or imagine his long fingers touching you making you whimper and feel helpless under his touch

All It Takes (two)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: It’s not just Bucky who is miserably lusting after you.

Word Count: 1349 | Rating: R 

Warnings: SMUT. Masturbation, one nsfw gif

A/N: okay, that’s a crappy summary. but I hope the content is good enough for y’all 

also sorry for any typos, i’m on the phone.

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All It Takes Part One

(*gifs are not mine!)

From the moment he stepped into your life, you were aware of what all he could do to you. Bucky Barnes was a walking warning himself, a constant reminder for why you cannot be anyone else’s but his. You are head over heels for him and all he has to do is look at you and throw that sexy smirk along with those twinkling blue orbs and you were done for good.

You find yourself daydreaming about him – a lot, often about his lips, how he would roam them all over your body, pressing gentle feather light kisses on your sensitive skin, leaving goosebumps in his wake. How his perfect lips would mould with yours, sucking all the air from your lungs, leaving them red and swollen. How he’d graze the tip of his nose along the underside of your jawline, breathing you in. He’d connect lips on the column of your throat, biting and sucking bruises and it would take him little to no time in discovering that sensitive spot on your neck which makes you release that sweet harmonious noise.

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Deadly Sins- Sloth & Lust

Relationship: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Reader is sick causing her not wanting to do anything. Convincing Peter to be lazy with her turns into a heated session.

Warnings: Swearing cause I love swearing IRL. Plus Tom swears too :,)

Dominant Peter is going to be a thing \^.^/




Word Count: 1,815  (Sorry it’s short my migraine is killing me and I can’t look at a screen.. I promise the next Lust post will be 2,000 words )

A/N: BTW these are my interpretations of the sins. Of course for Gluttony I’m not going to have the eat a hella ton of food. You will see my interpretations as my pics are posted :) BTW THE OTHER LUST POST IS IN THE WORKS :,)

[Reader’s POV]

   Comfort. That is all you’re feeling right now. It was one of your favorite feelings. Sadly you couldn’t stay in bed forever which you wished that it was possible. It was unlikely due to the responsibilities you have. This one morning you don’t want to move at all. Your body ached and was sore from training and a night with Peter.

“baby girl,you have to get up..” Peter’s voice making you stir in your peaceful slumber.Your body being shaken lightly.

“Five more minutes…” I mumbled snuggling against the warmth he body produced. He felt so warm and cozy. The warmth lulling you back to sleep.You gladly welcomed sleep till Peter opens his mouth again.

“You have been saying that every time I try and wake you up” his chest moves as he laughs.

“shhhh, just stay with me and we can make up a practice session later.. Please Peter, I’ll make it up to you if you stay with me all day today..”  Your leg moving up to his waist pulling him closer. A whimper slips out as you feel how hard he is. You look up to see his eyes a shade darker. His eyes gazing at your lips, his tongue darting out quickly. His lips crash down onto yours in a passionate kiss pulling your body against his.

“darling, fuck” he groans gripping onto your ass tighter. You slowly push your hips again creating a needy friction.The tight grip he had on you made you moan in his ear.

“P-Peter “ you gasp out as his lips leave a path down your neck. The feeling making your eyes flutter shut. You straddle him feeling his cock press against your clothed core. A whimper escaped your lips as you pressed your hips against his. The rocking motion earns you a slap to your ass. His hand coming down against your ass each time you moved your hips.

“god your ass is so red” he moans gripping your tingling cheek in his hand. His hot breath fans across your neck making you shiver. You begin sucking on the base of his neck. A moan slips from Peter’s lips as you turn his skin red. 

“You’re so sinful it could bring a holy man to his knees… and you darling always bring me to mine” He tears your panties off causing you to frown.

Stupid Spider strength..

“Peterrrr those were my favorite” I pout rolling us over and pushing him off of the bed. A thud signalling he fell onto the floor. His head pops up from the edge of your bed making you laugh. His curls messy making him look cute and sexy.

“I’ll buy you new ones babe” he laughs standing up walking away. Sitting up on my elbows I look at him heading to the door. Is he seriously going to leave you here?

“You’re just going to wake me up, tease me then leave?” My voice coming out flustered. He closes the door locking it ,seeing that made your eyebrow raise. A smirk appears on his lips as he slips off his sweat pants. His Calvin Kleins showing a print of how hard he really was.

“Karen turn on the Don’t Bother Us Program, then you can turn back on when I say so” Peter speaks to the ceiling.

 Your sleeping quarters at the Avengers HQ was styled like an apartment so you and Peter could feel at home. A fancy apartment but it still reminded you of Queens. Tony had windows project sounds and views so it was practically a home away from home.

“Turning on Don’t Bother Us Program,engaging soundproof walls, be safe you two” Karen’s voice then turns off. You hear a beep signaling she was offline.

“You think I was just going to walk out of here to practice, rock hard and leave my girl flustered?” His voice getting lower as his strides bring him to the edge of the bed.Peter’s figure radiated dominance as he looks down at you.

“I-I” You were the stuttering one now. Peter is the one to normally stutter but once in the bedroom hes completely different. It was a good different.

“I told you that you could bring a man to his knees,that only man will be me” Peter’s hands grip your thighs pulling you to the edge.My skin felt like heat and fire under his palms. Your chest rising and falling slowly. He spreads your legs lowering himself down to his knees. The eye contact between you two not breaking at all.

“P-Peter..” his name coming out as a gasp. Feeling his tongue slowly licking between your folds. His thumb starts rubbing your clit in small circles. A loud moan comes out from the sensation. His thumb is then replaced by his tongue as he inserts fingers inside of you. Your nails dig into the sheets as you look down at him pleasing you.

“C’mon babygirl, tell me what you want” His hot breath fanning across your core.

 Feeling your stomach tightening as his tongue flicks faster. Arching your back as the pleasure travels in your body. He slid another finger in as your thoughts started jumbling together. Curling his fingers inside you hitting your g-spot when he makes a come hither motion.

“M-more please , I want your cock inside me Peter” you beg as your legs started to twitch. Desperation clear in your voice. The look in his eyes making you on the edge about to cum.

   Flicking his free wrist his web shooter expands onto his hand. A web pinning both your hands to the headboard. His chest rose and fell quicker as he gazed at your body. You looked helpless tied up to the headboard. A groan coming from him as you spread your legs , inviting him to you. You wanted him more than ever.

“How bad do you need it” He smirks crawling onto the bed. Your eyes screwed shut while his hand slid up your legs. His hips lowering down towards where you needed him most.

“S-so bad Peter, please baby” you manage to moan out as his lips pressing kisses in between your breasts. Slowly moving back up to your neck. You gasp as he slams into you without warning. The feeling of him inside you causes you to bite our lip.

Peter’s lets out a low moan tilting his head back. All you wanted to do was to touch him but you were restrained. Peter’s hands dug into your hips as his pace started to pick up. Uncontrollable moans came out of your mouth. He filled you up just right making you pant out his name.


“Look at how your tits bounce as I fuck you” His head tilting back, his veins in his neck showing. Holy fuck. You feel his hands move as he angles your hips up. The new angle making a loud moan come out,he went even deeper hitting the right spot. Grunts coming from him as he continued to pound into your dripping pussy. Thank god for the sound proof walls, you were loud when it came to expressing the pleasure you received. Peter loved hearing you thats why he had the system installed.

“P-Peter untie me please I w-want to touch you” your voice coming out as a whisper. You felt out of breath as you looked down. Watching as he filled you up with each thrust.

“I love seeing you like this “ he whispers running his finger down your chest and down your body. Your breath hitching in your throat.

“Under my control, only I can give you pleasure like this..” he whispers as his thrust becoming slower. Panting you try to rip his webs apart with your nails. All you want to do is touch him and run your fingers through his soft curls.

“You can’t get away from me,you wanna know why?” he grins cockily. Bastard knows his new web formula is tougher. His body gets closer to you if that’s even possible. Feeling your hands become free your hand grips onto his curls. The other scratching down his back. He hisses from the pain as your nails dig into his skin.

“Cause you’re my girl” his hand cups your cheek as he thrusts into you harder causing your head to hit the headboard.

“You’re mine, you got that princess?” His hips slam into you harder and harder. Nodding as a reply you keep eye contact with him. The pleasure feeling so intense you felt like you were going to burst.

Peter tugs on your hair letting out a low growl. “Let me hear that pretty voice, answer me” he demands kissing your jaw in fiery kisses.

“I’m y-yours Peter, please let me cum” your moans and whimpers filled the air as he reached between you rubbing your clit in fast circles.

“C’mon darling, cum for me cum all over my cock” Moans come out of his mouth as his thrusts start to get sloppy. The stamina he had in him had you breathless. Your orgasm causes you to hold tightly onto Peter. Your legs trembling as it coursed through you. Him filling you with his load shortly after, collapsing on top of your body.

     Peter rolls over pulling your body next to his. Your chest was falling up and down. Both of you were panting trying to catch your breath. Your body could just melt into the mattress,exhaustion taking over you.

“Karen, please start the shower and play some AC/DC for me” Peter speaks up a bit due to his voice being shaky from his breathing.

Turning on the shower, Peter you lasted a lot longer than you did the last time should we mark it as your new record?” Karen asks waiting for a response.

He was keeping track of how long he could last?

Peter Benjamin Parker” you sit up looking at your boyfriend. His cheeks turning pink as he sits up.

“Babygirl I-“

“You’re seriously keeping track?” You laugh placing your head in your hands. He is such a dork.

