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General rule of thumb when it comes to art (of any sort), when you put something to paper, whether it be good, bad or down right ugly, you’re containing it, saving yourself by taking the intangible and giving it a face and name. You have power over that when you can see and speak it.

k-pop questions

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rules: just answer these questions and try to have fun! be proud of kpop!!

picture(s) of me:

ah maybe one day i’ll post a pic of me!

bias (up to 3 only):

sehun, taemin, namjoon 

do you watch k-dramas, if so, what is your favorite one:

i don’t watch that many, but my favorite one so far is tomorrow’s cantabile! 

what is your favorite word in korean:

honestly i don’t know korean well enough to have a favorite word lmao

what is the first kpop song you ever heard:

some girls generation song, but the first one i really remember is lucifer

was your blog originally a kpop blog:

yep! i was first like a regular kpop blog, and then i became a pastel kpop blog, and now im a blue/white aesthetic and kpop blog. but this has always been my main blog, and it’s always been about kpop :)

do you get made fun of for liking kpop:

no lmao i think my friends and family are used to me talking about kpop at this point

do your parents accept you liking kpop:

yeah haha sorta, they just don’t like it themselves. whenever i get bad grades or don’t follow through with something or whatever my parents use kpop as the point of blame lol so i think deep down they don’t like it

do you have someone who you talk to that shares your Kpop interests:

yes omg im so lucky i have a lot of people to talk to, like the dixx gc even though i never get on rip and the network gcs and my fav @iameema 

describe kpop in ONE word:


do you make kpop gifs, if yes show 2:

no but i wish i knew how to make gifs!!!

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Thank you for tagging me! (as this games goes around my dash I am realising just how gorgeous you all are!)

Here are the latest selfies I have. That is my cat his name is Percy he looks really dopey in this pic but he is usually very photogenic. lol. 

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Rules: Answer 11, Tag 11, Ask 11 

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1. What is your taste in music?

Classic Rock, instrumental/classical/soundtrack/celtic, Electroswing/swing, some alternative

2. What’s your opinion on catfish?

They’re actually kinda cute. I saw a four year old pull one out of a pond once.


I FREAKIN’ LOVE WAFFLES. pancakes have betrayed my trust

4. Would you rather give up eating for the rest of your life or give up sleeping?

Either way I die. Then again I am an insomiac

5. Favorite quote?

I have a lot.  I can’t remember all of them but my friend really likes one of my quotes: “Life is Ironic and Stupid” and while it was said on a whim it has a nice ring to it.

6. Favorite cereal?

Cheerios? I like more bland cereals, idk I am boring.

7. Do you eat cereal dry or soggy?

Neither? like not soggy but still milk in it.

8a. FOR THOSE WHO PLAY MARIO KART: What is your opinion on blue shells?

Blue shells are the true meaning of revenge and vengeance. It’s been years since I played though RIP

8b. FOR THOSE WHO DON’T PLAY MARIO KART: Worst prank you’ve ever seen?

9. Can you sing?

Eh. I’ll leave it at that.

10. Lights on or off?

Off. The darkness can be exhilarating.

11. What’s your desktop background?

I don’t remember where the link to the source is atm but I edited to have tacomeme in it.

My questions:

1) What is your opinion on chicken nuggets?

2) Favorite video game/series?

3) Your super smash bros main? (If you don’t play ssb just name your favorite video game character)

4) Favorite school subject/major?

5) Favorite musical instrument?

6) What style of art do you like?

7) How many friends do you like to hang out with at once?

8) Funniest pun/joke?

9) Most awkward moment?

10) Opinion on popcorn?

11) Do you have a pet? What kind?

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I'm trying to prove a point to my dad here.

Please like or reblog if you aren’t a pedo/rapist and believe internet friends are just as real as irl friends.

Horrible Finn Headcanon

Parents whose children are selected for service in the First Order receive notification 7 weeks, or one 1 month [using the Galactic Standard Calendar] prior to their next fertility cycle. They then have 3 months (21 weeks or 105 days) to submit proof of conception. From that point forward the First Order monitors their pregnancy while assuming all costs incurred during the prenatal period. It is considered an honour to be chosen.

Or so the First Order would have you believe.

In reality most people dread receiving the crimson communication, but the economic and social situation being what it is very few people have any choice in the matter. A few people are fortunate enough to have funds to buy their way out of conscription, or at the very least to ensure their child will be filtered through the command stream.

Finn’s parents are not so lucky.

They are also young, newly married and without children, so when they receive the communication, their hopes for starting a family are dashed. The First Order has claimed their first born and given their status there is nothing they can do about it. When Finn’s mother becomes pregnant, she resigns herself (and her child) to their fate. Something inside her dies.

Finn’s father is more pragmatic, though only because he’s seen what happens to people who refuse the First Order. Still, when Finn is born, both he and his wife fall instantly in love. They cannot bear to lose their only son.

So they run.

They’re not the first, though very few make it past the med centre’s front doors. Finn’s mother goes into labour prematurely at home, and so without informing the First Order, they know they have a 3 day window before their next prenatal appointment in which to disappear.

