or if they even have a ship nam

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lesbian in kpop for you?

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own and are not 100% fact. You’re entitled to disagree or have a different opinion to mine.

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If you mean who do I think is most likely a lesbian then I’d have to pick Mamamoo’s Moonbyul! I could go on and on about why but I’ll try to keep this short! :)

So to start, she said Krystal is her ideal type and even liked a ship picture of them together. Her interactions with her bandmates could be fan service but there’s a fondness to me that seems natural, not simply forced for fans. But the gayest of all are her interactions with Solar. She admitted not liking Eric Nam and Solar together on We Got Married, has called herself Solar’s boyfriend and there’s just so much that I can’t list it all. Scroll the #moonsun tag if you haven’t already ;D But even apart from Mamamoo, her interactions with all girls is a lot more different to her interactions with men. Hell, even MBC acknowledge her gayness. 

I also watched an interview (I can’t find it now :() where Moonbyul was asked about her nickname “Conservative Moon.” Hwasa (I think it was her anyway) stated that the nickname was because of Moonbyul’s conservative, not revealing fashion taste, not because of her political alignment (they really stressed this point). Which, to me, is admitting she’s open to the lgbt+ community.

Also, I feel like a lot of lgbt+ people have “Gaydar” in the sense that they can recognize mannerisms in gay individuals that perhaps they have/had. And they’re more drawn to them (a lot of my childhood celeb and real life crushes have since come out as part of the lgbt+ community but that’s just me, I’m not trying to generalize everyone else’s experiences) and, well, all of Mamamoo (but Moonbyul is highest) are liked by lesbians and I can’t find this either but there was a pride convention or something along those lines and MMM were on the track list!* And as I’ve said, I feel like lgbt+ people are drawn to those similar to them so … Moonbyul (MMM too) is really out here doing it for the gays :”)

* I seen this in passing so if anyone knows the post or has better info (since I remember it very vaguely lol) pls let me know! :)

Sources: The things I’ve linked are primarily what I’ve rb on my main (from others so they’re not my content/creations!), since it was easier for me to find them there. But they just scratch the surface of how gay Moonbyul is, like, I can’t possibly list it all haha.

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hi im confused what's wrong w calling jin mom? i personally don't do it but is it that bad jdfhsdkg

jin isn’t a woman so you shouldn’t misgender him, he expressed before that he feels ucomfortable when people do so
in addition they only call him mom because he can cook and takes care of other members… as if men aren’t capable of doing this
and don’t even let me start on nam*in shippers who are doing this to bring other ships down, calling jin x maknae line ships “incest” or writing comments about jin cheating on namjoon :/ labelling them as mom and dad is also a heteronormative bullshit, because apparently two men can’t be in relationship without one of them acting as a woman??
it’s 2017 for fuck’s sake, when will people stop calling him mom or princesss

School 2017 | EP 5

This episode broke my heart into tiny little pieces and I’m suffering.

1. First of all, before the heavier and more serious parts of this episode, Tae Woon ain’t really subtle at all that he likes Eun Ho lmao he was so adorable smiling to himself. The boy is totally head over heels for her it’s so fucking cute!!!!! He has the funniest facial expressions too I can’t w/ him, I love it so much, protect him!!

2.The school just keeps getting shittier, there’s no end to their bullshit. Tbh I’m so tired I’m about to run to the gates and smack all their senses back. Of course it is fictional and exaggerated compared to reality, but that doesn’t mean it’s not at all true. Socioeconomic privilege is very real and thriving today, and the school system isn’t an exception.

3. I sobbed for an hour straight bc of Dae Hwi. Like why the fuck does he suffer in every aspect of his life?? I can’t believe he still manages to be kind most of the time bc if I were him, I would have destroyed every single thing in that school and would be living as a recluse bc I’ve had enough of the world’s shit. I hate those rich kids w/ every fiber of my being esp that top 2 kid who is, as Tae Woon called him out to be, ‘consistently a scumbag’. And I think DH’s stealing those competition papers to leak it out so they can’t use it bc he knows him joining would be futile (the results won’t matter anyway, the winner is predetermined), so might as well sabotage it for being unfair.

4. One of the most heartbreaking scenes I’ve ever watched is the funeral; w/ Joon Gi’s mother and Dae Hwi. When she said JG wanted to quit school but he found TW and DH and they changed his life, and now he’s gone. DH’s tears of agony shattered my heart and threw it in a fire pit. Even when he was ripping out his book, my soul left me. When he begged his mom to stop, I was fucking done. I’ve run out of tears to cry. When TW was begging his father to let the funeral car pass through the school, ugh I hate this show for making me cry so much.

