it as an excuse just because you’re lazy or you’re trying to hide a mental block. Write a paragraph, or a sentence, and see where it goes from there. If you feel a flow, go ahead, if you don’t, don’t sweat it.

Stop making Tumblr advice make you feel guilty for doing things your way, and don’t let it control your life or transform your hobbies to hard labor.

keith’s last vlog

after Keith leaves for his BOM mission, the team finds a USB stick in his room, under his pillow, with this video on it. 


hey guys, chances are that you’ve found this video by now. I don’t have many belongings, so it must have been easy to find. 

And, um, this is all I left behind. *voice crack and rubs fingers together*

okay, *closes eyes* keep it together, Keith. *slow exhale*

I used to be the paladin of the Black Lion. But, I don’t know what to say about myself now. I guess Im a member of the Blades, if they consider me one. There’s a lot I still need to learn, and so many people more qualified than me in the Blade of Marmora. I guess I was a vital member to BOM while I was a paladin, but Im not a paladin anymore. I honestly wonder who I really am. My only identity, the only part of me that ever felt real, felt like I belonged, felt like home, was when I was Red’s paladin.

However, I guess i didn’t belong there at all. Red bonded with Lance, I would never take that away from either of them. Being the black paladin made me feel sick. I felt like I was just strengthening the divide between you all and Shiro when he came back if I piloted Black. Ever since I figured out that I’m Galra, there’s been this undertone distancing between us. I don’t blame anyone, I just wish my circumstances were different.

I love Red. Me and Red had this unexplainable relationship, he was there for me though thick and thin. A lot of the times when I would need to cry to someone at night, I would just sit near Red and his presence just soothed me, cooled my blood, made me feel wanted. For once, I didn’t feel like I was bothering someone with my problems.

But, Lance, when you told me that you felt unneeded, unwanted, that you felt like everyone was excelling and you were falling behind. 

I know how that feels! I would never want anyone else to feel that way! Lance, you don’t deserve to feel that way!

So I backed out of Voltron. I quit, gave Black back to Shiro and Red to Lance. As Lance said, we need our best fighters on the battlefield. I was not going to let my weird mental health issues get in the way with something as important as fighting the Galra. 

So I moved to a position a little less vital. If I died or screwed up in the BOM, I would be replaced by another guy. It would still work out. If I made a mistake while in Voltron, which I did do multiple times and I am so so sorry guys that I screwed it all up for all of us, then it would affect millions and most importantly, it would directly affect you all.

Over time, I learned to consider you all as family. No, even more. You guys are all I had and all I have ever had, no one had ever made me feel wanted or needed before, until I joined Voltron. Every time I made a mistake in the past, people would never forgive me. They would just leave me to wonder what I was doing wrong. I guess, it was unfair of me to assume the same about you guys, but I couldn’t handle it. What if I screwed up one day and all of you would leave? All of you would give up on me. All of you would……..

 stop loving me. *tears* 

So I had to leave first. I had to leave before I made a mistake and hurt you all, or ended up broken again. 

I love you guys, thank you for all of the good memories. But I can’t do this again,

I can’t get attached again,

I can’t let my hopes rise again,

I can’t get hurt again.

Please continue Voltron without me. It’ll be easier without me, anyways. No more arguing between me and Lance, and no more impulsive and dangerous moves on missions. I hope Voltron suits you all well, and please know that i am a call away if you ever need support in a fight.

Lastly, I recorded this for a specific reason. I know how deadly these upcoming missions with the BOM are, so I recorded this just in case I would never see you guys again. *voice cracks* I love you all so much.

Coran and Allura, thank you so much for introducing me to Voltron. You really helped me find a place where I belong. I have felt at home for the first time in my life. I wish you guys luck with everything and I hope you can live to see more Alteans and a world where they are abundant. 

Hunk, you were always so positive and funny. Thank you for all of the hugs and jokes and times that we have shared. I love you so much, and I hope you continue with cooking and engineering and can finally settle down on Earth once this is all over and become as successful as I know you will be. 

Pidge, I hope your whole family is reunited once again. I hope you can sit with them at dinner again and eat familiar and warm food while laughing and cracking science jokes. I know that’s what you miss most. I hope your hair can grow out again, because you told me you missed it, I hope you and Matt will continue to make amazing advances in galactic technology and travel the universe together. I hope you grow up to be a beautiful and kind person that I know you will be. You have always been like a little sister to me, and I love you more than anything, Katie Holt.

Lance, I hope you get to see your baby twin cousins. How old will they be when you get back to Earth? What will Ms. Blue Lion (Or Red Lion I guess) look like? I hope she makes you the happiest, I hope you stay laughing and smiling as you always have. I hope you know how important you are, how great of a man you are, how humble and funny and pretty you are, I hope you get to reunite with all 53 members of your family where you guys can practice family traditions and drink warm soup with each other. I hope you get to sleep in that soft blanket on Earth that you’re always missing. I hope you get to drink chamomile tea and eat Earth food and dance in the rain the day you get home. I hope you get to do everything you want to. I know you will be successful, I know that you will make an amazing father and husband and that you will become famous. Lance, I love you so much. Please don’t give up on your dreams, please don’t stop smiling, and if you ever need any support, remember our moments together and how incredibly talented you are. You’ll make it through, man.

