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Hello! Do you really think they would dare beginning the season with FS separated again... after season 4? I will follow the news during hiatus and your blog ^^ but if that's the case it would be without me. I gave them my trust and they broke it so now it's their turn to give and make me come back, otherwise... Thanks for all the metas even during hiatus!! You're awesome!!! I love you <3 Now, that you have less questions and more time, are you happy to relax? :D or are you bored? xD Both? <3

Hi Anon!

I have been enjoying hiatus and relaxing a bit.  I needed to recharge my batteries and have some IRL stuff to keep me busy.  While at the same time I do miss the theorizing and research.  

I really don’t know if they will split them up again…they might not even know yet since they haven’t started writing yet.  I want the option on the table, my whole plan for the worst hope for the best thing.  

It all really depends on:

  • Who took them
  • Why
  • Are they all in space with Coulson

My early gut is that they will be together.  IE if it was an organization the team they took them for being the team and their respective skill sets.  That the Fitzsimmons arc next season will be one of healing together and working on overcoming obstacles together in getting to the next phase of their relationship.


EDIT: This post is inclusive to ALL art forms.

Likes can only go so far for artists. Artists may exclusively upload their artwork to tumblr, or don’t have the time to use other sites and prefer tumblr over deviantART due to its simplicity, but the tagging system can make it harder to navigate. Many artists on tumblr tag with high-traffic tags or use their own tags to prevent tag clogging which eventually become lost. That’s why it’s very important to reblog an artist’s work. 

I’m not trying to push you to ruin your blog’s aesthetic or something, nor am I saying that “you must absolutely reblog your favourite artist’s work or you’re trash”, all I’m saying is if you truly want to support your favourite artist, instead of just liking their posts, try to reblog them once in a while. The more reblogs they receive, the more exposure/notes/followers they may receive, and it’s just one of the easiest ways to show you care about them.

*This does not mean to reblog unsourced artwork or works reuploaded to another person’s blog without permission (re:stolen). Nor does this mean to reblog artworks without the artist’s consent, even if this case is slim.


Ok, so as I have pointed out and I have seen others point out, the porn bots are up to a new scheme. They reblog your posts (doesn’t seem to matter what kind of post it is) with a sexual caption or comment. These bots are not even following you; they’re just reblogging from you. It’s much more subtle and easy to miss. I’ve seen a few people say that they’re deleting the original comments and putting their comment in it’s place, but I haven’t actually clicked through to see if that’s the case.

Thankfully, there is a way to handle this without having to click over to their blog. You can report the reblog and block the bot all in one place. While on the dash, click on the notes in a post. If you see one of these comments, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of that comment. A drop down menu will appear. Select “Report.” This generates an automatic message to Tumblr. All you have to do is confirm it. You don’t even having to type a message. After you report the reblog, you can block the bot with the next option in the drop down menu.

You can do this for both your own posts, as well as other people’s posts. I just was looking through the notes of someone’s post and saw one of these comments and it let me report and block it. Be a good neighbor; if you see these notes on someone else’s post, report and block them. I have noticed that after a day or two the reblog no longer appears in the notes, so Tumblr does seem to be addressing these reports on an individual basis.

@staff please get these porn bots under control. This is the only site I have ever been on where this is a problem. Even other content sites that allow not suitable for work content (such as 500px) don’t have this massive porn bot problem.

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Can you give me a tcc history lesson?? Like what the fuck is up with ericfuckingharris?

sit down kids and let vlad the dad tell y'all a brief history of some of the most famous shit to go down in the tcc.

