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【Japan Official Fanclub Magazine Vol.5】 BTS Ranking Q1 - 8

Q1: Which member seems to be suitable to have a heart-to-heart talk with?

1. RAP MONSTER 6323 votes
2. J-HOPE 2728 votes
3. JIMIN 2572 votes
4. SUGA 1525 votes
5. JIN 870 votes
6. JUNGKOOK 189 votes
7. V 163 votes
(RAP MONSTER: I consult with our members.)

JIN: Who do you guys think is #7?
JUNGKOOK: V hyung!
SUGA: Shouldn’t it be Jungkook, since he’s the maknae?
V: No, Jin hyung is definitely in the lower rank.
JIN: Nope,it’s V, right? (laughs)
J-HOPE: The result is… oh oh oh!
SUGA: The difference between #1 and #7’s votes is so big.
V: What does everyone think of me? (laughs)
RAP MONSTER: V is a member that we need to talk him about his troubles. (laughs)
JIMIN: The reasons for picking Rap Monster hyung are mainly “because he’s the leader that united the group”, “it seems that he can give the right advice”.
JUNGKOOK: Hyung usually listens to everyone’s worries.
V: The best leader!
RAP MONSTER: I like discussing about the worries that you guys have!
SUGA: I really want to know the reason why V is #7.
J-HOPE: They wrote “it seems that V will give unexpected answers”.
JIN: That’s right. V would unexpectedly give really good answers.
V: Yay! I got 1 vote. (laughs)

Q2: Who do you want to make lunch box for you?

1. JIN 10292 votes
2. JIMIN 1054 votes
3. JK 928 votes
4. SUGA 772 votes
5. V 539 votes
6. RAP MONSTER 421votes
7. J-HOPE 364 votes
(JIN: It has to be me when comes to cooking!)

JIMIN: Suga hyung have made sandwiches before.
SUGA: Very delicious.
V: Hyung cooks often too.
SUGA: Yeah, I’ve made lunch boxes for our members.
RAP MONSTER: It’s just V and I who can’t cook.
JIN: You’ve burnt a pan before! (laughs)
J-HOPE: Do I give people the impression that I don’t cook?
JIN: Hobi’s cooking level is average.
JUNGKOOK: It’s not very delicious and it’s not awful (laughs).

Q3: Who likes to talk for a long time on the phone?

1. V 5548 votes
2. JIMIN 3512 votes
3. J-HOPE 2142 votes
4. JIN 1915 votes
5. JUNG KOOK 542 votes
6. RAP MONSTER 475 votes
7. SUGA 236 votes
(JIMIN: The calls are short but I call often.)

SUGA: A lot of people wrote “V probably can talk incessantly even if he’s alone.”
V: I won’t even notice if the other person isn’t talking (laughs) It’s right that I like to talk on the phone!
RAP MONSTER: #2 is Jimin and the reason is “he updates Twitter often, so it seems that he will call often”, a very good impression.
JIMIN: I think I’m the type that wouldn’t call a long time but I would call often.
JUNGKOOK: I don’t make calls! Sometimes when I think I have been talking for 30 minutes but it has only been 1 minute. I was so surprised.
JIN: I hate phone calls too. I like to contact people by texting. Even when I make calls, I would be like “hey, check your texts” and then end the call. (laughs)
SUGA: Me too, I always try to send texts.
RAP MONSTER: I like to make long calls, so I can talk for 3 hours.
J-HOPE: I often make video calls compared to the normal calls.
V: You follow fashion!
JIN: I completely forgot such function existed. (laughs)

Q4: If you go to the seaside together, who would be the noisiest member?

1. V 5306 votes
2.JUNG KOOK 3741 votes
3.J-Hope 3565 votes
4. JIMIN 1009 votes
5. JIN 374 votes
6. SUGA 251 votes
7. RAP MONSTER 124 votes

RAP MONSTER: Although I’m #7, I can be unexpectedly quite noisy.
JIN: Unexpectedly, I can be super noisy!
JUNGKOOK: Unexpectedly I’m not noisy. (laughs) 
JIN: Yeah, Jungkook isn’t noisy. I feel like Jimin and I will have fun until we collapse. 
V: Rap Monster hyung unexpectedly is the lively type. 
SUGA: Unexpectedly I’m not noisy. 
JIN: That’s not unexpected at all! (laughs) 
J-HOPE: I think I would change depending on the situation. 
JIMIN: The reasons for #1 V are “because he’s like a child”, “if V goes to play on his own, you probably won’t even know where he ran off to.”
RAP MONSTER: That’s right, but Jungkook would go missing if he secretly goes off by himself.
V: Yeah, Rap Monster hyung who’s next to me, you know someone is missing!

