or in trouble


Dan + charity singles:

Band Aid 30 - Do They Know It’s Christmas? (December, 2014, for victims of the ebola crisis)

Artists For Grenfall - Bridge Over Troubled Water (June, 2017, for victims of the Grenfall Tower inferno)

Imagine everyone making their way through the shadowfell with Vex and Vax taking point as usual. The two of them go ahead, turning a corner and are gone from sight for a few minutes, but nobody’s worried. Grog and Keyleth are playing Boulder Paper Shears, Percy is idly adjusting his guns, Pike is looking around at the gray landscape, and Scanlan is humming so soft you wouldn’t hear it unless you were right next to him. A few minutes later, Vax appears around the corner and is walking back in the somewhat disconcerting silent manner they’ve all grown used to. Everyone turns waiting to hear what he’s seen.

As he’s walking back, a small smile comes to his face. He opens his mouth, a joke about to escape him when he feels something beat against his chest. He sees his family’s faces all turn to panic as their necklaces emit a faint red glow and all of them, save Scanlan, sprint towards the corner where Vex disappeared.

Vax’s wings are out and his boots make him a bullet. He leads the charge, desperately trying to figure what had happened in the moments he hadn’t seen her. As they near the corner Vex comes racing around, sitting atop the broom with her bow ready to fire. Both twins eyes go wide and they frantically stop their mad dash and manage to avoid colliding. Vex sees everyone else safe and standing and her muscles relax, relief spreading throughout her body briefly before despair settles in.

She falls onto the ground, her knees drawn up and her arms wrapped around them. Her voice comes out soft and broken, “Tary.”


They did everything in a DAY…

from calling names to  then sleep together first 

they had a proper date

announced their relationship in public (to their moms ofc)

he gave her a gift (for first date)

then “sleep” as in SLEEP…!!!

what a progress!!!Total  ‘U’ turn from yesterday’s episode

Something I love about SU that ton of people don’t comment enough is the amazing color palette and far-views.
I’ve heard Rebecca took a ton of inspiration from My Life as a Teenage Robot in the visual designs and I believe it, both shows have a GREAT use of the color palette and the technique used on the far-views is the same.

Ofc, MLAATR uses the theory of popping colors while SU uses more mixed enviroments but you can find the similarities if you notice both well enough, I sure love this cartoon omg


the way she said “what kind of god do I serve” 😂

“Have a good night” - Bong-hee

“Good night” - Ji-wook

few seconds later… 🔞 *HOT DAMN*

(OH. MY. FREAKIN. GWAD!!! You can’t just throw me a bed scene just like that… I need to prepare my heart for this!!! *happy squeals* )