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Elise, do you have any headcanons about Bahorel right after he left law school? I've just left it too to fulfill my real dream I realized recently, but even my best friend says it's not possible to come true. I know they don't want to hurt me, but still I feel really lonely now with almost no support and it kinda sucks.. Sorry for bothering you, but I look up to you, you're such a lovely person deserving the best in life. I hope everything goes well for you

Bahorel does law school the way I did maths for the first 18 years of my life: poorly and with a distinct lack of motivation to get better at it.

Law just seemed like the thing to do at the time, you know? Law makes you look employable. But Bahorel just isn’t a white collar kind a guy. And that’s coming from a guy who loves collars.

Bahorel is social! Bahorel was born to go from place to place, make friend with everybody he meets and fill up a whole bar with his roaring voice. He wasn’t made for Law.

When he ditches law school, it’s like a weight has been lifted from his shoulders. Sure, he wasn’t going to lectures that often to begin with, but it was still a relief. He does a couple of side jobs here and there, helping people move out, playing the bartender for a couple of nights a week, coaching some people at the gym. He likes that, tending the bar. He gets to meet people.

That’s how he meets Feuilly and Grantaire, rolling up their sleeves as their about to start a brawl. Bahorel joins because a) brawl and b) the other guys were looking for it. It gets him fired, but at least he’s made two new friends.

A week later, Bahorel attends his first ABC meeting.

Les Amis and Homework

Enjolras: essays always so aggressively written that the teacher dismisses every point because they don’t agree. On the flip side, also the worst procrastinator in the world, which luckily his quick working pace makes up for.

Combeferre: usually gets top grades because he’s become expert at time management… After a period at the start of college when he failed a whole semester because he stayed up studying too long (though there are still occasions where it takes both Enjolras and Courfeyrac to convince him to get some rest).

Courfeyrac: one of those people who either works super hard, or doesn’t work at all. Has a way with people meaning that when he doesn’t bother, he somehow gets off scot-free.

Bossuet: very clever and completes assignments quickly, but somehow always manages to get the work lost/stolen/destroyed before it’s due in. The only person to have ever used the ‘dog ate my homework’ excuse truthfully.

Feuilly: a hard worker while he was still at school, and a consistent A/B student, the one who in group assignments always puts in all of the effort and gets none of the credit.

Grantaire: clever, but has developed the unfortunate talent of falling asleep with his eyes open, so doesn’t have the information he needs to do the work in the first place.

Jehan: a moving poem surrounding quadratics once brought the head of maths so close to tears that she forgot about the homework that lesson. The saviour of the class.

Montparnasse: has never submitted a single piece of work, ever. This is mostly because the teachers have avoided asking for one since the glitter-hard-drive incident of 4th grade.

Marius: being fluent in five languages has it’s perks, including the ability to obliviously write fourteen English essays in Spanish without realising.

Joly: the one who always does the extension work. Nobody knows how he gets it done every time without fail, and nobody ever will. A mystical homework deity.

Bahorel: Does he actually do the work? Yes, he does, but if anyone mentions it or applauds him of his work, they probably won’t be using either of their arms or legs again for a while.

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OH GOSH. If you're still taking prompts, I'd love to see Enjolras and Feuilly ♘:Cuddling in a blanket fort or ♝:Reading a book together or ♡:Accidentally falling asleep together. ^_^ (I'm not selfish enough to ask for all three, but it seems like some of these may be harder to draw than others, so I'd rather give you options. ^_^)

All three in one?:D 

(aah thank you for asking, I love this one and maybe I’ll color it properly later?!?) 

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I may have lied before in messenger. I don't suppose any super happy headcanons up your sleeve?

Oh babz :( I’ll see what I can do for you ♥

  • Feuilly first kissed Bahorel during a protest in favour of same sex marriage. At first Bahorel thought Feuilly was just trying to make a point, a statement and yes, ultimately it was the goal, but he also really wanted to kiss his best friend. He had been thinking about it for a while. They kiss all night after that because they want to make it perfect for the next protest
  • Courferre date at the planetarium, which Combeferer explaning the different constellations so Courfeyrac and they both make up constellations that represent their relationship. It’s technically shaped like a heart but Courfeyrac insists it’s a butt
  • Enjolras meeting people who tell him he has changed their lives and his support has been essencial to them getting better and Enjolras is crying because he made a difference!
  • Joly who manages to save his first patient and who comes home crying because he was terrified but he saved someone’s life and that’s so overwhelming he just has to let it all out
  • Bossuet who finds his first lucky clover and dry it to keep it forever

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I was wondering if you could give a lowdown on les Amis characters and help with some fandom terms as well because I just discovered les Mis on TUMBLR and I need help! X happy new year

Oh of course!! I’m honored that you asked me, wow! c; I’ll try my hardest.

So, Les Amis is composed of these dweebs. Enjolras, Combeferre, Courfeyrac, Jean “Jehan” Prouvaire, Lesgles (also called Bossuet, Lesgle,  L'Aigle de Meaux, and Legle), Joly, Bahorel, Feuilly, and Grantaire.

Enjolras is the chief, and he’s devoted to France and the revolution.

Combeferre is the guide, logical, and he believes that there is good in every person. It’s pretty widely accepted in the fandom that he has glasses and is obsessed with moths.