Q5: If you had to pick the first alien in BTS, who would you pick?

1. V 9312 votes
2. SUGA 1678 votes
3. RAP MONSTER 1314 votes
4. J-Hope 818 votes
5. JUNG KOOK 637 votes
6. JIN 371 votes
7. JIMIN 240 votes
(V: I’m definitely the leading #1! (laughs))

JIN: This is made for V, right? (laughs)
RAP MONSTER: The result… eh, Suga hyung is #2 and I’m #3!? So unexpected.
SUGA: After I had the appendix surgery, I couldn’t go to the space. (laughs)
JUNGKOOK: I want to go~
J-HOPE: The reason for Rap Monster is “it seems that his mind can easily be in sync with the aliens’ minds”.
ALL: (bursts out laughing)
JIMIN: This means that I give people the impression that I’m the most normal member.
V: What about me then? (laughs)

Q6: The member can do bungee jump without hesitation?  

1. JUNGKOOK 10657 votes
2. SUGA 1143 votes
3. JIMIN  650 votes
4. J-HOPE 590 votes
5. RAP MONSTER 588 votes
6. V 469 votes
7. JIN 273 votes
(JUNGKOOK: Bungee jump is fun!)

RAP MONSTER: #7 Jin hyung got so little votes. (laughs) There isn’t a big difference between #3 – 6.
JIN: Hey, including #7, there isn’t a big difference. When have I left such impression on you guys? (laughs)
J-HOPE: Those who picked Jin hyung wrote, “Jin hyung has broad shoulders, so the air resistance would be really big.”
ALL: (bursts out laughing)
JIN: Wow, this is very scientific! (laughs)
JIMIN: A lot of people wrote for #1 Jungkook, “it seems that he can jump easily.”
JUNGKOOK: Yes! That’s right.
J-HOPE: For #2 Suga, “Suga has the image that he doesn’t react to scary things.”
SUGA: If it’s for filming, I can jump otherwise I wouldn’t. It’s the occupational disease. (laughs)
V: Actually, everyone is really scared except Jungkook.
J-HOPE: Yeah, everyone can do bungee jump but only Jungkook would enjoy it.
V: I did it once and I thought I was going to die!
RAP MONSTER: I don’t want to do it ever again. (laughs)

Q7: Who do you want to be a comic duo with?

1. J-HOPE 6199 votes
2. JIN 2752 votes
3. SUGA 1677 votes
4. V 1327 votes
5. RAP MONSTER 957 votes
6. JIMIN 950 votes
7. JUNG KOOK 508 votes
(J-HOPE: Let’s make a comic duo with Suga hyung.)

SUGA: Hobi has got to be no.1.
J-HOPE: Many people want to see Suga hyung and I do a comic act.
RAP MONSTER: The silly one (boke) is Hobi and the straight man in comedy (tsukkomi) is Suga hyung.
J-HOPE: Don’t be like that!
ALL: (laughs)
V: Jungkook is #7 so unexpected. Isn’t he funny in Japan?
JUNGKOOK: No, my image in Japan is handsome/ cool.
RAP MONSTER: But Jungkook is the most hilarious, he has the ability to make people laugh.
JIMIN: No, recently Jin hyung is the funniest.
V: Yeah, I think Jin hyung is #1!

Q8: Who can’t get up? (Who’s weak in the morning)?

