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Out of curiousity, what do you think they are distracting us from or trying to contain during? Some Larry thing they don't want us reacting too loudly to, which we tend to do. So bigger onstage interactions? Maybe some interesting clips in a behind the scenes video?

I think our reactions lately have been telling. One night of pure screaming over them LITERALLY HOLDING HANDS and then it’s all over and back to square one. (Or not really one, but you catch my drift). Sure, it was at the request of a fan, but my god if that had happened three months ago even, this fandom would have melted my laptop and the world wide webz.

If I’m purely speculating based on the state of the media and current events, I think we may be getting ready to roll out some real time HL interactions. Small, small, small at first, barely noticed, barely a dent. It’s cautiously moving ahead at this point, tiptoeing even. They couldn’t have approached this like a steam tanker in any scenario where it wouldn’t have ended disastrously. 

All I ask from people as we continue to move on in time is that they remain understanding of the fact that the boys seem very happy and even complicit in some senses of the word. We’ve seen none of their typical acting out and rebellion– and why? When they’re usually so good at it. Could it be perhaps because they know what’s waiting at the finish line of this marathon?

Signs & Seduction

Pairing : 5SOS/Reader

Rating :

Summary : So this is basically what you could do with each boy that would have them so fucking whipped, based on their zodiac signs. Tell me if you guys enjoy this !

Words : 1114



The greatest thing about Cancer men is that they absolutely love to experiment. So if you are into bondage and you don’t know how that is going to go over with your him, try it! Bring it up with them. Ashton doesn’t want to not just try everything new, but he might have some desires of his own that might pique your interests.

The Cancer sign is one sign that absolutely loves to be nude. They are super into nudism and they love to be naked in front of their partner. Although, you may have to watch out for this one, because you have to reassure them that their body is enough, that they are absolutely what you want in a man.

Also, this sign especially absolutely loves to role play. They want to pretend to be in situations and try to get out of them. They like the imagination and the creativity behind role playing. They want it to mean something. When you are with a Cancer, they don’t want to settle for just anyone. They want their partner to be vocal about what they like and what they need. They want to be in tune with exactly what your needs are too, so keep that in mind. 

Sharing experiences, sharing best sex practices and sharing how hard or soft you like it is a must when you are with a Cancer. This particular sign is very nurturing and giving and they never, ever want their partner to be so ahead of them.

Finally, the last thing for Ashton is, it all boils down to the locations that you are going to have sex – why not try it somewhere you’ve never tried before? Cancer men in particular love surprises like that.


Calum being an Aquarius, his erogenous zones are his calves to his ankles. Playing a little footsie or running your hand down his leg may cause him to take you right then and there. Another thing Calum would love in bed is enthusiasm. An Aquarius man likes to be stimulated and excited and you’ve got to share in that stimulation and that excitement, especially during sex.

Another thing that is totally key when you are with this particular sign is foreplay. Trust me, this isn’t a step that you want to skip with this sign. They want to feel close to you and they want you to explore them – everywhere. So, keep up the foreplay as long as possible.

The Aquarius is a sign that really likes to have fun and they really like to connect and be spontaneous – so that includes a little bed-wrestling! They like to laugh, be tickled and they really like to have a bit of competition. So try to pin down your Aquarius all in fun and see where it gets you. Also toys are a must!

Finally, I feel like Calum is extremely competitive. Which would definitely translate in the bedroom. Aquarius men like to compete for power and they really want someone to indulge this side of them too. Give Calum a run for his money !


Okay so Luke. Dear God, Luke is so fucking sensual. His favorite place for you to touch would definitely be his chest. Don’t get me started on his praise kink. Cancers love to hear/watch you get off. Especially if they caused the get off. I don’t think Luke would be a fan of like serious dirty talk, but you bet your pretty little ass he wants to hear you moan and groan about who’s making you feel good.

I already mentioned the assurance piece in the intro, but it’s so, so important for you to constantly reassure Luke that you like what your he’s doing and that you also share exactly what you like. He wants to know and he wants you to feel just as good as he does. Cancer men like to be vocal about their likes and wants too, so listen to them.

The romantic side of this sign is all about kissing, cuddling and spooning. This can be before, after or especially during sex. This all boils down to their insecurity that they aren’t good enough, so make sure that you are constantly touching, constantly cuddling and constantly kissing your Cancer! 