“Y-You’re not mad?” He questions tilting your chin up.

“Now I want to see how fast I can make you cum and start my own record” you grin sitting up heading toward the bathroom.

“I already have a record for how fast I can” Peter stands crossing his arms over his chest with a grin.

“Looks like I have to beat you, next time who ever loses has to clean the training rooms next week” you challenge looking back at him.

“Oh it’s so on, you’re going to cum and beg for me like always” he lifts you over his shoulder towards the shower.

“PETER!” You scream out as he starts to tickle your sides. From serious to childish, what a catch.

Peter is sweet in the street but a freak in the sheets.©

Missing Homework (SMUT)

Namjoon x Reader Smut (Teacher AU)

Word Count: 2049

Your POV

“Dammit, I should have just copied the work off someone else,” you thought as you stayed behind for lunch as your teacher had something to “discuss” with you. You knew it had to do with the ton of missing assignments that you had been putting off. It wasn’t your fault you had to practically take care of your parents and siblings! And really, you didn’t exactly find his subject very interesting, so why waste your time.

“Good luck!,” your friend called before she closed the door behind her, leaving you and your teacher, Mr.Kim, alone in the room. His room was rather simple, as expected from the rather blunt male. He was rather notorious for giving straight forward answers and opinions, but every student knew he was a very kind and gentle man at heart. He had a soft spot for individually helping kids when they were really struggling if they approached him.

Yet, there was something about him that was rather…oppressive. Maybe the way he walked with his long legs, crossing the rather large classroom in a mere second, or the way his eyes would squint at you as you read a passage, burning up your cheeks. He was always so commanding and in control, and you loved it.

Namjoon POV

There she stood, with her hunched shoulders and feet shuffling in spot. Her obedient tendencies, to say yes at every question and divert her eyes when he looked at her, brought out a different side of him. A side not all women enjoyed it, but, perhaps, young Miss (Y/N) would.

Of course she was wearing her school uniform, the navy and green plaid skirt riding a bit high from just having stood up. The white, longsleeve button down straining just a bit over her breats, and the small, black scarf tied loosely around her neck. Her knee high socks clung to her tanned legs, her slight heels gave her calves a small enhancement and caused her to walk with a bit of a sway . A striking image of a sweet, innocent, submissive schoolgirl.

“What did I do in my past life to get this kind of opportunity,” he thought with a slight smirk playing on his lips.

Third Person POV

“Come sit (Y/N),” Namjoon said. In his usually, slightly rough, voice.

(Y/N) walked across the room, her heels slightly echoing in the emptiness, only increasing what felt like a thundercloud of tension, possibly sexual?

You take a seat and place your hands on your knees, not crossing your legs.

“I’m sure you are aware of why I had you hang back to speak with me?,” Namjoon asked

“Sir, I know I haven’t done most of my work, I’m really sorry I just don’t hav–”

Namjoon cuts you off, “It’s alright I understand, you are a growing lady and your responsibilities have increased,” he says. With a rather calming tone in his voice. “However, I have too keep them as zeros until I get some work from you, why don’t you stay here for the next few lunches and try to get some work done during the day?”

“Stay in a room, with just me and Mr. Kim, for a whole 45 minutes? And he expects nothing to happen? I’ll die of tension if I have to stay here with him,” you think. But at the same time, you know you have to get this work done.

“Alright, I’ll try and finish as much work as I can!” you say in the most motivated way you can muster.

10 minutes later

“God if I have to put up with looking at her for another minute i’m going to explode.”

“How can he just sit there and still look so powerful?”

“Fuck this…”

You look up and see Namjoon standing on the other side of your desk, looming over you.

“Y-Yes, Mr.Kim,” you manage to stutter, trying not to bring ur eyes down to the level of his pelvic region, which happened to be at a perfect height for you.

“(Y/N), come to my desk please,” he says, his voice a bit deeper than before.  

You almost stumble getting up, and walk with Namjoon over to his, rather large, desk. You stand at a corner while he crosses in front of you and takes a seat on his chair. He subtly runs his eyes up and down your figure, slightly noticing your feet shuffle, your trademark sign of nervousness.

“Come sit,” Namjoon says as he pats his thigh. You almost fall backwards in shock at the random request, and Namjoon simply smirks and grabs your wrist to bring you onto his lap. Your knees fold in between his thighs as you feel you ass resting on the fabric of his pants.

You try not to face him, for his face is a mere inch from yours. You can feel your cheeks heating up and you heartbeat getting louder by the second.

You tried squirming to get your skirt under your ass to stop your further wetting core from getting onto his pants, but Namjoon wraps his long arm around you and squeezes your waist.

“Um, M-Mr.Kim, what a-are you doing?” you manage to finally say.

He pulls his lips up into his signature smirk and moves his other hand to you hip wrapping you in his arms. “Now princess, we both know that something was bothering both of us,” he starts, his eyes staring all over you causing you to slightly squirm more, “and I think it’s better if we just address it before you can finish up you work.”

At that flipped you so you were facing him and straddling his legs, his chest touching yours. You squeaked in surprise at the quick movement, and felt his breath on you. He grabbed your chin and forced you to face him. His eyes looking over your whole face as he smirked and ran his thumb across your cheek, “look how soft my princess’s skin is.”

“M-Mr.Ki-” he silenced you with his lips on yours.

“Hush baby girl, and I’m no longer Mr.Kim okay?” He picked you up by your thighs and placed your back onto his desk. “I’m daddy from now on.”

“Y-yes daddy.” You had no idea where this was going, how you got here, but you just knew that you liked it, you liked it very much.

“Good girl princess, that sounds so good coming from your pretty little mouth.”

He slides his hands down your clothed chest and untied your scarf, then he began unbuttoning you blouse, so slowly and meticulously, savoring every new bit of skin. He took off your shirt and looked down at you. Already so hot with just your light pink bra and small skirt riding up to where he could see your matching panties. He licked his lips just imagining violating ur precious little body.

“Look at me princess, give me your wrists,” he commanded as he undid his tie. You simply looked up at him and obliged, biting you lips. He tied his tie on your wrists binding your two hands, the soft fabric tightening on your skin with every knot. Namjoon kissed your knuckles and let your hands fall above your head.

“Now, you need to make sure your hands stay above your head okay baby girl? You don’t want to make daddy upset on your first time, do you?”

You meekly shook you head, “No daddy.”

“Will you be a good princess for me?”

“Yes daddy”

“That’s what I like to hear.” He smirked and kissed you softly.

Namjoon moved down to your chest, pulling each breast out of their cups. He brought his head down and began suckling on one while kneading the other and pinching your tits. His tongue swirled around one bud and then he transferred sides, showing love to each. His thick lips perfectly encased your tit and his fingers playfully teased the other. All you could do was gasp at each touch and moaned lie never before.

“Is my princess already so enthralled? Daddy hasn’t even gotten started yet baby girl.” He joked, noticing your already helpless state.

“D-Daddy please, oh god, daddy you feel so good.”

“My baby girl is so good. Look at you, already coming undone for me.” He went down again, slightly biting you bud. Causing you to gasp and whimper slightly at the soft pain.

Namjoon moved down your body, leaving soft butterfly kisses across your belly, giving you goosebumps. Reaching the line of your skirt, he slowly pulled it off, admiring the progressive appearance of you soft pink panties with small white lace borders. He threw your skirt off to the side, again staring about your beautiful body.

He smiled at your panties and ran his index under the band, “these look so good on you princess, I’ll have to buy you more sets like these.” He bent down over your body, pressing you under his chest, his groin slightly brushing yours. “My baby girl should always look this precious,” Namjoon whispered in your ear before pulling back and kissing you again.

Hooking one finger under your panties again, he slipped them off, smirking at how soaked they already were. As he tossed them, he marveled in how absolutely sinful you looked. Your cheeks were burning red, your breathing shallow, and you body glistening in a light sheen of sweat. Your pussy practically dripping for Namjoon to just lick right up.

“Princess, you look so beautiful right now, daddy is thinking of all the ways he could fuck you up right now.” Namjoon says as he runs his thumb on your knee.

“Daddy please, daddy I- I need you, p-please,” you manage to get out in between choppy breaths.

“Tell me what you want from me baby girl,” Namjoon says, his voice going husky and his hands lightly skimming the skin of your inner thigh. It gave you goosebumps and only made you breathe harder.

“I want daddy to lick me, please daddy,” you plead through moans.

“That’s it baby girl,” he says as he lowers his head to your dripping pussy, “Look how pretty you are princess.”

Namjoon takes his tongue and runs in once through your folds, watching you shiver and moan. Then, while his thumb rubs your clit, he sucks you into his lips, licking up every drop on your core. He works his tongue in between your folds, and slips it in and out of your pussy.

“Oh daddy yeessss, keep doing that, please daddy,” you moan. Namjoon’s lips and tongue overflow every sense you have, his soft lips encasing you.

“Yeah princesses, you like it when daddy licks ur sexy little clit baby girl? Daddy can do this all day sweetheart, I’m here to make my princess feel so special.”

“Daddy, don’t stop daddy, I’m gonna cum.”

“I wanna taste my baby girls jucies, cum for me my sexy little princess.” Namjoon says as he continues to wrap your pussy in his soft lips.

You feel your whole body come undone, your legs buck under the pleasure, and you cum all over your daddy’s face.

Namjoon looks down at you again, after having licked up you cum. You were still breathing hard and your legs still shaking. Your eyes were closed and slowly opened to meet his gaze. 

