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I know this nose art is for the Bad Batch, but I can’t help but imagine another Clone Unit with a stronger claim on the Senator as a mascot. (And how much Anakin would FLIP THE FUCK OUT)

— Morale Booster


… And it looks like the paneling repair will have to wait, as his General’s boots appear next to his head beside the transport’s landing gear. He pushes himself out from under the machine on a dolly, flat on his back.


“What is THAT?!” his fearless leader yelps, pointing dramatically, emphatically upwards and towards the nose.

He scoots out farther, past General Skywalker’s legs, and props himself up on his elbows to take in the three-quarters-finished pinup Hardcase has been taking such pains with for the last four hours.

“Morale booster, sir. Couldn’t do something clever like the 104th and their Plo’s Bros or anything, so–”

“So you chose SENATOR AMIDALA?!” Did his voice just crack? It did.

He shrugs. “Sure. She’s been through enough hell and high water with us.”

“She’s a SENATOR!”

“And she’s a keen eye with that blaster,” he reasons, jerking his head up to the painting, and the flawlessly detailed replica of the Senator’s favored sidearm, primed to fire and held at a jaunty, confident angle. He even got the chipped paint over the trigger guard right.

“Got the looks for it too!” Hardcase yells down from where he’s shading in a long bare stretch of thigh, pausing to vigorously shake his can of spray paint. “We might finally be able to give the 327th a run for their money, with General Secura and all.”

“GENERAL SECURA is half naked on the nose of a transport?!”

“What? No!” Of course not, that’s just tasteless.

There’s a clatter from up above as Hardcase puts his paints down and leans over the scaffolding, a hand wobbling skeptically. “Well… Technically…”

“She’s in her usual outfit, y’know, with the–” Rex explains, and zig-zags a finger down from his head, mimicking the General’s lekku straps. “–and the leather pants.”

“It’s just a little leg, Anakin, I don’t see what you’re so upset about.”

Oh thank all the stars and little planets. Backup. General Kenobi steps up beside his former Padawan to admire the paint job himself. “Excellent work on her hair, Hardcase,” Kenobi continues, tilting his head.

“Thank you, sir. Run a probe with some white and a little metallic gold through the wet paint, gets it to streak so the shine looks real.”

General Skywalker is starting to do that thing where he puffs up like an angry coppi lizard and splutters furiously while he tries to think of something else to be upset about. He can hear Fives rolling his eyes from the opposite side of the transport. General. Honestly. If you’re trying to keep a relationship secret, openly displaying your klik-wide jealous streak is not how you do it.

“The 212’s is worse, anyway,” Kenobi muses idly, as Hardcase carefully adds the supposedly “very distinctive” freckle high on the Senator’s hip, just below the split in her modified favorite Council dress. Skywalker starts to go wide-eyed at that, because his sabacc face out of genuine combat is complete sleenshit, and startles when his master continues.

“She’s on the 212th transport too?!”

“Of course not, don’t be ridiculous. We can’t have duplicates, that defeats the purpose,” Kenobi says, in that too-reasonable tone he takes on when he’s deliberately fucking with his former Padawan.

“'Cept Master Ti,” Echo yells, from somewhere inside the paneling he and Rex had been working on.

“Except Master Ti, yes,” Kenobi agrees, and shrugs. “But that’s to be expected. Rather like how so many people have that arm tattoo of a heart with the ribbon that says ‘Mom’.”

Rex personally knew of at least eight other clones that had that exact tattoo, though the ribbon was usually striped like Master Ti’s headtails, and nods agreeably. That seems to have sufficiently diverted Skywalker, or at least confused him.

“Then how is it worse?” Skywalker asks, a little desperately, then his face lights up completely with slightly malicious anticipation. “Is it the Duchess?!”

Oh boy. Rex looks up at Hardcase, who is biting down on his paint-splattered fist to keep from laughing, as General Kenobi gets that look.

“Certainly not,” Kenobi says sternly, and waits a full beat to drop his bombshell. “It’s me.”

Skywalker just stares.

“Though I’m reasonably certain Duchess Kryze had something to do with it, given the way I’m half falling out of my robes.”

Now he looks vaguely green.

“Or it’s some perverse joke of Master Windu’s. It seems his style. Cody refuses to tell me.”

And before Skywalker can come up with anything else to protest, Kenobi adds:

“Besides, Senator Amidala loves it. Hers, I mean. I haven’t asked her about mine.”

Apparently even Jedi can choke on air when sufficiently surprised. But really, where did he think they’d gotten the preliminary sketches from?




FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF with the lightest most PG mention of sex

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original-cypher  asked:

Hi! I saw your reference recommendation on drawing animals. I was wondering if you'd have any of those for drawing humans, objects, or backgrounds. Those are not heavily displayed in your work here but that doesn't necessarily mean you don't have a lot of practice in them. So I thought I'd ask. :)

Hello! Unfortunately, I’ve only recently started to practice human anatomy and environments so there’s not that many books I’ve read yet. But ummm for anatomy lessons I’d go to Youtube, you can find an overwhelming amount of great tutorials there. 

