or ignorant hate mongers

sometimes people on tumblr make me wish I was a mean person


Inna lillahee wa inna ilayhi rajioon. My heart is feeling very heavy tonight after hearing the terrible news about the Chapel Hill shooting. http://www.wral.com/multiple-gunshot-victims-reported-in-chapel-hill/14438074/ Of the three, the two young ladies were sisters and third was the husband of one. Not even 25 years old and in the blink of an eye their lives were taken. I’m not sure if what I’m feeling is sadness, fear, anger, disappointment or all of the above. Sadness that three innocent young lives were taken in a possible hate crime. Fear that the ignorance and hate-mongering has compelled people to take such actions without thinking. Anger that even if we were to scream our denouncement of terrorists and acts of terrorism at the top of our lungs, nobody wants to listen. Disappointment that our society has reached such a low point where Muslims and Islam can only be discussed in the media if it’s with a negative connotation and in light of any violence instigated by a “Muslim”. May Allah swt grant them the highest place in jannah. May He grant their family, friends, and community the strength and patience through this difficult time. May He protect our Ummah during these trying times. Ameen. The brother’s name is Deah Barakat and he was organizing a dental relief trip for Syrian refugees the summer. Please donate me if you can. http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/syrian-dental-relief/206249

I’m also very clear about the stands I take.

I’m for things that make life worth living. I want people to have lives they love living. I celebrate empowerment.

I’m against hate-mongering, stupidity, ignorance, rabble-rousing, lying, and bullshit. And I will speak out against that kind of bullshit because silence equals death. I’ve paid the price of silence, more than once. I’ve paid the price of not taking a stand, more than once. I’m done with that.

Yes, I’m a cranky old man. I’m working for my black belt in curmudgeonry. Get off my lawn.

Unless you’re bringing chocolate.