“Princess, do you know how fucking sinful you look right now,” Namjoon says with his sexy smirk back as he pulls you up off the desk, holding onto your shoulders to help you keep your balance. He takes your chin again and places a light kiss on your lips and sets another on your forehead.

“Now lets get you dressed, hmm?”

He helps you gather all your clothes and puts your shoes back on. “You know baby girl, you have to come back next lunch to finish up your other work,” he says with a devious smile.

“Don’t worry daddy, I’ll make sure to get all my work done next time.” You reply, a small smile playing on your lips at the new name you have for your teacher.

“That’s what daddy likes to hear, princess,” Namjoon playfully growls in your ear, grabbing your ass through your skirt.

“See you tomorrow.” 

Three shades of a man (a second chapter)

Summary: You have seen Bucky Barnes at his best and his worst, and he asks you to help him through it all.

Characters: Bucky x Reader Warnings: NSFW, 18+ ONLY; some mild violence and so much smut. Get out of here if you’re not over 18 please.

A/N: The second story in a series of three. Apparently I like angsty things? Who knew. Can’t figure out a tag list just yet because I’m mostly mobile and I’m not good at Tumblr mobile, but will do one for the last chapter, let me know if you would like added. Feedback and comments are always more than welcome. 

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Originally posted by couplenotes

Anxious, desperate, panicked
The day was drenched in a silvery grey mist that seemed unable to clear. It blanketed the city around you, snaking through streets and alleys, finding the cracks and crevices of every building, overflowing into any space it could find. It made you feel restless, itchy, like you were waiting for something to happen.

It had been two weeks since you last spoke to Bucky, the only communication in that time was a photo he texted you, of a deep red sunrise illuminating the craggy black rocks of a mountain range. You didn’t know where, or what he was doing, but he liked to send you pictures when he could. He said sunrises always reminded him of you - a beautiful vision that made him open his eyes and keep moving forward. That evening, you responded with a picture of a dazzling sunset, swirls of purple and orange painting the sky. You said sunsets always reminded you of him - an explosion of wild colour and brilliant light, a perfect end to the day.

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Good Girl

Pairing: Marquis Lafayette x reader
Word Count: 2,540ish
T/W: S.M.U.T. 
A/N: For @weirdojade101‘s request! Beggin for thread (BANKS) & You can be the boss (Lana del Rey)

“Guys, guys, guys!” Alex whispered to John and Herc, “Looks like Laf’s got a date!”

“Oh, yeah…She’s really pretty!” John followed Alex’s gaze across the room to you and Laf, who had just arrived.

“Who wants to mess with him?” Alex smirked.

They all agreed. Laf got so easily upset and they loved it. 

“Mon amies!” Laf called out, walking up to them, with you holding his hand, following close behind him.

“Hey, Laf! Who’s your friend?” Alex smirked.

“Ah, this is my girlfriend,” your boyfriend said with such pride.

“Hey, guys!” you waved a hand and smiled, “It’s nice to finally meet you all!”

“Finally? Is that a word you have to use a lot around Laf?” Herc winked at Laf, who did not find his comment funny whatsoever. 

“Has he been keeping you from meeting us?” Alex squinted his eyes, teasing Laf, “Afraid she’d be more interested in one of us Laf?”

“No-” Laf began, but was soon cut off by another comment from one of his friends, you just squeezed his hand a little.

“So, seriously-” John asked setting his beer down, “How long have you guys been together?”

“Well, we met about a year ago,” you placed your other hand on Laf’s chest leaning close to him as he stared down Alex, who was smirking, no doubt up to no good, “and we started dating about, what, nine months ago?”

“Oui, that sound right, ma chèri…,”

“Wow, you’ve been keeping her a secret for so long?” Alex swung an arm around your shoulders, “Only one reason, he was afraid to lose you to me.”

“Charmed, I’m sure,” you looked at Alex with an obvious fake smile.

“Ooo, feisty,” Alex backed away a little, “Whadaya say John? Two hours? Maybe three? And she’ll be screamin’ my name.” 

The other boys let out a low “ooo” to Alex’s comment. Laf began to tense, becoming more and more frustrated. 

“Let me buy you a drink, sweetheart,” Herc jumped in.

“Oh no it’s okay Laf can-”

“Don’t worry, he’s not asking you to marry him,” Alex took your hand and gently pulled you his direction, “though I might-”

“In which, I would have to kindly decline…Monsieur Hamilton,” you pushed him away with one hand and returned to Lafayette’s side. 

“Ooo, I’d love to hear you whisper that underneath me,” Alex responded.

“So you finally found a girl who can understand you when you come undone, hey Laf?” John teased.

It was a long night, you tolerated many, many, many sexual comments towards you while they teased Laf, who didn’t say much in return. He didn’t drink much that night either, which was very unlike him, you had about two drinks and then decided to not let yourself get anywhere near tipsy around these three. Soon you noticed the way Lafayette was staring down Alex, you were afraid he was going to break his nose if he said one more thing. 

“Hey, honey,” you rubbed Laf’s forearm, “I’m gettin’ tired…take me home?”

“Bet that’s the first time he’s heard that,” Alex whispered just loud enough for you to hear. 

“It’s been wonderful meeting you all,” you smiled, taking Laf’s hand and turning towards the door.

“You too sweet thing!” they all called out different pet names as you and Laf headed for the door. 

The two of you were finally outside, and you felt the cold New York air fill your lungs, you could breathe easy. You let out a sigh closing your eyes and opening them. Laf didn’t feel the same relief, in fact he was still focussed on the word his friends had said to you. He was more worried that you may have taken them seriously, even going so far to think that you might like one of them better.

“You okay?” you looked up at him.

“Oui…,” was all he said as he walked you back to his apartment, where you had been staying while your roommate, Peggy, had her sister’s staying over.

You loved the Schuyler sisters, but you needed your own space, and what better way to bond with Laf than to stay with him. He didn’t mind, the two of you certainly got plenty of time together. You got to know each other better in every way, including sexually.

You barely made it through the apartment door and Laf was already tugging at your dress. Once the door was shut and locked, you let him have his way, halfway down the hall he slipped you out of the dress you were in, helping you step out of it by picking you up. Your legs wrapped around his waist and your arms went around his neck. His hands squeezed the back of your thighs as he pressed you against the wall. 

His lips found the base of your neck and sucked harshly on the tender skin, making sure to leave bruises. You reached a hand to untie his hair letting his curls fall loose. He made his way from the hall to the bedroom, lying you down on the bed. Supporting himself on his forearms as he hovered above you. You captured his lips into a deep kiss, one of his hands traveled to your lace panties, toying with the waistband, before deciding to just rip them off. You moaned into the kiss at his action. Laf bit your bottom lip pulling away from the kiss, only arousing you more. 

“What can I do to prove to you that you’re mine, not them?” you asked lying underneath him.

“Be a good girl for Daddy.”

You swallowed harshly at Lafayette’s tone, knowing what was coming next. He stood letting you made your way to the head of the bed as he instructed you to put your hands above you head, you obeyed. Soon the cold familiar bonds rested around your wrists. You heard the click of them locking and your heart began to race. It was going to be a rough night. 

“You- you know I didn’t listen to anything they said-” you pleaded.

But Laf wasn’t listening too much as he pulled a black tie from his closet. You didn’t mind the handcuffs or having to obey instructions, but you hated, hated, not being able to see your lover. He walked back over to you gently pushing your hair behind your ear before tying the fabric around you. You felt the bed shift under you. Laf gently spread your legs rubbing his long fingers down your thighs, causing you to shutter a little. Without warning he ducked down, sliding his tongue along your folds. He pressed his tongue flat against your clit as he slid a finger into you, beginning to kitten lick your clit, but pulled away when you bucked your hips, ever so slightly. 

“What did Daddy say?” He continued to finger you as his other hand pressed down against your stomach, keeping you in place. 

“I-I’m sorry,” you breathed as he pumped his finger into you. 

He didn’t add another finger, even when you were ready, he kept you wanting. Laf’s mouth soon came around your nipple, licking and sucking at it. You arched your back wanting more contact. He curled his finger inside you, evoking a sharp inhale from you. You bit your lip harder, attempting to hold out, he could tell you were close and pulled his finger out quickly. He brought it up to your lips and you vigorously licked and sucked around his finger. Once pulled his finger back, you felt the bed shift underneath you. You heard his belt buckle click against the floor. Then, it was quiet.

“L-Laf?” you called out. 

“Shhh, mon chaton, Daddy’s here,” Laf’s lips returned to your skin, he made his was down your neck, sucking and nipping hard at your tender skin, “I want you to wait. Can you do that?”

You nodded quickly, feeling his tip press against your clit. 

“Good girl,” Laf slowly pushed his hard cock into you making you whine, he didn’t exactly wait for you to adjust, but he didn’t make it fast either. 

He wanted to make sure you felt every inch of him. And, oh he was big. You tried to keep your hips steady, knowing that if you moved you would be punished, and his ungodly slow pace was already torture enough. His hands ran down your sides, fingertips barely grazing your skin. You wanted so bad to beg for his touch. He began slowly rocking back and forth, you took this time to adjust, but once you were you wanted more friction. 

“D-daddy-” you whined.

“Oui, mon ange?” Laf whispered in your ear, “Tell me what you want.”

“I-I want you to fuck me,”

“Technically, I already am,” His nails lightly drug down your back.

“I want you to fuck me until I can’t walk,” you begged. 

You were right where he wanted you, needy and willing to do anything for pleasure. 