• so, ericfuckingharris was a guy in the tcc around the middle of last year. of course, given there’s only 4 and a half boys in the tcc, girls were swarming all over him because he was a “hot guy”. or so these thots fucking thought. anyway, he gains a little fanbase of the thirsty girls in the tcc wanting to suck up to him, and everyone is worshipping him because he was a guy who was into all that kinky bdsm type of stuff. the girls went crazy, people either loved or hated him, but he was so popular because he was handsome and wanted to be called “reb”. basically eric harris wannabe. so, you may be asking, what the fuck even happened? turns out this guy was a fake, and the pictures he was using was of some (schottish?) instagram dude. this community was set a-fucking-blaze when this shit was discovered. the girls who were riding his dick were crying, people were saying “i told y'all so”, others were just shaking their fucking heads. you can search the “ericfuckingharris” tag on here and there’s still remnants of this train wreck.

• now let’s talk about the dylan klebold pillow ordeal, which i can’t believe some of y'all haven’t seen. a severely mentally ill girl by the url imagines4columbiners made a post about how she stole her mothers debit card to purchase a pillow case with dylan klebold on it. not even a real image of him, some weird ass drawing someone did of dylan and put it up on redbubble. she proceeds to say how she was going to fuck the pillow, but her mom got to the mail first and shipped it back. she said it was our fault and that we won, we got what we wanted. she was also posting pics of her feet for dylan klebold, and made a drawing of rachel scott being forced to give dylan a blowjob during the massacre. she also wrote a fic about eric raping dylan, and as you can already conclude the community was set ablaze again. i personally talked to her because i just couldn’t believe she was actually like this for no reason, and that’s when i got to know her. she’s 16, and she suffers from schizophrenia among many other mental illnesses. so i befriended her, i encouraged her to seek help and to leave the tcc because she really didn’t belong here after what she did, and really she was an all around nice kid but she had severe mental illness. people were pissed at me because i took the time to ask her what the fuck was wrong with her, but so be it. she’s getting professional help now and i know she’s on medication. last i talked to her she was on her way to a psych ward, so there’s that. anyway, it was fucking crazy from start to finish. search my blog for “imagines4columbiners” to see more.

• the time lynn ann (or a fake, still not sure) made a tumblr. y'all gotta know who she is. if not, google “lynn ann eric harris” and feel free to call a suicide prevention line afterwards. basically lynn ann was (probably still is) obsessed with eric harris. she’s severely mentally ill too, and she has a facebook as well as a youtube channel where she worships eric. okay, whatever, but she also goes on to bully the people who died that day. she’ll call them ugly, fat, retarded, ni**er, etc. she just spews the nastiest shit ever towards the victims. she has a pillow (like a big ass pillow) with a picture of eric harris on it. she also has a cup her brother got her, posters, etc. all over her room and she shows off her collection on youtube. view at your own risk.

• v-reb, that little shit. basically he’s a disgusting bigot. not only that, but because of him there was a nationwide panic over a shooter in australia. someone sent him some anons about how they were going to kill the people in their school, which was in australia. they had plans, where they were going to place the bombs, and how they were going to gun down the survivors. and what did v-reb do? laugh and encourage them to do so. then as if that wasn’t bad enough, that same anon, as well as others, went around to other blogs and told people the same shit. some anon said “be prepared for tomorrow, none of you will be laughing then.” or something like that. so basically, @v-reb encouraged a mass shooting, more and more people got the same anons, people were in a panic and everyone was scrambling to get the word out to the people in australia to stay home and stay safe because whoever it was sounded deadass serious. we contacted authorities, we managed to pinpoint someone who we believed was behind the threats, and now things have settled. i’ve gotten asks about how the schools in australia were on lockdown, how people were scared, etc. and v-reb continued to laugh and think it was all a joke and that it was funny. this kid is fucking sick and really i never wanted to beat someones ass so bad. take him as an example of what happens when you don’t beat your kids a few good times. ALSO here’s an update on @v-reb. they encouraged another shooting in england from some mentally ill boy who suffered a lot of trauma and abuse instead of encouraging them to get help. at this point they either get off on making this shit happen or they’re extremely fucking sick, so avoid this idiot at all costs. did i mention he’s only 15? yeah avoid him especially if you’re mentally i’ll because he’ll take advantage of that and try and encourage you to kill yourself or others.