Shiro, you are the rightful leader of Voltron. You have worked so hard and you really deserve to be exactly where you are right now. I am so proud of you for never giving up. Unfortunately, I am no where near as strong as you. 

You’re so inspirational, you never gave up, even when the chance of survival was so little and when hope was spread so thin. You have taught me so many things, you have wiped so many of my tears, and you have comforted me countless times. Shiro, I love you so so so much, and I am really going to miss you so much. I wish you all the best with everything coming up in your life, you will make an amazing dad and husband. I can’t wait for you to get back to Earth and see how popular you are, and for you to receive all the attention and recognition you deserve. 

I am going to miss you so much, but you have so much light ahead of you, such a bright future. I am so proud of you for all that you have done and haven’t done. I love you, Shiro. Keep going.

After the fight with the Galra, if I am still alive, I plan to travel the universe in search of my roots. Never know how far away we will all end up from each other, but you will all always be in my heart.

Again, thanks so much for everything.

The paladin vlog release dates

So I was curious and mapped out the release dates of the vlogs so far

And I noticed a problem. There’s only 2 Thursdays left and there are 3 paladins left: pidge, hunk, and lance. And that’s not including the hopeful tease we would get from shiro or kuron. So this proposes a few questions and I have a couple theories:

1. The vlogs might come out sooner towards the release date of season 4, like this:

Or back to back in the week leading up which I think is likely. This would be to build the hype that they’ve done before previous seasons without actually giving away any new information about the upcoming season:

2. Another theory of mine although I don’t agree with it is that hunk and pidge will do a vlog together or the chaotic evil theory that hunk, pidge, or lance won’t get a vlog at all. But I do not agree with it and I believe we would all riot if that happened.

So hopefully theory 1 will be right and we still get a kuron/shiro vlog.

anonymous asked:

what makes namjoonie one of the best leader of all kpop group???


Also, brace yourself. Incoming long post!

*clears throat*

(1) THE AMOUNT OF DEDICATION HE HAS. Kim Namjoon started out as an underground rapper, and got into BigHit to a group called B.P.B (former/original would-be BTS group), along with other rap members… he was mocked for this choice, as idols aren’t really acknowledged in the hiphop scene. Especially idol rappers.. which is now what he is.  They were promised that the group will be full on rap, no dancing/singing. But then later on they were forced to learn how to dance. One by one the members left, but Namjoon stayed despite it all. (No, he absolutely didn’t know how to dance, but you’d be surprised at how much he can now) Could you imagine how much dedication that took to stay when you see your group members quit and leave you behind + you’re forced to do something you can’t do and wasn’t promised to you in the first place?

If I’m not mistaken, Namjoon was one of the original BTS (B.P.B) member left. Later on, Suga and J-Hope came in the company, followed by Jin, Jungkook, V, and Jimin. The BTS we now all know was formed this way. 

He is always in the studio producing, producing, producing for the group. If not, he’s writing lyrics. Even the members admit, he almost never sleeps because he is always constantly working on their music. 

As I mentioned before, he previously doesn’t have a dancing bone on his body… AT ALL.

But BTS is famous for their hard-hitting, tough choreographies… and after watching him for the past year, I’ve seen him improve so SO much in dancing. 

Watch him on their dance practice to their Intro Performance (he’s the guy with the D shirt. Usually placed at the back for this very reason too) then watch him on I NEED U.  I’m very proud of him for improving a lot within a short span of time.

/this may be because I really relate to him on this… I previously do not know how to dance at all, and now… I’m actually in a dance crew and I’m continuously improving myself with dancing.

He recently released a vlog saying his current thoughts about his solo mixtape that he finally released which was 7 years in the making, as well as working on the new BTS album. That alone shows how dedicated he really is.

(2) HIS LOYALTY TO BANGTAN. I have a feeling… that because he was left behind by some of his friends during his B.P.B days. Namjoon treasures his BTS members a whole lot. If you watch his episode on the 4Things Show, he was tested through a hidden camera by being offered by their CEO to go do a solo career. (That way, he can finally establish himself fully as a rapper) Not a split second passed, without hesitation he said he chooses to be in BTS. 

I’ve seen a lot of times he showed how much he looks out for the rest of them. Although the members make fun of him a lot, I can see that they really look up to him (especially the maknae line), and he gives so much love back to them. 

(3) HE’S NOT AFRAID TO SHOW HIS WEAKNESS/GIVE HIS HONEST THOUGHTS. (In a mature, and intellectual way)

He admitted to being hurt by how he was always mocked as an idol, artist, and as a person. He admitted he still lacked in many aspects, and suffered through a slump. He admitted to not knowing who he is and what he wanted to do. He also came into his own turning point about not giving a sh*t about what people say about him or what label him as anymore.  