“Mmm,” he hummed at your response, “I think I’ll show you that what they said will mean nothing…when I’m done with you.”

As soon as he finished his sentence his hands gripped your hips, as he pounded into you. He whispered how much he had wanted to fuck you with every comment they made at the bar. Your hips began to shake a little as you breathed into his shoulder. He put a hand on your stomach, pressing your hips down, as he pushed himself farther into you. You moaned out his name with a little whimper. He loved it when you sounded helpless for him.

He adjusted to hit your g-spot and he found it right away. His thrusts became harder and faster. You tried to be still, but you were so close.You felt a tension build in your core. He began speaking and cursing in French, which, as usually, sent you over the edge. You clamped your knees around his waist and he stopped his movement completely, preventing you from releasing your orgasm. You gasped as your breathing became even more sporadic, Laf enjoyed seeing your chest rise and fall. You practically panted waiting for the unsatisfied feeling to go away. The tension in your stomach faded after a few moments. 

“I said wait,” Laf kissed your open mouth and began pushing into you again. 

You moaned into the kiss, Laf’s tongue won for dominance over yours, you couldn’t deny it he was a splendid kisser after all…he’s French! He had this way of biting at your bottom lip, even tugging it occasionally and then running his tongue along the spot as if to sooth it, however he did it, it was heavenly. You wanted so badly to be able to touch him, anywhere and everywhere, You pulled at the metal around your wrists, but to no avail. The clatter of the cuffs only made Laf smile, he knew you were desperate and wanted him more than anything. 

“You’re being so good,” Laf pulled back from the kiss admiring your now bruised lip, and the way you tossed your head back. 

With every thrust you felt the tension return to your body, his lips kissed along your collarbone, one hand came around to your back. You were beyond pleased to have more contact with him, since you really had no control of how much you got. You tightened your grip on the little chain connecting your cuffs as he fucked you rougher. You pulled down on the chain, not caring that he would hear.

“What do you want, baby?” Laf licked the side of your neck.

“I-I wanna touch,” you whined. 

“Mmm, I’m sure you do” Laf chuckled into your neck, “I want you to beg for it.”

“Daddy, I wanna touch you, every part of you, while I feel you ah- fuck me-” you begged before being cut off by a whimper when he slipped his hand from behind your back to slowly trailing up your extended arm, fingertips ghosting over you skin, sending chills across your entire body.

He unlocked one hand and that was enough for you. You slipped the cuffs out from around the head post, one wrist bringing the attached cuffs with you. He felt the cold metal fall onto his back as you dug your nails into his shoulder blade. You took this as permission for you to move against him, rocking your hips hard against him, creating more friction. He let out a low growl biting your bruised neck.

“Oh- Laf-” You threw your head back giving him more room to bite and lick.

He soon found your g-spot for a second time, pounding into it even harder than before. You felt the bed rock in sync with his thrusts. You bit down on your lip, despite the pain, as you attempted to hold out of a second time. Laf only made it harder for you when he reached his hand down and began rubbing circles around your clit. You wrapped your arms around his neck, hanging onto him.

“D-daddy!” you nearly cried into his shoulder, beginning to shake, “Mmm-”

“Cum for me, mon amour!” He rasped, pushing harder against your clit.

You pushed your hips against him, feeling every inch of him bring you to your climax. Your walls tightened around him, making him moan something in French. He captured your lips into a deep kiss. You felt your entire body shake as you pulled him closer. He took his hand away, allowing you to calm down a little, easing you back down into the mattress. You wanted to help Laf reach his orgasm in anyway you could.

“Daddy, can I,” you swallowed, catching your breath, “can I ride?”

“Of course, mon ange,” Laf grabbed you around the waist and flipped the two of you. 

He helped you center above him, leaving his tie as a blindfold over your eyes. You slid down onto his cock, placing your hands on his chest as he squeezed your thighs. You began swiveling your hips around him. Hearing him curse under his breath as you began bouncing a little. Even with you on top he was still the one in control. Laf grabbed your hips and helped you reach a steady pace. You fell forward a little, resting your forearms on his chest. He began thrusting up into you as you came down on him. Laf was only turned on further by your pants and whimpers.

“Fuck-” he whispered, reaching a hand to pull your hair back. 

“Daddy!” you gasped at the sudden action. 

His movement became sloppier as you helped him ride out his orgasm. Once he released inside you, you kissed along his collard bone, sliding off him slowly. You pressed gentle kisses against his neck as you felt his chest rising and falling beneath you. He reached his hands to untie your blindfold. You smiled as he did so, anticipating seeing your lover. 

“Hi gorgeous,” Laf sighed, pushing a lock of hair behind your ear. 

You dipped down to kiss his lips softly. 

“Hi,” you climbed off him and curled up to his side, “Believe me when I say, none of your friends could do that.”

Laf laughed a little as you reassured him…he was the only one for you. 

It’s Been Awhile

Member: Dino

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1,417

A/N: Made it gender neutral instead of the reader being a girlfriend, hope that’s okay. 

You should’ve placed a bet on how quickly Chan would change from shy, sweet boyfriend to embodiment of teenage hormones once the other members left the practice room. If there was one word to describe this boy it was impatient, he was teeth and nails and other things full of sin. Chan was a light switch, ready to flip on the drop of a hat, Chan was a flame with a constant flicker that reminded you even the most vital things in your life weren’t always stable.

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Got7 Kinks

Anon your request got eaten but I know you requested this, along with Block B I think?, so damn long ago and I’m sorry for the wait but here you go. I talk a lot of shit in this just saying, read with caution.

Jackson: Thighs, Dark Skin, Sweat; Jackson’s the only one I know for sure, and that’s why he has the most and he’s first up here. I don’t really think he has a kink for dark skin, but I know he love love loves him some beautiful tan girls. We all know he loves thighs, he makes sure to tell the fandom every single day. Thick thighs would get this boy so fucking horny, he’d love to just squeeze at them and bite and suck and leave really dark marks. He said, somewhere, that he likes girls who sweat and workout once, and what better place to do that than in this kids bedroom. He’s a steamy, hot, slow, loud sweaty sex kinda guy. Plus I’m just going to casually slip in the daddy kink down here. Jackson is so daddy af it’s not even fucking funny, plus it’s fun to call guys daddy so.

Mark: Biting, Bondage, Hickies; I literally only chose biting for Mark because his mouth is just so god damn pretty. I fucking can’t with his perfect teeth okay and whether he has a biting kink or not, who fucking wouldn’t want those pearly whites all over their fucking body? If you don’t you’re crazy. He’d be such a tease too, knowing you like the biting as much as he does and he’d slowly bite your bottom lip, slowly tug on your nipples, just slowly bite every god damn fucking thing he can while you’re tied up to his bed and helpless. Can you imagine him just fucking biting onto your shoulder when he comes? Fuck. He’s the jealous type who wouldn’t let you leave the house unless every fucking inch of your skin was covered in bright purple bruises, just so no man talks to you.

Youngjae: Bondage, Whining, Slut Shaming; Uhhh this is like the best combination of fucking kinks I swear okay. Bondage, you know tying your hands up, or your legs up, handcuffing you. I also feel like blindfolding would be included in that, but it’s iffy af. On to whining, I can just see him getting so worked up with your high pitched whines, and that could easily bring him to the edge, no problems. He’d do extra little things like twist your nipples and maybe spank the side of your thigh so you’d whimper even louder. We all know what slut shaming is right? We should but I’ll explain anyway. It’s simply shaming a woman for being a slut. I’m not meaning slut shaming in a bad way at all, nor would Youngjae use it in a bad way, little sentences like ‘That’s right slut, suck my cock,’ or ‘You little slut you couldn’t even wait five minutes for me?’ Would give him the extra push to come, there’s a little dominance in there as well.

Jin Young: Daddy; I feel like he would rather have a mommy kink, but I don’t even know if that’s a thing so we’ll go with daddy. Everyone knows how the daddy kink works, and with Jinyoung it would definitely come with all the perks. Calling him daddy outside of the bedroom, letting him pamper you like a baby all the time, bending you over his lap and spanking you, just everything you know. He’s so sweet so he’d probably feel bad afterwards and make it up to you by fucking you really slow and lovingly. Baby girl and Princess are his favorite nicknames for you.

BamBam: Orgasm-denial, Teasing; Whoo alright here we go. Bam Bam is fucking bae, just wanted to throw that out there first. He’s such a little fucking tease as well and ugh. He’d ghost his fingers and lips all over your body, loving the way you’d squirm under his light touches. As for orgasm denial, this lovely fuck fuck would happily pound into you and pull out just when you’re about to come. Then start fucking you really fast again and instead of pulling out, just slow the pace of his thrusts down. Your whines and whimpers would go straight to his cock and he would quickly fuck you both to release.

JaeBum: Dominace, Hair Pulling, Spanking; Alright another hella good combination of kinks so le go. Dominance my lord he’d be so god damn dominant and if you disagree I’ll fukkin fight you. I can see him not letting you touch him, and when you tried he’d grab your arms and slam them down to the mattress, punishing you(not really) with a sharp, deep ass thrust that makes you squeak. If you couldn’t keep your hands off, that’s when he’d flip you over and hold your head to the bed with his hand curled into your hair. He’d fuck you hard and fast from behind, pull on your hair a little bit, spank your ass and groan at the way it blooms red. He’s the full package okay, get with this one if you down with rough shit.

Sorry about Youngjae’s essay but also not really.

