or in this case hilarious shit

Shitty knows way too much about housing codes and property law.  He initially learned property law to save the Haus from being condemned, but then he realized that reading archaic, flowery law opinions while high was the most fucking hilarious thing ever.  Everyone at his law school is confused by and a little afraid of Mr. B. Knight, because while no one else wants to touch all those old, mostly nonsensical British common law cases, Shitty eats that shit up

I just, I just fucking love the idea of Stiles building a new branch of the FBI. 

Like, he does his time in the trenches, he shuffles paperwork, he goes on missions, he takes down numerous bad guys. He’s a good, nay GREAT agent. But then something happens, someone of the supernatural evil persuasion comes on the scene and wants to take the world down. 

Stiles with all his supernatural knowledge goes to the director of the FBI and tells him, this is what he is and this is how we beat him. and because this has been going on for months Director Watsizname lets Stiles assemble a small task force to try his idea out. 

(Of fucking course Stiles reaches out to Derek to help, but I imagine the scene kind of like the one where Charles and Xavier try to get logan into the xmen and logan just goes ‘no’ and they leave him out of it.)

So Stiles gets like Argent and the Yukimauras, and beacon hills reunion am i right?

anyway… stiles and his task force work and get the guy, (there is an opposing task force also trying to get the guy, but they’re a human task force so they don’t know what they’re getting into.) and stiles and his little force of high school bffs gets the big bad and to reward him, Director Watsizmane gives him another case in colorado and Stiles gets a new partner and Stiles thinks it’s hilarious that he gets to roll around the country like fucking Sam and Dean Winchester to fix supernatural shit gone bad. 

That starts the construction of the Supernatural Affairs Division of the FBI (”Boss, our acronym can’t be FBI: SAD. that’s just… well.. sad…”) erm… the Supernatural Investigation Division? (”Now people will think my name is Sid or they’ll think of dying babies, do you want people to think of dying babies director?”) How about Department of Supernatural Affairs? FBI: DSA? Is that okay for you? (”DUDE!!! That is sooo much better!!!”)[Stiles goes around for days opening doors and yelling “FBI: DSA GET ON THE GROUND!!!” to his coworkers who have no idea what he is talking about]

the department is kept in the dark, theless people who know it exists the better. Stiles makes the code of the department” Nous protègons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protèger eux-měmes” for Allison. (and the fbi director and the president aren’t happy it’s french, they would prefer latin or something. but Stiles is firm that it needs to be french.)

The department grows slowly, only bringing in experienced agents who have already seen some questionable things while on missions. They work with Area 51 sometimes, other times they work with a supernatural version of liverpool. 

Soon, the DSA is big enough to warrant it’s own headquarters (”Stilinski, it’s not a secret lair” “Chief we have an airplane hanger mined into a mountain. It’s a secret lair,”) 

Derek, Stiles’ husband, helps out sometimes, but not too often, he’d rather stay at home and focus on his woodworking business or something.

and eventually, Stiles becomes the head of the DSA and he has a really cool office like Ice Cube’s in 22 Jump Street (as per his request (omg what a loser)). he’ll sit up in his office as he sees new kids, both human and supernatural, come into the secret lair for the first time and see how great it is. they stop many many supernatural attacks in america, but also worldwide. Derek brings him lunch sometimes.

this is his legacy, and when he retires, they put a bust of him in the hall of fbi fame and another in the DSA headquarters. 


some sketchy sketchy sketches playing with the relationship dynamics in my  mass effect high school sports team au that nobody asked for! ya I’m aware most of these don’t ACTUALLY look like high schoolers, but if I could be assed to draw them up proper I swear they’d look much younger okay. 


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Night Falls: Chapter 19

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: After witnessing a murder, Y/N becomes a protected witness to FBI Agent Dean Winchester, who needs her help to do more than just solve one man’s murder.

Word Count: 4,882


A/N: Warning: Drama ahead.

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Night Falls Master List

You’re gnawing on your nail and your knee is incessantly bouncing. A bagel sits uneaten in front of you along with several books and magazines that have gone unread. They were brought in shortly after you were, to hold you over while you waited. That was over two hours ago, and you hadn’t seen anyone since.