• okay so @pledgeallegiance. this son of a bitch is literally always dragging people and shit. like will he ever stop? no. he literally just waits for some bigot to say some stupid shit and he’ll just have to drag them. it never fucking ends. also he claimed the title as the first ever black roofie in 2015 and wow???? he hates (most) roofies but he actually would know more about the case than most because he’s been following it since literally day one. but would anybody want to know from him bc he keeps dragging ppl? probably not. have you ever seen a black nazi? look no further. like what the fuck is even happening. his blog is supposed to be true crime but all i see is him roasting racists, reblogging gifs of avenged sevenfold, and riding the dick of dwayne stafford. literally the most cringeworthy person in the tcc hands down. also he roasts nazi’s and yet??? his friends call him black hitler like literally what the fuck is he doing anymore. no one knows what the fuck he’s doing anymore but he keeps getting followers.

• @whitepowercockkk. do not get me fucking started. this is a 61 year old man on here. he’s a neo nazi. swastika tattooed on his left tit, white supremacist through and through. he’s a columbiner, and his blog is filled with him praising eric and dylan as the “gods of columbine”, belittling the victims (similar to lynn ann), and making videos/edits showing his white supremacy and love for eric and dylan. he’s a methhead, that you can tell because he posts about shooting up and stuff. he’s also gay, and posts nudes with a swastika on his dick. so. if you look on his blog, you’ll see his videos, he’s there on camera smoking like a chimney and talking about eric and dylan and nazism. you know liz taylor from american horror story? he literally looks like her. no joke i think his blog is still up so go take a look if you’re brave. let’s not forget that he has a grey shirt and written in red are the words “i condone.” listen. listen. listen he’s like every edgelord on here wrapped into one. this is what happens when you don’t grow out of your nazi and columbiner phase after 18.

• OH GOD THE COSPLAYERS. listen. there’s people on here who, on april 20th, usually like to celebrate the massacre. they will dress up as eric and dylan with their friends, wear the shirts and the coats and the glasses and shit, and they’ll go to school dressed like that and take selfies and videos. two people from russia did this and they posed like eric and dylan in the suicide photo in their school library and just had someone take the picture. i am done.

• okay so now, to wrap it up, what the fuck happened today. now i’m not pissed or judging, but apparently some girls who call themselves the “roofiesquad”???? i dunno. apparently they were in a group chat, and they got an idea. they would make a fake tumblr, kinda like ericfuckingharris but with a twist. they made a fake tumblr, the fake person was a 17 year old boy, and they took someones pic off instagram and posted it. they were doing some sort of experiment??? and they wanted to see what would happen. so i think they did this for a day, and they said that in that day 50+ people followed that fake blog and a lot of thirsty ass girls tried messaging the fake guy. they said they wanted to see how gullible the girls in this community are and how they just swarm towards any guy in the tcc, so they decided to make this fake person, get a bunch of teens to jump all over it, and then posted about how it was all fake. i don’t know what the hell happened, but i’m pretty sure a bunch of girls here got humiliated and their feelings hurt because they hopped on the nearest dick they could find in the tcc.

so that basically sums up a good portion of the crazy shit that has happened in the tcc, there’s probably tons more but this is all i can remember off the top of my head


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Creating functioning civilizations in your fiction

Let’s be frank: a lot of this section is likely to be left out of your novel. Why? Because the ins-and-outs of how a city or village functions on a very basic level isn’t really that enthralling. Here and there, a detail will peek through into your narrative, but whole chunks of these thoughts will be jotted down as notes and then left alone forever. 

So why does it matter?

Like so many other aspects of worldbuilding, you–the writer–knowing every tiny detail will help you create a full, vibrant world on the page. You might not actually outline the history of your city’s sewage systems (ahem. we can’t all be Victor Hugo.) but if you’ve thought about these logistics and answered them even in a brief note to yourself, then the parts of your civilization that you do see on the page will feel consistent and real in an important way. 

