or if we've ever spoken

whiplash 2: the rushing
  • fletcher: neiman, i know its been years since we've spoken but i need you now more than ever
  • neiman: forget it peanut head, i'm with the chicago philharmonic jazzgasm band now
  • fletcher: neiman im putting together a rush cover band and you're the only one i know who can play many drums
  • neiman: are you coo coo for cocoa puffs® old man? do you know how many drums i'd have to play
  • fletcher: over a thousand. its gonna take a lot of work but i believe we can do it.
  • neiman: you're one nutty professor, fletcher, but i'll do it
  • fletcher: swaggy

warning: long, sentimental spiel here haha.  i got really bored at work today.

so between hitting 650 followers and being forever bored at work, i decided to make a second follow forever on account that this blog has changed so terribly much since i made my first follow forever.

when i made my first follow forever, this blog was still 80% mittens and cat barely had anything to her.  she was literally mittens as a human, with no real past or anything.  if you had told me then that i was going to fall in love with cat’s character and turn her into something bigger, i probably would have laughed at you because i was convinced i was still mostly a mittens rp blog.

but as much as i love mittens, roleplays with her became redundant and rather… uneventful.  and though i still love to roleplay mitts, cat’s personality and the history i developed for her caused her to just take off, becoming exciting and in depth and just… someone i really, really enjoy roleplaying.

i expected to lose all my followers for basically switching from mittens to what i now consider an oc for the most part.  and, one day, i lost around 50 followers in the time span of twenty minutes.  it was really heartbreaking and i was beginning to think that no one would find much interest in cat aside from the few people i roleplayed with.  but a couple friends actually rallied around me and promoted me and, the next thing i knew, i was actually gaining followers.  i was so touched i started crying because it meant so much to me that people actually enjoyed a character of my own design to feel like they could promote me.

and while it’s not easy to be a female oc of sorts, where gaining followers is like landing on the moon and losing followers happens at least once every day, i just want to say thank you for those that stick with me and give her a chance.  cat is the first character i’ve ever loved so much as to delve this deeply into her psyche that having people who will remain with me and roleplay with me to keep developing her is… amazing <3

so here’s to all you sweetie pies!

oops, this got long.  lets get to the stuff y'all actually care about.

the precious peeps

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people i really, really love even though i don't
think we've ever spoken (except a few of you) but wow you're on my
dash and you even follow me i'm confused but just want to say ily

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there were a solid amount of blogs that i came really, really close to putting on here, but i didn’t for the sake of this post’s length.  so, really, i love so many of you.  if you are giving cat a chance in any way, shape, or form whether you follow or rp or whatever… i love you too.  keep being incredible <3  …also i’m sure i forgot someone and if i did i’m a horrible person, you may hit me with a dead fish.