Please have a read through this previous post I made about Namjoon for a back story to that. (That was also first time this guy honestly moved me). He also relies his own thoughts through his lyrics and music. May it be talking about struggles, to talking about sex, to fighting for his right to vote. (lmao. yes that happened) 

Even now, he shares his honest thoughts to us from time to time. (Through his personal vlogs, and some of his tweets)

(4) HE IS AN ACTUAL GENIUS. During his days as a student, he ranked top 1 in terms of school grades in the WHOLE FREAKING SOUTH KOREA.  

He taught himself how to read, speak and write English fluently. A language Koreans generally have a hard time learning, let alone on their own. He can make up lyrics on the spot, just give him a few seconds and he’ll be able to deliver a rap immediately. An average intellectual person has an IQ of 95-105. Namjoon’s IQ level is 148. 

(5) WITH THAT, HE IS AN ABSOLUTE IDIOT TOO. As much of a genius as he is, he is pretty much clumsy on other things. He’s named god of destruction because he always breaks/loses things without meaning to.

They say it’s because his mind is always contemplating about heavy thoughts, that he’s flimsy on the little things. Hahaha! Another charm of the dear leader.

(6) HE NEVER FORGETS TO STAY HUMBLE. I have met Bangtan in person, and Kim Namjoon stood out to me the most (at the time he wasn’t even my bias at all) because he gave me (and all the other fans) his absolute sincerity. I actually gave him a 90-degree bow during the hi-touch event (a gesture of high respect, because I sincerely wanted to specifically greet him that way), and he gave it right back to me… which actually surprised me a lot. Aside from that, along with all the Bangtan members, he never forgets to thank ARMYs regardless whether they win or lose on shows. Even on some of their vlogs in Youtube, you can sometimes see him casually busy at the back reading fan letters while the others are fooling around the camera.

Also, he has been rising in popularity lately, established himself in the U.S. and worked with American hip-hop artists Warren G, and Krizz Kaliko; released his solo mixtape, which was applauded by hiphop artists even outside South Korea, but he always always always never forgets to mention how thankful he is because of BTS and owes it all to them.

And probably the best reason of all…


I know Bangtan Boys are all really rowdy themselves. I can’t even imagine myself being able to have the patience and will to lead with all their strong personalities clashing, but he can. And he does it perfectly. If that is not reason enough, then I don’t even know anymore.

Though I cannot vouch for him being the best leader of all kpop groups, I can straight up tell you that he really IS the perfect leader for Bangtan. He has all the makings of a great leader, and I think no one else can lead BTS better than he does.

Thank you, and goodnight! Haha

Upload - Miniminter x reader pt. 2

Warnings - one swear word 👍🏻

Everyone scurried to the taxis and you jumped in the first one you saw, Simon following closely behind. Freya and Josh joined you and before you knew it, you were on your way to the station. After about ten minutes you arrived and got on the train, the carriage was completely empty apart from all you guys, you had a full row to yourself. You rested your head on the window with your feet up on the other chair, Simon sat across from you and replicated your actions but with his legs hanging a lot further of the edge then yours were. You laughed at this ridiculous sight. “What you giggling at?” Simon questioned “you, you’re so bloody long” you laughed and he joined you, “well I am a giant compared to you”, “hey! I’m only 5"6! That’s not that small” “it’s smaller than me though, therefore I am a giant!” He announced in a booming voice, you laughed at his words and continued to chat about anything and everything, mainly about upload and that you were excited for the Q&A.

Once you had arrived at the hotel, you whipped out your vlogging camera and made a quick tour through your hotel room then closed of the camera. You threw your self on to the bed and sunk into the quilt, it was amazing. Suddenly a knock at the door was heard and Simon walked in “what the fuck are you doing?” He laughed at the sight of you laying on the bed with your face in the covers. You flipped your self over “i was tired and it looked really comfy” you giggled, “well anyways, are you coming down there with us, we’re gonna go have a look around” “sure, il vlog there, I need some footage” You jumped up, grabbed what you needed and made your way to the reception where everyone else was. “Right are we setting off then?” Ethan asked, everyone nodded as we made our way out of the doors. “Okay, so this is ‘meet and greet 2’ where I’ll be, come and say hi. And that’s the main stage, where I’ll be doing the Q&A with this one” you pointed at Simon as he waved at the camera “but yea, so that’s about it for the little tour and whatnot, so be sure leave a like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video, see ya next time, byeeee” you said as you shut of the camera and followed Simon as he vlogged for his channel. Once you had finished dropping the merch and last bits and bobs of, you and everybody else left to go back to the hotel.

Part 3 will be out shortly x

Jake Paul - Jealousy (pt. 2)

Jake’s POV

Jake’s eyes widened when he saw that you’d left.  How long had you been gone?  Where did you go?  Why?  A million questions flooded his head as he handed his vlog camera to Kade.  “Kade, I’m going to find y/n,” he said.

Kade’s eyes widened.  “You’re not serious.  Dude, the wedding is about to start!”

He shoved the camera into Kade’s hands.  “I need to find her, Kade.  I-I thought doing something like this would get rid of my feelings for her, but it isn’t.”  He loosened the tie around his neck and took a deep breath before running out of the chapel, onto the street.  “y/n?!” he yelled, but got no response.