(There is also some inevitable overlap between these aspects and your culture, so some questions might lean in that direction. Let it be a jumping-off point for more contemplation as you create.)

If you’re not a freak of nature like me and don’t want to spend time making your world absurdly flawless and perfect, than feel free to skip this entry. (But, I mean, why are you even following this blog if that’s the case??) Onward!

  • Where did basic building materials come from, both currently and historically? 
  • How uniform or varied are the buildings and houses of your civilization (both in style and material)?
  • How has the climate affected building style?
  • How culturally ingrained are the visuals (the cityscape) of the civilization?
  • How tight or spread-out are the buildings and homes in relation to one another? Is that because of culture or landscape necessity?
  • How has the city/town/village adapted to developing technologies and systems?
  • How accessible is water? How is it collected and distributed?
  • What foods are grown/bred locally? What is imported? 
  • How is the harvest of food handled on a logistical level? How are its ethics and its importance viewed by society as a whole?
  • Where do people go to the bathroom? How is sewage disposed of or recycled?
  • Does everyday life produce trash, or are all things reusable or recyclable? 
  • Does plastic exist? If so, how ubiquitous is it?
  • How is trash handled and disposed of?
  • What is/are the city’s primary energy source(s)?
  • Do the people pay taxes? How else might city funds be raised?
  • Do they have a money system? 
    • Is it used only within their town, or across the country?
    • Is money balanced with bartering, or does one take precedent over the other?
    • How is value determined, especially in a barter system?
    • What is the money based on? (gold? Or some other precious metal? Or some other resource entirely?)
  • How willing are citizens to pay for non-necessities and how does that affect the local businesses?
  • How is construction handled? By large groups of people or small teams with big equipment? Or magic? 
  • How are children educated? Who oversees it, if anyone?
  • How important is education to the people and how is that reflected in the system, facilities, and schedule?
  • What purpose does the downtown or “hub” area primarily serve?
    • Socialization
      • Bonfire pit
      • Park
    • Commerce
      • Farmer’s Market or local market
      • Corporate high-rises
    • Entertainment
      • Clubs
      • Sports arena
      • Theatre
      • Casino
  • When people get sick, what do they do? Do they have healthcare choices or do they only have the one doctor or single hospital where they have to do if they need help? How is healthcare paid for?
  • How are injured or dying people transported?
  • What kind of law enforcement does the city have? How much power do they possess? How are they viewed by citizens?
  • Is there some sort of fire department? Is it a city branch or is it volunteers? How are they prepared to fight fires?
  • What natural disasters are common and how is the town prepared for them? What happens when they occur?
  • What popular entertainment venues are there? How are they funded and run? What is their reputation?
  • What different entertainment options are there for the rich and the poor, or whatever class system your town has?
  • How are classes separated within the city?
  • If magic exists in your world, how is its use controlled or maintained within urban areas?
  • What kind of transportation do people use, in general? How is the town equipped to handle it?
  • If traffic jams can happen, how do people deal with them? What steps has the city taken to ensure smooth traffic flow?
  • What is it like when you first leave the city or village?
    • Landscape?
    • Distance to neighboring town?
    • Development of roads beyond the city (and who maintains them)?
  • What might be the first thing a newcomer to the city notices upon entering? Will she have an easy or difficult time navigating the place if she’s never been there before?

Check out the rest of the Brainstorming Series!
Magic Systems, Part One
Magic Systems, Part Two
New Species
New Worlds
New Cultures
Map Making
Politics and Government
Belief Systems & Religion
Guilds, Factions, & Groups
War & Conflict
Science & Technology

I guess that means it’s CONTEST time !!!

There will be 3 winners !!

3rd Place: a little sketchy colored chibi doodle like this !!

2nd Place: a colored headshot like this !

1st Place: Colored full body but more clean !! 

To Enter: Simply like this post !! But liking AND reblogging will get you a better chance at winning !! 