1. SUGA 6692 votes
2.JUNG KOOK 3590 votes
3.V 2623 votes
4.JIMIN 694 votes
5.RAP MONSTER 439 votes
6.J-Hope 229 votes
7. JIN 103 votes

SUGA: Even though I’m #1, I can get up straight away. I produce music so I often stay up at night, I would usually take naps in between the gaps.
JUNGKOOK: The most energetic in the morning is Hobi hyung, hyung always gets up the earliest.
JIN: Even if Jimin gets up early, he takes a long time to prepare.
J-HOPE: But he can’t get up. (laughs)
JIMIN: I’ve been trying recently.
JIN: Huh˜? But I can smell that someone was late today (sniffs)
JIMIN: I got up straight away in the morning. I’m not that slow these days~ 
ALL: (laughs)
RAP MONSTER: #2 Jungkook actually can’t get up, just like it’s written here “Jungkook might get angry if you wake him up.”
V: During the trainee days, I prepared a surprise for Jungkook’s birthday but he didn’t get up no matter how many times I’ve knocked on the door. I had to pull his legs to the living room. (laughs)
J-HOPE: V stop talking about other people (laughs), someone wrote “it seems that V would crawl back to sleep (or have unprotected sleep) 4 times.” This is so on point.
V: Yeah! If I wake up, I’ll fall back to sleep (laughs)

V’s palm reading; Jimin; Suga; Rap Monster; JinJ-Hope
BTS Biography - Jimin

Trans: KIMMYYANG (from Chinese - blinglingGI)

Anyone who thinks Xi will brings Maoism back are out of their minds. Xi makes symbolic gestures towards Mao in speeches and official visits, but only to appease the New Left and to legitimize the present Chinese state by stressing continuity with its revolutionary origins. The Maoist New Left in China often take an oppositional stance towards the Chinese government, and the Chinese government actively seeks to suppress Maoist activists. Xi Jinping began his tenure pretty excited to throw Bo Xilai, the New Left’s darling, and his ally Zhou Yongkang into prison because they threatened his consolidation of power within the party; if he has any leftist sympathies, they’re subordinate to his careerism.

Breakfast in Mandarin

  • 早饭 (zǎo fàn) / 早餐 (zǎo cān) - breakfast
  • 咖啡 (kā fēi) - coffee
  • 果汁 (guǒ zhī) - fruit juice
  • 谷类 (gǔ lèi) - cereal
  • 牛奶 (niú nǎi) - milk
  • 面包 (miàn bāo) - bread
  • 羊角面包 (yáng jiǎo miàn bāo) - croissant
  • 法式吐司 (fà shì tǔ sī) - french toast
  • 黄油 (huáng yóu) - butter
  • 果酱 (guǒ jiàng) - jam
  • 鸡蛋 (jī dàn) - eggs
  • 炒鸡蛋 (chǎo jī dàn) - scrambled eggs
  • 煎蛋卷 (jiān dàn juǎn) - omelette
  • 香肠 (xiāng cháng) - sausage
  • 培根 (péi gēn) - bacon
  • 薄煎饼 (báo jiān bǐng) - pancakes
  • 花夫饼 (huā fū bǐng) - waffles
  • 麦片粥 (mài piàn zhōu) - oatmeal

as always if i made any mistakes pls let me know so i can correct them :)


Warning! Major spoilers shown and discussed in this post!

Something I found very interesting about the new pan-upward images of Marinette and her classmates in Season 2′s opening is the sticker details.

The bottom image includes two cute but notable stickers on the image with Marinette, Alya, Adrien, and Nino. On the left side is a sea turtle sticker, and on the right side is a fox sticker. Considering what we know for this season, I think those are cute details that foreshadow Nino and Alya’s futures.

However, what I really want to look at is the image with Marinette, Alya, and other girls in the class. All of them have animal-themed stickers, but most of them are hugely notable based on other huge spoilers that leaked out. Marinette has panda ears and panda nose stickers, which reflect her Chinese heritage, and Alya appears to have fox ear stickers, referencing her future promotion to Rena Rouge. Meanwhile, Rose has a pig ears and a pig snout (I failed at catching a screenshot of the snout, but you can see it there if you pause it at the right post), Mylène has mouse ears, and Alix has has rabbit ears and a rabbit mouth. Juleka is harder to tell, but she has an orange tail with a brown stripe, orange ears with stripes, a sharp tooth, and the text “GRRR” over her, so I think her stickers are based on a tiger.

