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Hi everyone!

This is an illustrated guide I made as part of my co-admining work at The Middle Eastern Feminist on Facebook! It will be published there shortly. 
The technique that is displayed here is a genuine one used in psychology - I forgot the name and couldn’t find it again so if you know about it, feel free to tell me!
Some could say: “Yes but you can use that technique for instances of harassment other than Islamophobic attacks!”, and my reply is: Sure! Please do so, it also works for other “types” of harassment of a lone person in a public space!!
However I’m focusing on protecting Muslims here, as they have been very specific targets lately, and as a French Middle Eastern woman, I wanted to try and do something to raise awareness on how to help when such things happen before our eyes - that way one cannot say they “didn’t know what to do”! 
I’d like to insist on two things:
1) Do not, in any way, interact with the attacker. You must absolutely ignore them and focus entirely on the person being attacked!
2) Please make sure to always respect the wishes of the person you’re helping: whether they want you to leave quickly afterwards, or not! If you’re in a hurry escort them to a place where someone else can take over - call one of their friends, or one of yours, of if they want to, the police. It all depends on how they feel!

For my fellow French-speakers: I will translate it in French and post it on my page as soon as I can :)

Please don’t hesitate to share this guide as it could push a lot of people to overcome bystander syndrome!!

Lots of love and stay safe!

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The only thing i know is drawing but my family keeps telling me that i can't do that.i live in romania but i wanna go to nyc.i'm scared to be by my own.What if my art is not good and my family is right and i should stay here and have a stable job?

Do it even if it scares you. scary things are the ones that chances you the most. once there you will realize you did the right thing. Your art is valid. I believed in my dreams and now I live the life I want to live and I am realizing my dreams one by one. Believe in your dreams. Sound cheesy but cannot be more true. I am rooting for you

I don’t fucking care (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Hi! I don’t know if you do song request imagines but if you do I was hoping you could do one based off the song Closer by The Chainsmokers FT Halsey or Idfc by Blackbear. If you don’t that’s okay just wanted to see cuz your my fav spiderman blog! Lol sorry if this was weird! by @always-panicking

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmWBphAf72g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NR7-n-D2HhA (acoustic)

A/N: I totally loved writing this one. Hope you like this!! 

You looked at Peter, who had just entered his bedroom through his window. You had sent him a message minutes ago telling him you were waiting for him there, since you were supposed to have a movie night together at 10pm, and five hours later, you were still waiting.
You wanted to be mad -he had been ditching you repeatedly lately, not telling you where he was. You had always told him everything -that’s what best friends were for. There was only one secret you were keeping from him -the fact that you loved him; and that was something you weren’t planning on telling him soon.

Tell me pretty lies,
look me in the face,
tell me that you love me,
even if it’s fake,
cause I don’t fucking care at all…

You wanted him to tell you that he loved you. You wanted him to tell you he wanted to be with you, even if you knew that wasn’t going to happen.
‘’Peter,’’ you said, worried ‘’are you okay?’’
He nodded and smiled softly, leaving his backpack inside his wardrobe.
‘’Yeah’’ he told you. ‘’I was just out doing some shopping. You know Aunt May doesn’t like it when the fridge is empty and she would kill me if I hadn’t gone out’’ he said, stuttering.
You knew he was lying -it was 3am, and May didn’t actually care about the fridge. You didn’t want to fight, though, so you said nothing.

You’ve been out all night,
I don’t know where you’ve been,
you’re slurring all your words,
not making any sense,
but I don’t fucking care at all…

‘’Yeah, I know’’ you whispered softly. You wanted him to trust you, but you didn’t want to force him to tell you what was going on, although you thought you knew.

‘Cause I have hella feelings for you,
I act like I don’t fucking care,
like they ain’t even there…
'Cause I have hella feelings for you,
I act like I don’t fucking care,
'cause I’m so fucking scared…

I’m only a fool for you,
and maybe you’re too good for me.
I’m only a fool for you,
but I don’t fucking care, at all…

You didn’t want to ruin your friendship by telling him how you felt. He was perfect -funny, handsome, kind, intelligent. You were just you. His best friend. He would always see you as that, no matter how hard you tried.
He walked to the couch, putting on a movie, not paying attention to the time it was.
‘’You’ve been with her, haven’t you?’’ you asked as he sat next to you, not being able to contain yourself any longer.
He had been telling you about how Liz Allan had been taking to him for months, how he thought she was the prettiest girl ever. You had always tried to ignore it, but it still hurt.