You had tried to keep busy by studying the pictures and posters that littered Bobby’s pack rat of an office, but you were so on edge that your eyes couldn’t concentrate for more than a minute. You even tried pacing back and forth to exhaust yourself, but you only made your legs tired and had to ball up your energy into the squeaky pleather seat that started it all for you. 

And it didn’t bother you that you were stuck in their office alone, it was you still had no idea what was going on, or what the game plan was. And you got it; you weren’t FBI, but who the hell were you going to tell? You just needed to know for your own peace of mind.

The clock on Bobby’s wall reads 12:03 when the door finally opens. You immediately jump from your seat as Cas and Bobby walk in. You frown, noticing Dean is still missing. 

“Where’s Dean?” You turn in your spot as Bobby walks around his desk and takes a seat.

Bobby motions for your chair and you sit down, Cas in the chair besides you.

“Dean has been relieved for the day.” Bobby speaks slow and clear as he folds his hands on his desk. You glance at Cas, who is looking down, before turning your attention back to Bobby.

“Why?” Your brows furrow. He was still your agent, wasn’t he?

“Y/N,” Bobby shifts in his chair. “I’m not sure if you’re aware, but Dean has a personal connection to this case.”

“Yeah,” you look behind Bobby fo a moment before finding his gaze again. “Zazel killed his mother when he was seven.” You say without hesitation. Bobby and Cas pointedly share a look. 

“What?” You glance between the two of them.

Bobby shifts in his seat again, flinging one arm over the back of his chair as he leans back.

“Wasn’t aware he told you,” Bobby grumbles with a slight shake of his head. “But to answer your question, I think it would be best for him to not be involved in the investigation.”

Investigation. Not case.

“Okay,” you shake your head. “And what about my case?” You lean forward in your chair. “What happens now that the guy you were protecting me from is dead?” You say without hesitancy as you look between the two men.

“Well,” Bobby glances to Cas. “We’ve discussed this internally–and with Ellen–and we feel that with Zazel dead, a threat to your safety is no longer imminent.” Your brows scrunch.

“Meaning….” You lead unsurely.

“Meaning,” Bobby straightens up in his chair. “You can return home and carry back on with your life.” Bobby offers with a small smile. 

The air leaves your lungs as you fall back into your seat.

It was over. It was finally over. You could go home. You could return to your life.

“I can go home?” You ask for reassurance, not fully believing it.

“You can.” Bobby nods with a smile and you can’t help one from spreading on your own face.

“We’ll keep two agents stationed at your apartment–just as a precaution–” Bobby holds up his hands as your eyes go wide. “But you’re free to return back to your normal life.

You take a deep breath and nod.

It was finally over.

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anonymous asked:

hey! im learning spanish rn, and i wanted to ask what some of your favorite colloquialisms are? or what you think are some of the most important ones to know?

Kudos to you!

Weeeell, I can only offer my fave Colombian ones that I use/hear the most and that you should know if you ever want to travel there:

Rumbear: very important to know, basically ‘to party’. These ppl love parties.

De una: (we also mix it up and say ‘de one’ if we’re feeling international lmao), basically an eager assent like absolutely! Pairs well as an answer to ‘do u wanna rumbear’.

Parce/parcero/parcerito: Friend/my dude, pretty much. Parcera/parcerita in fem form.

Mirá ve: (I love this one). Basically ‘look’, literally ‘look see’. The use of ‘ve’ is super common in the Cauca Valley region. Seriously, peeps use it a lot. IT DEFINES US. 

Vaina: Literally ‘sheath’ but used to describe a (usually problematic) thing. ‘No se usar esa vaina’ (’idk how to use that thing’)

Berraco: (love it too). When referring to a person: Angry or brave/courageous (depends on context). When referring to a situation: complicated. My mum is a berraca because she kicks ass.

Chévere/bacano: Cool/awesome.

Guaro/trago: Booze. Very important.

¿Qué más?: How’s it going? Also ¿Q’ubo? Super common and basically means the same thing, like ‘what’s up?’

Fresco/Fresca: dude/gurl, chill. Used when someone is getting all up in your shit. (I’ve personally had a friend flap his hand at me and go ‘Ay, freshhh’, it was hilarious).

