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Little things the Hogwarts Houses do

-drinks a lot of tea or coffee
- is either really messy or really neat
-like debating stuff but really hate getting interrupted, so they set a lot of rules and have debate clubs and stuff
-generally introverts
-really epic at board games
-look up cute animals on the Internet and coo at least once a day
-really appreciates people
-excellent at giving advice
-dislikes horror movies and tense scenes
- are generally peaceful but if you hurt their friend they will fight you
-watch horror movies on a bet and then get a little freaked out
-always ready to argue about anything under the sun and will happily switch sides if everyone agrees with them just so they can argue
-is generally terrible at board games but will always be very dramatic about them
-is actually just very dramatic in general
-is ridiculously proud of stupid things like being a Gryffindor or having the most freckles
-not all cool people are Slytherins but all Slytherins are cool
-a Slytherin wrote that not me
-are weirdly good at sensing which one’s the murderer in mysteries
-will shock you with their knowledge of obscure subjects

Every time I tell a cute trans girl she’s cute she’s like “Yes, yes, excellent, but I’m fuckin 100% made of trash and you should never say that about me ever.” And I’m like “damn, I wish she appreciated herself,” but then someone comes up to me sayin I’m cute and I do the same goddamned thing.

Like I just hate how universally terrible our self-esteem is but it shouldn’t come as a surprise with the way women are socialized in general and even moreso with all the shitty transmisogyny that we all a.) inevitably ended up internalizing during our formative years, and b.) are assaulted with on a daily basis.

Like valuing your appearance as a trans woman is such a fucking struggle and I just hate that it has to be like that. I think you’re all gorgeous and precious and I want so badly for you all to be okay.

Never over how brilliant Naoki Urasawa’s Monster is. I will always recommend it. Even if you’re not a fan of anime. It’s just an excellent piece of storytelling. Things to know about it/why you should watch:

  • General storyline is that a talented Japanese neurosurgeon living in Germany just around the fall of the Berlin Wall makes a decision regarding a patient that ends up pulling him into a lot of shit (for lack of a more eloquent description).
  • Features a number of excellent female characters.
  • Has like 5000 side characters, some of whom might only show up for just an episode but you end up getting attached to like 70% of them anyway. The character building is just that good even within short spans of time.
  • Wolfgang Grimmer–I’m not going to say anything about him because spoilers but he’s just really important okay.
  • Is generally a psychological thriller as far as genre goes and has a very noir feel to a lot of it and a main theme of it is the nature of evil and monsters BUT it’s not like some “gritty”, dark, nihilistic thing like what is really common in a lot of media right now. Like a common thread throughout is hope and light and a belief in the goodness of people.
  • Has twists and turns like no other, but it’s not meandering. In the end all the pieces come together so well.
  • The opening theme is rad as hell.
  • A really interesting look at reunification era Germany and some of the sociopolitical goings on at the time.
  • You will cry a lot probably.

Also this is probably my favorite gif from the entire series-

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15 minutes into world domination and chill and he gives you this look

bioxdroid  asked:

//: There's so much to say about the way you portray #13 that it's hard to pin down any one particular thing, but if it has to be said then it's got to be how characteristic you've made him. It's always hard with a movie character since there's much less information avaliable but you've taken him on board and made him so amiable! He's funny, cheeky and quirky as hell which is really fitting. Kudos on your excellent writing, wonderful characterization and giving an oft-overlooked muse much love!

name one thing you like about how i write my muse

Aaaa<3 i’m glad to know i’m at least doing a decent job ;u; 13 was always a character that i thought, if expanded upon more or, yknow, PUT IN GAMES MORE?? his character could get more development, there’s a lot of potential with him, and the androids in general, that can be expanded upon further than just cell being the most iconic android ( no offense to u omfg im just saying ) but man, i’m just really glad i’m doing well with his character, he’s very tricky to write in some scenarios, but honestly he’s so laid back i can put him in almost any situation, and his resoning will just some up to ‘doing it for shits 'n giggles’ lmao, but thank you, honestly<3