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Types of Girls: pretty french words

Aurore (dawn); stays up late, doesn’t say their deepest thoughts, quiet but their presence is warm, disappears to recharge, likes love letters & mornings

Bisou (kiss); gets crushes easily but may fear intimacy, loves soft things, cares a lot about what others think, wants love more than anything

Sourire (smile); always tries to be happy, friends with everyone, prefers movies over books, talks a lot, radiant smile, hard-working, gives the best hugs

Ange (angel); daydreams a lot, loves fashion & aesthetics, wishes they were a flower, loves affection, pure-hearted, moody, glowy skin and hair

Espoir (hope); seems calm, takes long showers, strong-minded, loud laugh, likes pet names & cliché things, will be there for you, loves new beginnings

Sirène (mermaid); scared of being alone, carefree, loves the moon, bilingual, mood changes like the weather, sad most of the time, a bit mysterious

How french people use the word “grave” 🇫🇷

This word has a lot of signification in french nowadays, either for slang or in everyday situations. Here are some of its uses!

In general GRAVE means “serious”, but we use it for many other situations

How teenagers/young adults use GRAVE:

C'est grave cool” = It’s really cool (to insist)

Grave, mec” = Totally dude (to agree)

A very common french expression:

“C'est pas grave” = It’s no big deal

In its common and normal sense:

La situation est grave” = the situation is serious