Alphonso Dunn’s videos are one of my personal favorites. He’s great at explaining stuff so that even a short-tempered rookie such as myself can easily keep up with his lessons, ha!

Sinix Design seems like a super smart guy as well, he has a ton of great anatomy tips (x). His Drawing Faces From Any Angle video just blew my mind, after watching it I immediately got 1000 times better at drawing faces.

Draw With Jazza’s tutorials are very very good and popular. Just like Alphonso Dunn, he’s excellent at explaining things. Not gonna list all of Jazza’s anatomy lessons here but to give you an idea of what to expect from him, here’s one where he talks about hands (x).

Most, if not all art teachers I’ve listened to have said that the best way to practice backgrounds (or train your artsy skills in general) is to go out there and draw from life. It can be frustrating sometimes but if you’re serious about art, it’s worth the effort. If you’re new to life/nature drawing and don’t feel like figuring out all the tips and tricks on your own, ‘The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling’ by John Muir Laws is worth checking out:

Hope you find these helpful!

anonymous asked:

What was your process when you started drawing?? Like, I am in complete love with your art and I have been wondering how and what you practiced with to the point of achieving what you can do now??

I’m really not sure how to answer this question tbh! I just looked at the kind of subjects I wanted to draw/paint and focused on them a lot? I mean, I grew up doodling basically nothing but cartoon animals for a long time so my grasp of human anatomy, gestures/posing etc. (among other things) is still a huge weakness of mine, which is why there are so many pages in my sketchbook dedicated to studying people.

Experimenting with different styles can help too, if you’re like me and can’t feel content sticking with only cartoons or only realistic paintings or whatever, or if you just don’t know what kind of art you really want be able to excel at. When I’m in a rut (which happens a lot) I find doing general painting studies of images/screencaps helps clear my head and keeps me focused.

Here’s a couple of process gifs that I put together a while back but never shared:

^not always how I approach things but that’s generally the way I go about it. Obviously choosing subjects you have a genuine interest in/fondness for is going to keep you motivated to keep at it and get it as good as you can make it – and then make you keep trying.

Hope that answers your question!

In Today’s Magic Story...

Hour of Devastation

  • Again!  Good artwork at a proper size that could’ve been my icon!  I could’ve had one of the corpses flying up on the sides, or Bolas’ hand…!  Bummer…
  • Bolas is out to kill someone.  The petty peasants killed by his spell doesn’t count.  He wants someone to die directly by his hand, and they need to be worth it.
  • Deaths, screams, and blood; or something better.  #FirstWorldProblems
  • Everything Nicol Bolas wanted was entirely deserved.
    • If you think about it, he’s not wrong.  From a Green perspective, he’s just trying to restore the natural order: godlike planeswalkers.  Well, planeswalker, singular: only he deserves his power back.
  • Several decades ago he had come to the world of Amonkhet, a blighted, superstitious backworld of interest to no one who mattered…
    • No one who mattered?  That’s oddly specific… was there someone who didn’t matter that held Amonkhet in high regard?
  • Nicol Bolas has dones his homework and collected his receipts.  The Gatewatch doesn’t stand a chance.
  • They fancied themselves The Gatewatch. As though for some bizarre reason there were gates scattered throughout the Multiverse. That deserved watching.
    • Bolas brings up a very good point.
  • The heroes, Nicol Bolas thought. Bless them, each and every one.
    • This guy.  I can’t even…! I love it!
    • “I bless you.  Everyone.” – Nicol Bolas, probably.
  • Not for the first time, he wondered if these heroes would be suitable for what he required.
    • What’s this?  Plans within plans?  What else is Bolas scheming on the side?
  • Tiny perturbations prickled his mind, a cautious but insistent probing from Jace. Yes, my dear boy, find your footing, Bolas implored silently.
    • This guy.
    • “That’s right, Jace, get a foothold so I can watch your expression as your world falls out from beneath you.” – Nicol Bolas, probably.
    • Also Jace?  He’s felt Bolas’ psychic onslaught in Agents of Artifice.  WHY IS HE TRYING THIS AGAIN???
  • God, you could take all these quotes and make a theology out of ‘em. Like, “It serves one poorly to be too much the dragon: but it is no fun to be the dragon too little.”
  • Why bother being smart when the Multiverse so conveniently conspired to keep your idiocy alive?
    • Again, Bolas brings up a very good point.  They didn’t even know if the eldrazi would be killed at Zendikar, Emruakul imprisoned herself, and their plan for defeating Tezzeret was derailed and needed to be improvised.
  • Chandra and Nissa began circling around him in each direction. Yes, tactics, assuredly. He wondered how much it would crush their spirits if he applauded. Metaphorically, of course. His talons did not clap together well.
    • THIS GUY.
  • They had chosen kill the dragon. Bolas sympathized, to a point.
    • There is just the widest grin on my face from reading all of this.  It is a pure treat to read.

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anonymous asked:

#1 Hey Kosmo! I am a big fan of your sims. I don’t have tumblr, but have been following you for several years now. I need some advice girl. I have been using Ephemera’s Natural tan + skin to make some grey-scale dark-skinned sims. They look great in CAS. However when out of CAS, I can literally see none of the details I’ve worked so hard on. What is going on?!? Is this game lighting issue or a skin issue? I’m thinking maybe this skin has too low of a contrast.