This particular sign is all about the tongue, all about French kissing and all about the need to have something in their mouth. They love to make out and they absolutely get off on French kissing in general! 

With a Cancer, you cannot let things get dull and boring. Instead, you need to keep it spicy and need to keep the excitement level completely up! Try a different spot, catch your partner in the shower – surprise them when they wake up. So many possibilities.


Based on Michael’s zodiac sign, he is low-key kinky as hell. Masks? Yes! Blindfolds ? Of fucking course. Michael, as a Scorpio man, loves a surprise. Anything that will lead them toward something mysterious and anything that will really allow for them to role play and be themselves. A Scorpio is also a sign that loves sex rough. Michael wants you to leave bruises. They also like to bite.

Another great thing about a Scorpio is that they like to watch themselves. They really like mirrors and they like to be able to show off. If you are looking to heighten your sexual experience with your Scorpio partner, put a mirror over or near the bed so that they can see themselves while they are at work.

Bondage is another thing that this particular sign absolutely loves. They like to be tied up, like to things that are tight on them and they love handcuffs. If you are looking for a way to spice up your sex life with this particular sign, you’ve got to drag out the bondage play! Handcuff them to the bed and see where it gets you

Missionary would probably be Michael’s favorite position. He doesn’t need to use any elaborate positions, because missionary works perfectly well. So there’s no need to worry about reading the Kama Sutra and coming up with new ways to flex every night.

Don’t be shy when you have a Scorpio lover. If you’re eager to try something new, chances are that they’ll be up for the challenge. Don’t keep quiet about your desires, because they have such kinky thoughts that they won’t blame you for yours. Scorpios love it when their partners are confident. Strip for them, take control, and show them that you know exactly what you’re doing. They’ll be turned on by the way you’re strutting your stuff. 



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You are correct no one should tell you how to fan. I also think its absurd to give expensive gifts to a celebrity who can well afford them, but i think your dismissing this admins info by bulldozing over it with a lecture. How do you know she isnt correct about what sams using the kilt for? You dont like the way she spoke to you but if she had been more polite would you have considered what she'd said? I Really want your answer to this so hope you post it but if you don't thats an answer too

Please don’t tell me that if I don’t answer you then you have your answer.  Because that’s no way to get respect from a blogger.  That’s just taunting me and you know it. I currently have 476 unanswered asks in my inbox so you have no way of knowing what I have to time answer or not.

You clearly missed my point which was that it doesn’t matter if he or she is correct or not, I am allowed to speculate all I want and he or she isn’t allowed to come to my blog and tell me I can’t.  I’m also allowed to doubt the fact that Sam told her/him that he wasn’t using it as a wedding kilt.  The idea that he would share that with a fan to me makes no sense, no matter how generous the gift.  Sam is allowed to keep private information from a gift giver.

How does he/she know that maybe he has absolutely no use for a kilt at the present time but decided that if he ever DOES get married (say 10 years from now), he’d like to get married in his mother’s family tartan so why not get it made in that tartan now?  That still makes it Sam’s wedding kilt.

Now if Sam came to my blog and told me “hey Puffinstuff – knock it off – I’m not getting married any time soon and I just wanted to get this kilt made in my mum’s tartan now”, you bet I’d believe him and take it seriously.  But last I looked, there isn’t a single fan who is a spokesperson for Sam Heughan.

You clearly don’t like the fact that I disapproved of this person coming to me so you read my response the way it made you feel good, instead of taking into consideration that my point was valid.

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What about doing it at a house full of people. He makes you moan but you have to be silent so nobody listens to you. He likes hearing your moans and watching you having an amazing orgasm so he keeps driving you insane.



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I love this blog for one, and two, I feel so bad for Leah and Rosalie. They're made out to be the bad guys because they don't like Bella when they bring up valid points abd have been through so much (more than Bella).

Yeah, they were definitely treated unfairly. I think SM didn’t really pause to look at things from their perspective (or rather have Bella look at things from their perspective) when she was writing the books, so they ended up looking really bitchy and bitter when in reality their reasons for not liking her were very valid.