And you’ve been out all night,
I don’t know where you’ve been,
you’re probably getting fucked, you’re probably getting head…
And I don’t fucking care at all…

‘’What do you mean?’’ he asked you, furrowing his brows.
‘’With Liz’’ you told him, making you sound obvious. ‘’I’m not stupid, Peter’’ you whispered, trying not to sound hurt. ‘’I know you’ve been with her. You have been talking about her for months. I know what’s going on. I’m just hurt that you didn’t tell me.’’
‘’I don’t understand’’ he said, sounding confused. ‘’Tell you what?’’
You grew frustrated -was he doing this on purpose to hurt you?
‘’That you have been sleeping with her, Peter!’’ you shouted, not containing your anger any longer. ‘’Do you think I didn’t realize? I may not have the best GPA, but I’m not oblivious to the world around me. At least not as oblivious as others’’ you said, looking at him, trying to get him to notice the way your eyes showed love even if you were mad at him.
He opened his eyes and mouth wide, looking like a fish out of the water.
‘’You think…’’ he started. ‘’You think I’m sleeping with her?’’
‘’I know you are sleeping with her, Peter’’ you said. ‘’I’m not stupid.’’
‘’But I am not sleeping with her’’ he told you. ‘’I wish I could just tell you the truth, but I can’t. I’m sorry, [Y/N].’’
You wanted to punch him, to scream at him. You just wanted him to realize how much he was hurting you. Did you believe him? Yes. You had no reason not to. But if he wasn’t sleeping with her, what was he doing every night?
‘’You know what, Peter?’’ you asked him. ‘’I have only kept one secret from you in my whole life,’’ you said, getting up from the couch and picking up your stuff ‘’and I did it because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship; but if you are going to be keeping things from me, I guess there is no friendship any longer, so I can tell you my big secret’’ you told him, tears in your eyes, your voice breaking. He looked at you, not understanding where you were going. ‘’I love you’’ you told him. ‘’I always have. I love the way you furrow your brows when you don’t understand something, or the way you mess your hair when you are frustrated. I love the way you smile when you do something right, or the way you hold my hand to help me relax. I love everything about you, and I’m tired of you not trusting me enough to tell me what the fuck is going on. I have hella feelings for you. I act like I don’t fucking care, like they aren’t even there, and I do it for you. I’m always so fucking scared. I’m only a freaking fool for you, and you are just… You are too good for me. I don’t fucking care anymore. Whenever you decide to trust me again, look for me, because I don’t fucking care about anything anymore’’ you told him before leaving his house and closing the door with a bang, not caring about the fact that it was 3am, walking home with a broken heart and a gone best friend.

A man can hate your guts, want you to literally die, and they will still want to have sex with you. Women who date men need to get this, please: sexual attention from men means nothing! There are ways to tell if they actually like you, but this is not one of them!


Hi friends! I’ve decided to open commissions for custom Tarot or Oracle cards of you, people you know, or your original characters! Exciting, eh??

No knowledge of Tarot is required! I have 13 years experience reading Tarot, so if you’d like to tell me about yourself/your person/your character and let me pick the card–or create a brand new one, Oracle style–I can totally do that. On the other hand, if you totally know what card you want to be on, don’t be shy!

THIS IS FOR INDIVIDUAL CARD COMMISSIONS, NOT FULL DECK IDEAS. Please do not email me about illustrating your full Tarot/Oracle deck!! I am already working on my own deck, I’m opening these so I can pay my bills in a more fun way, haha. I mean, if you want to pay me like $10,000 up front for 78 cards that’s something else, but, you know. *thumbs up emoji*

Payment is through paypal invoice, payable by credit/debit/paypal. I take 50% up front and 50% at completion of the card, so it’s actually two payments of $62.50 USD if that helps you out.

Email me at noelheimpel@gmail.com with your idea(s), and we’ll chat it up!! <3<3<3 If you can’t commission, then please reblog, it would mean the world to me <3

My Tarot ideas/knowledge is trans/queer friendly, I am a trans & queer artist and I strive to break down the binary associations in traditional symbolism! 


Bad news and good news

I always start with bad first so that I can finish with a positive.

I still have not heard from Kaitlyn, but I’m still hopeful that this was a mistake and nothing more (technology bites us all sometimes, ammirite?)


