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well… I just want to point out that in 2x01 we saw in this frame Magnus’ hand already holding Alec’s, but in this new kinda-BTS video we can see… yeah, you’re welcome!

Howdy, partners!

I’m incredibly happy to announce our fourth, annualy held, Fallout Week! Welcome all aboard!

Since this is the fourth year in a row we are doing this, I decided to change the program a little bit. During the previous Fallout Weeks I asked you people to name your favorite chracters, locations, dlc, stuff like that - it was all about choosing a favortie. But this time you will be asked to choose one of two things. One of the goals of this Fallout Week is to let you be free, so don’t be afraid to interpret the topics the way you personally like! Be litetal, or take it as a metaphor for something. Use it as a starting point!

As usual, everyone is welcome, and everyone can contribute. Gifs, art, fanfiction, cosplay, videos, edits, meta, whatever you like,  - feel free to be part of this event ;)

Day One, July 15th - What would you do as a Vault-tec. executive?

Can you come up with a new vault experiment? What are you going to do with the poor people of pre-war America? And if you can’t come up with a new experiment, what is the one you like the most? 

Day Two, July 16th - East or West?

East Coast or West Coast? NCR or Legion? You have headcanons abot China in Fallout’s world? Hit us with these headcanons. Left vs. Right/Communism vs. Democracy? 

Day Three, July 17th - Light or dark?

Dark or light color scheme? Happy or sad? Night on the Strip or day on the road? Starry Zion skies? Joshua’s inner demons or his search for peace? Bad or good karma? Arcade’s Legion ending?..

Day Four, July 18th - Fuck/marry/kill

Your day if you want to go crazy with pairings. But maybe you also want to actually play the game and show who your OC would fuck/marry or kill :D

Day Five, July 19th - Old or New?

The original games or the ones that came after Fallout 2? Ulysses but younger? Butch - but older? The Lone Wanderer at the end of his travelling days? Old World or New World?… Ulyssess’ Old World flag? 

Day Six, July 20th - Amber or green?

Is fallout so important for Fallout? A day about radiation. Radioactive or radiation-free? Mutated or not? Ghoul characters and supermutants or humans and robots? Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas? Amber/green color scheme? The Glowing Sea or California’s deserts?

Day Seven, July 21st - Brains or Brawn? 

Does your character just take a minigun and kill everyone or are they all about science? Or are you reminded of the Think Tank? What’s your favorite weapon? A crazy Fallout science thing you like talking to your brain?

Day Eight, July 22nd - Free Day!

The tag for this event is going to be #falloutweek2017. Don’t forget to make it one of your first five tags so it’s easier to find your post!  

I hope to see you during the Fallout Week :)

There are so many ambiguous lines in The Force Awakens, that it makes my head spin. So many scenes that have hidden meanings, or purposefully flow into another scene that makes you on a subconscious level see the parallels. Combine those scenes with the novelization, and each time I watch it I see/hear something I hadn’t noticed before. A few lines that stand out to me:

1) ‘We’re Not Done Yet’. - Star Killer Base is exploding all around them, he just killed his father, he has a MAJOR wound to his side from Chewie’s bowcaster that could make him bleed out, yet Kylo does what? He trudges out into the snow to find the 'traitor’ and Rey. All bets are off here. What did he have to gain/prove by killing/capturing them? What did he think he would do, anyway? Try to probe Rey’s mind again for the map? Kill Finn for disowning the First Order? Yeah, that was such a high priority at the moment, while his life was literally ending before our eyes. Maybe his anger drove him, or his helplessness at his actions with Han. Maybe he was afraid to come to Snoke empty handed, yet I can’t see how that one holds water. He just killed his father, for God’s sake. He did the ultimate act of proof for that monster that he was obedient. He could have left well enough alone, and lived to fight another day. For all Kylo knew, Finn and Rey might have died on the imploding planet. Problem solved for him. But nope. He went after them, with one intent as far as I can see: He wanted Rey. Dealing with Finn was a distraction. But his words to her, 'We’re not done yet’, were directed to her alone and because even though he might not have known who she was yet (It is you- the novel) he had a good idea from the interrogation and her escape that she was someone important to his future. He was jealous (that she was with Finn) he was angry (that she witnessed what should have been his 'finest’ hour - killing Han, yet he was at his weakest) and he was lost (that he did this unspeakable act that was supposed to make him stronger, only to feel even more guilty, alone, confused, and pulled towards the light). There was NO way he was letting her go without a fight. And I don’t even think he meant to harm her at all. She pulled the blaster on him first, prompting him to save his skin by sending her flying into the tree, and she attacked with Luke’s saber first, prompting him to engage her in a duel. Rey drew first blood.