(omg there are so many)

Dar papaya: (absolutely love this one), no it’s not ‘give paw-paw fruit, it means to leave yourself open to risks unnecessarily. If you’re walking with your bling out on the street and you get mugged you were ‘Dando papaya’

Parar bolas: (those who know me are aware of my love for balls), but! It actually doesn’t have to do with balls!!! Gasp!! Basically ‘to pay attention’

Por si las moscas: Just in case. I like to use ‘por si las flies’, personally.

I think you can’t go wrong with googling Colombian slang and hit me up if you’re unsure about any of them!

criminal minds should do an episode where the unsub is killing in some kind of meme inspired way and Garcia has to come along on the case and explain all the memes and the rest of the team are all utterly lost and Rossi is in a corner taking shots of Scotch in utter despair 


Jack: I’m almost afraid to ask but.
Jack: I’m going shopping. Anyone wanna come?

Ryan: I’ll come.
Ryan: I love seeing people notice the mask.

Jack: In that case, we’re totally getting you a tux.

Ryan: Can it be an extra-distracting tux?
Ryan: The douchier the better.

Jack: Dude, as long as you take your mask off for effect at some point.
Jack: It’s always hilarious the way they curiously lean in despite themselves only for you to wear creepy-ass facepaint.

Ryan: Oh, it will be dramatic.

Jack: Verily. Gav, you wanna come with scare the shit out of the high fashion stores?
Jack: For some reason, you and Ryan are the most recognizable crew members

Gavin: I would love to come along! I’ll put on my best gams!

Ryan: You have dentures?

Jack: Behave, boys. Now, who has the sleekest, richest car? I want to go shopping *in style*

Ryan: I suspect Michael has the nicest car. Should we ask, or no?

Jack: That depends. Is the car here and the keys in reach, and how fast does he answer his texts? :P

Gavin: Oh! Let me ask him, it’ll just be a tick
Gavin: ….He says yes but only if Jack is driving.

Jack: I’m always driving. Hop on in, boys and girls, we’re going to town!

Disney and a Date (Chris Evans x Reader)

Summary: It’s your birthday, and as per tradition, you were headed to the Disney Store. But this time, a certain meatball boyfriend is tagging along…

Word Count: 724

Warning(s): i say one curse word. just one. if that’s triggering to anyone

A/N: i picked this one to do first since the flood of all the prompts because my birthday is monday and i love chris thx bye

Prompt: Hi! My birthday is coming up and I would like to requests a birthday themed Chris Evans x reader, please! I go to the Disney Store each year on my birthday and we all know how big of a Disney fan Chris is so I think it would be awesome company to do something like that with :) Sorry it’s kind of vague! Fluff/birthday stuff, please! Have a lovely day! -a-girl-who-loves-disney

“This has to be the best birthday tradition I have ever heard of.”

If you had known that your boyfriend would be this pumped about going to the Disney Store before today, you would’ve taken him a long time ago. The look on his face was nothing short of that cliche of a kid in a candy store; eyes alight with excitement, cheeks flushed. Most of all, he was shaking. Though, that was purely educated guess given that you were in the passenger seat as he drove out of Boston towards the nearest store.

Laughing, you shook your head and turned your attention to the city flying by outside your window for a moment before landing back on the bearded man driving. “And this is one of the reasons we’re together. You’re just as much of a Disney nerd as I am.”

His face got serious all of a sudden, and one of his hands fell from the steering wheel to your thigh. “Listen here, no one, and I mean no one,” He paused for emphasis. And for a quick glance towards you for added dramatic flare. “Will ever be as big of a Disney nerd as me.”

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Funny & Clever Comebacks!

Because we have all come across one of these: 

Insult: “You look tired!”

Comeback: “Yeah, its exhausting being a badass bitch.”

Insult: “Umm…are you really going to eat that?”

Comeback: “You have no idea how many calories I burn putting up with your shit!”

Insult: “Are you drunk again?”

Comeback: “If I was you’d be good looking.. but that’s clearly not the case.”

Insult: “Wow, that was a complete fail!”

Comeback: “No one asked for your life story…” Or “Can you finish telling me your life story?” “I have an appointment at 4:00.” 

Insult: “You suck!”

Comeback: ”And you swallow.” ;)

Insult: “Why do you wear a bra?” “You have nothing to put in it.”

Comeback: “Yet you still wear pants, don’t you?”