What I can draw: I can draw mostly anything humans, anthros/furries, feral whatever the winner wants ! ( I’m gonna mention no nsfw though for this contest just in case ha)

This contest will end on Sunday March 26th at 8 p.m. Pacific time !! So only 2 days !!

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So it's ok to get mad that hidekane isn't canon? So I guess it's ok then that people tweet ishida about it since you guys have no right to tell people how to react

Please stop being so melodramatic and childish, Anon. You aren’t helping your case, when you behave that way.

I have already said more than once there is a definite line between Acceptable and Unacceptable. The line lies in whether you are doing things that hurt OTHER PEOPLE. 

The following are Acceptable:

  • Feeling positive or negative feelings.
  • Having a negative reaction in private, on your own blog, or in conversation with your friends.
  • Writing meta or rants on your OWN BLOG expressing your feelings.

The following are Unacceptable:

  • Attacking other fans.
  • Attacking Ishida.
  • Tweeting Ishida about spoilers in ANY FUCKING CAPACITY.
  • Dictating to others how they should feel.
  • Mocking, belittling, or bitching at others for their feelings.

Guess which of these categories you are in right now?


The show may be great on its own but sometimes you need to mix it up

AU Week will commence on March 20th and run until the 26th.

This blog uses the time GMT+11:00. Because of conflicting time-zones, late entries will be accepted. The deadline is one week after the week officially ends


  • Day 1: Fairytales, Myths and Legends
  • Day 2: Pixar
  • Day 3: Video Games
  • Day 4: Toei Animation
  • Day 5: Broadway / Musicals
  • Day 6: Originals
  • Day 7: Faves

Please use the tag #ml au week in the first five tags of your post. You can also tag this blog in your post. Submissions are allowed

Any creation is welcomed e.g. art, fanfiction, videos, edits, gifs etc

Re-blogging this post would be much appreciated. Even if you do not plan on participating, spreading the word is good enough. The more people see it, the better.

Also, if you want the latest news or updates on the blog or weeks, don’t forget to follow ;)

Below the read more are details on the prompts (just in case some of them are unclear or confusing)

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This is the first unfollow forever I do after deleting and then resurrecting the blog about a month ago. The main reason is to celebrate the more than 1k people that are currently following my blog. I’m especially grateful with the ones that followed me once again, thank you so much, guys ♥ 

Here are the blogs that I’m currently following. I enjoy their presence on my dashboard and, gladly, even their friendship in some cases  I recommend every blog in this list. Mutuals are bolded.

@lolakasa @daydream24-7 @momtaku @alemanriq @erensjaegerbombs @guyinlovewitheremika @leapingtitan @kyojinofbraveos @toruq @all-my-ships-are-snking @llusoire @fuku-shuu @cang-ye-ji @natiwati @aurieackerman @lyssala @lllannah @ghostmartyr @a-dank-on-titan @happymikasa @annieleonhardt @falcon94ssy @rirens @dirtylevi @drinkyourfuckingmilk @nikyforov @redcoaster @mikasatribute @suniuz @fabulous-eren @omeinfreund @aiikawarazu @fuckyeaherenxmikasa @shingekinotitanic @iamthewallrose @snkartists @uncklerman @the104thsquad @shifter-lines @captain-fucking-levi @swiggity-sweager @gloomikasa @its-jaegertime @mikasajaeger @snkception @ackerqueen @meliikasa @sookashira @raelis1 @attackontitans 

Time for Mama Sarah to appear

When I first got started in this fandom and first became a member of @innerinnercircle, I was known among the Morana Witches (our network) as Mama Sarah. I got this name because I tried (and sometimes failed) to reign in overenthusiastic smols and drama-thirsty people my own age. It was a joke and an endearing nickname, but it’s always been kind of accurate to how I’ve run my blog and interacted with the fandom. Mama Sarah hasn’t been around much the past few months, because for the most part, she wasn’t needed. But now? I need to bring her out again.