Admin B

another smuttery mcSmutterson featuring the lovely Loki from MCU. One day I might actually write one featuring the Loki that I grew up with - the one from Scandinavian legends. Though I´m sure he will have sweet Hiddleston´s face…
pairing: Loki x reader
Warnings: SMUT, sweet, sweet smut…

You were curled in the corner of the Stark Tower´s library with a book about (your favourite subject). Perfect moment, all was quiet (meaning no explosions from the lab, or shouting and thumping from anywhere…) Rare occasion, really. There was always something going on here. It could be fun and amazing, but also a pain when all you wanted was a calm moment to read.

You felt fidgety, though. It was some time now, since you saw Loki, with whom you had this mutual… understanding. Being a god he didn´t really care about the puny rules of modern humankind, and you had the wisdom to take him as he was. He could be the perfect lover and seemed to enjoy sharing your bed as much as you did. Perfect meaning not clingy, always ready for some fun and at times very surprising. And intelligent, witty and a perfect balance for your mouthiness.

Loki, where are you… Now would be the perfect time for some flirty conversation, leading up to some mind-blowing sex maybe.

Sigh. Quiet is nice, but really…

Tony peeked from the door, getting a sour look from you.
- Have you seen Reindeer Games, hon? Can´t find him anywhere.
- No… Though tell me too if you see him. I have… hm… something to tell him too.
- Yep. Sure you have. Tony´s lewd smile made you roll your eyes, though he was spot on.
- Sod off, Rustpot.
He went with an evil snigger.

You tried to concentrate on your book, but it was like your brain had something against all things intellectual today. Scumbag thoughts went back to imagining all manner of naughty things you wanted to do with Loki when he finally had the grace to appear. Bloody gods and their bloody unpredictable habits…

Struggle between you and your thoughts went on for some time and resulted in more fidgeting until you threw the book to the table with a groan. No use trying… You wanted Loki now! And if he was not around, then you simply had to do something yourself…

Your fingers moved like they had their own will, cupping your full breasts and tickling the perking nipples… Loki´s fingers were always almost cold, and it made his touch shockingly delicious. Mmmm… You closed your eyes and smiled to yourself as a new lively image of Loki wrapping his hand around his cock while looking at you touch yourself invaded your thoughts. Your hands and hips followed the image perfectly as you stretched out on the beanbag chair. These flashes you were having… were they coming from the outside rather than inside?

Damn it, Loki… You sneaky bastard of a god!

But you couldn´t stop the images, or the whims that suggested how to pleasure yourself. You really didn´t want to.

You actually started to add to these god-given (hah!) Daydreams some embellishments of your own. Like imagining how you could make Loki groan if you pleasured him with your mouth or kissed his very sensitive neck… And how wet his sounds of pleasure would make you…

Two could play this game too, my dear god of mischief.

Images started to get very steamy and a bit… shaken in your head. All of a sudden you felt Loki´s heavy breath on your neck and his cool fingers grabbed your arms from behind. You stretched your back to grind against his very much hardened trouser front, as he had materialized under you in the beanbag chair.

Mm… caught you, Loki!

- My dear (y/n)… he whispered and ghosted his blue-tinted lips over your earlobe. - Your willpower is remarkable for a mortal… I did quite… enjoy our little game there…
He snapped his fingers and you heard the library door lock itself. You knew no one would bother you for now and drew his hands wantonly to your breasts.
- Loki… you moaned. - That was a naughty thing to do… I was all but ready to finger myself here almost in public, you know…
- Yes I do know, and what a beautiful sight it would have been… I was so expecting to see you revel in desire orchestrated by me…
- Mmm… That can be arranged if you promise to make me cum… twice…
- Oh, certainly, my dear… Now strip for me. His voice was a husky purr, that made you feel even more flushed and wanton.

You stood up slowly and turned to face him with a knowing smile. He sat there head thrown back and hand lazily rubbing the bulge in his trousers. The sight of his smoldering smirk almost knocked you back off your feet.

You opened the buttons of your jeans one by one, slowly. You unzipped your hoodie, all the while slowly swirling your hips and looking him straight into the eye. Under the hoodie you wore nothing. Because. And under the jeans there had been pants, but all of a sudden you realised that they were there no more. The jeans were chaffing your swollen lower lips very deliciously. You drew a moaning breath and shuddered at the sensation, Loki´s hot gaze following your reactions with a slightly cruel smile.
- Just to remind you I can do anything I desire to you, my dear…

With a second snap of his fingers he was naked. You panted but couldn´t move a finger… He slowly stood up and dragged his long fingers down your neck very lightly. Your hoodie fell to the floor with a flick of his wrist and he circled your nipples with his fingers and then his lips, leaving a trail of fire in their wake. You moaned, but still his spell held you immobile and helpless…

He stepped back and narrowed those green eyes.
- Now, my dear… Kneel.

You dropped down willingly and took him into your mouth with a moan. You absolutely loved his cock, and couldn´t get enough of it. The spell was gone, this was all you worshipping his erect manhood… His groans and panting made you smirk and cup his testicles with a tender hand. You wanted to feel them draw up, which they did when he was on the edge of cumming… His shaking hands grabbed your hair and his slender fingers flexed rhythmically as you slid your mouth up and down his shaft.
- Stand… up… He gritted between clenched teeth and you obeyed like the good girl you so were not.

He held you at arm’s length and panted. You could see he was trying not to be too hasty, though it took some effort.

Now, that was a turn-on, if you needed one…

- Good mortal… You have earned your reward, Loki growled and slid his hands down your back, on your buttocks and down your thighs until you felt your jeans drop off. His hands went back to your bottom and he yanked you against his rock-hard body and held you there to grind and kiss you deeply. He swallowed your lusty whimper and walked you backwards to the wide, stony windowsill to lift you there. The height was perfect for him to kiss and bite your breasts and slid one cold, slender finger slowly between your thighs.
- Mmm… I see you are quite ready for me, my dear… Now, what on earth do I do with you, hm?

Second finger caressed your swollen lower lips and drew a gasp from you. Two fingers slipped inside you and pushed upwards, hitting your most sensitive spot.

You almost came there and then, but Loki slowed the movement of his fingers inside you and kissed you deeply. You curled and uncurled your toes and hanged on to him all helpless, shivering with a deep, deep desire.

- I promised you release, now didn´t I, he whispered against your neck and pinched your bundle of nerves between two fingers of his other hand while curling and uncurling the two fingers still inside you fast and repeatedly. You arched your back and moaned as your inner walls clenched around his caressing fingers.
- Lo…ki..! Please, I want you in me, you whimpered and wrapped your legs around him to draw him to you. He slowly drew his fingers from you and circled them around your nipples, licking at the moisture they left behind. You felt the quiver of anticipation and emptiness inside you and decided to beg next, if he didn´t take you now, and hard too!

You felt his lips quirk up to a wicked smile against your sensitive breasts.
- Do you think your have earned your release, my dear? His whisper tickled your ear and those slender, wonderful, cold hands cupped your neck, your buttocks, your breasts…
- Loki… I don´t care, a god or not, I´ll throw you to your back and straddle you if you don´t fuck me… Your voice was a whispery growl and your hands grabbed his perfectly shaped back, nails leaving long reddish marks to his bluish skin. Blueness intensified with your words, which was a mark of him getting too aroused to control the color. Good… That was very good, as when the Blueberry man came to visit, the results were uniformly mind blowing…

Loki narrowed his red-tinted eyes and dove for a deep kiss, lifting you from the windowsill. All of a sudden you straddled him on the beanbag and it only took a very small movement to skewer yourself with his sweet, hard cock. His growl mixed with your mewl, as the mere penetration almost pushed you over the edge to your second orgasm.

You rode him. Hard. His blue fingers squeezed your hips so wonderfully tightly… Your hips rolled and danced on him, your hands pushed against his heaving chest and as the second peak hit, you threw your head backwards to moan his name and grabbed his wrists. He grinded his pelvis against you and held you tight as your legs shook madly…

Loki´s breath came in laboured gasps. Yours in short whimpers and moans. You were spent, done, sweaty, almost hurting… You could take no more…
- Oh my god… Lo..ki… I´m… I can´t…
- Oh yes you can, my dear… I promised you twice, but I think you have been such a good girl you deserve more… His voice was breathless but still purring.

He flashed you back to the windowsill, still inside you and grabbed your ass to hammer into you madly. You held on to him with your dear life and tried to remember how to breath. His teeth grazed your neck and earlobe, and you realized you had clamped your teeth to his shoulder to silence your moaning.
- Now, my love… I want to hear that sweet mewling of yours…
Loki´s sure hands spread your legs further and he leaned down to ravish your mouth and neck.
- Now… don´t hold back… Loki growled into your ear and did something with his pelvis that tore a whimper after whimper from your lips. You wrapped your legs tightly around Loki´s waist and met his every thrust with a tilt of your hips.
- Louder, my dear!
Your voice raised to a high keening as the storm of sensations became too much once again… Your orgasm intensified and renewed as you heard and felt Loki reach his limit…

Time and world stopped. For a breathless moment you stared into his blood red eyes, quivering mouth against his dark blue lips. Then he moved very gently inside you, his hands whispering up and down your back and sides. You dropped your head wearily on his shoulder and held him very, very close.
- Oh my god… Loki… I… love you. The whisper escaped from your weary lips without any thought or consent from your brain. As soon as you realized what you had said, you tensed. Loki and you had this nice thing going on, without commitment or worries, and your stupid, stupid mouth had went and dragged out the truth that you had succeeded in hiding even from yourself! This could spoil it all… He would go and never come back! And you would miss him terribly, for other things than sex too, you realized.