Insult: “You’re not very smart”

Comeback: “Wow I really shouldn’t trust you! You’re full of atoms.Atoms make everything up.”

Insult: “You’re Ugly!”

Comeback: “Life must be tough for the visually impaired.” 

Insult: (Laughter) “You’re Short!”

Comeback: (Sarcastic laugh) “So is your penis!”

(Stay tuned I will add more to the list later) 

anonymous asked:

Have you seen that Lana removed Vancouver from her location on Twitter and changed her bio on Facebook to "former actor on Disney"? Do you think she'll the show or are we not even getting a s7.

Why change it so quickly? It sounds like a weak-ass negotiation tactic if you ask me.

How hilarious that the manipulative shit-stirring troll tried to assign all sorts of meaning to JMo’s random social media posts from 6 months ago, when it turns out it’s her fav Lana who is trying to send ABC messages via the internet.

*insert laughing gif*

In any case I would be ecstatic about a S7 without Lana. That would be the dream.

Honestly the fact that Looker’s been on the case in most of our Pokemon Journeys since Kanto and the Team Rocket scandal is pretty hilarious to me like imagine always following the scent of illegal and/or paranormal activity and finding out that some child has already cleaned up the mess before Interpol could even get there.

it makes so much sense now that when he was investigating Sinnoh he just found the first talented trainer under the age of 16 and was like “you know what? you handle this crock of shit I’m done.” 

And by the time we get to Gen 7 he’s seen so much and been promoted so often that his clearance level has surpassed paranormal and reached the absolute weirdest classified shit you could imagine and his boss Anabel is like “how do you propose we clean up this mess on Alola.” 

He is one hundred percent serious about his answer:

“We find a child.”

anonymous asked:

The whole group plss LILY ❤

*sings* OH MY GOD THANKS!!!!!!

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*shuffles around a bit* 
*mumbles* Hana..dul…sET


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Laito doesn't have a search history, he uses incognito in case Subaru uses his computer. He doesn't want to ruin Subaru's innocence

aww i was gonna say that he knows how to use incognito but he doesnt cuz he thinks it would be hilarious if his brothers found all that freaky shit he’s searching

and I bet it’s all freaky shit but like he googled “daily crossword puzzles” somewhere in there

languages-georg  asked:

This is undoubtedly a dumb newbie question, but I'm a dumb newbie. I keep seeing altoid tins on people's boards, what's the deal with that?

Hahaha, yesssss. 

No dumb questions only dumb answers, my dude. 

Anyways, I have an Altoids case on my board too. Back when forums were kicking around a lot stronger than they are now there were a good deal of people putting them on their boards for holding small things like picks or 9V batteries. 
Then there were a ton of people that would scrutinize people that had altoids tins on there boards and I found that hilarious that people gave a shit so I put one on my board and it has lived there ever since. 

I was just rewatching Ghost Hunt, and in the episode when Mai wakes up in the nurse’s office at Yasu’s high school and Naru’s right in front of her face as she’s waking up, it just reminded me that everyone on that case watched as Naru (a seemingly cold blooded bastard) lent over Mai’s person to simply scare the shit out of her as she woke up.

Like how can you not ship these two.

“I’m going to scare my (almost) girlfriend.”

Everyone else: “You do that. It’s hilarious from our perspective.”


Maker, Surana Month is almost over and I still have so many ideas.

Anyway I guess it fals unders Surana and Friends category? It’s Margeary’s first meeting with Cullen. 

My headcanon is that Jowan is a little shit of a friend. Since Margy is always so stoic Jowan teases her she looks like a tranquil (and he’s thinks it’s hilarious when a new apprentice or, in that case, templar buys it). She, on the other hand, is not amused. 

Also Cullen just got into the Circle and is lost just like Merrill in Kirkwall. And he can’t see a thing in that stupid hamlet.

anonymous asked:

Please do enlighten us...how DID you come to be hit in the face with a severed leg?

I can honestly only laugh about this because it was like six years ago. At the time it fucking sucked but in retrospect it’s as hilarious as it is intense, so strap yourself in, friend. 

When I was in high school I worked on pretty much every production we did–if I wasn’t in the show, I did tech, and since I’m not much of a singer (for reals I sound like I’ve got a mouth full of gravel and only Tom Waits can pull that shit off), when we did musicals I was in the wings. Or, as in the case of Little Shop of Horrors, inside a giant fucking plant puppet. 

