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Jace and Simon in the Season 2B trailer


Dating Tommy Holland might include:

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  • him laughing when he tries to teach you proper English table mannerisms
  • you trying really hard because you want to make him proud
  • “I guess you are too adorable to be proper, eh?”
  • if you are short: he would bring it up any chance he was given
  • because he is used to being the youngest and the shortest
  • he is pretty deviant and quite sly
  • you soon understand why Seb and Robert call him a little asshole
  • he tries so hard to open doors for you and pull out a chair and get your coat
  • he whines when you do them yourself
  • he whines in general
  • he’s a big baby and you take care of him often
  • when he is sick he will play it like he is dying so that you will take care of him
  • because he loves your cooking
  • praises it
  • he will often shower you in what you call over exaggerated compliments
  • but he calls them understatements of blatant facts
  • he can and will take any aspect about you and ramble about how much he adores it
  • but he is also the person where if you mention a flaw you see about yourself and genuinely would like to change it for the better; he will give you constructive advice and help you in anyway that he can
  • he wants you to love yourself as much as he does
  • hand holding
  • inconvenient hand holding
  • always touching in someway
  • an arm around you
  • glaring
  • at any man that walks past
  • even Harrison
  • just because
  • some random on the street
  • gave you a cat call
  • he was physically ready to slice off their arm
  • and beat them with it
  • “Guysss, I’m really homesick“ :(
  • “Tom, you just went home to grab a hoodie and came back seven minutes ago?”
  • “I knowww. But (Y/n) isn’t here…”
  • because home is where the heart is
  • “She left to get some coffee. You hugged her three minutes ago– what is wrong with you?”

Voltron Vlogs: Lance reflects on a few of his many “planetonic” relationships (via DreamWorksTV)

respect all ships

respect all ships

respect all ships

respect all ships

respect all ships

respect all ships

respect all ships

  • respect all ships
  1. respect all ships


bts scenario: learning korean

i changed this a little, so i hope you don’t mind. also, this is honestly so cute, learning a language for someone else is just so sweet in my eyes and aw aw. anyway, i hope you enjoy! 


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jin: jin softly shut the door behind him as he walked into the quiet house. “babe?” you were sat at a desk, headphones in your ears. jin quietly peaked over your shoulder and tried to take a glance at what you were looking at. ‘한국어’ the title of the worksheet read, which made jin’s eyes widen. leaning forward, jin placed a soft kiss on the exposed skin of your neck as he pointed to the correct answer. “i can’t believe your learning korean,” jin said. you shyly shrugged your shoulders, “i want to learn it. for you.”

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yoongi: “is that korean?” the sound of yoongi’s voice behind you made you jump in your chair as your frantically tried to cover your work. yoongi laughed at your flustered expression, “baby don’t be shy,” he smirked, “i think it’s cute that you’re learning korean, now you’ll understand my dirty talk.” yoongi’s mouth came close to your ear as he whispered, “세게.” your face turned red at his words, “yoongi!” he let out a chuckle, “that’s what you’ll be saying later.” 

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hoseok: hoseok had been cleaning the room when he came across a stack of papers haphazardly thrown on your desk. humming lightly, he flipped over the papers only to be met with big letter that read ‘korean alphabet’. hoseok’s eyes skidded over the paper as you, unknowingly to him, walked in the room. “hobi!” you yelled as you saw him looking at your paper, “don’t read those!” hoseok smiled sheepishly, “too late!” “it was supposed to be a gift!” you frowned. “you’re already a gift babe.” 

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namjoon: namjoon smiled brightly as he heard your voice through the closed door, “an… annyeo…” your pronunciation was terrible, but in no way was he going to tell you that. “annyeonghaseyo,” namjoon said with a smirk as he walked into the room. “hey!” you shouted as you pouted, crossing your arms, “i’m really trying here.” namjoon chuckled, “i know baby, you’re so cute.” a flush took over your face and neck as namjoon sat down next to you, helping you with your pronunciations. 

