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You know..? I’ll never forget you… You’re forever trapped in my head, you are still everything to me. I tried and tried but you aren’t leaving my head for some reason. You are my drug, you are what keeps me going and I’m sick of it I want my life back, my drive to be better and find something new but they aren’t you.

-12:57 AM


I was watching a very potter musical for fun bc I’ve never seen it, and I got a text that was like “happy b day” and I was like “lol that’s tomorrow”. Then I realized that it was 12:40 am. I started off my 16th year of my life, the prime of my teen years, watching a very potter musical. U know most teens are partying on their “sweet 16th”. I ju s t

A Bit of Help

Title: A bit of help.
Requested: @shhhspect
About: “ i was wondering if you are doing reader insert requests. If so can I get one were the reader is a long time best friend of Queenie, she and Tina notice the reader and newt like each other and decides to help get them together.” 
Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader
Warnings: Some language. Being awkward. Cuteness??
Notes: It’s currently 12 AM and I have work at 7, but this has been stuck on my mind.

   You sat, perched upon the window sill of Queenie and Tina Goldstein’s apartment. The sheer drop from the height of the building made everyone beneath you, small; quite endearing, it was. You reclined yourself so that your sun-dress barely reached your knees, the way you liked it. It exposed the fine skin of your thighs and they got to relish on this sunny, New York day (though rare). 

  Waiting on Queenie to get home for her break was killing you, and ever since Tina had welcomed Newt into your life, you could not get his freckled physique out of your mind. It was quite terrible to be stuck in a loop, especially when you did not understand men like Queenie did. You were shy and withdrawn, barely did you go out of your comfort zone to talk to someone. 

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he bohemian rhapsody by woodchipeagletoenail

[12:22:39 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> Is this the real smite
[12:23:12 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> is this just Thong kui
[12:23:56 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> caught in a mumify
[12:24:13 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> NO ESCAPE from reality
[12:25:19 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> open your TRYs
[12:25:26 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> loki to the skies and seeeeee
[12:25:48 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> IM JUST A THOR BOY
[12:26:35 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> I need no basetitties
[12:27:05 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> cuz Im easy Kumba, easy Thoth
[12:27:32 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> whoop is high, dash is low
[12:28:18 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> ANYWAY THE RING BOUNCE GOES
[12:28:55 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> doesnt really matter to meeeee
[12:29:04 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> tooo peee
[12:29:09 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> AMA
[12:29:13 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> just killed a man
[12:31:51 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> Put ne zha against his head
[12:32:20 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> pulled my Freya now he’s dead
[12:32:44 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> Chaaaac
[12:32:48 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> life had just begun
[12:34:45 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> but Aphro’s gone and thrown it alllll awayyyyy
[12:34:57 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> Athenaaaaaaa ooooooo
[12:35:23 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> Iza mean to make you cryy
[12:35:45 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> if Hun batz back again this time kuzenboo
[12:36:01 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> POSEIDOOON poseidon
[12:36:19 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> cuz raijin really matterss
[12:37:05 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> Zeus latee
[12:37:14 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> Ah muzen cab
[12:37:28 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> hel shivers down my spine
[12:37:47 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> Cabra aching all the timee
[12:38:02 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> ao kuang everybody
[12:38:33 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> Rama to goo
[12:39:06 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> guan yu leave you all behind and faaaace the Nuuu
[12:39:15 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> raVANAAAA
[12:39:28 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> UUUUUUUUUULlr
[12:39:42 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> i xbalanque
[12:40:54 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> Sun Isis Ive never been born at allll
[12:41:20 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> Im just a thor boy no bod-Mercury
[12:42:29 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> He’s just Scylla boy from a poor Kheepri
[12:43:30 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> Ares his life from this anhur kali
[12:44:17 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> easy come easy go
[12:44:21 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> will you let me go
[12:44:28 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> camazotz NOOO
[12:44:37 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> Bellona let you go
[12:44:52 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> Bellona we will not let you go
[12:45:06 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> he bo let you go
[12:45:14 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> no no no no no no no
[12:45:20 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> Oh rama Mia rama Mia
[12:45:27 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> ra ra mia let me go
[12:46:03 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> the HEL kuku as Susano terra sol for meee
[12:46:05 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> for meee
[12:46:08 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> FOR MEEEEE
[12:46:15 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> *guitar solo*
[12:46:57 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> sun wukong ymir-tters
[12:47:18 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> anyone Sylvyyy
[12:47:29 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> odin really matters
[12:47:35 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> nike really matters
[12:47:37 AM] <WoodchipEagleToenail> to meeee


Love, I want you to know that I don’t care about having late dinners if at the end of the day you will have it with me. In fact, I don’t care if we don’t have dinner at all as long as I’m with you. Foolish, yes, but I am in love, I can’t do anything about it now. Your love is so good. Your love gives nourishment to my soul.
Friuli Trattoria, Maginhawa St., Quezon City
March 25, 2017 / 12:44 AM

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Nickname: Kaylee (Its what I go by in America since people can’t pronounce it)
Gender: female
Star sign: Libra
Height: 180 something cm
Time right now: 12:29 am
Last thing I googled: 12 pm
Favorite Band:  Gorillaz, Twenty One Pilots
Favorite Single Artist: Lin Manuel Miranda
Last Song stuck in my head: Saturnz Barz
Last movie I watched: I think Doctor Strange
Last TV show I watched: Samurai Jack
When I created my blog: Late last year I think
What do I post: Usually art, mostly fanart, mostly voltron fanart
Do you have any other blogs: yes, but I’d rather not say
Why did you choose your url: My sister is a banana and apparently pineapple in german is anana. Also I’m Korean.
Posts: 225
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
Pokémon team: Instict
Favorite color: Anything aesthetically pleasing
Average hours of sleep: 5-7
Lucky numbers: 7 and 13
Favorite characters: Too much man…to much…
What are you wearing right now: baggy magenta sweater and blue fuzzy pajama pants
Dream job: storyboard artist for an animated tv show and someday possible direct one myself
Dream trip: To the icecream store

I tag: anyone else who wants to do it! I want to get to know you guys better!!