or ill hunt u down

5 things about me

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5 things you’ll find in my bag;

  1. phone 
  2. purse (wallet??)
  3. lipgloss
  4. My bag is really tiny I cant fit anymore

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom;

  1. bambi plush from disneyland (๑TㅂT)و✧
  2. fireplace that my dad has yet to connect to the chimney.. one day
  3. graphic novels/comics
  4. lots of tealight holders!!✧*。
  5. arty stuff
  6. mess. a lot of mess.I need to tidy up desperately 

5 things i’ve wanted to do in life;

  2. be able to treat my family for everything they do for me and for always being there for me (travel with them ;v;)
  3. make my own comic/animation
  4. be successful doing something I really love!♥
  5. feel completely content with myself 

5 things that make me happy;

  1. art + animation ^o^
  2. being productive!! & feeling accomplished!!!
  3. alone time (but not too much)
  4. watching films with my fam
  5. riding my bike ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭ (its pink..pink makes me happy)

5 things i’m currently into;

  1. saving up enough money to travel lol god (Australia here I hopefully come dont hold me to that tho ahaha)
  2. YOUTUBERS DUDE. Im obsessed. coughkrist & yucough 
  3. drawing traditionally / realistically 
  4. manwhas/mangas/graphicnovels/comics lordy lord
  5. fashion??? I’ve never been into clothes but lately Ive been like 👀

5 things on my to do list;

  1. make more art/another youtube video 
  2. drink more water
  3. tidy ma room ^v^’’’
  4. start bullet journalling !!! so pretty ! so aesthetic !
  5. practice animating more ;v

5 things people may not know about me;

  1. I’ve never broken a bone in my life
  2. never cut my hair either!
  3. I hate listening to anything/talking when I draw- anything with words or people talking really makes it hard for me to concentrate and frustrates me so fricken much (which is why I’m bad for staying up all night when literally nobody is around talking!)
  4. I never studied for any of my exams until the day before aka I’m a terrible timekeeper (still got one of the best results of my year in school tho lolololol)
  5. I love conspiracy theories and will pretty much believe anything if you show me a convincing documentary on it. *shakes fist at ancient aliens*

and yeaahhh thats it!! if any of u guys want to do this please go ahead, its really fun once u start to really think about an answer for everything :D

im so tired of this site especially the mental illness community on here why do u all hunt and chase people down for stimming while being allistic or whatever why do u all encourage abusive behaviors why do u all defend and do all this problematic shit im so tired of it!!!!

anonymous asked:

HEYAA! ahahaha this really isn't an ask (just wanted to stay on anon lmao I'm honestly just really shy…rip) but I really wanted to thank you so so much for taking so much time and effort out to create such amazing content and subs and I've read/seen so much of your amazing work and I can't believe how strong you are with brushing all the haters off (they're just jealous of you hun, don't let em get to you 👑) and I really wanted to say thank you for creating such amazing content ❤ much love ~ N

YOU’RE THE SWEETEST, THANK YOU FOR THIS <3 and yeah, fuck the h8ers and reposters 🤛🏼

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"And in the asshole?" Yes. Yes you are. I never said he couldn't be. I feel more like he's depressed than autistic. That's all I was saying. Did it ever occur to you that maybe I went on anon because I have major trust issues and maybe wasn't comfortable enough to be open? Obviously not. I'll leave you alone, and you're clearly not the kind of person I'd like to be around anyway.

to quote my friend who i showed this message to,

“thats called guilt tripping, also known as abuse tactics, also known as leave my friend alone or ill hunt u down”


oh yeah look at that beaut 


First things first, this is my current followers only.

If you see this + are like, “damn that banner is a siren song if i’ve ever seen one also i love free games,” and want to follow me?? go ahead but I cant put u in this running, im sorry. If this goes well, next steam sale you’re up to win though.

SO, THAT ASIDE, friends. hey. thanks for everything. ilu. HERE’S THE STUFF

  • REBLOG OR LIKE FOR AN ENTRY. u only get one entry! so don’t do both i guess?? 
  • no giveavvay blogs, don’t hurt me like that. i’ll softblock u if i find out, and like idk send u pics of chapel dweller’s butt and my dogs’ butt, do u want that
  • it ends on sunday at 8pm east coast time!!
  • now, i’ve given some of y’all gifts already. u can still enter. don’t hesitate. ill hunt u down. send you pictures of chapel dweller’s butt AND pat the spider’s too. do u want that


FIRST PLACE gets an approximately $20 game on steam, of their choice. if u don’t have steam, we can figure out something of i, uh, guess,, like.. an alternative,, don’t worry, 

3 RUNNER UPS: get a guaranteed shitty ms paint picture of their oc or fave character by me, or i can try to actually draw their character?? and also a $5 steam game!!

closing statements: ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ god that banner is so good, i oughta commission whoever made that for OP, what a visionary