Ello Nonny! First of all I want to say thank you for following this Trash Sims Blog of mine lol 💕 Finding grey-scale dark skin is really hard and its easier to just lower the color saturation in GIMP/PS. Coming out of CAS, you have to make sure dark skin has a decent enough lighting because EA sucks at lighting dark things in The Sims games. It also helps to have your detail settings on high and have an HQ mod. Second, Sorry this took so long to answer. I ended up being rather busy the past few days but this post you made has just inspired me to do something of a general WCIF for Black Sims CAS CC basics (stuff that isn’t just hair). Specifically for Dark Skinned sims because its hard to find and I get a lot of questions about it. So without further ado:

Kosmo’s Genereal CC for Making Dark Skinned Sims:

First is Skins. Skins are usually what help shape and make a sim. That definitely is true for dark skinned sims. These are some of the skins that get dark and keep their detail or are made specifically to work for dark skinned sims that I keep in my game.


Next up is makeup that I think helps when making dark-skinned or just ethnic sims in general since Black people have the widest variety of facial features. Things like Nose masks can help give your sim’s nose new shape if sliders aren’t cooperating with you. And face highlighters are essential when it comes to dark skinned sims because without them, their face lack the natural looking shines and reflections that appear on them in real life. They’ll look flat and monotone in color which is just plain weird honestly. I also listed my favorite lipsticks that can get dark enough to match dark skinned sims.


A Few Slider Suggestions ^_^ I HIGHLY SUGGEST just going through OneEuroMutt’s Sliders in general. They have a lot of them and they’re very useful for sim making diversity


I hope this helps you guys some and I might add on to the list as I’m constantly discovering better ways to create and tweak my sims lol 💕 Sorry for any typos, I’ll fix them as I see them.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips on writing our boys? Especially Draco? I've never published a fic I've written because I just can't manage the characterization right. Thought I'd ask because you do so WONDERFULLY!

I’m so glad you think so thank you! That means a lot because there are definitely times I struggle with it (although to be honest I think all writers do).

I think one thing to remember is that characterizations can be fairly fluid depending on your timeline and situation. If this is 8th year or post hogwarts the reality is we don’t know exactly how the boys will be. If you’re writing within the timeframe of books 1-7 it gets a little tougher.

I’ve read Harry and Draco so many ways…thrill seeking, depressed, self loathing, grateful to be alive, angry at the world, angry at each other, ambivalent, etc…

What makes a character believable to me is when you show me why they are the way they are. It doesn’t have to be 10,000 words of backstory, but let the reader see something that shows us how they got to be where they are.

For me I tend to have this sort of quasi emotional beginnings in my stories like…“Draco had no idea how he and potter got here, he could’ve never imagined that apologizing to potter would lead to an awkward agreement to owl each other lated which had somehow led to meeting for lunch once at the Leaky which had then somehow turned into a weekly seekers game…”

Like ok that was more plot driven than character driven but hopefully you get the idea. If you find certain characteristics you’re writing might be perceived as out of character maybe just try showing a train of thought and how Draco came to feel that way.

Another thing that to me is so important is differentiating what is canon and what is fandom driven and decoding whether that’s an important distinction for you.

For example there are things we know to be true of Draco…he hides his emotions (or he did, could be past tense depending on your time line), he’s dramatic as fuck, he craves praise and attention, he’s an excellent seeker, he’s very driven, etc….

Then there are things about Draco that most (not all mind you just most) people seem to commonly associate with Draco….perfectionist, smells like citrus, apparently really likes his potions and hair products, see god, etc…

You could write a Draco that is NOTHING like the general fandom consensus and it could still be in character if it’s believable and realistically makes use of his past and possibly character development.

Anyway I rambled a little but I hope that was helpful!

Little things the Hogwarts Houses do

-drinks a lot of tea or coffee
- is either really messy or really neat
-like debating stuff but really hate getting interrupted, so they set a lot of rules and have debate clubs and stuff
-generally introverts
-really epic at board games
-look up cute animals on the Internet and coo at least once a day
-really appreciates people
-excellent at giving advice
-dislikes horror movies and tense scenes
- are generally peaceful but if you hurt their friend they will fight you
-watch horror movies on a bet and then get a little freaked out
-always ready to argue about anything under the sun and will happily switch sides if everyone agrees with them just so they can argue
-is generally terrible at board games but will always be very dramatic about them
-is actually just very dramatic in general
-is ridiculously proud of stupid things like being a Gryffindor or having the most freckles
-not all cool people are Slytherins but all Slytherins are cool
-a Slytherin wrote that not me
-are weirdly good at sensing which one’s the murderer in mysteries
-will shock you with their knowledge of obscure subjects

just my 2 cents in response to people discussing about the leaked su gem designs and about animated designs in general

first i dont want to start any drama and you can have whatever opinions, yadda yadda

i just want to point out that it’s probably way too early to fully throw shit about these 3 still images of the leaked gem designs. i mean, there’s a reason why people don’t want to see leaked things, we literally know nothing about them. we haven’t even seen them animated at all, and it’s literally like, 3 pictures. they might look better at different angles, who knows, there might be more context about their designs in the actual episode when we see their dynamics, interactions, literally everything. just sit down and wait for the episodes to air?

so what im trying to say is that, how a character is animated is an integral part of their design, if they’re animated in extremely impressive ways, that could make up for maybe two or three off-looking still images of them. 

there’s a lot of shows that had an art style that, at first glance, seemed off-putting or didnt initially appeal to me 

but it was the movement, dynamic, facial expressions, personality, voice acting, and how they contribute to the story that made me and other people love them.  