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jimin: “jiminnnnnnn,” you complained as you reached another hard problem on your korean worksheet. “yes babe?” jimin tried not to smile as you got increasingly more and more frustrated with the language. “why is korean so difficult.” jimin chuckled, “well i-.” you cut him off, “yes jimin, we know english is a dumb language that makes no sense but i just can’t figure this out!” jimin placed a light kiss on your cheek, “it’s okay babe, here, let me help.”

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taehyung: “you have to start with writing the important things,” taehyung said as he took the pen from your hand writing ‘김태형’. you rolled your eyes, “your name isn’t on my list of need to know words, tae.” taehyung fake gasped, placing his hand over his heart. “i beg to differ,” he huffed, “but hey at least you can read it!” you laughed, “of course i know how to write your name taehyung, it was the first thing i learned.” “see i am important!”

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jungkook: “why the hell is your name so hard to write,” was the first thing you said when jungkook walked through the door after practice. “well hello to you too,” jungkook chuckled at the frustrated look on your face, “here let me see.” you passed your paper shyly to jungkook who laughed at your awful writing. “don’t laugh!” jungkook took the pencil from your hand before writing down his name ‘전정국’. “fuck off you fluent piece of shit.”

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bts scenario: car sex

i hope you enjoy this babe, you know who you are! ;) i hope everyone has an amazing weekend, i love you! xx

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raising money for my pet’s tumor removal

jin: jin’s hands pushed down on your head as you took him into your mouth. “shit,” he groaned as you took him all the way in till the hilt, the tip of your nose touching his abdomen. cars flew by the window outside as you were parked on the side of a highway. “i can’t believe i’m doing this,” he groaned as you went up and down along his length. you chuckled around him as you sucked harder, making his thighs shake. 

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yoongi: your thighs squeezed tight around yoongi’s head as his tongue could be felt in your most sensitive area. yoongi’s mouth mercilessly attacked you, making slurping sounds as he continued to suck. “y-yoongi,” your hand found it’s way to his hair, tugging as the pleasure coursed through your body, a hand finding it’s place on the cold car window. yoongi looked up at you through his eyelashes, making you groan as you watched him bring you to orgasm. 

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hoseok: the cold window of the car could be felt against your back as hoseok pushed you against it, attacking your neck. “moan for me,” he demanded as his lips latched onto your neck, sucking to create a hickey. groaning, you threw your head back against the window and moaned out his name. you could feel hoseok’s smirk against your neck as his hand trailed down to your waistband, teasing the edge before plunging his hand inside, his fingers making you shake.

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namjoon: fingers pushed against your most sensitive area and you groaned loudly in the passenger seat of the car. namjoon kept his eyes on the road as his fingers pushed further and down your pants. “namjoon, this i-is dangerous,” you slightly stuttered as he pushed down against you. namjoon just smiled and continued his ministrations, determined to make you cum undone as he drove down the highway. 

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jimin: your hands unbuttoned jimin’s jeans as you pushed your hand against the waistband of his underwear. “baby?” jimin asked wide eyed as you pushed your fingers under the band. you merely smirked and took his length in your hand, immediately beginning to stroke. jimin’s hands tightened on the wheel of the car and his jaw tensed. “will you cum for me like this, jimin?” you teased as your teased the tip with your finger. jimin moaned and threw his head back, cumming within minutes. 

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taehyung: your fingers teased the insides of your thighs as you spread your legs in the passenger seat of the car. “what are you doing?” taehyung asked with wide eyes as he watched from the driver’s seat. “nothing,” you teased as you felt the cold air tease you. “eyes on the road,” you said as you saw taehyung glance over at you every few seconds. “how can i watch the road when you’re teasing me like this?” you ignored him and continued, forcing him to pull over and fuck you in the back seat. 

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jungkook: slurping sounds filled the backseat of the car as you took jungkook into your mouth. your fingers dug into his thighs as you sucked on the head of his cock. “baby,” jungkook groaned as he threw his head back, his fingers tangling into your hair. “cum for me jungkook,” you said as you pulled back to catch your breath. jungkook keened high in his throat as his cum filled your mouth, you swallowing all of it. “good boy.”

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