The reason why I find the four girls’ animal stickers interesting is that they are animals of the Chinese zodiac. From the TFOU video in late August, we also learned that there are kwamis based off the Chinse zodiac animals, the rabbit being the only animal not represented with the other animals’ kwamis but probably existing if the other eleven do. Here is a comparison I did:

Even without the stickers there are some similarities that can be argued. Rose is pink like the pig kwami. Even the wing design on her back makes me think of the phrase “when pigs fly” in relation the kwami. Rose doesn’t really have tiger-based colors, but at least in concept art, neither does the tiger kwami. Both have darker purplish colors, and both have orange eyes. The rat kwami’s pink eyes remind me of Mylène’s design’s use of pink, like her bandana and some of her locks. Alix is a different one for sure, as we don’t have any images of a rabbit kwami yet. However, considering how rabbits are symbols of speed, I could see how this matches up with Alix.

Of course, if Carapace proved anything, it’s that there isn’t always that huge a connection between designs, but as it has been the case for a few others, it might be possible for some similarities to exist with other pairs of humans and kwamis.

I think this could mean a few things. First of all, it could just be a fun reference. We weren’t supposed to know about the Chinese zodiac kwamis yet (I’m sorry, Thomas and crew), so for those who caught, it’s a sweet hint of things to come.

The second meaning is the one I’m not eager for, but it could be possible as far as I know right now. These pair-ups indicate that in the future, these characters will be matched up with these Miraculouses for an unknown reason. It could mean that other people related to them somehow have these Miraculouses, but from what little we know right now, it seems to mean more by speculation that these characters will get the Miraculouses, like Rose getting the Pig Miraculous and Mylène getting the Rat Miraculous.

By extension of this, this could mean at the most the entire class will get Miraculouses. Subtracting the main five from the class group from the majority of Season 1, we have nine students. However, if they are in the same class, Lila, Kagami, and Luka would push that number up the twelve, or there could be other students meant in those slots. A lot of them could arguably line up with them. For example, considering Ivan’s supportive yet tough nature, his crush on Mylène, and how the Chinese story connects the rat and the ox, he could get the Ox Miraculous. Honestly, once Kagami and Luka are revealed, it would be fun to try to connect them and the CZ Miraculouses based on what info we have.

Do I want this to happen? Well, if the show pulls it off with excellent writing, absolutely, but as it stands, not really. One huge event where all the students are required to help as Miraculous holders would be awesome, but then they’re just back to normal, which is kind of disappointing. Two superheroes appear to be more than enough for Paris, and if the three upcoming superheroes for Season 2 are only part-timers, it seems especially insane to add a lot more part-time superheroes on top of that. And, of course, there’s the common joke of the entire class suddenly excusing themselves to go fight a villain – it’s totally not suspicious at all. If we get more Miraculous holder superheroes, I would want them to be from around the world and only guest-appearing, maybe all of them coming together to help the Parisian heroes stop the bad guys in the Season 3 finale. While I love all of the students, no matter how good or bad they lie on the moral spectrum, all or most of them being superheroes sounds like overkill.

Once again, though, I’m not entirely against the idea. In-show, it just needs a lot of talent by the crew to make this kind of thing feel right for the series. Honestly, though, as an AU of sorts outside the show, I’m all for it. I’m already wishing I could draw up art of these girls in superhero forms based on these stickers in the Season 2 opening, along with assigning other CZ Miraculouses to others (I need Rat!Mylène and Ox!Ivan being cute and fantastic superheroes together). The students are fun characters, so giving any of them Miraculouses and seeing what they would do with them is great, whether they use them wisely, irresponsibly, for good, or for evil.

In conclusion, who knows what any of this means, but no matter what it turns out as, I appreciate the fun Easter egg details of the Chinese zodiac animal stickers in the opening. Nothing or anything can come from it, but for the time being, I just think it’s cool to have those details in there, and I’m very curious to see how the Chinese zodiac-themed Miraculouses come into play, with a lot or very little importance, in the series’ future.

【 Japan Official Fanclub Magazine Vol.5】J-Hope’s palm reading

1. Head Line
From the shape of the line, you can tell he has a high ability to resolve disputes.

2. Charm Line
He has the charm of that can naturally attract people’s attention, so he can be an active artist.

3. He’s a born artist
The ‘Head Line’ is a straight line that suddenly changes its angle, this shows that he has a high ability to solve problems. J-Hope can quickly make a decision when he’s puzzled, and when he needs to overcome unexpected troubles. He can quickly and appropriately explain everything to change the flow/ process, he has the verbal ability that can instantly and successfully switch between surroundings. He has a side of an artist, and such intuitive verbal ability will play a very important part in his future work. Furthermore, only those who has the charm of attracting people’s attention has a very clear line engraved on the palm. So even if J-Hope does something ordinarily, he’ll be more eye-catching compared to ordinary people. He can be active as an artist for a long time.

