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If everything good, in 2024, Dee will be the new J.K. Rowling, Sin city will be in theater, Crossroad will have an Emmy award for best scenario and Zaddy -the book- will be in hard negotiation to have a gold cover for a limited edition. Wait and see!

Hahahah! Or in 2024, I’ll probably be unemployed and living with my brother and his family, not writing because I won’t be able to afford an Internet connection. I like your version better, though! :) Thank you!

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This may sound rude or weird, but I'm genuinely curious and I'm sorry if it's not my place to ask. I don't have a problem with it, but I've noticed on your blog and some others they include an image description on posts? What is that for? I don't mean to sound ableist, I am just curious and would like to know why. Thanks!

Image descriptions help tumblr be more accessible! They’re useful for people who use screen readers, people who have a slow internet connection or who have images disabled for some reason, people who process text better than images, etc.

Also, I feel like they’re often helpful even for people who don’t need them. I link titles in image description to their Amazon pages, so you can click through for more info (and it’s an affiliate link, full disclosure). Image descriptions can also provide info that might not be immediately apparent (like which TV show a gif/screencap is from). It also helps if you’re on the mobile tumblr app and images aren’t loading!

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What did he say? My internet connection is too shitty to stream anything :(

Not a lot!

Off the top of my head…he gave a bullshit nothing answer about the album artwork (praised the photographer). When asked about the quote in Rolling Stone about a large part of the album being about a woman he said he didn’t think so - he  would say the album is about him, he put a lot of work into it so he wouldn’t say it was about a woman. He talked about the ‘would you piss in the sink’ question. He said he and the other 1D boys talk, definitely. He doesn’t have Whatsapp. He said the other boys have all released music and done brilliantly and if he does as well as them he’ll be very happy. He was asked about European union and said that he doesn’t really comment on politics but thinks that anything that brings us together is better than what divides us. The host then said, but war, equal rights, famine, poverty etc - that’s all political. And Harry put on his best beauty pageant contestant crown and said he doesn’t think it’s politics. Things like human rights are fundamental things, he doesn’t think of them as politics. Umm….he lives in London, he mentioned that Woodkid directed his video, said a lot of goofy complimentary stuff about the French. Said he feels very lucky to be making music etc….

That’s all from watching it but I’m sure lots of people are posting quotes! 


Snatch is on FX.. Yayy!! For someone like me who lived in the country that can’t open Crackle and didn’t like to watch it from web because unstable internet connection or suffered because too many ads. This is a very great news. And I also looked which country that is in FX broadcast area and it turned out that this is not only for South East Asia region. Now I can watch Rupert Grint with clear and high resolution. \(^·^)/


Important thing

I will be going away for the next 10 days on a vacation-ey trip sort of thing, so my online presence is likely to be patchy. I might be able to answer IMs, but I’m not entirely sure how reliable my internet connection will be, as a lot of the time I’ll be out.

For those of you who I have threads with, or who have sent in asks, I plan to continue to write replies and do as best as I can to stay on top of things (haha I’m terrible anyway, I know). Most replies will be scheduled and/or many coming out at the same time (when I can get a solid connection).

This also applies to @bowxflorien and @calenefite

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Sam, I am 21 but I cannot go to university at least for now. How do I learn on my own?

You are fortunate to live in a time where anybody with an internet connection can learn about any subject from the elementary level to the doctoral level. My suggestion is to start out broadly rather than narrow down to a specialty too soon. Use a combination of reading and watching documentaries, TED talks and lectures.

Get yourself a browser extension which allows you to look up unfamiliar words within the document. I use one for chrome called Wordweb. There are many of them out there though. Look up unfamiliar words as you go. Google unfamiliar concepts as you go. Then as you gain a general background pick a specialty and delve deeper into the subject reading journal articles and scholarly publications.


April 22, 2017 | Mall of Qatar

The internet connection here is really fast. I can even watch kdramas now HAHAHA! I’ve never watched one before but thanks to my family’s influence and to the wifi connection, I’ve come to watch some (Weightlifting Fairy and Goblin) hehehehe!


Last Saturday, April 22, we went to Mall of Qatar which opened just recently too like Doha Festival City. The mall was more than I expected. The interior, design, lighting, etc., were amazing.

We ate lunch at McDonald’s, which I missed. I ordered the usual, McChicken. After eating, we strolled around a bit more. We even got lost looking for our parking area. Yeah, I guess the mall was that big hahahaha or their signages are just confusing. Maybe both hahahahah!

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I'm still very happy with Sonic Dash, and the fact that they are giving Sonic Runners another shot. It's great to still get updates on them and for something I already enjoy to get even better! ^_^

same!! im indifferent towards sonic dash but i found sonic runners to be very fun, so im glad theyre having another go at the gameplay system thats less reliant on free to play aspects and requiring a constant internet connection

tbh, the only reason i stopped playing sonic runners was because of the app glitching while updating lol…

- mod nick

We’re having a very very very slow Internet connection speed right now.
I called our provider and they said it might be our modem so they’ll replace it tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime I’m having trouble loading gifs/gifsets and I mostly get a Tumblr Mobile experience every time I check the tags so… Don’t be surprised if I’m not reblogging much today :/


last homework of that chara design course I was taking. We had to choose an inanimate object so I chose peonies. The second picture, those first three, were the initial sketches from where I took the third design and adapted it another two times. At the end I still liked the discarded two so I lined them and colored them anyway


‘You Never Walk Alone’ Special Photo Teaser Mobile Wallpaper - Hyung Line | Maknae Line

Direct HQ link

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