Loki chuckled softly, tightening his grip of you.
- Was it truly so very difficult thing to say, my dear? He murmured, quirking his lip to a cocky smile.
- But I… I thought you… we… That you only wanted me for… That we just…
You sounded a bit breathless, but… hopeful. Loki´s slender fingers drew lazy patterns at your back as he held you near. His member had softened and slipped to rest on your thigh and you felt his hot seed still in you.
- Oh, do not worry, my dear… I think you are good for many things other than just to warm my bed… Though I have no complaints in that regard either… Maybe I shall call you my queen from now on… Now, come my dear, let us continue this very pleasant subject somewhere more comfortable. Do you prefer your bed, or perhaps mine, as it will be yours from now on?
Your mouth hanged open and you snapped it shut and blinked before answering.
- I´m… fine with either.
- Mine it is, then. Come, my queen… You need your rest, and I intend to make sure you know you belong to me yet again… Just to make sure, and perhaps for our mutual enjoyment too.

The Professor (Part 14)

Rating: NSFW smut, mature
A/N: Here it is! The long awaited Part 14. Enjoy! 

The Professor Masterlist ~ Previous Part

“Oh, I haven’t?”

“No,” he murmured with a low chuckle as he kissed your neck. “Do you want to see greedy?”

You laughed, getting up from the bed, “Later, I have to clean up the table first…since we left it.”

“I’ll help,” he chuckled, slipping into his sweatpants and leaving his t-shirt on the floor. He ventured out of the bedroom, shirtless, and proceeded in collecting the takeout boxes and taking them to the trash.

“Thanks for helping out,” you said, clearing the last of the things on the table and putting them away. 

“Wouldn’t it be a bit of a dick move to just leave you to clear up on your own?”

“Hmm, yeah,” you grinned at him, rinsing your hands. You jumped a little when he came behind you and encircled his arms around your waist, resting his head on your shoulder and pressing a soft, warm kiss to your neck. 

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Two // M

Two – Ft. Park Chanyeol
// Contemporary Romance
// Adult Fiction
// Sexual & Explicit Language

A/N: This contains content for mature audiences. If you are under 18, I am not responsible for the imagery you will read. :)

Chanyeol’s nimble fingers loop themselves within the tangles of my hair, gripping them tighter and harder while his form presses into my own. His left hand rakes around my waist while mine cling onto his forearms, feeling his blood course through his beveled blue veins. His nails knead into my back as if the thought of being skin to skin won’t be enough to quench his animalistic hunger for a taste of my body. With each touch, his kisses obey his carnal instincts. There’s a tug, a sliver of a lick, and then a taut nip against my budding lip causing a moan to breach from the well of my lusting heart. 

The wicked glimmer in his smile means he heard it and there’s nothing more he would want than to drag me into his bedside chambers to fulfill all of my guiltiest pleasures. His forehead connects with mine, his teeth biting on his lower fold before whispering a deep, throaty command. “Follow me.”

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A/N: Just want to warn you, the reader does have an anxiety attack so if that is a trigger please be warned.

If there was one thing you and Stiles had in common it was your anxiety. While he seemed to have mastered it, only getting attacks when it was too much for his body to handle, your triggers only got more sensitive.

You were in a constant state of anxiety, your nerves running haywire with frazzled ends that sparked whenever they brushed against each other. You hid it well though, not even Stiles could pick up on it and you prided yourself on that. It got harder though, when Scott could pick up chemosignals, but since you were usually around Stiles he just figured they were coming from him.

You had just made your way back home from an exhausting night of trying to find where the Dread Doctors had disappeared to. Stiles dropped you off at your door and sped off into the night, wanting to talk to his father and you were completely okay with spending the night curled up in your bed to try and find sleep.

Those plans were dashed when you opened your bedroom door to find your alpha sitting at the edge of you bed, “Scott?”


You watched as he stood up slowly, “What’s going on? Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I just wanted to check up on you.”


He shrugged and stuffed his hands into his pockets, “I’ve just been noticing that you’re hiding something from me.”

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Negan’s... punishment

Hello my lovelies, Merry Chistmas and Happy New Year (I know I’m late) here is part 3 of the series that I’m writing hope you like it.

Here is Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t read them

Summary: You and Negan go to Alexandria but when you see what he’s doing to the people you yell at him which is a big mistake.

Warnings: swearing(does this count, I mean it’s Negan), smut

Word count: 1900ish

You were lying down on your back on the bed staring at the ceiling while clutching your stomach. Your body didn’t understand what was happening after all the food you have eaten. You can’t even remember the last time you ate so much, since the apocalypse you couldn’t find even a berry to eat and now you had everything your heart desires in front of you on a table.

“Damn haven’t seen anyone that could eat as much as you!” You heard Negan say from your right side. You were hearing footsteps and rustling around the room but you couldn’t be bothered to see what was happening.

“I haven’t seen so much food since the apocalypse, can you blame me?” you made your smart remark and Negan sneered. “God I think I’m going to throw up.

“I’m going out you stay in here and don’t cause any trouble.” You heard the opening of a door and you immediately sat on the bed.

“Wait where are you going?” you desperately asked Negan. You didn’t know the place so well and with your injured leg you couldn’t really do much.

“I’m going to a place that has half my shit prepared for me to take.” He exclaimed with a smirk on his face.

“I’m coming with you!” you said and started to get up. The pain however made itself noticeable and you hissed in pain. But that didn’t stop you from standing up and walking straight to Negan. Unfortunately, he noticed your struggle.

“You sure you’re doing ok there?” he asked with a smug expression on his face while his eyes shifted from your face to your leg. No matter how unbearable the pain was you didn’t want to be left alone in a place like this.

“I’m fine, let’s go!” you said annoyed and kind of impatient while leaning on your healthy leg. Negan opened the door and motioned for you to go first. When you started walking down the hall you noticed people going on their knees as you passed them. It was strange to you but you didn’t say anything. Outside you were greeted by a few people with guns and vehicles. Negan mentioned that you were going to ride with him in the RV and a man appeared and gave you a gun. The ride wasn’t as uncomfortable as you thought, you were enjoying the scenery when at the corner of your eye you saw a sign that said Alexandria 30km. “Maybe this is the place?” you thought to yourself. When you arrived Negan went outside he knocked on the door and made a smart remark about the three little pigs. Soon the gate was open and a tall man with greenish-blueish eyes appeared in sight.

“We aren’t ready, we need more time.” He said a little scared.

“Frankly I don’t give a damn I came to take half my shit and I want half my shit now!” Negan exclaimed in a stern voice and went inside the walls. He motioned for you to follow him and you did.

“Y/N, stay and watch those dickheads, if they try and do something funny… shot them.” He was talking to you but his eyes were on the man. After that they started walking and disappeared from your sight. You were taken aback by what Negan said and questions started running through your mind. People where passing by you and you saw a lot of different stares… some were afraid, some were anxious but the worst of them was the look of disgust. As if you were taking their food. Negan’s people where loading the trucks with various different objects. You heard whispering: “It’s them, those people killed Glen and Abraham. I can’t even look at them, first they killed our people now they are taking our supplies.” A shocked look took over your face as soon as you realized what was happening. Negan appeared from the corner of your eye and in your anger you couldn’t control what was happening.

“Why are you stealing those people’s supplies?” you asked staring him in his eyes. He was taken aback by your actions and suddenly everything was quiet.

“You better watch your fucking tone with me darlin’ or there will be consequences!” a smirk still on his face but you decided to press the matter even further. Out of the corner of your eye you could see people watching you in shock.

“Why the fuck are you stealing those people’s supplies?” you asked getting closer to him and even though he was a muscular man who was way taller than you that didn’t scare you at all. He looked at you smirked then looked at the ground.

“Boys I’m going to take Y/N here on a little trip. Be back in an hour… or as long as it takes me” he said then forcefully grabbed your upper arm and started dragging you to the RV. He opened the door and pushed you inside which made you lose your balance and fall on the floor then he closed the door with a bang and moved passed you to start the engine.

“Listen here princess, I know your new and you don’t realize the shit that’s going on here but I don’t like when people act all high and mighty on me!” he angrily explained “You should have closed your fucking mouth when you had the chance.” You sat on one of the benches that was looking at Negan’s back. “This is it this is where my life ends.” You thought to yourself while staring at his back. Suddenly the car came close to a stop and Negan slowly made his way to you sitting on the opposite side. He had a stern expression on his face and he exhaled.

“I can see your feisty and I like that. That’s why I don’t want to kill you but you need to know there are rules and there are consequences for braking them. So do you want to learn the rules so you won’t get punished?” He said sternly and something about his presence made you want his body in the most selfish way. Even though he said he wouldn’t kill you, you had already made peace with the world.

“Fuck you.” You said softly leaning over the table but that was a wrong move to make. He quickly took your jaw in his hand and squeezed tightly. Something about your position made you hungry for more of his touch.

“What was that?” he said quietly looking you in your eyes. You both knew that sexual tension was building between the two of you and lust could be seen in both of your eyes. “Who would have known that you liked it rough.” He laughed which made you rub your tights together. “Sorry sugar, won’t touch you unless you say you want me to.” He let go of your jaw and his hand lightly travelled from your cheek to your neck to your arm and he put his hand on top of yours which was resting on the table. You stood up from your chair and he mimicked you then you started hitting on his chest but he took both your wrists and pushed you against the wall. You yelled in frustration which only made him laugh. He pushed himself on to you and made the gap between you disappear.