I mean, just look at Rosalie. I think most people forget that when she was asked to protect Bella in Twilight, she had known her for ONE DAY. Was her initial response of ‘oh, hell no’ selfless and brave? No. But it was real. I know we all like to think that we would risk our own lives to save a stranger, but in reality very few of us actually would. The reason for that is our self-preservation instinct, which tells us to save ourselves before this brunette chick we have only just met for the first time today. And, despite what all these epic YA romance novels tell you, that’s actually a very sound and valid response to have. Not everyone is a knight in shining armour, and that’s okay. So to make Rosalie sound irrational and cold when in reality she’s just trying to protect herself and her family is pretty unreasonable. 

Likewise, making her sound like a bitch for not wanting Bella to just throw away her human life is a bit unfair. I mean, let’s be real here: SOMEONE needed to have that talk with Bella. Being a Twilight vampire is NOT fun if you’re trying to cling onto your humanity. The Cullens’ lifestyle causes them to be in constant physical pain. It takes hard work to maintain their lifestyle, and even then most of them slip up. They cannot keep their human families, nor can they have real human friends or relationships. It’s a very rough life to lead. Now, Bella is not dying. She has a family. She has people who love her. She has a lifetime of experiences ahead of her, experiences the Cullens cannot ever have. From Rosalie’s point of view, Bella really has everything (and, more specifically, everything that Rosalie doesn’t have). Rosalie knows how difficult vampire life can be. She knows it’s not all love and rainbows and sunshine. So is it really so unreasonable for her to think that Bella is being a wee bit irresponsible for instantly wanting to throw that all away? 

This is not to say that Rosalie doesn’t have her faults. She is self-centered and temperamental, and has always had trouble understanding why people would want different things than her. She couldn’t understand why Bella would choose an immortal live with love over a mortal life without it, or why Edward would want this human girl more than he wanted her. She is extremely flawed as a person, and yeah, she could’ve handled these situations better. But does that make her a bitch? No.

And, I mean, just give poor Leah a BREAK. She lost her boyfriend because of the vampires Bella likes to hang out with. She became a werewolf because of the vampires Bella likes to hang out with. Heck, half the people in town became werewolves because of the vampires Bella likes to hang out with. In the movies, her father DIED because of a vampire that was going after Bella. Her friend’s heart was broken by Bella. Her life, along with the lives of her loved ones, were repeatedly put in danger because of Bella. Her friend imprinted on Bella’s hybrid child, taking away his free will and making it impossible for him to leave and live a normal life without immortality and constant danger. In Leah’s eyes, nothing good has ever come from associating with Bella, even if most of these things were out of Bella’s control. Leah has absolutely ZERO reason to like Bella. NONE. And that’s okay, because not everyone has to like Bella.

I will say this, though: while the way they were depicted in the books was a bit unfair, the fan response to Rosalie and Leah’s characters has been extremely positive. I don’t know if this was different back when Twilight was more popular, but I don’t think I have seen a single person who absolutely hates Leah and/or Rosalie. I’ve talked to a few people who have a sort of 'meh’ opinion on them, but most of the fandom seems to really like them (especially Leah!). In my current poll, Leah and Rosalie are actually the most requested characters by a long shot! So yeah, while they were treated very unfairly in the books, it’s nice to see that they are now getting some much deserved love.

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I am curious as I keep having this perpetuated that having a completing hysterectomy is damaging to my health if I want one young. I imagine the only affect is early menopause but Id rather deal with that honestly. Is everyone right about it? As I cant tell as Ive kept insisting I dont want to get pregnant or birth any kids [I'd actually rather adopt/foster troubled kids]. And as Im only 16, everyone's insisting Ill change my mind

An hysterectomy will have other consequences to your health besides not allowing you to carry a fetus. Early menopause is one of them, but other are vaginal prolapse, incontinence, ovarian failure and it can also affect your libido or cause you pain during sex. You’re sixteen, you don’t need to deal with all of that if your uterus is healthy.

That said, I do understand the pressure to have babies, and honestly, just be a jerk about it. Say “yeah I don’t wanna have babies because I want a career and to be able to sleep at night and do whatever the fuck I want, also I don’t want to have a five kilo naked monkey squishing my internal organs”. People will try to find excuses, they will call you selfish, just say “yeah I’m selfish deal with it”. It’s easier. They’ll think you’re an asshole but they’ll stop harrassing you.

Being a total asshole is actually a good thing sometimes, when you want people to leave you the fuck alone. They don’t teach women that. I usually just start with the Alien references and by the time I call a fetus “little xenomorph” or throw around the “nuke it from the orbit” quote, people just don’t wanna listen anymore.