I am absolutely appalled by the behavior of this fandom since the release of ACOWAR. Never have I imagined seeing such vitriol coming out, but here it is. People are literally being bullied off the site because of personal attacks, nastiness, and anon hate. This is NOT how this fandom used to be, and I’m incredibly disappointed. I remember the days last summer when we were proud of ourselves for being “better than the ToG fandom” which had years of ship wars and drama built up (this isn’t a dig against them, just a comparison of the level of wank, as Harry calls it, at the time). Everyone just let one another be, let them enjoy their own ships, and meta about characters. Now, I honestly think we’re worse than the ToG fandom ever was. 


People are allowed to like or not like the book, and they are allowed to share their own opinion on their own blog. If you don’t like what you’re seeing from someone, unfollow or blacklist them! It’s okay! That’s how this website is made to work! DO NOT send them messages criticizing how they run their blog or, for heaven’s sake, calling them two-faced or making attacks against their personalities! I cannot believe what I’ve been witnessing over the past two weeks. I’m frankly ashamed by some of this behavior. 

Does anyone really feel good about themselves sending such nasty messages to people anonymously? Does it really make you feel better about whatever you’re upset about? This is grade school behavior, guys. There is a BIG difference between constructive criticism or calling someone out for a mistake and calling them a piece of shit or making insinuations about their personal lives. The latter is just entirely unacceptable. 

My follower count is only just beginning to recover from the blow it took before and during ACOWAR, and I really hate to have to make a post like this two days before my big announcement. But honestly, if you think that sending anonymous hate to people, intentionally stirring up drama, or bullying people is okay, then UNFOLLOW ME. That is not the kind of blog I run, and I will not be associated with people who think it’s remotely acceptable. We are all real people behind these blogs, and we should all be treating each other with respect and compassion. I’ve never told people to unfollow me before, but in this case, I pick standing up for what’s right over my follower count. 

I’m probably going to get messages accusing me of preaching, being a snob, or whatever, and that’s fine. I accept those consequences. But standing up for people who have been bullied is more important than that. I’m complicit if I stay silent. 

Also, if anyone has been bullied, know that my blog is a safe place for you to come and find comfort and understanding. It always has been and always will be. 

I’ve loved being a part of this fandom, but I need to put my foot down about this. I know I don’t have the power to control anyone, but I had to say something. Enough is enough. 

I love my kind, sweet followers and those who engage in discussion civilly and with compassion. I love my followers who stand up for what they believe in. But I do not in any way support bullying or vicious behavior. It needs to stop.

I need blogs to follow

podcasts and web comic are my scene:

•Welcome to night vale
•Alice isn’t dead
•Within the wires
•EOS 10
•the bright sessions
•Wolf 359
•The penumbra podcast
•The strange case of starship iris
•TBTP, Tanis, and Rabbits
•Check, please
•Rock and riot
•Sharp Zero

If ur blog is about 1 or more of these like/reblog and I’ll check it out (p.s. this is what mine is so chuck us a follow if u want)

The Mystery Squad + Tumblr
  • Dirk: Blog is a Mess™. Reblogs every weird aesthetic post he comes across. Long ass description that tells you nothing about him at all. The colours of his theme clash so bad but he never changes them? Has a side blog where he posts updates about his cases and writes like 20000 words with no read more. Cats everywhere.
  • Todd: Runs a moderately successful comedy blog. Appears to have his shit together but does not have his shit together at all. Answers all his asks very sarcastically, gained at least a quarter of his followers from this alone. Master of writing self-degrading text posts that get mad numbers of notes. Also has a blog about bands where he posts videos of him covering songs. No one knows about this blog. (Everyone knows about this blog).
  • Farah: Feminism and guns. She reblogs every single self-defence post. Not very active but has a loyal band of followers. Dirk worships her blog for reasons kind of unknown to everyone. Causes Amanda to have a heart attack whenever she reblogs anything remotely gay.
  • Amanda: Queen of memes. Insanely active for long periods of time, then not active at all for like 3 days. Follows a bunch of wlw blogs in an attempt to curb her crush on Farah. It doesn't work. Has the kind of blog that has no quality content but is still a quality blog. She probably made her own theme, it took days because she doesn't exactly code often. It's the Best Theme of all of them. If any of them has a secret porn blog it's probably her.