He ran down the street, ignoring all the people who noticed him and tried to stop him for pictures.  He felt bad about it, but he had to find you.  Before you got lost.  “y/n?!” 

Then he saw you.  You were sitting on a bench in a park, right beside a fountain.

And you were with a guy.

He slowly walked over to you, staring at the guy.  “Hey y/n…” he said.

You jumped up and took his hand.  “There you are, babe!”  Jake’s heart began to flutter, as you looked at the guy. “This is my boyfriend, the reason I can’t go out with you.  Sorry.”  Then you turned to him.  “Let’s go babe.”  You dragged him away from the bench, and once you were far enough away you let go of his hand.  “Sorry about that, that guy was hitting on me and making me uncomfortable, and I needed some excuse.”  Then you paused, and looked at him.  “Wait, why are you here?”

He loosened his tie again.  “y/n, why did you leave?”

You sighed.  “Maybe because I didn’t wanna watch the guy I fell in love with marry someone else.”

His heart began to race so fast, he could hear it.  He wouldn’t doubt that you could hear it.  “Y-Y-You love me?”

You rolled your eyes.  “Yeah, stupid.  But, you’re getting married.  Go.”

He shook his head and took your hands.  “y/n, I’m not actually getting married.  I don’t want to actually get married yet.  And when I do…  I want it to be to you.”  He looked down at his feet, but his grip on your hands tightened.  “Erika was in on a plan to get me to get over my feelings for you, because it’s like you’ll date anyone except me.  You dated Logan for a few months, you went on a date with Chance, you’re constantly flirting with Ray…  It’s everyone but me.  I wanted to do this to get over that.  But if you love me, I don’t have to.  I love you too.”

You hugged him tightly.  “You know, you could’ve just asked me out.  Or you could’ve asked me to marry you.”  You chuckled lightly.

He pulled out of the hug and looked down at you.  “Well, will you marry me?”

You smiled.  “Let’s try dating first and see how that ends up, okay?”

He nodded and smiled at you.  “Okay.”

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Your vlog about the customer situation was too real! I had a situation today with a lady who wanted to do a return, on her receipt the original price was $49.99 & she used a coupon so she payed $39.99 & she tried to argue with me that her refund wasn't correct. She insisted she payed $49.99, I called my manager & the lady was still saying it was wrong then she wanted to apply a coupon to an item on her receipt and it crashed my register & register 2! She literally had a tantrum about it & left.

Omg…… people are just ridiculous. I just have to think they must be oblivious to all the problems in the world if they think it’s acceptable to freak out over relatively small problems : / 


Ethan x Reader #2

Warnings: no just like a swear or two, vv cute fluff

Requested: yussss “Can I please have an Ethan imagine where him and the reader are cuddling at the sidemen house and the other boys start teasing them?? Thank you!!!!” (via @behzinga-trash)

Notes: This was really cute and fun to write tbh ~K


You were going over at the Sidemen house, since everyone had declared it one big filming day. You yourself were a smaller YouTuber with almost 2 million subscribers, and you had been invited over to film. You had met the boys through your YouTube career, and your gaming channel. Unlike them gaming wasn’t the only thing that you did on YouTube, you had 2 channels one of which was more of a vlogging and chatty channel. You had originally met at a gaming convention, when the same company took both you and the boys to the convention. They had made quite an impression on you when you first met, but of course one stuck out further than the rest. Ethan, and you had only known each other for a couple of weeks when he first asked you one a date, but another date followed and another after that and the rest was history.

Keep reading

hey guys, this is gonna be a lil life update!

well first off i finished high school yesterday!! and had the sickest last day and of course i cried at the end of it! had a lil get together last night, which was amazing and ending in a hell of a lot alcohol consumption. Now i just have exams left, which im kinda fucked for even though ive been studying for then for like 2 months now, we’ll trying to study for them. also recently i had this idea to start creating YouTube videos whether it’s just me talking to the camera or creating vlogs from mismatch snippets ive taken! So yeah if you would like send in some questions into my ask and i’ll answer them through a video! xx

Check Please from Señor Bunny’s point of view, Toy Story style!