V’s palm reading; Jimin; Suga; Rap Monster; Jungkook; Jin
BTS Biography - Jimin
BTS Ranking Q1 - 8

Trans: KIMMYYANG (from Chinese - blinglingGI)

【 Japan Official Fanclub Magazine Vol.5】Jin’s palm reading

1. Oasis Line
A line that only those who’re sincere and frank has. Not just sincere, he also follows etiquette rules, and he’s a person who can naturally comfort others.

2. Mount of Venus
Fine vertical line, which means that even if you don’t say ‘thank you’ to him, he deserves to be thanked/ appreciated.

3. His existence is like an oasis
From the ‘Oasis Line’, you can tell he has the personality that won’t let others worry about him. His innocent, frank actions and speeches are very funny. When you’re with Jin, you would probably have a relaxing time like the oasis. Since his ‘Mount of Venus’ is a fine line, he’s usually well-behaved. When Jin needs help, people around him would naturally go help him. If you look at the shape of his hand, he’s quite possessive. He might be obsessed with things that other people couldn’t understand. But because of the ‘Oasis Line’, there’s a high possibility that those things are interesting.

V’s palm reading; Jimin; Suga; Rap Monster; Jungkook; J-Hope
BTS Biography - Jimin
BTS Ranking Q1 - 8

Trans: KIMMYYANG (from Chinese - blinglingGI)

Yu Shan Feng, Shanghai

We have a list a mile long of restaurants here in Shanghai that people have recommended to us, but it was gorgeous out on Saturday, so we just decided to simply walk around the city and find a place we thought looked good. Which is how we found Yu Shan Feng…

We’ve taken a shine to the old school Chinese diners that litter this city, so this place looked right up our alley. The fact they had a poster outside with English translations sealed the deal…

And I must say, their English translations are near perfect, probably the best I’ve seen in China. I’m fairly certain that they had the help of an actual native speaker with culinary knowledge, rather than just rely on Google Translate.

Yu Shan Feng’s a pretty big place, maybe seating up to about 100 people at any given time, so there’s not much waiting. We arrived around noon, the peak of the weekend lunch time rusg, and were seated right away. In traditional SH diner style, they give you a Chinese paper menu & pencil and you check off what you want. You have to ask for the English menu, and when you’ve decided on your dishes, the waitresses will help you match the English menu to the order form.

Oh, and be prepared, there are over 200 dishes on the menu!

We went with four. Here’s a look…

Sweet potato leaves stir-fried in garlic, one of the best vegetable dishes I’ve had in China! I literally drank the sauce out the bottom of the bowl…

Another amazing find, tender beef brisket with cucumber wedges wrapped in pancakes…

I was skeptical of the cold cucumber center at first, but it added a much needed crunch to each bite…

There was a tart “barbecue sauce” inside the roll already, but Yu Shan Feng’s house hot sauce added a nice kick!

You need to ask for the hot sauce separately as we discovered by watching a couple at the table next to us…

Pork xiao long bao hit the table next, and while not the best in city, they were still quite good. Would definitely rank in my Shanghai top ten…

Finished up with a plate of salt & pepper pork trotters…

Covered in garlic, ginger, onions and chiles, the flavorful fall-off-the-bone chunks of meat and fat were wonderful with a bowl of white rice…

All this food and a big bottle of Tsingtao for 129rmb, which is about $20.00 US!

One other thing I want to add… I don’t think we’ve every been to a friendlier restaurant in Shanghai. Even though they were quite busy, every staffer was kind, polite and extremely helpful. And EVERYONE smiled constantly. They made you feel comfortable here.

We’ll definitely be going back to explore so much more of Yu Shan Feng’s extensive menu… and definitely getting those sweet potato leaves again!


15 Baoqing Lu

On the corner of Fuxing Lu

Shanghai, China