“Come on darling there ain’t no need to hide it. Plus, my cock is begging for attention right now.” He spoke softly in your ear and started nibbling on it. Your body reacted to his touch and a groan escaped your lips. You could sense the smirk on his face as he started trailing kisses from your neck to your jaw to your lips. His hands helped you get out of your camouflage jacket and tight black shirt which revealed your black lacy bra. Hey just because it’s the apocalypse doesn’t mean you should forget your sense of style. He broke the kiss to look at you.

“Fashionable… I like it!” he said and started kissing your upper breast while his hands when behind your back to unclasp your bra. When it went on the floor he started nibbling on your nipple while massaging and pinching the other. You couldn’t handle this so you bit your lip in a helpless attempt to stop your whimpering. As Negan went to kiss your lips again you decided it was high time he lost some of his clothes so you helped him with his jacket and you watched him remove his white shirt. Then he went to undo your pants and after they hit the floor he grabbed you by your ass and lifted you on to the table. He took your face in his hands and started kissing you and your hands started traveling down his body while lightly scratching every part of him. His hands made their way between your legs and he noticed how wet you had become.

“Damn your soaked sweetheart. And just from so little, you must be thirsty for my dick.” He laughed as his hand went under your panties to play with your clit. You moaned from the attention you were receiving on your most sensitive part of your body.

“Haven’t been fucked in a long time, don’t flatter yourself.” You said as your hands travelled down his body to find his belt and unclasp it. You pulled out his member and moaned at the feeling of his length and thickness in your hand. Your thumb gathered a bit of precum that was forming on the tip and brought it to your lips making sure Negan would see as you sucked on your finger.

“God damn what I wouldn’t do for you to give me a blowjob but not today baby.” He said huskily his eyes focusing on your mouth. He ripped your panties and trusted into you not even waiting for you to adjust to him. You moaned in pleasure and a little pain as he started trusting into you.

“There you go, baby.” You gasped as he took your legs holding them together and placed them both over one side of his shoulder before completely leaning his body on yours and pumping his cock in you. Your moans quickly became very loud as you grabbed onto his bicep and dug your nails in. He started thrusting hard. Your body immediately beginning to shake violently and making your toes curl from how much pleasure he bought you.

“That’s what you fucking wanted right?!” He said moaning while staring down at you.

“Faster!” you moaned as you arched your back.

“Such a good girl, taking it so well.” He praised you which made your eyes closed shut but Negan didn’t allow that. He took your jaw with one of his hands and squeezed.

“Look at me while I fuck you!” you obliged his tone making you reach your high sooner than any man has made you.

“Negan I’m gonna-“ you couldn’t even finish your sentence due to the strong orgasm that took over your body. Negan pulled out of you and stroked himself a couple of times until thick ropes of cum covered parts of your body. You laid in a haze not knowing what just happened and if this was real. You heard rustling of clothing and heard Negan’s voice.

“Fix yourself the group is waiting for us. There’s napkins in one of the cabinets.” You heard him say as he started the engine.


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Fic: Forbidden (2/?) (M)

Author’s note: The muse is officially obsessed with this story. Thank you for all the encouragement and positive feedback! I hope you enjoy this chapter, all the same warnings apply. :)

Summary: She is an Amazon. He is Greek. She is a princess. He is captured in battle. An ancient Amazonian tradition brings them together but their love is forbidden. This is their story.

Graphic credit: @captainswan-with-love​ 

Also posted: FF.net / AO3

Chapter 2

There was someone in her bed. Warmth pressed against her back, across her belly. She went from groggy sleepiness to alertness in a heartbeat, snarling. She kicked and rolled, on her would be attacker in the space of a breath, forearm pressed to his throat. Blue eyes shined up at her, tears forming as he clawed for air.

It all came back to her. The Festival. The games. Killian in her suite, in her bed, in her.

With an anguished cry she rolled off him, apologies already on her lips as he gulped down air. He rolled away from her, still gasping and she felt rejection slice through her. Ridiculous perhaps considering that she’d attacked him without warning, but it hurt anyway. It was not something she’d ever dealt with before and it scared her that it bothered her so much.

Killian rubbed his throat, breathing deeply to get his heart rate under control. He confessed this wasn’t how he anticipated the morning after such scintillating sex. A glance at the open balcony told him it was yet morning, far too early in the morning after such strenuous exertions. Emma had been insatiable, taking to the sensual pleasures of the flesh like a sea nymph to the vast oceans. Clearly, he’d not worn her out enough if she was awake at such an hour. He rolled onto his belly, groaning.

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Don't Make Me Wait (Michael Clifford Smut) Part 2

Pairing: Sub!Michael, Dom!Michael x reader 

Rating: Mature

Content: Sub!Michael, Dom!Michael, profanity, overstimulation, bondage, and lots of sex. 