  • Señor Bunny has never been outside of Georgia. He is very excited to be going with Samwell with Dicky
  • “Dicky” is the only name Señor Bunny has ever heard around the house. Later, he will learn that the other hockey boys call him “Bitty” or “Bittle”.
  • Dicky talks to Señor Bunny and has whole (one-sided) conversations with him. Senor Bunny never answers back, of course, but when Dicky leaves the room, there’s always a smile on Señor Bunny’s face.
  • Señor Bunny pulls the covers higher on Dicky when he’s sleeping at night. It’s colder here than in Georgia and he doesn’t want Dicky to catch a cold.
  • Señor Bunny goes through that whole first year filled with anxiety, dread, and pride for his Dicky. (He’s actually filled with cotton stuffing, but that has never stopped him from feeling things.)
  • Señor Bunny gets bored in Dicky’s dorm room when he’s not there. There are no other toy companions around for him to talk to like the old days. (The rest of them are now living in the attic in the house back in Georgia.) 
  • With nothing else better to do, he reads Dicky’s textbooks and actually learns a few interesting things. His favourites are the novels and short story anthologies that Bitty brings back from his Intro to English Literature course.
  • When Dicky moves into the Haus, Señor Bunny meets Mandy and Jenny. He also meets a worn, stuffed bear named Corduroy who lives up in the attic with Ransom. Corduroy has an eye missing and his fur is patchy is most places but he gives the best hugs.
  • Señor Bunny, Corduroy, Mandy, and Jenny like to get together and play cards or listen to music or just talk when the Haus is empty. It doesn’t happen too often, but Señor Bunny is thankful that he’s not alone.
  • The four of them eventually notice the boys’ stupid pining and they start to hatch a plot to get them to “pull their dumb heads out of their magnificent, hockey butts” (Mandy’s words).
  • There’s some grade-A level matchmaking that happens. Things go missing and then reappear in strategic locations. Doors of basements get locked and won’t unlock until some dumb boys finally admit their feelings and make out. Journals and vlog links are left out in the open. Within 3 months, Ransom and Holster make it official while Jack and Dicky/Bitty keep it low-key.
  • They high-five each other the next time they meet. If they weren’t 2 ghosts and 2 toys, they would almost go into the business together.
  • When Jack visits, Señor Bunny is grateful that Dicky turns him to face the wall.

EDIT: Now with more stuffed animal headcanons!

Mark Fischbach- Welcome Home, Baby Girl (FLUFF)

(This is a shorter story than usual that I apologize for but I’m currently packing up for Chicago! I’m hoping to write a lot more on the way down there this weekend (F-M) since its an 8 hour drive. They will be longer then this :))

 "And here is the house, Molly!“ Mark said enthusiastically, caring his newborn daughter into the house in one arm and holding the camera in the other. Mark had been extremely excited to find out you were pregnant, and that hyperactivity had lasted throughout the whole pregnancy. Now that Molly was born 2 days ago, all his thoughts have been on making sure you were okay and comfortable and showing Molly the world. Even though her existence had only been for a short amount of time, she already had her daddy wrapped around her finger.

 "Want to go see your room?” Mark asked, carefully walking across the floor over to the stairs. He usually ran up the stairs as fast as he could to check his channel or to start editing a video, but today he acted quite differently. He took his time up the stairs, making sure he was safe in his arms but also trying to maintain a good camera angle. Mark hadn’t stopped taking pictures of her, and her very first vlog was even more important to him. Mark and Molly disappeared up the stairs and since your stitches were beginning to hurt, you sat down on the couch. You fell asleep a little while later, but a few hours later, you were awaken by Mark. 

 "Come up stairs with me,“ Mark whispered into your ear, squatting down near the couch. "I want to show you something." 

 "Mark, I’m really starting to hurt again. I would love to but I don’t think I can,” you said, attempting to sit up. 

 "Let me help you upstairs. That way I can show you what I want to and you can get into your own bed,“ he replied, trying to support you as you got up, and then trying to support you as you went up the stairs. You finally arrived at the top when Mark turned you immediately to the left, directly into his studio.

 "Why are we going in here?” you asked. 

 "I have a surprise,“ he said, motioning for you to sit down on the chair that was in front of the monitor. His face was on in, staring back in his classic vlog position. He leaned in over you to click the play button. 

 "Over the last few days, my life has completely changed. I watched one of the strongest, most beautiful woman give birth to a sweet little girl. Now, I want to introduce you to Molly. She’s only 2 days old today, but she has completely changed my life already. I am so happy to be a father now,” he said as the screen cut from him to the footage that he had shot today. “I will continue to update you all on her life and I will make sure to post pictures and vlog with her. Sorry to make this video short, but I really just to spend time with my new family member. And as always, I will see you in the next video! Bu-bye!" 

 Tears filled your eyes. This video captured Mark perfectly: his love for being a father, his love for you and most of all the excitement the last two days have brought. 

 "I don’t think I’ve ever been happier,” you said in response to the amazing video, going in for a hug, snuggling your face into his chest.

 "Let’s have another,“ he joked, hugging you back. 

"You better be joking,” you giggled into his chest. 

 "Yes, I’m joking,“ he said, kissing your head. "For now at least." 

 Request by anon: Markiplier’s first day at home with his gf/wife and his newborn daughter.

TBBT: The Veracity Elasticity (10x7)

If you haven’t watched, SPOILERS ahead.

Awww! Loved it!!!! I watched it 3 times today’s because there is so much to in this episode. So let me jump right in.

1. Fun with flags:

I enjoy any episode that has “Fun with Flags” in it. How cute are Sheldon and Amy when they do these shows? That’s when their nerdiness really shines through. 💖 It’s so funny how over the top and awkward each movement is when they are recording. Can we make a petition to have Fun with Flags be a real YouTube vlog? Lol! 😂 I enjoyed “Footprints on the Moon” as musical guest too. Nice touch, guys! 👍Always a fan of FOTM!