2) 'The Girl I’ve Heard So Much About’. - Okay. From whom? Unless it was offscreen, in which case they should have included it in the finished cut, because how the hell did he hear so much about 'The Girl’ when the only person who he spoke to about it was Mitaka. Did Mitaka have a dosier on Rey? Did he question everyone at Niima Outpost and learn all about Rey and her non-existent flying skills? Because all he said to Ren were those seven words. All he said was 'The two were accompanied by a girl.’ You’d think that because this 'girl’ was going to play such an important role in Kylo’s life going forward, that we would have been privy to what he’d 'heard’ about her. We don’t see Kylo investigating her, or gathering intel on her after Mitaka tells him this. I can understand his attention when the Stormtrooper said in the Forest that the droid was spotted with the girl, and why he fled to find the one who helped the droid and FN-2187 escape. But his weird line to her, 'The Girl I’ve Heard So Much About’, makes ZERO sense to me. Is it purposefully ambiguous? Are we to think he knows more than we think? Was it an error? Even paralyzed Rey looks at him like, 'Huh?’ How could you possibly know me? It’s this reason that I feel he knows ALL about her, in some way. It’s the only possible explanation for the novels line 'It Is You’. Whether he knows of her but never met her (As JJ Abrams said Rey and Kylo never met), or he feels she is the reason for the Force awakening, or if he’d had visions of her like she had of him, he has to have had some inkling of who Rey was. The fact he flipped out on Mitaka and almost choked him is another indicator. So a girl helped them escape. Was it really so surprising that a Good Samaritan on that planet could have helped Finn and BB8 out? Maybe she was a pilot, or a smuggler. Whatever. His reaction was very telling. He’s heard so much about this girl, because he knows this girl in one way, shape, or form.

3) 'Don’t Be Afraid, I Feel It Too.’ - Yeah. This is probably the most ambiguous line of all. As is the probing look Kylo gives Rey before he voices it. It’s clear to me that he is reacting to whatever Rey is thinking in that moment, and whatever it is, it MUST be something about him. And that something must NOT be negative. Because if she’s thinking 'He’s a creature, a monster, etc. I doubt Kylo’s reaction would be 'Don’t be afraid, I feel it too. If she’s thinking 'I hate him, I want to kill him, etc. again, I doubt his reaction would be 'Don’t be afraid, I feel it too.'He doesn’t hate her, nor want her dead. If he did, she would have been mistreated, bloodied, beaten, raped, or killed. He took care of her before, during, and after the interrogation by seeing no harm came to her. The only conclusion to me on not only why Kylo looked at her with such surprise before he said it and the words he used, was because somewhere in Rey’s mind she felt him interesting, attractive, and she was curious about him the same way he was curious about her. Kylo saw/heard this in her thoughts, and it puzzled him. Anti’s say Rey was terrified in this scene, and that she had no interest in her captor, etc. Yet her reaction speaks for itself. When he removed his mask, she did not look terrified. She looked startled and a bit disoriented. She didn’t expect THAT to be what she had thought a creature. And she seemed pretty self conscious and embarrassed at his calling her a scavenger, yet she usually wore that moniker as a badge of honor. Here he is, a handsome, young, high ranking and probably wealthy officer while she is a dirt poor scavenger who hasn’t had proper nutrition or grooming. In that moment, she was like any woman would be when faced with a man she found attractive despite herself: she was embarrassed that she was a nobody. Yet she held her own pretty damn well with NO help. By the end of the scene, she had the upper hand in every way. After her turning the tables on him, using his greatest fear against him, he could have hurt her or worse. He turned tail and fled to his Master for help. He was afraid of Rey, and needed Snoke’s 'guidance’. The only reason the mind probe hurt was because she resisted so firmly. You’d thiink with his temper, he would have injured her. But no, he never touched her. Why? Because he was already interested in her. Already had COMPASSION for her. And whatever it was he saw in her thoughts, HE FELT IT TOO.