Now, we were a little ambitious and decided to build our own Audreys instead of renting them from New York for a small fortune. The first two were hand puppets but the third one weighed a over a hundred pounds and required a full body harness and the last one was roughly the size of a VW Bug. (I’m not fucking exaggerating–this thing was engineered to swallow live actors, one of whom was wearing a fucking fat suit. ‘Epic proportions’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.) 

I don’t know how familiar you are with the plot of Little Shop, so here’s a breakdown: nerdy botanist grows man-eating space plant in order to impress girlfriend of sadistic dentist. (I shit you not. Broadway is fuckin’ wild.) So this was my junior year and because my school was brand spankin’ new I had departmental seniority and for some jolly reason this meant that the ridiculously awesome title of ‘Puppet Master’ was levied upon me. The less glamorous reality meant sitting in a fucking box for most of Act One to sing to the twit playing Seymour and then getting strapped into some kind of mental bondage harness attached to a giant fucking flytrap made of felt and foam and PVC and trying to match the articulated mouth to the words of a voice actor standing fifty feet away on the stage right wing. This shit was a fucking job, let me tell you. 

So Audrey 2.3 (as we called the third puppet) is supported by two long ‘crutches’ that are meant to take some of the weight so not all 100+ pounds of it is just hanging on my back. I’ve got my hips braced against a giant ceramic pot and my arms in these like fucking alligator jaws and I can’t see a fucking thing because the mesh is too dense and I’m sweating like absolute hell because BEING IN A GIANT FUCKING COCOON OF FOAM AND FELT UNDER THOUSAND-DEGREE STAGE LIGHTS WHILE HOLDING THE EQUIVALENT WEIGHT OF BILBO FUCKING BAGGINS ON YOUR BACK IS HARD FUCKING WORK. 

Right, anyway, it’s a long story but the dentist dies and Seymour chops him up into little Dentist McNuggets to feed to Audrey 2.3, who isn’t big enough yet to be swallowing people whole (we save that shit for Act 2). Our second night of show Seymour is like kind of high on success from the night before and getting really overzealous with the feeding. He’s got a chum bucket of ‘body parts’–most of them are like intestines made of pantyhose and cotton wadding (tech people are ingenious) and that sort of shit–soft and harmless–but at the bottom of the bucket is the piece de resistance, this fucking stupidly realistic severed leg with a giant bone sticking out which was used on a film set for some kind of war movie and honestly I have no idea how we ended up with it, but it was gruesome and horrible and made out of hard fucking industrial plastic. 

Anyway we’re like halfway through the song and it’s the big bombastic Act 1 finale and Seymour is absolutely fucking losing his shit and flinging intestines and kidneys and fingers into the puppet mouth and I’m like frantically grabbing them as fast as I can before they can go dribbling out again–if you’ve never seen this show you absolutely do not understand how fucking gross it is–and one of the intestines gets away from me. I need one hand for the jaw and one to grab the snacks and I’m like shit shit shit this intestine is sticking out of my mouth like a goddamn Cuban cigar and I’m leaning forward to grab it and WHAM. I get kicked full in the face by a severed fucking foot and honestly, I can’t even explain, it felt like getting a roundhouse to the jaw from a fucking kangaroo. 

So I go reeling backwards–and bear in mind this freakin’ giant plant is in no way anchored to the floor, just my body–and I knock one of the ‘crutches’ off the back of the platform. Seymour is still belting his fucking lungs out, totally oblivious to the fact that Audrey is like imploding behind him–and 100+ pounds of man-eating plant suddenly drops off the back of the platform, drags me down with it and crunch crunch snap the weight cracks three of my ribs like fucking matchsticks. The song ends, the crowd goes wild, the lights go out and I’m falling halfway off the back platform, all the dead Audrey weight still strapped on and hanging on my shoulders and it literally hurt so fucking badly I couldn’t even breathe to start swearing. 