The One Thing by Marci Lyn Curtis

Thank you to NetGalley and Disney-Hyperion for providing this ARC.

Oh. My. Gosh. I have no words to express just how much I loved this book. It’s one of the best books that I have read this year and let me tell you, I’ve read a lot of amazing books in 2015. But this one flew right there near the top. It’s absolutely fantastic, cute, beautiful, so intense at times, heartbreaking at others (yes, I cried, shut up). I just want to shove this in everyone’s hands and make them read it, because it is fabulous. 

From Goodreads:

Maggie Sanders might be blind, but she won’t invite anyone to her pity party. Ever since losing her sight six months ago, Maggie’s rebellious streak has taken on a life of its own, culminating with an elaborate school prank. Maggie called it genius. The judge called it illegal.

Now Maggie has a probation officer. But she isn’t interested in rehabilitation, not when she’s still mourning the loss of her professional-soccer dreams, and furious at her so-called friends, who lost interest in her as soon as she could no longer lead the team to victory.

Then Maggie’s whole world is turned upside down. Somehow, incredibly, she can see again. But only one person: Ben, a precocious ten-year-old unlike anyone she’s ever met.Ben’s life isn’t easy, but he doesn’t see limits, only possibilities. After awhile, Maggie starts to realize that losing her sight doesn’t have to mean losing everything she dreamed of. Even if what she’s currently dreaming of is Mason Milton, the infuriatingly attractive lead singer of Maggie’s new favorite band, who just happens to be Ben’s brother.

But when she learns the real reason she can see Ben, Maggie must find the courage to face a once-unimaginable future… before she loses everything she has grown to love.

I cannot fully emphasize how much I adored this book. It had me laughing out loud withing the first couple of pages. And that’s no easy feat, as I tend to not be amused so easily by books. Maggie’s character is fantastic: she’s sarcastic, funny as hell, likable overall, despite her unlikable moments and very real - her voice was so refreshing to read. The author managed to convey in a simple, yet effective manner, all that Maggie has gone through and how that affected her. I wouldn’t be able to imagine what it would be like to lose my sight from one day to the other, but I got a pretty good idea here - I could relate to Maggie and much of what I’d do would mirror her actions. 

I ADORED Ben. Ben was the little brother I wish I’d had. He’s funny, mature for his age, smart and a smartass at the same time, incredibly kind and I felt for him SO. MUCH. My heart swells just thinking about him. All the characters were likable and very realistically portrayed. I loved the family angles in this book - it not only explored Maggie’s illness and interactions with Ben, but also with her family and with Ben’s. I loved that the romantic aspect didn’t overtake the general theme of the book - of friendship, overcoming adversities and finding yourself again, finding that one thing that makes you you. It stayed more in the background and it’s refreshing to see something like this - not every book has to have romance. I felt a lot that it was a coming of age novel, because you can see how much Maggie grows throughout the book. But she grows in a way that stays true to herself, if that makes any sense whatsoever. 

I cannot find any fault with this book. I read it in one sitting and hardly felt the time pass by. The writing is phenomenal, heartfelt, real, accessible, engaging. I need you all to read this book. It’s original, and you will have a blast with it. READ THIS BOOK.


Publication date: September 8th 2015

Have you ever felt the same way as I did?

The part when Taylor sang, “If you have children some day, when they point to the pictures, please tell them my name.” in Long Live…

OMGosh, this would be the best legacy, ever. I’m fucking telling my grandchildren about you, how you have influenced and illuminated so many of us, and it’s somehow beautiful to remember the moment we fought dragons with her. I’m fucking sitting down in my comfy chair and whining about how she changed my entire life like no one else could have ever imagined, this is yet so crazy. I’m fucking telling them, “Long time ago, there was a pop-star that all sweethearts fell in love with her…. this is where we began our story.”

I know, it’s always wonderful and ever-lasting.