I think I recovered most (if not all) of what we lost.  I’m working on getting it into a new folder and will post a NEW LINK soon.  This one will have editing rights restricted (I’ll set it to view), so if you want to add to the folder, just share the resource with me (mdmshakespeare at gmail) and I’ll add it.  You can add a note to the notification that tells me where to put it.

We’ll only do this for a short time while I figure out how to run an automatic backup (thanks, @windycityteacher) to protect us from this happening again.

You’ll still be able to make copies from the restricted folder (just click on the file or folder and choose “Add to my Drive” – I’m happy to do a tutorial if needed.

They have a wet dream about you and when they wake up you’re smirking at them (Infinite)

Sunggyu: -he had no idea you knew until you asked him if his boxers were ruined or not. He then figured out why you were smirking this morning- “you knew? That’s why you were grinning so much?”

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Dongwoo: -seeing you smirk was his downfall at least to him. You didn’t care that he had a dream like that about you but he wanted to hide himself when you said he woke you up- “You have no idea how embarrassed I am right now”

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Woohyun: -he hide himself when he saw you were up and smirking at him. He knew you knew about what he was dreaming about. He was so embarrassed that you caught him- “leave me alone please”

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Hoya: -he didn’t really care that you caught him. He was more worried you would tell the other boys about him having one with you right there- “you won’t tell anyone right? They boys will tease me fore days if you do”

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Sungyeol: -he was clueless you knew until you mimicked what he remember moaning in his dream. He blushed as he turned to you- “you were awake? Is that why you were smiling so much when I woke up?” 

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L: -he took it as the perfect time to comment to you about his sex life. Well the nonexistent one he’s had for the pasted few weeks- “I mean it’s the most pleasure I’ve been getting from you that way so smile away babe”

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Sungjong: -seeing you smirk was enough to embarrass him to next week. He looked at you before you started laughing- “it’s not funny. I’ve been needy recently I’m sorry!”

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Could you do some headcannons for Bucky dating a film maker please <3

  • He will listen to you ramble about direction and listen to you talk about your vision of how you want your films to turn out.
  • He’s fascinated and will regularly help you out if you need him to. You’ll teach him a bit about cameras and things and he helps out when he can
  • He loves seeing you in action
  • He provides inspiration for you to keep going. He’s so supportive and when you get stuck, when it isn’t turning out to be what you wanted, he’s the one that helps you through it and tells you that it’ll be okay and he inspires you.
  • He deals with the various scattered pieces of paper everywhere from rambles of ideas. He finds it quite amusing how many ideas you have tucked away in your head.
  • When you’re stressed, he’ll sit with you, holding you close. He’ll run you a bath and will just soothe you as best as he can.

Chemistry is key in an on-screen romance. Also true with a buddy pairing?

Green: Yes. In series two, it’s all about fracturing the relationship, jeopardizing it. But the conflict all has to come out of, ‘I don’t want to lose you as a friend.’ It comes out of a genuine affection and caring for one another.

Norton: But they never talk about it: 'I love you, man.’ It’s so fun to play with, two men who have such affection for one another, in the 1950s, but aren’t able to tell one another. … It’s done through backgammon or beer or little gestures.

(Vicar, cop dynamic duo makes PBS’ 'Grantchester’ a standout)

Bungee Jumping

You weren’t sure what you were doing there when the car pulled up. WildPlay the sign read. Your maid of honour just smirked and lead you out of the car and through the gates. “What are we doing here?” You ask, confused. “Isn’t my bachelorette party at the hotel?” You walk to the counter as one of your bridesmaids checks you in. “No you see, that’s tonight, but this afternoon… Well we kinda wanted to have some fun with the groomsmen party.” Your best friend and maid of honour tells you as the lady behind the counter puts a band on your wrist. “We’re meeting Tom?” As you said that hands appear over your eyes. “Yes you are.” He laughs from behind you, removing his hands from your eyes and moving them around your waist. “I missed you. I tried to text you but Harrison took my phone.” Tom pouts and puts his head in your neck. “Come on love birds! Our guides are waiting for us!” Tom’s younger brother shouts from outside the checkin building. Tom grabs your hand and leads you out to where the two groups wait patiently with two guides. “So group number one, our groom and his party will follow us up first and proceed. Our second group, the lovely bride and her party, will watch and then go after. Does everyone understand?” The male guide smiles at the group. Tom raises his hand. “What exactly are we doing today?” The guide smiles and shakes his head. “It’s been requested that the bride and groom are unaware of what the activity is today.” The groups spilt up, the men proceed up the stairs and onto a bridge. It hits you what their doing, bungee jumping. A hand on your shoulder startles you. You turn to find Nikki, Tom’s mother. “Don’t worry love, he’ll be fine. This is right up his alley.” She smiles. The men begin to chant from the bridge. “TOM! TOM! TOM!” Your bridal party smirks and starts to chant along with hands raised and huge smiles on their faces. As the chanting ends and Tom is lead onto the platform, you yell out “I love you, Tommy!”. He looks down at you and blows you a kiss as he jumps up. “I LOVE Y/N Y/L/N!” As he falls, your heart stops, but you don’t have the heart to look away. His head goes in the water and he comes back up soaking wet. He bounces up and you let out a breath, Nikki places a hand on your shoulder. She smiles at you and you feel the slightest bit better. He stops bouncing and a man floats out on a tube and helps him down. You walk to the stairs and meet him. He’s soaking wet and has the biggest smile on his face. He grabs your face with both his hands and presses his lips to yours. You wrap your arms around his waist and hold him close. He pulls his face away from yours and rests his head against yours. “God I love you so much, angel.” You hit his chest. “You scared the shit outta me!“ He laughs and holds you close to him. As you look over you see Harrison falling. You sigh. “This is going to be a long day.” And you pull Tom towards the viewing deck to enjoy fools jump until your turn.