4) 'Rey’. - I’ve shown this scene to friends, family, tumblr friends, my doctor, my mailman, my dry cleaner, etc. They all see and hear what I see and hear. After Rey defeats Kylo and he’s lying in he snow, before he sits up and gives her a look that is equal parts awed, smitten, disbelieving, shocked, and helpless…he moans (probably in exhaustion and pain) and says the word 'Rey’. I’ve heard people say he was just moaning gibberish. Or the word Okay (???) Or it was just a sound of discomfort at his defeat. Whatever. Sure, I’m a Reylo Shipper. And the part of me that WANTS a Reylo pairing to come to fruition would gladly make things up to head in that direction. Yet I’ve seen this scene on my ultra HD tv which is 60 inches and has surround sound, on youtube on my laptop, on my I Phone, on the TV’s at Best Buy (you get the picture) And you cannot tell me in that scene Kylo does not say the word Rey in a voice filled with pride and longing and yes…passion. She’s just bested him (wounded or not) after they 'Found the Force together’. Show of hands of people who thought he would orgasm right there on the edge of that cliff as he watched her meditate. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her Light. Since I think he now 'know’s her, I think he is even more drawn to her and wants her even more. He just begged her to let him be her teacher. So he is pretty stoked to see her use that beautiful rage he finds so attractive in her, even if it was against him. I’d hate to sound like he was fueled by lust in this scene, since it’s a family movie and PG-13. But the way I heard him say Rey? I expected him to light up a cigarette while he was down for the count on his fine ass. I think dueling with her REALLY excited him, and I hope to see more of that in TLJ.

So yeah. I waste a lot of time thinking about these kind of things. All I can say in my defense is if The Powers That Be didn’t want fans to obsess about this kind of stuff, then they shouldn’t do such a good job at leaving things so open to interpretation. :D

The only thing I can do is Run

The only thing I can do is love you 

Sidney Crosby

A/N: hope you like it! :)

I knew Sidney was going to come home all upset, tonight the penguins had played against the flyers, Sid got into a fight with Giroux and it was bad, and to make all matters worse Giroux scored a hat trick.

The door opens than slams shut. ‘Here we go’ I think.

I stay silent and continue to watch the highlights on the television. Sid doesn’t speak to me not until, Giroux’s hat trick goal plays.

“I can’t fucking believe, that your watching that!” He remarks with an angry sigh.

I look at him and I don’t now what to say, he only swears when he’s pissed off.

“I can turn it off if you want” I say reaching for the remote.

“No keep it on, doesn’t matter to me” He snaps back at me. I turn it off anyways, not wanting to hear him complain anymore.

“I told you to keep it on!” He yells.

“Well I don’t want to watch it anymore” I tell him.

He clenches his jaw and pouts, “Well why not” he snaps.

“Maybe because I don’t want to listen to you complaining all night long about the damn game!” I yell.

“It’s not a damn game! It’s my career my whole life, depends on these games! So if you don’t care about my games than you don’t care about me!” Sid yells.

“I care about you Sid, I really do I’m just sick and tired of hearing you complain and complain and complain all the time about losing one game, everyone loses Sidney, and that’s okay were human, we don’t always win” I say to him.