He gulped and you felt satisfied with your work. You began to walk away from the entrance hall to the bedroom. As you walked you motioned “come here” without looking back. You heard his converse quickly hitting the tile floor as he followed. As you walked to the bedroom, you stripped. Taking off your tee shirt, your black skinny jeans, letting your hair down, all without ever looking back. By the time you got to the bedroom, you were left in your black lacy lingerie and black red bottomed pumps; Michael’s favorite. You entered the bedroom and turned around to face Michael. He had his head thrown back, his pants pulled down slightly and his hand on his dick. The little shit had been jerking off as you walked.  “Did I fucking tell you that you could jerk off?"  "N-no, I’m sorry.” “Good. But you still have to be punished.” At this remark, he straightened up slightly.  “I what?"  "You have to be punished. You made me wait, so I’m going to make you wait. But it seems like you disobeyed me, so that just adds to the punishment.” He bit his lip, obviously enjoying your confidence. You walked towards him and pushed him onto the bed. You climbed on top of him, knees on either side of his waist. He looked up at you with his big kitten eyes. His pupils had dilated greatly, and you stopped yourself from kissing him right then and there. You lowered yourself onto him and began grinding into his bulge. He moaned your name and you smirked. His hands flew up to your chest to begin palming at your boobs. As good as it felt, you couldn’t let him see you give in.  “New rule, you can’t touch me."  "What the fuck?!"  "Don’t touch me."  He pulled his hands away and sat there, sighing as you rolled your hips. You leaned down and kissed his neck, leaving a hickey directly on his Adam’s apple. Your hands found their way to the hem of his worn out Metallica muscle tee and you pulled it up and over his head. Your hands roamed down his bare chest and eventually ended up fiddling with the waistband of his jeans. You undid the button and slowly pulled down the zipper. You slid off of his lap and pulled down his jeans as he helped by shimmying out of them. You then began to rub him off through the thin fabric of his boxers. He groaned and you took the elastic in between your teeth. You pulled them down as his humongous erection sprang up against his stomach. You moved upwards and kissed the sensitive spot behind his ear you knew he loved so much.  "Tell me what you want baby.” Michael just moaned in response.  You tugged on his hair a little, bringing him even closer to your face.  “I said tell me what you want. What do you want me to do babe? It’s up to you."  "I-I want you to suck me off Y/N please."  He bit his lip as you left a trail of sloppy kisses down his torso until you reached his erection. You took him in your hand and pumped him a few times.  "Mmm, you’re so hard for me baby. Is that all for me?” You whispered in his ear, still pumping his length.  “O-ohh fuck yes.” He moaned, barely able to form a full sentence.  You ceased your hands movement. “I said is that all for me?” You said, your voice stern.  “Ah fuck yes baby it’s all for you just please keep going."  You smiled, satisfied and began pumping him again. You kissed his tip and took half of his length in your mouth. You bobbed your head up and down, pumping what you couldn’t fit in. You swirled your tongue around his tip cause him to throw his head back in pleasure. You moaned, sending vibrations down his length. This sent him into a frenzy and his hand immediately flew to your head pushing you farther down his dick.  You pulled your mouth off of his length, and got up off the bed. He immediately realized what he did.  "Shit please baby I didn’t mean to I promise I won’t do it again please just come back.” He begged.  You walked over the the dresser, opened the drawer, and pulled out a pair of fuzzy black handcuffs and matching leg restraints. His eyes widened at the sight of the set.  “Oh baby please anything but that please,” he whined.  “You’ve been a bad boy, and bad boys have to be punished."  You took his hands and cuffed them to either side of the headboard, following up with the same process for his legs. He was completely naked and helpless, spread out on the bed, full-blown erection, begging for you. And you loved it.  You walked over to him at a painfully slow pace, letting his eyes rake over your barely clothed body. Once you neared the bed, he gulped, anxiety taking over him as he awaited your next move. You climbed onto his chest, a knee on either side and leaned down to kiss him. He eagerly pulled his head up to respond, but you faked him out; moving left to whisper in his ear. He groaned as you took his earlobe in your teeth and gently bit and sucked at it.  "Watch me.” You cooed.  “What?” He asked, clearly confused.  You scooted back a little, so that you legs were spread out and he had a clear view of your dripping wet panties. You began to rub your boobs through your bra. You reached around your back and unclipped your bra, letting it fall to the floor. You continued to rub your breasts, rubbing circles on your already hard nipples. You flicked them and moaned. Your hands traveled down to your soaked core and began to rub yourself through your panties. Michael was struggling against the handcuffs, in a desperate attempt to touch you, not caring that his wrists were red. You hooked a thumb into the waistband of your panties and slowly pulled them off. You discarded them on the floor and began to play with yourself. You rubbed up and down your slit, while your thumb rubbed circles on your clit. You then slipped a finger inside you and arched your back. You sighed heavily, and Michael groaned loudly. You began to pump your finger in and out, while your thumb rubbed hungry circles on your sensitive clit. You began to pant and made direct eye contact with Michael to really drive him crazy.  “Oooh Michael fuck,” you groaned.  He made a strangled noise and bucked his hips upward, wishing that it was he that was inside of you, making you feel this good.  “Fuck Y/N please, I need to touch you, taste you anything please,” He begged.  “Oh shit Michael! I’m gonna cum!” You cried, pumping and rubbing faster than before.  You reached your high, arching your back into your own touch as Michael bucked up once again. You pulled the finger out and smirked.  “You said you wanted a taste?"  Michael nodded his head rapidly as you slid your finger into his mouth. He sucked on it as if his life depended on it. You pulled it out shortly after, and he frowned.  "Have you got what you wanted? Please Y/N I need you."  "Mm…I think this could go on a little longer."  He moaned and struggled against his restraints harder than before.  "Y/N please touch me."  You smirked and nodded.  "Don’t move at all, or I stop.” You commanded. He nodded his head quickly.  You climbed onto his lap, and lowered yourself onto him, his dick fitting into you perfectly.  “Fuck!” He cried out, throwing his head back and bucking his hips into you.  You gasped at the sudden thrust, and quickly pulled yourself off of him. He realized what he had done and pulled against his restraints to try to pull you back into bed. It was no use, you were already stepping back into your lingerie and his Metallica shirt.  “Shit baby please I’m so fucking sorry I need you so bad.”   “You can’t help yourself can you?” You questioned, to which he shook his head no.  “Well maybe a little time away from me will teach you to control your actions and obey me."  You saw the mixture of lust, confusion, annoyance, longing, and regret in his eyes as you walked out of the bedroom.  You left him there for a good 20 minutes and then decided he had been through enough. When you walked back in, he turned towards you drowsily.  "Fuck baby please.” He muttered the words that had seemed to turn into the only words he knew.  “Are you ready to obey me?"  "Yes I promise I’ll be a good boy!” He exclaimed excitedly.  You slowly approached him, stripping back to nude as you walked, leaving only your pumps on. You climbed onto the bed and took his throbbing member into your palm. You attached your lips to the tip, and he whimpered. You pushed more of him into your mouth and sucked a bit, only to pull off. You climbed over him and hovered your heat over his dick. He was breathing heavily and his eyes burned into yours hungrily, awaiting your next move. You lowered yourself onto him once more, biting your lip at his size and how good it felt to finally have him in you. He had his eyes squeezed shut, head thrown back, desperately holding onto the headboard, all to keep himself from thrusting into you. You loved this change from his normally dominant sex life, you enjoyed seeing him so submissive for once, under control of your ever wish, demand, and movement. You began to bounce up and down, painfully slow even for you, so you could only imagine how it felt for him. He let out a giant release of air and groaned, an animalistic noise at the contact. You bounced faster and faster.  “FUCK!” He yelled out.  “Don’t you dare cum yet.” You breathed.  He whimpered and you felt him twitch in an attempt to hold back his release. You began to violently rub your clit as you felt your orgasm pooling in the pit of your stomach, and felt your own release approaching rapidly.  “Fuck, fuck NOW!” You cried.  You released simultaneously and he growled, something you had never heard come from him before. You pulled off him, and began to undo his restraints, starting with the legs first. You finished freeing his legs, and moved up towards his hand, stopping to give him a passionate kiss. You then undid his handcuffs and expected him to use his long awaited freedom to hold you close.  You thought wrong.  As soon as you unlocked the second handcuff. He flipped you over faster than you could put down the key.  “You thought I was done with you? After how you tortured me? I don’t think so sweetheart.” He growled into your ear, kissing the sweet spot of your neck.  Your eyes widened as he held your wrists together above your head, with such a force that you could barely twitch an arm. He spread your legs apart using his free hand and his head dipped below your knees. You felt his tongue against your clit, and then it diving in and out of your slit. You cried out and writhed against the bed.  “FUCK MICHAEL!” You gasped.  He took a break from eating you out to tease you with his dirty talk.  “Mm yeah you like that baby? Now you know how I felt."  You struggled against his hand, to which he only held your wrists tighter. He dipped his tongue back into you as his calloused thumb began rubbing at your clit. You felt a strong sensation in your stomach and you knew that your release was close.  "Fuck oh fuck Michael I’m gonna-FUCK!” You exclaimed.  Before you could stop yourself, you reached your high, but Michael immediately pulled away.  “Did I tell you to cum?"  "N-no sir."  "I was going to let you off with just that, but now I have to really punish you, fair and square."  You prepared yourself for his finger in your extremely sensitive pussy, but when he rammed into you with his dick you weren’t prepared at all.  "HOLY FUCKING SHIT MICHAEL FUCK!” You screamed.  “Yeah who made you scream like that baby?"  "FUCK MICHAEL YOU! YOU MADE ME SCREAM!"  "That’s right baby.” He cooed.  He continued thrusting into you with agonizing speed, when you felt your oncoming orgasm, and his dick twitching inside of you.  “Mi-Michael can I please cum?"  "Fuck yes baby cum for me.” He breathed.  You rode out your highs together, and he finally pulled out, collapsing next to you with exhaustion. You cuddled up into him, the soreness already settling in.  “Are you alright love?” He asked.  “I’m fine baby, you?” You said, nestling your head into the crook of his neck.  “Never better.” He responded. “I don’t think we’re gonna be able to walk tomorrow.” You stated, giggling.  “Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.” He concluded, kissing the top of your head gently. 
I’m Glad We’re Home (Luke Hemmings Smut)

I forgot where the gif was from


*disclaimer: I am not in the army and tbh there’s not even much army talk at all- just for the general plot- but there is smut

Summary: Luke comes home 

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anonymous asked:

Daddy kink with Ash and y/n (cause I strongly believe he has a daddy kink)

Oooh, I’ve heard of that before! Thanks for requesting! You were watching Ashton work out in the gym at your shared house. You sat on the chair in the corner of the room, watching him lift weights on the bench press. After watching him for a few minutes, you began to get super turned on as you saw his biceps bulge out and the sweat form on his body. You imagined you being the one making him sweat like that due to your riding him. You imagined a helpless look on his face, him squirming under your control. Once he’d set the weights down for a rest, and to wipe away his sweat with a towel, you decided you’d had enough. You wanted him badly, right now. “Hi daddy,” you said innocently, strutting over to him and sitting down in his lap. He smirked at you, pressing a kiss to your lips. You only called him “daddy” when you really wanted him. “Hey,” he said. “You’re so sweaty, daddy,” you said, trailing your hands down his sweaty abs. You heard him suck in a breath as you let your hands wander too low, palming him through his shorts. You looked back up at him, smirking. His eyes seemingly darkened 50 shades with lust. He bit his lip, staring at you intently. “Do you want this, daddy?” you whispered seductively to him. Without answering you, Ashton flipped you over so you were under him on the bench press. “It’s a bad thing to distract me while I’m working out, Y/N,” he said in a husky voice, instantly making you wetter. He began kissing roughly down your neck, sucking on your sweet spot. Your breath hitched in your throat and you tangled your fingers in his hair. “No touching, princess,” he growled to you. “Okay, daddy,” you replied. He went back to sucking on your sweet spot before his large hands wandered up your tank top, sliding it over your head. You moaned as he kissed down your chest, reaching behind you and unclasping your bra before dropping it on the floor with your tank top. He immediately began sucking on one nipple, massaging the other breast with one hand and pinning your wrists above your head with the other. Soon enough, he switched breasts, and making you moan again. He began kissing down your stomach, removing his hands from your wrists but telling you not to touch him. He kissed down to the top of your shorts, sliding them off of you. “You’re so wet, babe,” he whispered to your clit as he slid off your panties. You didn’t reply, you just let out a moan. He pressed an open mouth kiss to your clit, licking up your slit before darting his tongue in, swirling it around. Your fingers ached to run through his hair, but you stayed obedient, letting out small moans. Your moans got louder as he slid in a finger, curving it upwards and around his tongue so it could hit your g spot. You let out a long moan, scratching at the bench press. He added another one, and your moans became mixed with whimpers as you felt yourself nearing your edge. Ashton pulled out of you before you could cum, leaving you gasping. “Daddy…” you panted. He didn’t say anything, just stripped himself of his shorts and boxers, positioning himself above you. “Beg,” he growled to you, teasing you by rubbing his tip against your slit. “Daddy, please,” you whimpered. “Louder,” he whispered hoarsely, inserting just the head inside of you. “DADDY PLEASE FUCK ME PLEASE FUCK,” you screamed. He smirked down at you, kissing you roughly as he slammed into you, not giving you time to adjust before thrusting at a quick pace. You whimpered, wanting to run your nails down his back. Ashton smirked into the kiss, kissing down your neck, sucking on your sweet spot again. “Ashton,” you gasped, needing to feel him. “Keep your hands off,” he growled. You wrapped your hands around the bar above your head, squeezing tightly. “I’m gonna cum,” you moaned. “Hold it,” Ashton growled. “I-I can’t,” you gasped. “A few more seconds,” he said, bringing his lips back up to meet yours. You let out another loud moan. “I can’t hold it anymore,” you whimpered. “On three…one…two…three!” he commanded. You both rode out your orgasms together, and Ashton pulled right out of you, making you gasp yet again due to lack of contact. Ashton sat down on the bench beside you, allowing him a minute to catch his breath. “God, you’re so hot when you call me daddy,” he said, smirking and kissing your lips.