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celebrating 1k!!

hi all you beautiful beans so yesterday I hit 1k which is so cool and crazy and actually unbelievable since i made this blog like 4 seconds ago. so to celebrate i’m doing ships and moodboards woo! i’ve never done this before so bare with me!

what you gotta do:

  • reblog this so others can see it pls
  • you don’t have to be following me but it would be cool if you did
  • come send me an ask (ex. ship me, write a little blurb, ask me something you want to know about me, ask me about my writing if you wanna, make me choose between two 5sos things, literally ANYTHING lmao)
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  • thats it lmao

what you are gonna get:

  • a ship
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  • a lovely song rec
  • a hella cool movie rec
  • a cool ass date idea
  • a moodboard 

The unkindness and need to criticize that people have just astonishes me.  Why would anyone leave a negative comment on a story that they slogged through all the way to the end?  ESPECIALLY when the author clearly states “negative posts are not appreciated.”  Oh, and I love the “damn with faint praise” kind. You know … “I loved everything about it except …. “ 

Yes, I know that one chapter in Ice and Fire made a lot of readers cranky.  Still, it accomplished what I needed it to do, and I clearly state that “if you don’t like it, press next, don’t comment.” 

But some people have a NEEEEEEED to tell me how much they hate it.  


I don’t care that it reminds you of Fifty Shades of Crap (I didn’t read those, wouldn’t know). I don’t care that you wanted angst, not crack. (Wrong time in the story for heavy angst.)  I don’t care that you think it ruins the other 84 chapters.  (You could have stopped reading.  You didn’t. You must have gotten something out of it.) 

I spent a year and a half crafting the story.  Nothing is perfect in art.  If I was perfect, I would have invented Marvel and all these stories would belong solely to me. I’d be published, horrendously rich off my writings and sitting in a beach house somewhere cranking out my next story. But I’m not. 

I write two hours a day, most every day, after work, after homework, and after schlepping kids to their after school stuff, after grocery shopping and making dinner. If I watch TV, pick up another book, or catch a movie, that takes away from my writing time.  So I don’t do a lot of that.  Instead, I write and share my stories. 

Well, obviously I do care, because I’m posting this. That shit hurts. Sometimes it hurts enough that I want to yank the whole damned story down it when I get a shitty comment.  

Reason, will of course, prevail, and all the lovely comments and kudos outweigh that nasty, now-deleted post that I will never, ever bother with again.  

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The relationship between you and your dads is something I want to achieve one day with Hana, I swear. it's. So. Nice!!

I’m sure you will achieve it too!!! When she gets old enough. 
It’s like… I respect them and love them and do as tell me (most of the time) but we’re also kinda best of friends. Just….friends who can tell me I have to go to bed now, or to get my ass up for school and stuff….

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Dear Addy, If you have time, please do a zimbits fic rec for me. You know what I like!!! Your friend, Lexy

ahaha okay by now you have maybe read all of these already but here are some ones I really liked: 

The Skype Dates ‘Verse by tiptoe39 (97k) - it’s all jack and bitty skyping after graduation and leading up to jack’s visit to madison!!! and it’s like so much pining and it’s so great.  And then the second part is the visit :)))))). 