It’s about seeing characters animated in tons of different ways and seeing them in a ton of different angles and cool settings.

this says a lot more about a character’s design than just seeing one photo of the character and thinking “oh well everything about it is shit then”. if you could excel in all those other things, people could get over initially off-putting art styles 

i feel as if there wouldn’t be as much discourse if the new gem designs weren’t leaked so early, and we actually got to see the characters in their proper animated introduction, like how it was intended. so yeah, that’s just some thoughts about character animation. thanks

anonymous asked:

hii~~, i was wondering if you have some new hannigram fic recs bc i made my way through the ones on ur fic rec corner (it took me a hot sec lol) and u have very good taste and i was wondering if there are anymore youve read recently that arent on the fic rec corner yet? (i hope its not too much of a bother you dont have to answer or anything if u dont wanna obvs <3 just thought id ask!!)

Hi, friend!  Questions are never a bother. <3

Let’s see.  I poked at the private bookmarks on AO3, where I keep the things I am intending to rec on pinboard one day but haven’t yet, and came back with a few things for you.  I’m not doing very well at keeping up with new Hannific right now so some of these are older, other folks should feel free to chime in with other newer suggestions!  Also, you might poke at @freshmeatfriday - I saw that their April round-up just went up, but I haven’t had a chance to read all the offerings yet myself.

1) Prettier in Pink by @shiphitsthefan: Okay, so on this one I am cheating, because it’s not actually Hannigram, so much as one of those things where the fandom randomly decided to ship other Hugh and Mads characters together, and I’ve never even SEEN either Ella Enchanted or Valhalla Rising, but look, I just love ship’s fics in general and this one in particular is just DELIGHTFUL to me so far, one of my very favorite ongoing fics right now.  So I’m giving it to you anyway since you said nice things about my taste. Maybe check it out even though it’s technically not at all what you asked for, sorry, I am The Worst.

2) @pragnificent is writing excellent things for us. I’m particularly fond of the Identically Different AU, but if you would like something finished (and fluffier), how about Leashing Machiavelli?

3) I realized the other day that I had been amiss in leaving @northernveil‘s post-canon singing all your songs of praise off my fic rec list, so that’s definitely going on the list next time I update. 

4) @the-bees-patella hasn’t been around Tumblr in quite a while. I hope she’s doing well - NYC Fannibals, if you see her, send her my love?  I live in the hopes she’ll come back to us both because I like her a lot, and because I’m hoping she’ll finish Letters from Capgras, which is wonderful even in its unfinished state.

5) I recently re-read whiskeyandspite’s 1930s mobster AU Nice Work If You Can Get It, which is GREAT.  (It also has its own AU, All Or Nothing At All, which might appeal. I’d take the original if I had to choose, but luckily, I don’t.  Also, AUs of AUs delight me.)

6) I was also recently reminded that @halotolerant‘s Literally Speaking, an AU that shouldn’t work and yet absolutely does, and while I will be overwhelmed with joy if/when the final chapter arrives, it stands pretty beautifully as it is right now, you could read it and be perfectly satisfied with where it ends as it stands.

7) I really want to reread the post-canon The First Condition of Immortality is Death by @radioxsilence again before I rec it properly, but I’ve been waiting to find myself with a big chunk of time for it.  But even if some of the details are fuzzy at this point, I know I loved it, and I rec it happily.

8) Everyone’s reading everything by @weconqueratdawn, right?  Take your pick of Cathexis or Quicksilver, start there, and read the other one when you finish the first.  Plus: timestamps!

9) @redfivewritingby is writing a Jaws AU, and I’m not gonna lie, I suspect there’s a bunch of stuff I’m missing by never having watched Jaws (I KNOW, I KNOW, I’M SORRY, I’LL WATCH IT SOMEDAY) but I’m still enjoying it.

10) It’s a bit of a crime that I only have one of @moku-youbi‘s fics on Pinboard, I need to add more as soon as I decide which one to rec next, they’re ALL SO GOOD, ARGH.  But just to give you a starting point, I’m going to send you to The God of Appetite if you like AUs, or Wear Me On Your Skin if you want canon.  (Among the many reasons I like Thursday is I think she likes pretty boys covered in blood almost as much as I do.)

You can also assume that everyone on this list is someone whose fic I recommend in general, so you would probably have yourself a grand time going through all of their back catalogues.