They avoid detection for 282 days, the better part of a Galactic Standard Year. During that time Finn’s mother sings to him, and cradles him, and teaches him the joy of human touch. At night, hidden under the stars, she tells him she loves him, and that everything will be okay.

It isn’t.

When the First Order finds them, both of Finn’s parents are gunned down, killed. Finn is taken, assessed, and deemed suitable. He is integrated into the Stormtrooper program.


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listen…I take like 38473 selfies when I wear makeup and I’ve been out all weekend so here’s 6 odjsjjs (((it’s feels excessive))) send them all to minseok tho

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in other news, my boss called me over today and was like ‘it’s about your annual leave, Alice’ and I was ‘…yes?’ and she was like ‘YOU REALLY NEED TO TAKE SOME AT SOME POINT’

I guess my leave year technically ended a month ago and I still have like over two weeks of paid leave that I haven’t taken that I’m not really supposed to be able to roll over into the next year that she was worried I was going to lose but jokes on her haha I love my job

(the upshot is that I ended up with a huge arbitrary chunk of September off, though…I might take some extra work on some days anyway if they need someone to cover because honestly I think I’ll miss it if I’m away that long)

I was tagged by the beautiful cityofdunwall, with its many plague rats and corruption. I have to list 10 favorite video games in no particular order, right?

  1. Assassin’s Creed II
  2. Dishonored
  3. Red Dead Redemption
  4. Bioshock Infinite
  5. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (this was my first video game)
  6. Skyrim
  7. The Wolf Among Us
  8. The Last of Us
  9. Outlast: Whistleblower
  10. Dragon Age II

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In the real world:

“I don’t like marshmallows.”

“Oh, I do. They’re fluffy and sweet and delicious.”

“Hmm. I guess we have different taste in sweets. You want my share?”

“Yes please, thanks so much!”

*bonding and friendship and fluffy sweet deliciousness*

On Tumblr, or in fandom:

“I don’t like marshmallows.”

“Oh, I do. They’re fluffy and sweet and delicious.”

“They’re too sweet and fluffy for me.”

“What are you talking about, they’re exactly the right amount of sweet and fluffy. And I can like them if I want to. Don’t tell me you don’t share my taste, it makes me feel criticised.”

“I’m not criticising you. I’m just saying they’re gross. And instead of just agreeing that it’s a matter of taste, I’m going to justify my dislike by saying that they’re bad for you.“

“Well I’ll attempt to derail this and try to shame you into shutting up by pointing out that marshmallows are not any worse than gummy bears and you love gummy bears.”

“They’re totally worse! And anyway just because other things are bad for you too doesn’t mean marshmallows aren’t. Anecdote time! I knew a girl once who ate marshmallows every day and got really fat.”

“Are you saying there’s something wrong with being fat? How dare you bodyshame other girls. You’re a terrible feminist.”

“I’m not the one promoting the consumption of harmful foods! You should be ashamed of yourself.”



*incoherent screaming and anon hate*

Alright so here’s the thing: 

I’m not good at asking people for money, but this time I think it’s worth it, because it’s for a good cause. I don’t really have much time to do this, but I thought I’d give it a shot anyway. I’ve never done anything like this before.

In two days, 25th of August, there’s an event in Helsinki called ‘Tattoo saves’. It’s an event where several tattoo parlours come together to collect money for charity. All the money collected will go to a Finnish organisation called ‘Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto’ (quite a mouth full of a word, heh). They’re an organisation that specializes on children’s health and well being. They offer things like child care, parental advice and a crisis line for children and teenagers. They get a lot of their funding via donations. 

What I need is 50 euros (about 54 US dollars). That money will go directly to charity. My own agenda here is that I will get a tattoo for donating the money. I’m willing to get an actual tattoo on my body for this. But like I said, I’ve only got two days to get the money together so I know I’m a little bit ambitious here, but I thought this would be an awesome thing to do. 

If this feels like something you’d be willing to give money for, you can send it to me via paypal to the email: hairspraycircus@gmail.com (it’s an old email address let’s just not……… comment on that….). Alright? Alright. 

I really hope some of you are able to do this!! If this successful, I will obviously post pictures of the tattoo on my body afterwards and if by the grace of lord jesus himself there will more than the 50 euros than I’m asking for, I will donate all of it to charity. ALL OF IT. If this fails miserably (which it might as there is such little time for doing this), I will just delete the original post and pretend like it never happened and I’ll just pat myself on the back saying ‘u tried’. 

This will be open until Thursday 25th of August until about 6pm my time. My time zone is East European time, GMT+3. You can check what time it is for me either from the sidebar on my blog or here.

I don’t know about any of you guys, but I’m part of the “Everyone in Voltron is a big nerdy family and I don’t really ship anyone with anyone else” group and let me tell you

It’s fantastic

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I haven’t posted anything on 8tracks in ages and all I’ve done this week is drink beer, write words, and wallow in classic rock, and I feel like I should have something to offer for all that besides five extra pounds and a dissertation so do you guys want my dissertation power-through playlist?

Right I was tagged by @curliesallovertheplace to do a moodboard. I have like never ever done this before, soooo probs not that great plus I am tired as hell :P 

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