BONUS: How cute and significant was the theme of the show they both worked on. According to them it was “flags of 2 regions coming together as 1″. That’s how they view their relationship. Can we get an “amen”? 🙌

2. Living together life:

Did you guys notice how comfortable and normal they are living together? Raj and Howard left and they were both tidying up and planning dinner, chit chatting about her apartment with Sheldon offering to help her with her landlord. But poor Amy looked so nervous lying to him. 😕

3. The guys have lunch at Caltech:

Finally, a Caltech lunch scene! 😆 It feels like ages. It was nice to watch them going back and forth with their random conversations on the asteroids and the kale. And Howard patronizing the guys of course was gold. I laughed too hard at Sheldon’s “I feel both flattered and hurt. Like when people say I look like a skeleton form the Night before Christmas.” LOL! 😂

4. Sheldon is worried about Amy:

Aaaaagh!!! 😲 He is head over heels for Amy (we knew). He is not good at noticing other people’s feelings or when others are lying to him but with Amy is different. He knew something wasn’t right and he also knew she was hiding something from him to the point of not being able to eat or sleep. 😳 Poor baby! It was driving him crazy because he trust her so much.

5. Lies:

Penny putting Leonard’s stuff into storage was not cool. 😡 She knew this was part of what Leonard stood for since she met him. Come on Penny! And Amy keeping that her apartment was fixed from Sheldon… Come on Amy! There was no need for that, ladies.

6. Klingon and Ubbi Dubbi:

I found this scene amusing and extremely hilarious. How funny was listening to them 4 and their lines with the subtitles? Hahaha 😅😉 Sheldon’s face when the girls start talking Ubbi Dubbi was priceless. Icing on the cake when the rest of the gang joins them and Howard started speaking Klingon too. Everyone (including Howard and Bernie) fessed up quickly and Amy also apologized to Sheldon. It looked like she just wanted to crawl under a rock. Penny on the other hand was not having it “And what? Your wizard robes are next to go?” was her response to Leonard expecting an apology. I will admit it may have been mean but it was funny. However, can we get and episode where Leonard’s is served justice. He is a wonderful guy and attractive too. I don’t want him to be the underdog all the time. I get it, Penny’s beautiful. I mean did you see her outfit in the sex dungeon scene? 😍 Stunning! But Leonard hold his own too, Kooh-Vakh!

7. Sheldon is open to the possibility!!!!!:

When asked by Raj, Sheldon specifically said he considered their experiment to be positive. Squeal!!! 😀 He has enjoyed living with her. Amy’s “Are you saying you’d like to live with me?” broke my heart. 💔 It almost seemed like she was not expecting for him to be on board after all this weeks and how much they have grown. She still fears flight risk-shut down-closed off-guarded Sheldon. 

“I’m open to the possibility” Sheldon replied and then I died. Go Sheldon! 

I have to say I get the whole “but that’s my room”… Because it totally is. Let’s not forget he was living in 4A way before Leonard or Penny even lived in the building. I know some may not agree but Leonard and Penny got married and Penny had her apartment and it was Leonard who moved in to Sheldon’s apartment so technically its not only his room but his apartment. But I understand why the writers are doing it this way. Not to be petty, but it’s his room. Just sayin’.

8. Good night kiss:

Sheldon and Amy talking before bedtime!!! Feels! 😻 And of course, their adorable peck on the lips. 😚😚😚 Oh, my babies!!!! Did you all notice Sheldon is the one that continued thinking about the logistics of moving in together and making it work once again? He presented various options: Penny’s apartment, Amy’s apartment, a new place or move to a new city. But let’s not forget he hates changes so this is huge for him. Being with Amy is not the hard part for him, is the changes (ie. losing his bedroom) that is causing him anguish.

BONUS: “That’s my girl”. Yes she is. Agh!!!!

9. Comic book store:

How awesome that in one episode we got to revisit Fun with Flags, Caltech cafeteria and the Comic book store? In TBBT universe, each set means so much to us viewers. Anyway, how cool the guys asking the hard questions and Sheldon still taking the moving in with Amy issue very seriously? (Sheldon called it a “significant decision”).

“Do you love her?” and “Do you like living with her?”. Thank you Raj and Howard for asking the hard questions. The answer rolled right out of Sheldons mouth without hesitation: YES AND YES!!!

10. How PERFECT is Amy?

She is more than perfect. Okay, she lied which wasn’t cool. However, she wasn’t happy about lying, it’s not her element. She was honest in her apology too. But she is so understanding and patient. She really knows him, knows how to calm him or steer him and is willing to wait for him to meet her where she is at or meet him where he is at. No wonder Sheldon is in love with her. Some examples;

* She knew how to change the subject by steering the conversation in a way that caught his attention after the Fun with Flags. Sheldon said himself he found the topic “irresistible” and she knew it which was why she did it. I think this is the third time this season that Sheldon is kinda intrigued and titillated by something Amy says.

* When they were in bed, she wasn’t the one to approach their living arrangements. She let him lead the conversation about were they would live but when she saw he was overwhelmed, she didn’t ignore or minimize his feelings. She wanted to help him calm down and looked for the right way because its Sheldon we are talking about. She “sang” the Star Trek theme. Then he requested the 2001 space Odyssey. Did you see his face as she was singing it and then the big smile when he laid down?