Courfeyrac, who is the centre of Les Amis, is the ball of sunshine and warmth. He’s kind of like the glue that holds them all together.

Jean Prouvaire, most often called Jehan, is a poet. He loves without restraint and blushes for no reason at all. (He must be protected at all times)

Lesgles (this is what I call him, most people in the fandom call him “Bossuet”) is the unluckiest member of Les Amis, something that the fandom certainly ran with. He’s also Joly’s other half.

Joly is a med student, also a hypochondriac, and Lesgles’ other half. In the Brick (the book “Les Miserables”) it is said that he has a cane, so parts of the fandom have translated that as he has a bad leg or even a prosthetic leg. (This is not a view everyone holds, some people think the cane is simply for dress).

Bahorel is big and tough and not a lawyer. (Literally I just assumed he was a lawyer for the first few months I was in the fandom)

Feuilly is a Polish orphan (my sweet child) and in the fandom, he’s always working. Not that he’s a workaholic, but he’s poor and refuses to let himself be a burden on any of his friends.

Finally, Grantaire. On the surface, he’s a cynic and a drunkard who obsessed over Enjolras far too much. But he’s so much deeper, I promise you. He’s an artist, and some parts of the fandom acknowledge him as a dancer and boxer (although I think that’s canon, I can’t remember at the moment).

If you want to know more, I can try to offer more, or I could also direct you to @just-french-me-up (she is the queen of the Les Mis fandom with far more knowledge than me). I hope this is a good start, though! Welcome to this amazing fandom!! :) Have a wonderful day and a happy New Year, lovely anon!

i always feel a little iffy about fandom using ‘hard-working’ as Feuilly’s main quality - usually in sortings or ‘les amis as … ‘ posts, ‘cause…

okay, it’s not that he’s not hard-working, because he is! he does so much! and it’s a good quality! but with Feuilly it’s in large part because he has to, because really for him there’s no other choice. 

it might work for other characters (no one ever calls Enjolras or Combeferre hardworking when they most definitely are? I wonder why - except no, I know why) saying the main thing about Feuilly is that he’s gounded and hard-working and values hard honest work above everything else, to me, feels like. you take the one guy in the entire group that’s known to be working class, the only one who has to work to survive in a group of privileged students, and the first thing fandom says about this character is like ‘oh boy! he works so much. he loves working to survive, it’s so deeply intrinsic to his personality as to be his main traits. working fullfills him, it makes him happy’. idk. it feels a little like mocking the socioeconomic inequalities that force him to work himself to exhaustion everyday just to survive. especially when you ignore everything else we know about him, his enthusiasm for the outside world, his knowledge, his compassion and his passion for learning, etc. which are, btw, highlighted way more than the hard-working part in the actual text

yeah, idk.

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I have had a very stressful day and an awful night bc all of my friends are at prom but I'm stuck fucking halfway across the country so can you give me some fun les amis headcanons if you don't mind pls? you have the best headcanons that's why I ask

You know how Bahorel’s parents are peasants? I picture them being farmers, with a big farm and a big house. And what if Baz had invited the crew for a countryside weekend of some kind? Because “You guys are uban scum, you haven’t breathed fresh air once in your life!”.

  • They take tents because okay, the house is big but it’s not THAT BIG! So the weekend transforms into some kind of camping trip on the lawn
  • Enjolras has scarcely left Paris in his life and holy shit everything is green and beautiful. The man wants to go hiking all the time and explore. That’s the first day, though. Then he gets woken up by a bloody rooster at 5AM and his bucolic tendencies are somewhat cooled
  • Jehan befriend all the cats (5 in totals) in the farm. Plus, the setting is hella inspiring for lyrical poetry so they’re constantly taking notes on their phone.
  • Bossuet can literally bleat with the sheep for hours. It’s almost like they’re having an argument. He also get to pick up some literal chicks. = Life made
  • Combeferre gets to see the stars extremely well, since the light pollution in Paris is so strong. So he lies on his back and watches the stars, outlines the constellations and gives a lecture to the rest of les Amis
  • Feuilly picks up on Bahorel’s dad offer to help with the farm chores. YES, he KNOWS, he’s on vacay and that’s rare enough, but he gets to pet the sheep, and come on, bothering the hens to pick up their eggs is fun. He likes feeling useful. Plus he wants to score points with the in-laws.
  • Grantaire adopts a baby goat. He just does. He called it “Shut the Fuck Up” because it actually won’t shut the fuck up. Enjolras hates it. “You’re not keeping the goat” “How about I do anyway?”
  • Courfeyrac is a sucker for campfires, marshmallow melting and scary stories. He tries to tell terrifying ones, but Jehan always beat him to his own game. Most of the time, Jehan basically rip of Edgar Allan Poe. Courfeyrac, who may I remind you initiated the whole ghost stories telling business, can’t sleep after that. Neither can Marius, so they stay up all night telling each other comforting stories
  • Marius is polite as hell and goes to help with the dishes and all when Bahorel’s parents feed them.
  • Bahorel shows them all the cool places where they can hike, teaches Courfeyrac and Feuilly how to milk a cow and makes Bossuet drive a goddamn tractor. May or maynot have taken “rolling in the hay” too literaly with Feuilly at some point. I mean it’s had to escape hay in a farm, that shit’s everywhere. Wears a godawful farmer’s cap all weekend long and is super proud of it.