no i couldn’t find a better title
anyway i’m looking for some blogs Dragon Age related to follow because i don’t have enough Dragon Age on my dash 
i’m gonna be a little more specific just in case someone has blogs about the characters i like and wants a new follower: Blackwall and Anders are my male faves, Sera and Isabela are my female faves. i also like Fenris, Dorian, Bull, Cassandra and Varric especially together because i ship them, Josie, Merrill and Cullen. i think that’s all of them. 
i don’t like Vivienne 
i still haven’t played the first game because i’m poor 
i think that’s it for now 
just raise your hand and i will follow you

Would any fic writers and artists want to participate in a Supercorp Mini Bang?

Here’s a bit of an explanation for those who don’t know what a fic bang is:

A fic bang is a type of challenge where writers sign up to write stories of a specific word count. Eventually each one is assigned one or more artists, or artists might claim stories from posted summaries. Artists create fanart to go along with the story. This art can take the form of illustrations, manips, photo collages, vids, icon sets, etc.

(rephrased from Fanlore.org)

Since this will just be a mini bang word count requirement will be at minimum 15k so should be easy enough. :)

Note that your fic MUST be finished by your assigned posting date. I’ll create a blog for it with a schedule and all the details if there’s enough people interested so reblog this if you’re interested and follow me for updates!

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I’m in need of more blogs to follow, so please reblog/like this if you post the following and I’ll check out your blog

The Dishonored Series
The Arkham Games
The Bioshock Series 
The Witcher Series
Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy

Video games in general 
Legends of Superflarrow

One Piece 
Anything w/ the Mcelroys
Photography/flowers & scenery 
Posts about positivity

You have to a tagging system just in case I need to blacklist something. Don’t be a bigot of any kind.

everythingsmellsofrum  asked:

Hey could you expand more on that 'Beyond Words' book? I know very little about zoology, but I love your blog and im studying science and philosophy at high school. Do you think it would be accessible/interesting to me? What's it like as a book in general?

Beyond Words is not an academic book - Carl Safina writes what is best described as pop sci. It’s a fairly intensive but very accessible look into critical anthropomorphism using three groups of animals as case studies: a group of elephants that have been followed by the same researchers for 30+ years, the Yellowstone wolves, and the southern resident population of orcas in the PNW. If you like animals, it should be interesting and a fairly easy read. 

I’m happy to announce the first ever #FanilleWeek!! Yes, from May 8th to May 15th we’ll be celebrating and appreciating the beautiful relationship between Oerba Dia Vanille and Oerba Yun Fang from Final Fantasy XIII. Why those dates, you may ask? Well May 8th is National Iris Day and seeing as the iris symbolizes faith, promise, and hope, I thought there was no better fit for these two!

All creative content will be welcomed and very much appreciated. Show your love for fanille through fanart, gifs, edits, fanfics, fanmixes, headcanons, cosplay, videos — honestly anything you can think of! Creativity is very much encouraged!

Down below you’ll find a three sets of themes for each day. One for artists, one for writers, and another for graphic makers. But don’t feel obligated to follow any of them! If you have other things in mind, run free with those ideas. Additionally, authors can use art prompts, graphic makers can use writers prompts, and so forth. They were only created to give more fans an opportunity to participate. So go wild! And remember to tag all your creations with #FanilleWeek so they can be reblogged over at @fanilleweek! If there’s any questions, comments, or concerns, please shoot a message towards my inbox or the official fanille week blog! A reminder post will also be made at the beginning of May in case you need it!