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Chapter 4, here we gooooo!

I really enjoyed writing this one and it might seem like you can anticipate what is to come in the next chapter(s), but don’t be too hasty to make assumptions, because there is so much more to come. 😏😏😏 Click here to get caught up on the previous chapters, if you’d like to!

In this mini-fic Rae is confronted by a couple friends who give her a lot to think about in reference to Finn. A little flirting…a little drama…this is definitely the most true to life chapter that I’ve written thus far (I literally took dialogue from text message conversations with a couple friends in addition to lines I wrote in an online diary that I have, so you know this shit is for real) and I can distinctly remember how I felt after all of these events unfolded. This chapter is rather lengthy (about 3,344 words) but I just couldn’t find a good place to break it off, ya know? So sorry for that in advance haha 😅

As always, please let me know if you want me to add/remove you from the tagged blogs. There are no words to describe how much I appreciate all of your feedback, reblogs, likes, replies, messages, etc. but just know that every single one of you make my day and I love you all to bits! 💖💖💖(There’s a couple other Author’s Notes at the bottom after the tagged blogs, if you’re willing to read that far.)

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Me: Akira please– this isn’t Persona on ice.

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I just made some theorist team aesthetics and I wanna post em but I'm nervous

FRIEND YOU SHOULD POST THEM! It’s okay to be scared, the internet can be pretty mean. I remember when I wanted to post my first gtlive fan art, it took me three days because I was so scared. But overtime, it does get easier to post stuff! If people don’t like it, it’s their job not to look. They control what they see and you shouldn’t worry about that. And don’t worry, I bet your board is super awesome and I would love to see it!

Halloween 2016


YOLO.exe - PART 1

> a Fatal_Error has Occurred Side Comic

> Non-canon Comic

> Next

This is the beginning of a very fun interaction ;)

For those who may not know/remember, this is Fresh_Hell :D

It’s important to note that this is the first non-canon side comic I’ve started- this isn’t actually part of the canon story. It’s more of a fun ‘what if’ scenario to explore. Even though he probably actually never would, what if Fresh decided to possess Fatal_Error? What would happen next?

I have several ideas for comics like these, but I can’t start some until certain parts of the canon story have happened, or else they won’t make any sense, or might spoil something in the main comic before we get to it. The same can be said for the canon side comics too - it’s all about timing. So comics like these might pop up from time to time, and update as we go along.

But anywho I’m rambling ^^

Peace out, brahs <3

Fresh belongs to @loverofpiggies!

other trauma survivors: trauma doesn’t define you!

me, a borderline personality, sinking my nails deeper into my poor mental health, desperately trying to cling to anything and everything that can provide me with a label that offers a sense of identity and allows me to feel like a real person: . mmm,. mm? interesting concept but. i have One question. what the whole fuck