* When Sheldon was in the hallway he seemed truly torn. 😢 When he told her he was there contemplating Buridan’s donkey, it must have been hard for her and she could have taken it as a form of rejection. She simply said “I understand” and was willing to give him his space. He seemed once again mesmerized by our Vixens knowledge of what he was referring to. Not only that, she threw in a few other references that got his attention once again focused on her because only Amy can challenge Sheldon’s brain and his heart at the same time. 

BONUS: Without a struggle or complains he ends up following her. That is their relationship. He is attracted to her and is willing to follow her and do things for her that are out of his comfort zone because she does get him but at the same time challenges him. She waits for him when she needs to but leads him when necessary. And he follows because she speaks his language, and he sees her as equal intellectually and he truly admires and respects her. This is what makes #ShAmy so special!

Awesome episode and I have to say, I’m loving Season 10 so much! 

BTW, I saw the promo right after the episode for next week and ended up rewinding that a dozen times. Can’t wait for next episode to try and figure out why on God’s green earth Amy Farrah Fowler (or any woman for that matter) ever turn down Sheldon’s “sexy” attempt. I don’t know whats up, all I saw was the commercial since I’m unspoiled but Amy please. Don’t you know that Sheldon is like a man made of sugar in a world of ants?🐜🐜🐜


Yesterday I received this message on my most recent upload to YouTube, no doubt a dig at the current content being uploaded to the channel but still a fairly accurate comment none the less.

I haven’t really spoken publicly about the direction I’m taking World of the Orange for 2015, mostly because I simply don’t know. So instead I’m just going to explain where I’m at and what’s going on with me and then y’all can rest easy once and for all.

In January this year I started working essentially full time on video editing for an external company. Completely separate from any of the personal editing I’ve been doing for the past 4 years on WOTO.

Reasons for accepting the job as opposed to forging forward with a YouTube-centric career?

The channel wasn’t providing a huge income for me and YouTube’s ever more broken platform for channels with less than 6.8 gazillion existing subscribers didn’t help matters. So yes, money obviously plays a factor. I have rent and bills to pay. I live with my girlfriend and my dog and sometimes we like to eat. Sponsorship deals would poke their heads around the corner from time to time but I’m not hugely into acting or presenting or generally portraying a false version of myself in front of the camera, which seemed to be what most of the offers coming my way required, so most of the opportunities I was turning down anyway.

There have been many incarnations of WOTO but generally people only think of one (2013/#CONTENT era). The channel how it is now is just another regeneration. (I’m aware that’s a Doctor Who reference and I’m sickened by it.) To explain I will have to cover essentially the entire timeline of WOTO. So here goes.

2011/2012. The channel actually started off as a comedy VFX channel. 4 years ago both myself and Liam were slightly below par video editors with some small experience in video effects software like After Effects. So we made little sketches like Epic Mundane Task’s etc.  

Then we gave that up. The stress of producing high quality content regularly whilst juggling work and university was insane. So we actually ended the channel. During 2012 we ended the channel. It was dead. We had retired. Resigned to the fact that it simply wasn’t for us. Then at the beginning of 2013 we sat down and turned on a camera, poked fun at the system and broke every rule that YouTube had asked us to follow with their “Creators Handbook” and made a stupid, poorly shot, poorly edited, piss take of a video. Then we did it again… every week, for an entire year. That was the peak of WOTO. The chaotic 2013 era that saw multiple collabs, sofa banter, #CONTENT and nothing but laughter. The second incarnation of WOTO is what most people think of it as being, still, even after Liam left, even now.

At the beginning of 2014 we tried to branch out with our brand. We reached out to radio and television to see if we could push WOTO beyond YouTube and further the brand. We spruced up the channel. We even attempted a longer format (incarnation three) over the summer to test our skills but after 6 months of mostly fruitless attempts we stopped pushing and not long after that Liam wisely decided to throw in the towel.

That was obviously a huge blow to the channel. It left me at square one. I didn’t know how to run a solo channel. Since I can’t do makeup tutorials or direct short films, I was faced with the crossroads of either vlogging or gaming. So I tried vlogging (incarnation four) and I hated it and myself within about 2 weeks. I had spent 4 years honing the skill of bouncing comedy off of my partner in crime Liam, not sitting alone in a bedroom classic vlog style. At the end of the year a pretty decent opportunity was offered to me as an editor. The years of WOTO weren’t fruitless, in fact they honed my skills as an editor better than a performer or comedian. So I took the job expecting to be able to easily continue providing content for the YouTube channel.

There was a transitional period, I moved house and settled in at my new job and it was pretty tough to find time to upload. So I didn’t. But without the guillotine of rent dangling above my head I was able to step back and take a look at the last few months of the channel. Did I want to keep uploading vlog-style solo videos? Is YT even a thing I want to do anymore? Was I just doing it to pay rent?

No, no and yes.

Honestly, I probably could easily keep uploading at least a single video a week but I realised I didn’t want to. For one thing the whole landscape of YouTube has changed so dramatically over the last few years that it’s not even a platform I like anymore regardless of whether I am on it or not.