Hope that’s enough to keep you busy until I get some more reading done and can bring back more offerings of recs for the fandom, my friend..

anonymous asked:

Can we have some overprotective SF papyrus headcanons? (For both is close friends and his S/O)

Absolutely, anon! <3


– Hound is not usually very over protective, per se. Sure, he looks after you when he thinks that there is danger around but otherwise it takes very specific people for him to become overprotective. He probably reacts more or less the same no matter which loved one it is.

– If someone says something that indirectly hurts you (ie. made a comment about something, started a discussion that was highly uncomfortable) Hound clues in on it fast. He’ll notice your change in demeanor before you even realize it and will set to changing the direction of the conversation, or say something to counter the other person’s words. Usually any words of his surprise people since he doesn’t speak much in the first place, so they’re bound to follow his thread of conversation. 

– If the subject that’s brought up hits you too hard to the point you feel highly anxious, he makes up an excuse for you both to leave the conversation. Your comfort is the most important thing to him. He’ll guide you to a secluded place and comfort you as best he can, and even take you home if it’s too much.

– He hates confrontations. Confrontations to him usually means violence, and that’s going to be the first thing on his mind even if it’s unlikely. But if something looks like it’s going in the wrong direction and one of his loved ones is present, he’s going to try and diffuse it quickly so he can focus on getting them out of there.

– If he’s forced to attack someone physically, Hound only does enough to make a point. And the severity of the injury is going to depend on what the person did or tried to do. Tried to hurt him? He just punches them hard enough to give himself time to get away. Tried to hurt his best friend/S/O? He might fracture or break something in his desperation and tie them to something to get them to stop.

– Subconsciously, he always places himself between the loved one and what/who he thinks is the most dangerous person or thing in the room. It’s a habit he got from being raised in the Underground, where danger can only be a look away and it can come from anywhere. 

– In all instances, he will always focus on the loved one’s safety and well being first (unless there’s an immediate threat to their life that must be taken care of). His over protectiveness comes from his concern, but he doesn’t smother. He’s not like his brother who preemptively plans his destinations and where/what he’s going to do in what situation, but Hound is excellent at taking in the things around him and adapting to that in order to keep you them. He works with what he has to keep you happy - it’s just his way. 

Every time I tell a cute trans girl she’s cute she’s like “Yes, yes, excellent, but I’m fuckin 100% made of trash and you should never say that about me ever.” And I’m like “damn, I wish she appreciated herself,” but then someone comes up to me sayin I’m cute and I do the same goddamned thing.

Like I just hate how universally terrible our self-esteem is but it shouldn’t come as a surprise with the way women are socialized in general and even moreso with all the shitty transmisogyny that we all a.) inevitably ended up internalizing during our formative years, and b.) are assaulted with on a daily basis.

Like valuing your appearance as a trans woman is such a fucking struggle and I just hate that it has to be like that. I think you’re all gorgeous and precious and I want so badly for you all to be okay.

anonymous asked:

hey but oikawa x shimizu? especially with his current concern omg. imagine just how shoujo they'd be. :3c

anon: So I read from Oikawa’s trivia page in the wikia that he may or may not be bothered when Kiyoko didn’t notice him at all so… OiKiyo headcanons?

anon: oikawa x kiyoko? :DDD


anon: Oikiyo onegaii~! Wherein Kiyoko is lowkey fangirling at Oikawa! Arigatou ne~!

anon:  it’s canon that Oikawa was a lil bit upset about Kiyoko not noticing him so… OiKiyo with pining!Oikawa and oblivious!Kiyoko ???

okay let’s go

I thought since there’s six asks about them I’d make this a bit longer?

pining!Oikawa & oblivious!Kiyoko:

  • i’m thinking first year Oikawa seeing first year Kiyoko for the first time during Spring High. since then he’s had a crush on her for the longest time. It’s one of those constant crushes that one doesn’t really do anything about, but every single time he sees her he’s reminded of the first time he’s laid eyes on her. He remembers why he was drawn to her, and he can feel himself starting to sweat nervously already
  • Oikawa cries to Iwaizumi about Kiyoko a lot
  • During the canon-timeline, Kiyoko is so focused on managing Karasuno and guiding Yachi, she hasn’t really noticed that Oikawa is serious about charming/flirting with her. She has also, of course, seen and heard about Oikawa’s fangirls and stuff, so she doesn’t really take their interactions seriously either
  • SURPRISE they meet in university, in YOGA CLASS
  • Oikawa’s taking it to relax, so he’s not really a regular or anything
  • He goes in, and everyone’s checking him out. He’s reveling in the attention, smirking to himself, and suddenly he sees Kiyoko in the corner, quietly exchanging words with another girl with a smile
  • Oikawa doesn’t waste time, he immediately introduces himself again and tries to talk to her. The problem is he has zero idea of what to say, because what do you say to the ex-manager of the volleyball team that his ex-kouhai belongs too???
  • He flirts with her.
  • It doesn’t work.
  • Oikawa sort of dug a trench for himself with this one
    • Iwaizumi goes, “maybe you can consider talking to her like a normal person?”
    • Oikawa puffed out a breath of air petulantly. “Easier said than done.”
    • Iwaizumi doesn’t even miss a beat. “Yeah it’s real hard to not be your true annoying self, right Trashykawa?”