*continue sobbing*

i could wrap oceans across my heart, and drown in them to feel this warmth i’m missing. i could hold the storm / be the storm in my belly, and watch the world destroy us; i could watch the world rebuild itself, and breathe in the air it leaves for me. i could hold the sky in my eyes, and never touch it again- for now i am devoid of words; a void only so deep, as to hold all things that no one wants, and all the things i cannot have. i am lukewarm, and hurting more as each vein turns cold. i am searching for old wounds, and scratching them further; to tell you i am lost // to tell you i want more; the sun- that warmth // to tell you i want it all- to make sure i am not gone; show me love // pain, and let me feel it once more // tell me, is my numbness gone ? with everything that has died // with nothing born, tell me- let me be more bare than barren. let that be all. i am gone // am i not gone, as the wind reads us stories of when i was hungry // as my skin ached for more; i called for a touch, i ate for it- tell me, is that not how it is anymore? turn me around. turn me around; this mouth // i plead, with nothing to fill me // i plead, with all my softness gone, and shame lost- please save me.

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Woah wait what's with the second ending I never saw that

Only released in Japan. And never touched upon again because so many people hated it. They hated the idea that Otonashi was right and that he was needed. That the Afterlife was needed and that it wasn’t a mistake. The series built up this idea that the Afterlife was only a place where you went to resolve your conflicts from when you were alive. That was it. Love was a crime, and the penalty was becoming an NPC. We have thousands of NPC’s in the verse, do they all have a story to tell? The bad ending suggests that other people are stuck there. Forever. And so is Otonashi. No one wanted that

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this issue I'm been having lately, my mother and others keep saying i need to get a job and that I can't be stay at home mom/wife, i mentally can't get job, i have really bad social anxiety to the point i feel light headed when i talk to people, people tell me get over it and it doesn't work, i try to talk to people but I don't get better, and no one would want to hire a disabled girl, my boyfriend totally fine with me staying home and looking after the house and kids.

If that’s what you want to do, fuck what everyone says. You know better than anyone else what you are able to handle and you are under no obligation to put your health on the line to please anyone.

You’re doing fine. Be a stay at home mother. There’s nothing wrong with that.



So Friday I’m meeting up with a POT but I have no one to tell where I’m going. I’m new to this but my number one priority is safety. If you are a SB and willing to make sure I’m safe after this meet up please contact me. For any other baby who wants to let someone know where they are going and are safe you can contact me as well. Thanks babies!


I need to tell you guys something I have been lying about. This lie is a really small one but it eats me up and I just get tired of hiding it. I don’t even know why I hide it I just feel like I don’t want to make you uncomfortable but I have come to a realization that this is MY blog and I can live my life however I want and if you are uncomfortable with it you don’t have to follow me but please don’t send me hate or anything. This lie I have been telling is that I am not bisexual I am a lesbian.

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17 with Candy x Castiel? This should be fun ^_^

It was actually really fun! Thank you for the request and hope you like it~

“Are you sure you left it in the classroom?” Castiel asks as we walk back towards the school. “Yes. It can’t be anywhere else” I say, annoyed at myself for having such a bad memory. Okay, it’s not nearly as bad as Lysander’s but still. How can one forget to take their phone with them when leaving the school?

“You seriously are an idiot… Why did I even bother coming with you..?” Castiel mutters mostly to himself and I just ignore him, not in the mood to try and brighten him up. He didn’t have to come with me anyways, I could have done this by myself.

It takes us nearly ten minutes to get back to the school and luckily the doors are still open. “Oh thank god..” I mutter, sighing in relief. “I didn’t know you’re religious” Castiel remarks and I glare at him. “I’m not. Just happy that I can get my phone back” I say, walking towards the room I was for my last class.

I open the door, looking inside. “Yes! I knew it” I grin joyfully as I see my phone on my table. “Good. Now go grab it and we can go” the redhead mumbles, rolling his eyes at me when I try to glare at him. I walk up to my table, taking my phone and checking for any calls, before getting back to the other, ready to go. What I didn’t expects was for the door to be closed with a click signaling that it was locked.

“W-what? No way! This isn’t happening..” I try to open the door but nothing happens. “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while..” I continue, giving the other an apologetic look. “Well isn’t that just great..” Castiel grumbles, kicking one of the tables in frustration. “Hey! It’s not my fault!” I yell at him, but he only raises a brow at me. “No? You were the one to leave your phone here” he deadpans, clearly angry at me.

“You didn’t have to come with me! I already told you that I can go by myself but you insisted in coming with me!” I shout at the redhead, getting angry myself. “Well if you weren’t such a little girl I wouldn’t have to worry about you!” Castiel starts yelling as well. “NO ONE TOLD YOU TO WORRY ABOUT ME! WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE!?” I can’t help my anger with the frustration of not understanding what he is after. “IT’S BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!!!”

