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Reclaim the Bindi week is back! I love being Bengali (West Bengal~) and I wouldn’t change my identity for the world! Unlike many of my fellow ladies on this site, I’m very grateful to have never have hated my cultural identity and to have a huge Bengali community to grow up with and rely on that really keeps our culture alive, and I’m very happy for them for being able to love their heritage too! Top left and bottom center are from Durga Puja last year, and the other 2 on the bottom are from my Bharatnatyam Academy’s annual day in January! And the top right is after I cut my hair, you can’t really tell though lol 

About Requesting Doug Walker (the Nostalgia Critic) and Rob Walker to do Vlogs on Wander Over Yonder...

Saw a post regarding the need to boost Wander Over Yonder’s Popularity, including requests Doug and Rob Walker for the Vlogs when Gravity Falls ends (I assume the next one would be Rick and Morty while Steven Universe and Adventure Time are left). I think that’s a great idea. 

I’m sure with him being a fan of cartoony humor (Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry), and seeing how modern shows are getting good than what he has seen before growing out of it by the 2000s (he has heard of Powerpuff Girls, he made a post about the PPG Special 2014 which he didn’t like the designs apart from the old one that is pretty good), he could give it a shot.

Though keep in mind. He seems to be not a big fan of the cliche: The Whimsical Innocent Poet/Big Dreamer who wants more, screws up sometimes but has a heart of gold type of character. He said that he didn’t like the main character Danny from Cat’s Don’t Dance whose personality is bland and forgettable for him.

I mean Wander may fall in that category given that his personality in Season 1 until the middle of Season 2 is mostly too optimistic, oblivious of danger, and may be annoying to his tastes. Hopefully he’ll grow to like the show for other reasons like Hater, Sylvia (being a platonic friend to Wander who actually is serious on staying with Wander), Peepers, Emperor Awesome, the worlds, the art designs, and the music too.

If you want to give him and Rob a good info about the show, mention these info:

  • Craig McCracken the creator. Nuff said.
  • WOY crew have their blogs on Tumblr regarding the show (Frank Angones is the Story Editor and has been up to date with answering Q&As from fans, though there are SPOILERS)
  • Link The Walkers this Season 1 guide Frank Angones made here: http://suspendersofdisbelief.tumblr.com/post/123839493821/helpful-suggestions-for-new-wanderers-a-primer
  • There’s a LOT of STAR WARS references, and callbacks to Warner Bros. Cartoons Gags.
  • Season 1 is a throwback to Looney Tunes (something Doug and Rob are huge fans of those old cartoons) with some sentimental moments
  • Season 2 picks up the pace with story arc (new villain Lord Dominator challenging the main characters, Wander’s hints of his past, Wander’s worldview challenged by Dominator that would affect his development, Lord Hater and his views on Dominator, Peepers getting more proactive with evil, etc.)
  • Wander’s personality shouldn’t be backlashed if first seen in The Picnic (most first impression folks deemed him as annoying there). The Greatest, The Good Deed, The Nice Guy, The Helper, The Big Job, The Helper, particularly ones that involve Wander’s proactive and weaknesses and Sylvia supporting/guiding him give a good picture of his character
  • At least to let them keep in mind that Wander’s character will get development as confirmed by Craig and his crew for Season 2. Season 1 is just a sandbox for character studies.
  • Lord Hater is one of the funniest villains and serves as a favorite than Wander since Hater is meant to be the Protagonist by Craig’s intentions
  • The animation and the art designs are very cartoony based and can be appreciated 
  • The Songs are pretty out of this world, but they are entertaining to listen to. There’s a Musical Episode coming up this 2016 that would involve songs that are entertaining (song and dance numbers), and ones that progress the plot (the same way as classic Disney animated films, Les Mis, Wicked, etc.)

Just putting it there in case you want to request Doug and Rob Walker to do Vlogs on them. Or if you can also request on other online reviewers, try Paw (he does Musical reviews as Music Movies, but it’s on hiatus to take care of his newborn baby and do Quest Let’s Play videos). He did a review on The Powerpuff Girls’ Rock Opera Episode and liked it. Maybe if he sees the show up to the WOY Musical Episode, he could review that episode as part of his Music Movies Shorties series.