and now for headcanons / general thoughts:

  • “Kiyoko-chan”–the first time Oikawa calls her this (which is like the third time they actually talk), he expected her to blush or something, but instead she just tells him very directly to please call her "Shimizu” instead
  • (okay this one is a little angsty, but) Kiyoko used to do gymnastics, but due to a nasty fall in junior high she dislocates her shoulder (which is why even though she has excellent speed, jumping abilities and stamina, her power is lacking.)
  • She understands (the fear of) losing the one thing you’ve trained so hard for, and so she always makes sure Oikawa isn’t overtraining, always makes sure he’s safe, etc.
  • She doesn’t reveal this until they’ve started dating and Oikawa asks why she knows so much about first aid and treating sports injury, etc.
  • Oikawa sort of sees and understands her in a different light. He kisses her shoulder and promises her that he’d try. He’d try to be better at taking care of himself, he’d try harder and she won’t have to worry so much
  • (and this one’s 100% influenced by the fact that I’m Hamilton trash) “so long as you come home at the end of the day / that would be enough” is something Kiyoko would say to him when he’s frustrated and angry. It’s soft but genuine, just like the “do your best” she gives to Karasuno. When she comforts Oikawa, he falls apart. All the bravado, all the confidence, they all slip away, and he lets her hold him until he’s calmed down.
  • Okay back to fluff: couples yoga. Imagine all the cute and dumb poses. Imagine THIS but with Oikawa and Kiyoko. Enough said.
  • When they take pictures together they always get mistaken for models. When Oikawa’s wearing glasses it’s even worse, they literally look like they’re from an advertisement for glasses
  • Kiyoko likes to be a lot more low-key about their relationship. She’s not overly affectionate most of the time and Oikawa totally respects that.
  • Oikawa does the Will Smith pose (link to picture) to Kiyoko all the time; “i know I’m gorgeous but check out my girlfriend.” (BUT if she’s getting uncomfortable with the attention she’s getting, Oikawa diverts it to himself instead.)
  • Kiyoko falls asleep in Oikawa’s arms as they’re watching a documentary about aliens
  • Oikawa collapsing into Kiyoko’s lap after a long day of practice. Kiyoko cards her hands through Oikawa’s hair as he talks about his day, listening with the utmost patience.

oh oh oh this occurred to me in the middle of writing HCs?? patient!Oikawa & nurse!Kiyoko AU??? bonus physical therapist!Iwaizumi???

  • Oikawa, a pro-volleyball player, comes in the hospital. He’s just hurt from a sprained ankle, not a big deal, BUT
  • Because he’s sprained it so many times, it’s a bit more serious this time, so his coach tells him to take a proper break
  • Oikawa wasn’t going to listen, ha, he was going to sign himself out and pracice lightly on his own
  • Unlucky from him, the hospital he gets send to is the one where his long time childhood friend, Iwaizumi Hajime is working as a physical therapist
  • So of course he tries to run, but he gets distracted by Kiyoko, who literally has no reaction to his charming attempts to get get out of the hospital ASAP
  • And Iwaizumi finds him and smacks him over the head and yells at him with his hands fisted in Oikawa’s shirt
  • Kiyoko is stunned at this scene; she didn’t know they knew each other
  • Iwaizumi yells at Oikawa before he leaves, being needed to work
  • Oikawa laughs off whatever he says, but when Iwaizumi actually leaves the room, his smile melts right off, like he personally ripped it off his face
  • He stares at a wall, sullen and silent
  • Kiyoko hesitates before she starts telling him about what he needs to do to take care of himself, as well as coming in for rehab and such
  • They start see each other regularly
  • Oikawa asks around about Kiyoko and she always finds him wandering near where she’s working
  • Until he’s dragged away from Iwaizumi, of course
  • Kiyoko finally giving Oikawa her number when he’s fully recovered
    • “So this is it? No big banner for me declaring my recovery?” Oikawa asked with a playful pout.
    • Kiyoko cracked a small smile. “Unfortunately, no,” she answered, “but.” She bit her lip before she proceeded, taking out a piece of paper from her pocket. “Here.“
    • As Oikawa’s eyebrows lifted in surprise, Kiyoko ducked her head. “I should go back to work,” she said.
    • “Kiyoko-chan,” Oikawa cooed, and her cheeks immediately darkened. “I’ll call you,” he said, his voice, his eyes turning soft.
  • I’m giving myself a lot of feelings right now okay
from tomorrow’s sun


THE PM believes husband Philip would make an excellent MP — but there’s only room for one in the May household.

She says the former stockbroker has a great political brain and is a wonderful hubby who showers her with surprise gifts.

But Mrs May says: “I’m tempted to say the best present I’ve had from Philip is himself. He is such a support.”

He was a rock in the tearful days after last June’s catastrophic general election.