I spoke to you in cautious tones by biblionerd07 (7k) - this one just killed me because jack feels awkward a lot of the time and you just want to hug him and tell him bitty loves him just the way he is. 

You Never Said You Wouldn’t So Here I Am by emmagrant01 (11k) - Jack keeps getting jealous of other guys being into Bitty.  There’s a part that just made my heart twist so bad for Bitty.  Also then it’s really hot at the end lol.   

Helpless by emmagrant01 (20k) - Jack and Shitty take Lardo and Bitty to New York City for a trip before graduation.  Okay, I was really tired when i read this, but I know I liked it. 

love doesn’t come in boxes by thistidalwave (10k) - Jack realizes he likes bitty and then starts avoiding him so there is pining and miscommunication but then a happy ending of course!! 

Postive Image by twentysomething (10k) - Bitty does social media PR stuff for the falconers and jack gets a BIG CRUSH ON HIM ahahah of course.  

Drop It While It’s Hot by esterbrook (15k) - Another one about Jack visiting Bitty in Georgia except the graduation kiss didn’t happen.  oh god, i just love pining so much. 

maybe i’m waking up by idrilka (158k) - Jack goes to the NHL without telling Bitty how he feels.  ahah this was like the second zimbits fic i read and I stayed up absurdly late to read it and felt guilty like i was ruining my sleep schedule even though I had nowhere to be.  

anyway, okay! that’s it for now! I know I read some more good stuff I just can’t remember it all. Also, I’m keeping an eye on some WIPs, but I haven’t started reading them yet.  So if I do and they are good I will let you know!!! 

I wish I could have had the chance to thank you, Grandpa

I’m surprised that out of everyone, I’m the one to whom you left the farm. I know you couldn’t keep it up as well as you used to in recent years, but there’s still something solid here and I’m willing to improve it from the ground up. I’ll re-furnish the old farm house, re-plant all the crops and the trees, fill up every yard of this place with love.

I promise that I’ll make this a place you could be proud of again. This one’s for you, Grandpa.

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( ask-silly-sniper ) // It really offends me you have to go and copy MY team. I was the first member of the actuall GRN team. I feel like I'm being replaced and I no longer want to be apart of the tf2 community because of you //

Omfg they finally came. Okay I’m ready. Let me tell you something.

Green, first off is a universal color of the world and one of the most basic colors there is. Would you prefer us to use lime green? Or maybe aqua green? Well to bad, that doesn’t work for the TF2 fandom because it only uses basic colors. We may be an AU on many parts but somethings you just can’t not keep canon. So before you go saying we stole your color because your the original Team GRN please consider that you didn’t patent the color nor the team name. You have no power behind this. So just stop.

Now on to your claims of “copying”. I want you to take a look at the characters on our team. Notice something? Let me tell you. The characters might be the classes of the TF2 game but the people, the characters themselves all reflect their creators sonas. Here a few examples. Our Spy’s mask is the face of the owners Sona. Our medic is literally her Sona in a medic suit which she designed herself. My Sniper is a female who has a rabbit key chain on her rifle, a rabbit’s foot on her belt and acts rabbit like because my Sona is indeed a rabbit. Our characters also have their own unique backstory which the creators came up with themselves. They worked hard on those back stories. Took time and patient to make it fit just right so their character is well balanced in both their yeahs and nays. So please explain to me what exactly we copied. We. Didn’t.

You said you want to leave. We didn’t make that choice for you. You made that choice yourself. The only person that can make you do anything in this world is you. You are held responsible for your actions good or bad. Go ahead and leave the fandom. It won’t miss you and your poor excuse of a personality or your selfishness. We don’t want you here. Why would we if you are going to go and attack people for simply having the same color as your team. How childish is that.

My team and all the other teams have come together to have fun, draw, and make friends. We are not 5 year old babies that take pleasure in bringing people down. Sure there was conflict but it got resolved as adults. We fixed it and now we are back to being respected mutuals. That is why are blogs are so great. Because we solve problems. We respect each other as human beings. You never know what is happening on the other side, what that person is feeling. That is why you are positive and compassionate. We care about our mutual human beings but when they come to us with shitty behavior we don’t want to associate ourselves with you. Why do we need that negativity when there is so much positivity right here next to me. My teammates and fellow teams respect me even if they don’t know me.

You sir are all talk and no bite. You can’t do anything behind that little screen of yours. You aren’t going to bring us down because we are strong. There is nothing you can say or do that we can’t overcome.