Anyway thank God someone (unlike Seymour) was paying attention, and as soon as the drape closes Mushnik comes thundering onstage and stars tearing the plant open like it’s a deleted scene from Jaws or some shit, going “OH MY GOD HOLY SHIT ARE YOU OKAY” and I’m like “NO I’M FUCKING NOT I’M SUFFOCATING AND MY RIBS ARE BROKEN AND I’M PRETTY SURE I HAVE A FAT LIP FROM GETTING KICKED IN THE MOUTH BY A DISEMBODIED FUCKING FOOT.”

I spent intermission lying shirtless on the floor with a sack of ice on my back and enough tape around my ribs to stick a walrus to the ceiling and you know what? We finished the fucking show and did four more after that. Don’t even fucking tell me theatre people are not hardcore. 

And that is the story of the time I got kicked in the face by a severed leg and a carnivorous alien plant broke three of my ribs.

Dating Kate Kane + Papa Batman and “The Talk”

Anon asked: could u do headcanons abt dating kate kane and getting like the ‘warning’ type talk from batman pls omg

OKay this is my first time writing for Kate Kane and I am praying that I put her justice hahaha. Here we go.

  • As we all know, Batman will grill the fuck out of you the moment he finds out you’re dating Kate.
  • Kate on the other hand, finds it annoying yet hilarious.
  • Batman will 1000% do a background search on you just in case.
  • Kate on the other hand, won’t. She loves you and spoils you and will 1000% defend you from Batman if he talks shit about you.
  • But when ol’ Batty finally approves of you, he’ll sit down with you and have the talk.
  • “I know you’re a good person and all, but please take care of Kate. You make her smile. But if you hurt her, I will kill you.”
  • “I know Batman, I know.”
  • “Good.”
  • Bruce will sometimes give you designer dresses and jewels and shit if Kate ever invites you to like parties. He says that “They’re gifts for you since you make Kate happy.”
  • But really, I think he’s 10000% ready to approve your possible marriage and will 10000% fund the damn thing himself. Will also cry at the wedding.
  • Bruce starts to see you as his daughter. And then turns over to Kate and gives HER “the talk”
  • “Now Kate, you better not make [Y/N] upset or I will-”
  • “Bruce, I’ve been dating [Y/N] for a while know. Don’t worry, but I thank you for your concern. And if I do make her upset, then you can kick my ass.”
who to fight, daedric princes

Azura: i have no idea why you’d want to fight azura…what has she done to deserve fighting???? nothing.

Boethiah: don’t fight boethiah. you will die. she deserves to be fought but don’t do it

Clavicus Vile: god i hate this guy. fight him.

Hermaeus Mora: holy fuck do not fight him. have you seen enough hentai to know where that would go because i have

Hircine: fight him. he’s a cool guy tbh. he’d play fair and if you won he’d probably give you some cool shit as a reward

Jyggalag: don’t fight this guy. he gets enough shit :(

Malacath: don’t fight him. he’s an asshole yeah but his domain is people who are hated by everyone else. for their sake don’t do the thing

Mehrunes Dagon: fight him. fight him holy shit. i will PAY you to fight him, you will die but he needs to be fought

Mephala: honestly don’t even think of fighting her. she’ll probably know and then one of your friends will stab you in the back with a cool sword she gave them to kill you.

Meridia: okay yeah she’s a bit high strung but she’s got her heart in the right place. don’t fight her. you’d lose anyway.

Molag Bal: don’t fight him right away. butter up to him and then stab him in the back after becoming a hot lich king

Namira: this one is gross af. if you fight her make sure you can’t lose or like. you’ll be eaten alive by skeevers or something

Nocturnal: don’t fight her unless you want all your shit stolen. why would you even want to fight her anyway we all know you joined the thieves guild if only to pawn off your shit

Peryite: fight this nerd he’s such a wimp. he’s literally “The Taskmaster” he’s some sort of weird dragon accountant. plus all he gives you is a fucking shield. i mean you won’t get much after winning but you can do it anyway.

Sanguine: dude why would you wanna fight this guy??? Sanguine is super chill his quest in skyrim is literally just you having a wild ride. the exception to this is if youre really, really drunk and have a weird barside brawl. in that case, go ahead he’ll probably just laugh and beat you black and blue but won’t do much else.

Sheogorath: this guy is fucking hilarious keep him alive just to see the shit he gets up to, bruh. just make sure you dont get turned into cheese or something though.

Vaermina: fight her i guess??? i mean she’s kind of a piece of shit but you don’t gain much.