She added: “When you go through something like that, it is good to have somebody there to talk things through with and, crucially, somebody who understands the world of politics. But just having somebody you can lean on is really important.”

bazwatch  asked:

Thoughts on Sonic Team? Just in general, where they've been, where they're going, should they even be going

Hm. You know the funny thing is I don’t even think of them all that much anymore.  Seems like all they do nowadays is keep Sonic the Hedgehog and Puyo Puyo afloat.  They do really well with Puyo Puyo since admittedly that’s a hard game to screw up but Puyo Puyo Tetris is excellent and I’m so glad it finally got an English translation, even if I had already imported the Japanese version by that point.

But yeah, besides that I feel like they’ve just kind of faded into obscurity these days.  Their last original game was Feel the Magic and its pseudo-sequel The Rub Rabbits and they’re just…weird.  Really weird.  I never played Billy Hatcher.  It looked neat enough but it didn’t catch my interest when it came out and I was never curious enough to give it a shot afterwards.  I’m, like, kind of curious about it now but not really enough to go out of my way to find a copy.

I’ve always wanted to play Burning Rangers.  It came out long after I had sold my original Saturn for the N64 but it always looked super interesting.  I really need to burn a copy some day because forget about spending $250+ on a complete English copy (And with constant dialogue telling you directions a Japanese copy isn’t exactly the easiest thing to play without knowing the language)

And getting the obvious out of the way, Ristar and NiGHTS into Dreams are incredible and two of my favorite games ever.  I enjoyed Phantasy Star Online but since I never got to play it, well, online, I feel I can’t properly give an opinion on it but I did enjoy playing it single player as a kid, much as I was disappointed I was missing out on its intended mode.  I missed out on Chu Chu Rocket as a kid but it’s great fun, very quirky and original and I love it a lot.  Samba de Amigo is quirky and….not exactly great fun but it’s a cute original concept nevertheless.  Then once the Dreamcast died out the original games just sort of became stagnated and I think that’s a bit of a shame.  I honestly think they’d do better focusing on original IPs over these forgettable Sonic games from the last 15 years or so.  I mean, aesthetically their games are always on point.  Even for as junky as NiGHTS Journey of Dreams was it had an incredible soundtrack.  I didn’t like playing Sonic Generations but it was a treat to look at and especially listen to.

I dunno.  Sega’s still putting out good games like Yakuza but Sonic Team not pushing the boundaries like they used to, AM2’s been quiet for some time (I wasn’t even aware Amusement Vision was defunct until just now looking it up, too).  I dunno, it’s a shame, but that’s time doing its thing, I suppose.

anonymous asked:

How would Jinhwan, Bobby, Junhoe react when you tell them you got the best exam score in school?

Jinhwan - He wouldn’t have much of a reaction, and when questioned about how nonchalant he’s acting, he’d simply say something along the lines of, “I mean, it’s no surprise - you’re easily one of the smartest people I know. So it’s sort of expected, yeah?” You may be left feeling a bit discontented at his reaction, but later in the day, he’d surprise you by buying you one of your favorite treats, grinning and congratulating you on your test score, saying “You didn’t think I’d just let something like that go without treating you, right?”

Bobby - He’d act all surprised at first, before winking and saying, “You were always the smarter one in the relationship.” He would then laugh and offer to take you out for something like ice cream to celebrate, talking all the while about your accomplishment and continually congratulating you on getting such an excellent exam score.

Junhoe - “That’s my girl!” would be the first thing out of his mouth when you tell him. He’d then ask lots of questions about your school and grades in general, wanting to know everything about your success. He’d proceed to brag about you to the other members, overflowing with pride as to how smart his girlfriend is.

yoshifawful64  asked:

Personal headcanon: after Thalassa spills the beans, Apollo, Trucy, Rayfa, and Nahyuta all start to consider each other siblings and generally have a good time together (even if they're often busy). Also, once Nahyuta picks up on Apollo's feelings for Klavier, he specifically tells Trucy and Rayfa before saying anything to Apollo, so that they can all tease him about his crush together.

AAAAAAAAAAH oh MAN this is so good?? all four of them go from having nobody to having a GIANT FAMILY

apollo picking up on rayfa’s habit of calling everyone a nincompoop (at the top of his lungs no less “I’M APOLLO JUSTICE AND… YOU’RE A NINCOMPOOP”)

trucy and nahyuta (and occasionally rayfa) having gossip sessions and getting burgers with auntie maya who heard burgers and refused to be left out

apollo not being invited to these gossip sessions because he’s not good at gossiping (he’s very offended) but they always bring him back some burgers so it’s not so bad eat your hamburgers apollo

trucy becoming a big sis figure to rayfa and being absolutely DELIGHTED that she’s getting to be a big sis!! showing her lots of magic tricks bc initially rayfa was?? kinda scared of them so truce shows her the magic panties and even cuts apollo in a few pieces just to show rayfa that he’s totally fine (even though he begs to differ and Does Not Like being in little lawyer pieces) and rayfa becomes totally obsessed with magic and loves mr hat a lot

also i’m starting to ship blackmahdhi so imagine apollo figuring that nahyuta has a Thing for simon and using every evil trick in the book (and also athena) to put them in as many situations together as possible, knowing that nahyuta will stammer and pout and make a general ass of himself and apollo is LOVING IT because this is revenge for klavier you nincompoop

Letter of rec: how to get them from a professor

The university I went to is known for having massive stadium style classes. The biggest one I ever had was my chemistry 1 class, which had 400 people in it. Four hundred. That’s absolutely insane.