We both freeze at this, staring at each other. He… What? I could see the realization on his face as he turns red, turning away from me. “Castiel?” I say, trying to get his attention. “I’m sorry.. I shouldn’t have said it..” he mutters, getting back to the door, trying to open it. “No, don’t be sorry.. I…” I try to come up with something, but he only shakes his head.

“No, don’t tell me that you’re sorry. I don’t want to hear it..” Castiel sounds almost scared, and I can’t help but to smile a bit. “But that’s not what I wanted to say. I meant to say that I like you as well” I smile and he turns to look at me with wide, surprised eyes. “You do?” he asks, almost hopefully and I nod. “Yeah, I do” I laugh lightly as he walks up to me, pulling me in for a hug.

“I.. I don’t know what to say…” he mumbles, happiness in his voice as if he’s trying his best not to laugh. “Then don’t say anything” I say quietly, pulling away slightly to press my lips on his. We don’t even notice the teacher walking into the classroom, before he cleares his throat, making us quickly pull away.

“What are you doing here?” The teacher asks and I can’t even say anything, blushing madly. “She left her phone here so we came to get it and you locked us inside. Why do you ask?” Castiel says calmly, making the teacher get embarrassed as well. “Well, that… I won’t say anything to the principal, but get going now” he mutters and we both walk past him.

As we get outside the school, I burst out laughing. “Did you see his face?” I ask, shaking my head. “Yeah, and your’s as well. Little girl got all embarrassed” Castiel grins at me teasingly and I huff at him. “Whatever, idiot..” I only mutter as we walk away from the school.

Paramedic School: Week 1

“Welcome to paramedic school.  Whatever awful rumors you’ve heard, they’re probably all true–along with the good ones.  I’ll tell you now what I tell all the new students coming in here looking to be paramedics: the next year is going to be hard, intense, and at times you’ll think you simply aren’t going to make it to the end.  Stick with it, keep pushing as hard as we push you, and you’ll make it just fine.  This is the greatest thing you’ll never want to do again.”

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Let me tell you about the obvious discriminative paradox in the Arab world

Girls are known to be smarter than guys, they’re also known to be more responsible when it comes to studying, however, they’re not expected to act upon being smart.
You can get straight A’s till you graduate, but God forbid you actually apply for a male dominated major.
Because it’s “unfitting” for a woman to work in such a field. Because a woman “can’t” take it.
Let me give you an example; I’m the eldest in my family and I’ve been known for my high grades and my intelligence since I was 5; now my brother is 2 years younger and he never showed interest in studying and getting grades.
When I applied for medical college, every relative and friend of my parents were like “7 years? For a girl? Wow, when will you get married though? How will you have a life?”, what’s more disturbing is that they were even more shocked when I’d reply that I’m not gonna think about marriage till I’m 35.
Now my brother applied for engineering college recently and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE supported him. Everyone encouraged him and started calling him an engineer, keep in mind that the difference between our grades is 17%.
I’m not saying he’s stupid and doesn’t deserve to be supported, but when I obviously deserved to reach out to my dream, I was demeaned and no one believed I could do it.
But when my brother didn’t show the same promise, he was celebrated.
Now go on and tell me I’m wrong about this, because you’ll only be another person to fight.

Dear other Bi/pan people

Stop telling lesbians that they aren’t allowed to choose who they want to date/ stop dating without being bigoted, thanks.

No-one owes you a goddamn explanation for not wanting to let you in their pants. They are free to choose and you do not get to argue with that.

In related news, telling lesbians they have to date/have sex with you or else they are bigots is called sexual coercion, kids. If your partner is not free to say no and walk away for any reason, it is rape. Their sexual availability is non-negotiable.

Besides which, if lesbians are so bigoted for not wanting to fuck you, why are you so desperate to fuck a bigot eh? Maybe because it’s not about how “oppressive” they are for wanting to choose their partners, it’s about how sexually available they are to you.

if there’s one thing that pisses me off is when people be like get outside stop staying home all day do you have any idea how much pressure you’re putting to this person who has social anxiety to leave the place they love the most and feel more comfortable and go out is like telling them to go to an ocean full of sharks