Now I’ve said my peace.
Good day to you~
-Admin B

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You okay Caddy??

“Don’t worry guys, I’m fine! And thanks for the compliments, kind anons. I just had to leave quickly, since I didn’t want to be late for work! I already missed one shift after that bad hot dog, heh.”

“But seriously - either they went all the way back and read everything before picking on me, or me gaining a couple pounds offended them so much that they decided to turn on me completely. And neither option reflects well on them.”

Caddy: “I mean, I may be ‘a dead man’ but at least I have more of a life than you do, troll anon.”

Seymour: “OOOOOOOOOH! You tell ‘em, Caddy!”

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Can you do a fic where the reader is African American and she's an avenger,on a day off she decides to introduce them to some black classic movies (Friday,boys in the hood,house party, and all those other great ones) and the avengers falling in love with the movies and wanting to watch more black classics please 😊

“Okay, so,” you start, popping the DVD into the player, “We’re starting off with Barbershop. Classic.”

“Who’s the dame?” Bucky asks, pointing to a woman on the DVD case, “She’s gorgeous.”

“Oh,” you smile, “Her name is Eve. She’s a rapper and an actress.”

Bucky blinks, eyes never leaving the case, “Oh, wow.”

“She’s in the actual movie too, you know.” you tell him, rolling your eyes fondly, “So you don’t have to stare at the case the entire time.”


“Are you…crying?” you ask, squinting over at Steve in the dark. You hear another sniffle to your right, but honestly Tony has been crying since this scene began, and honestly you aren’t too surprised.

But Steve?

The blonde shifts in his seat, hurriedly wiping his face, “I just don’t see why Mia had to die. She was so sweet.”

You blink at him, your brain trying to absorb the fact that Captain America is crying over The Best Man Holiday. You guess Mia’s death gets to everyone, even Natasha is sitting there a bit quiet, somber and wilted. Bucky is clutching the pillow and Rhodey is biting his lip and sniffling a bit himself. Clint seems to have magically disappeared because he couldn’t handle it.

You guess you’ve seen this movie enough times that maybe you’re desensitized to it. At least, that’s what you think until Lance has his breakdown.

Then you’re a mess too.


“Love Jones is definitely the best relationship movie.” Clint says, a definitive air in his tone.

“I liked Love and Basketball.” Natasha says, “I kinda just want to watch everything with Sanaa Lathan in it now. I think I might be in love with her.”

You toss her another DVD, “This is one is called Brown Sugar. She’s in that one too, and we’re watching it next.”


“Wait, so I’m confused.” Bucky says after the credits for Friday have started, “If movies with black casts are usually as good as they are, then why aren’t there more?”

“More movies with black casts?” you ask distractedly, putting the DVD back in the case.

“Yeah.” Steve answers.

You shrug, “Hollywood never seems to learn that it’s worth it. They don’t bother to give us the chance, most of the time.”

Bucky sits back, looking as annoyed as you feel when talking about the subject.

“How about another comedy to cheer you up?” you smirk, tossing him another DVD case, “This one’s called House Party.”

“Is there another Barbershop movie?” Steve asks, perking up.

You nod, “Yep. Two more, actually.”

“Can we watch those too?”

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Hi! I think you're running the blog just fine, dont worry! I guess I'm just one out of the many but the memes and funny submissions aren't terrible or anything? If other anons dont want to see them you can always tag and they can blacklist right? Perhaps to fill some stuff in people can submit theories! have you heard the one where blue diamond is a fusion? ;D

I actually haven’t heard about the theory that Blue Diamond is a fusion! Please do tell!


I can’t express how much I love you all in words okay? I have been welcomed so warmly into the DA RP community, and I can’t tell you how great that feels. Each and every one of you deserves so much love and attention and I wish you all the best!! I’ll continue to admire you all from afar but if you ever want to write, or talk, or anything really, I’m always available via IM or ask!!     ♥ RED

the sweetpea club

@viddathar​ — i’m turning the sweetpea club into a thing ok? honestly you’re so cute & so is jhev and i can’t wait to start writing with you!
@veilfyres — i’ve had so much fun talking to you the past couple days, you’re just so nice and i hope we get to write sometime!
@ximisaari — i love you so much even though we just met?? i just saw your post about taking a break and i support you in that wholeheartedly && i will be here when you get back !! 
@ancientrebel​ — you’re so patient and friendly and you are so fun to have on my dash !

templar bros

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cuties on my dash

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