So how exactly are you supposed to get to know one professor in a sea of other students? You need to stand out of course!

Well, here are a few trick and tips that I used to get on your instructor’s good sides so they can write you a recommendation letter that leave admission committees swooning. Remember, everyone’s situation is different and what works for me might not work for you. But these should be a pretty good way to start.

Know what you need

Different graduate and professional schools have different needs in terms if who they want letter from, but most of the time you’ll need an instructor letter. For example there are some general guidelines that most medical schools require out of letters of recommendation. One of these criteria is you must have at least 2 letters from science professors. But other schools want other things specifically. Do a little research.

Do some digging

Okay, so now you have idea of what you need and want. Take a look at the professors you have in your arsenal. Do you like the subject the instructor teaches? Have other people received letters from them before? Do they know if they get a generic letter or a personalized account of your performance in the class? Do you need to take more than one class to be considered for a letter? Do they only write letters for TAs? These are the important things to find out.

Sit where you can be seen

I am not saying you need to park it in the center seat in the first row of your class. But you should sit somewhere you can be seen fairly easily and that eye contact with your professor is possible. This way, you can demonstrate that you are interested in the material without being too…uh…desperate.

Oh also, show up to class as often as possible. You can’t ask for a letter if you show up for tests only people.

Ask and answer questions in class

Whoa now, make sure you know how your instructor is with questions though. I’ve had both great professors who take all questions and answer them to their best ability, but I’ve also had professors who will put someone on blast if they don’t like a question/answer/response. So if you’re in the clear, make sure you participate in class and get those questions right!

Go to office hours

I cannot stress this enough. Even if you are doing well and understand of the material, think of a question and get to that office. Be interested an involved in the subject. This is really how, especially in a large class, a professor comes to actually know you.

Remember the details

Does your professor like to mention little things about their life? Remember those little quips. When you see them, instead of always asking about class, grades or whatever you can have an actual human conversation with your instructor. This will help them see as more of a peer rather than just a student. Also let them know a little bit about you, especially your future goals. They will feel like they can share in that too.

Do well in class

No matter what you do, no matter how hard you work to impress an instructor if you don’t do well in the class it’s a completely lost cause. And I when I say well, an A or B should be good. But professors need to be able to say how you excelled in the class along with your other med/health school worthy traits. Most teachers in general are uncomfortable writing letters for students if their grades aren’t good even if they really, really like the student. It’s a tough fact, but it just has to be done.

Other things that can help you get professor letters

  • Do research with them
  • Take multiple classes they teach
  • Become a TA
  • Stay in contact with them

Good luck with letters and applications!

usernamevspassword  asked:

I find it so amazing how far you have Universe Falls planned out

Meh I don’t have every little detail planned out. Just the general gist of things (though there are parts that I have planned out a ton (Sock Opera was an excellent example of a chapter I had planned out in incredible detail, and I feel like that kinda shows) 



OH GAWD!!! ((O  [ ] O)) i didn’t think i was gonna make it!!! GWAH!!! thanks for helping me stick it out at the end @countofeight !!!! SO! (O  w O) heheh! i had a lot of fun with this, as always! XD HAHA! and i coincidentally took a bunch of pictures of snapdragons earlier this week! so wow! lucky! LOL! i don’t know who wrote this weeks winning micro fic because it was sent by an Anon! but here’s the original text!!!! (EDIT! the Anon has been revealed to be @ineffablehux !!! thank you so much!!! i happy enjoyed this piece! <3)

Ren tucked the flowers behind Hux’s ear, threading them through his hair, which had been braided back in complicated patterns. “Snapdragons,” Ren stated, “it’s this country’s national flower.” “Desire,” Hux murmured. Ren looked at Hux. “What?” Ren’s voice sounded choked. This close, his breath tickled Hux’s ears, which had probably turned pink at this point. “S-snapdragons,” Hux stammered, “they represent desire.” “Ah, well, I’m sure that’s not a sentiment you’re familiar with, is it, General?”

BUT I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!!! which… i mean… you may not have answers too, of course, Anon, i mean… it’s just tiny fiction! LOL! but still!!! this seems to be an canon-verse story, since they mention planets and Kylo calls Hux “General”, so are they runaways in this?! cuz when else would Hux’s hair have gotten long enough to braid!? and they don’t seem to be “together” yet but if they ran away together this sounds like an EXCELLENT slow-burn story! HEHEHEHEH!!! X3

and that’s what i love about MFM! it makes me think think these kinds of things! LOL! LOL! so please come forwards if you’re willing to Anon! (^ O^) i’d love to say thank you!!! but also, as always, thank you SO, SOOOO much to everybody who took part! it’s always so much fun!!! it’s still Sunday for me in terms of sleeping, but Monday is here for most of you and it will be 3:30 PDT soon!!! WOO!!! (O  w O) looking forward to another fun week!!!

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