“That’s for you to say! I have the whole team on my back depending on me! You have never had someone depend on you much less a whole team, you depend on others! Like how you depend on me to make all the money, clean, drive! The only reason why I didn’t win this game tonight was because of you! You ruined my career! My life! Everything that I worked for!” Sidney says. After he finishes his face falls, he realizes what he’s done.

“If that’s how you really feel then” I choked out, and I tired to stop the tears from falling down my face, but I fail, I walk into mine and Sidney’s shared bedroom and I lay down on the bed and start to cry into the pillow.

I hear can hear Sidney yells and pounding on the door but I don’t get up to answer it. Not wanting to see his face again for a while. While I lay there crying it isn’t to long until I grow tired and I drift of to sleep.


I wake up a few hours later, it was now about 3:00, look over at Sidney’s side of the bed and I’m reminded of the fight we had. I slowly crawl out of bed and I walk towards the door. I open it and slip out hoping not to wake up Sidney, if he’s here if that is.

“(Y/N)” I hear Sidney voice say.

I look to see Sid making his way over to me. “What’d you want” I say. I can see his face is all red and his eyes are puffy.

“I’m so, so, so sorry. I didn’t mean it I really didn’t, I love you” He says with a sad look on his face.

I look at him and all I want to do, is hug him and kiss and cuddle with him.

“I forgive you, but if you ever think that you can treat me like that again. We are over” I say.

“It won’t happen again, I promise you” He says and wraps his arms around me and kisses my forehead.

I breathe in Sidney’s scent and I know that everything is going to be alright.

A/N: Hope you liked it! :) Sorry that it took so long.

Chris Evans Imagine

Chris sat at a bar with his friends. Everyone were laughing, telling jokes but all he could do was think about you. As two hard working people there were times where you or him had to be in a different country. This time it was you. Chris missed you, he missed the way you would wake him up in the morning with breakfast, how you would help him with lines or calm him when he was stressed. He missed your all your smiles, because you had many different ones, but he missed the most the smile you had when looking at Chris and the smile you had talking about family. He was pulled out of his thought about you

“Chris, man. Are you even with us?” everyone was looking at him. He just shrugged and didn’t say much. No smiles, no words. While tapping his beer bottle his friends all looked at each other, knowing exactly what or who he was thinking about. 

“Chis, buddy. If you miss her that much why don’t you just go to her. You have the time now and the money. I’m mean you really aren’t even with us in your thoughts. And trust me we don’t mind if you just got up and went right now.” Chris looked at his friend and knew they were right. 

“You’re right. Thanks guys” and with that he ran out. Not even going home to get his stuff, he just went right to the airport. All he really wanted was to be with you and have you in his arms, to be able to support you and kiss you again after such a long time.


Everyone needs to stop pretending everything is all about love. Because love is temporary but the pain is longlasting and being lied to is so exhausting. Maybe I have too many thoughts to think. Maybe I’m stuck in my controlled sadness. I’m addicted. I’m addicted to nothing and all I want is more and more nothing. I want to fall asleep in my dreams and no longer dream in my sleep. Pull me away from this endless storm of silence.

“Shh..” Harry stirred in his sleep when he heard voices from above him, his brows furrowing. 

“Look how cute t’ey are.” Niall cooed quietly, reaching down and pinching Harry’s cheek lightly before Liam was swatting his hand away. 

“Don’t touch him! You know how grumpy he gets when you disrupt his napping sessions.”

“Aw, look at Y/N, all snuggled up t’ his chest like t’at. Why can’t she cuddle me like t’at?” 

“Maybe cos Harry’d kill you.” Liam snickered, crossing his arms before glancing over at you. “Plus-” He cut himself off when you let out a soft grunt and buried your face further into the crook of Harry’s neck, his arm tightening around your waist. 

“Do you t’ink we should wake t’em up? Reservations are at 6 and it’s already 5:15.” Niall whispered, tiptoeing over to your side of the bed before leaning down and poking your cheek. “Y/N’s a deep sleeper, ya know. You could be bangin’ pots n’ pans right next to her and she’d never wake up.” 