But aside from that, I found that, bit by bit I was carving away at my own personality. Forcing myself to be very vanilla to appeal to brands and make sure that nobody watching the video would be offended or turned off by anything I said or did. The pressure to be something your not starts to really affect your ability to have fun and enjoy the content you’re creating. WOTO was supposed to be fun first and foremost and frankly it wasn’t anymore. In reality I would never heavily censor myself like that. I had built a version of myself that was starting to feel more like an act than anything else.

Recently, I started live streaming on Twitch in my spare time. Mostly I wanted to chill out after working all day and play a game. But I still love the interaction with an audience so streaming on Twitch seemed like a good idea. The reason I made YouTube videos was to have a laugh with my friend and provide something decent for everyone to watch. The comments on our videos used to make us laugh as much as much as filming the video did. It was like YOU were all involved with us. A huge group of friends from all over the world. But by the end of last year it was just me churning out a video containing a false version of myself in the hopes somebody would pay me enough money to promote something so that I could make rent that month. I had become the same as every other channel on the platform and WOTO made its name by swimming against the current. I no longer represented my own brand. I no longer represented myself.

So for the time being WOTO is in its next incarnation. Number 5. On a whole different platform. And yes, I guess that what’s left on YT is a gaming channel in a way. If you subscribed for me and Liam, we’ll pop up from time to time playing a game. If you subscribed for collabs with other YouTubers on a sofa, that ended 2 years ago. If you subscribed for me then I haven’t really gone anywhere. But if you subscribed for a specific type of content then likely it is gone. Essentially it’s complete overhaul number 5. Me, working as a video editor, then coming home and streaming games and possibly uploading that to YouTube for those who want to see it.

So if you wanna hang out with me this year I’ll most likely be at Twitch.tv/BradWOTO. If you wanna watch whatever bits and bobs I upload to YT then go for it! That’s great! But I think we have to say goodbye to WOTO 1,2,3 & 4 and accept that everything eventually moves on.

Honestly, I think you’ll be okay.

Disclaimer: This was ghost written.

Zalfie diary - June 20th

Today Zoe made an appearance in a live tv show called Loose Woman. Also, she hit 5million subscribers on her youtube channel. You go girl!

One of the first person to congratulate her was Alfie, the always supportive and adorable boyfriend.

Alfie was out and about with Marcus in Brighton with to buy new skateboards.

Alfie uploaded Sims episode 18 in which they were basically training their baby. Look how excited they are about their baby’s new skills,

and how happy when the baby can go to toilet by herself.

However they had to cut the episode short because they went to see TFIOS with Poppy (Alfie’s sister), Sean (Poppy’s boyfriend), Niomi and Marcus.

Alfie snapchatted on their way.

Late at night, Zoe uploaded her vlog of June 19th-the day they left Cannes. It was cuteness overload!

First Alfie was cute (and gorgeous and hot) in the morning.

They were cute in the beach.

Wait! What did we just see?! God dammit Zalfie, what did we just see? I mean we saw cheek bite with lips which is more adorable than a kiss on cheek! (Probably it would have been a kiss if Zoe did not turn on the camera tbh :))

And they were cute in the plane.

(1., 2. & 3. gif)

anonymous asked:

ok mom people seem to be asking u questions about the thing (you know the thing) and I have some too: -when did they confirm sharing passwords?? -when was phil hungover? -"the vlogs of the christmas party showing them sitting closer than everyone else once more" whose? -"dan being lonely and posing in a picture to model fan art to pass the time" ??? -what does it mean "dan learning that true love waits"? anyway that's all thanks so much!! xx

1) about 8 months ago phil ordered a cab on dan’s phone while dan was asleep which confirmed the passcode thing first (along with some moments in videos like their best fiends video where they tweeted off each other’s accounts but it’s hard to tell if they actually unlocked each other’s phones or if they were already unlocked)

2) dan and phil were at the flipside management christmas party and dan left early to upload a sims video while phil stayed behind at the party to take flaming shots (phil claims he only had one but all men do is lie) https://twitter.com/updatedphan/status/809179532632719360

3) this vlog at around 13:57: https://youtu.be/4uto8OspAlM?t=13m57s

4) life imitates art (link)

5) dan recently mentioned he’s learning “true love waits” by radiohead on piano so i mean i’m not saying anything but we’re probably gonna get to hear some of that once he gets a new piano in 2017


AU where Armin is a somewhat popular Youtube vlogger who talks about embarrassing/hilarious things that happen to him and how he’s always acting like a complete spazz in front of his crush and Eren (his crush, obviously) finds his channel and spends an entire weekend marathoning his videos and develops a crush of his own \o/

Chapters: Part 4, previous Part 1, Part 2 and Part3. Also on AO3

Pairing: Eren/Armin

Rating: PG for now.

A/N: This one took even longer than the other ones and I apologize. Between being busy and having difficulty accessing internet, I’m not that much online. But I’ve used my time off to write angsty EreMin fiction that I will post soon.

For now here comes chapter 4 and I’ll be updating the rest of the chapters very soon. Roughly 2-3 chapters left. Big thanks to Nica for her continual support <3.

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