“Will you quit poking them? It’s fine. There’s food in the fridge so they can cook something up. We’ll leave them a note so they don’t think we’ve abandoned them. And then we’ll bring dessert back for Y/N since she likes the tiramisu from the restaurant. Yeah, we’ll just leave them - They’re both tired.” 

“Probably cos t’ey were fuckin’ t’e livin’ lights outta each other last night.” The corner of Harry’s mouth twitched slightly when he heard that - What? Niall wasn’t lying. 

“You make it gross if you say it like that.” Liam whined quietly, taking the blanket and covering it over both you and Harry. 

“It’s true!” Niall exclaimed a little louder than intended, slapping a hand over his mouth when you shifted slightly. 

“I’m gonna take a picture for Twitter - This is just too adorable to not document.” Liam muttered, snapping a quick picture of you and Harry snuggled up to each other before showing Niall. “Shall I caption it #CoupleGoals?” 

“I personally t’ink you should tell everyone about how tired t’ey are from all the sex-”

“You two have ten seconds to get outta here before I scream.” You shot up from Harry’s neck, glaring at Liam and Niall as they gave you sheepish smiles.

“Sorry, Y/N!” 


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AN: It’s been a while, huh? You all know that school has got me on the ropes (Stucky reference, anyone?) But, I’m here now! And I am so happy to write again! *Gif is not mine, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Reader X Steve

Prompt: Could you do a one shot of the reader and Steve and she has powers where she can read everything about a person and when she reads Steve and the have a very fluffy talk leading to kissing and then…..Dirty Stuff LOL it doesn’t have to end like that I just thought it would be cute

Warnings: Implied sex, no actual smut

((Not sure exactly how ‘fluffy’ this will be, seeing as my mood at the moment (or the past two weeks, rather) is anything but fluffy. Maybe?))


“It’s Personal”

You were painfully aware of the fact that you weren't a part of the group yet, you were still a stranger.

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Star Battlers: The Farce Awakens

When Steven takes the Gems to the cinema to catch the premiere of the newest Star Battlers film, Pearl ends up ruining the movie for everyone by constantly complaining about all its scientific inaccuracies. Meanwhile, Lapis and Jasper form Malachite in order to get in another theater with only one ticket, but the giant Fusion quickly causes a scene by sitting in the front row and blocking half the screen.

So I’ve decided I’m going to hold like, a late night share night! kind of thing. Pretty much if there’s something I’ve been working on, I want to show progress of it. Before I used to be pretty quiet about my game work but I actually enjoy sharing progress now? It feels like I’m not leaving everyone in the dark, maybe.

If I can help it, each late night share night will show something new for just, whatever? all the things. So everyone can hear news about what they’re interested in!

Anyway, tonight’s first late night share night post is of the next waking world area in Fleshchild. As you can probably infer, it’s a butcher shop! Absolutely lovely.

Dylan: “Hey mom. Gotta go. It’s about a half an hour before our little judgment day. I just wanted to apologize to you guys for any crap this might instigate as far as (inaudible) or something. Just know I’m going to a better place. I didn’t like life too much and I know I’ll be happy wherever the fuck I go. So I’m gone. Good-bye. Reb…”

Eric: “Yea… Everyone I love, I’m really sorry about all this. I know my mom and dad will be just like.. just fucking shocked beyond belief. I’m sorry, all right. I can’t help it.”

Dylan:  “We did what we had to do.”


        this may / may not be a BIASED LIST !!  however , just  … thank  you  to  the  friends  i’ve  made  within  the  few  weeks  i’ve  been here.  this  fandom  is  most  likely  HANDS DOWN  the  most  chill  and  welcoming  fandom ,  so  thank you  again  to  everyone  who’s  been  with  me  for  the  time  being; 

                  you  guys really  are …  the best

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