5. I ship EH w/ the both of them lol. And although DH and Nam Joo are just lowkey using each other and doesn’t really ‘like’ the other, I hope they could grow together bc their worlds are so different so it’d make an interesting dynamic. I hope EH truly befriends him bc he has literally no one to confide in, not even their homeroom teacher that cares about him and whom he’s close with. I just want her and the 2 boys to have each other ;-;

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HHHHHH the fan service pairings are my biggest torture since its always there but I'm not interested in them at all. I don't like nam/jin I don't like ys and maknae line are a fun trio but I couldn't care less about any of those ships. I wouldnt even have a problem with it honestly since they are all nice friendships and interactions but ffs its so repetitive some variety wouldn't kill anyone

i like ys together but almost every time it happens i’m expecting something from s****s which is ridiculous and shouldn’t even happen lmao but i know ,,,,,,, i will always maintain that they’re just as tired of it as we are since that 1st ep of bv s2 when they all looked so Done after being told that they had to hang out in those units r i p ,, and i still hate that they didn’t get to choose who they were with for at least one of the friendship trips

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Remember when tae/kookers used to brag about that one youtube vid having 700K-1M views (cant remember) the other day i saw a jikook vid with 700K+ views and many others with high views lol, i think it just shows how much this fandom has grown, like 2-3 years ago everyone used to talk about tae/kook and yoon/min a lot but since last year i see jikook and other ships everywhere, its nice to see versatility coz im so over those "default" ships being shoved in my throat by their shippers everywhere

those last sentences are my mooooddd. like, i’m so happy people are realizing there’s more ships than just the 3 defaults you automatically know of when you first become an army (nam/jin, yoon/min, tae/kook) and that there’s more ships, that have just as many moments. like, not even just ji/kook. but so many others. ike i’m a sucker for yoon/seok and v/hope and so many others, and i’m happy they’re getting shippers now. i also really like the fact that jikook vids are gaining more traction. the most popular jikook vids were like bfs2angel and smirkcookies when i first got into jikook. but now, there’s so many jikook videos it’s crazy. 

It’s Official (ERIC NAM)

Type: Fluff

Request:Hi~ I just saw that you do Eric Nam requests and that makes me happy because 1) I have a hard time finding Eric things 🙈 and 2) I love your writing 💜 can you please do a fluffy Eric Nam scenario where you’re one of the MC’s on ASC and you guys have kind of a cute, playful relationship with like playful bantering and a lot of “shut up Eric” and “oh my god Eric” (like Jackson lol) so people ship you together and after an episode one day he asks you out 🙈 omg sorry that was so long 😅 thank you!

Summary: Ships away.

Y/S/N: your ship name

“Hello guys great news for everyone. They have to make this show a million times better by adding even more visual to the hosts of this lovely show. By adding the one the only. Me” you said looking directly into the camera as you filmed for ASC on the V app, before you broke out into laughter. “No but really guys I’m officially a host. Which means all of you Y/S/N can have new material to squeal at every episode” you joke as you grab Eric’s face. “You make it seem like that’s all they watch for” Eric says. 

“Shut up Eric. You know that’s what our fanpages are for” you say letting go of his face. You began to look over the comment that were on the side of the video seeing what everyone had to say. “Oh no I won’t be doing that” you laugh as you read one of the comments about making a move on Eric. “What is it?” Eric asks popping back into frame “will you go away Eric this is about me” you say playfully. “I am the other half of this ship I should stay” he tells you. “Oh my gosh will you stop making life so difficult” you whine. “You just don’t want to share the camera with another pretty face” he says.

You and him went on for a few more minutes before you ended it “alright guys we will see you soon” ending the cast and you and Eric began to get ready for the actual episode of ASC. “You know Y/N you and I should go out for some dinner after this” he tells you as he starts reading over his cards. “Oh really where did you have in mind?” you asked him. Looking over at him he gave you a smile “I just want to go somewhere with you so you can pick” he tells you. You smiled “Eric Nam are you asking me out on a date?” you ask him “it all depends if you say yes” he says nervously. 

 “I think I can make some time just for you” 

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I’m curious, if I can recall, when JM asked JK for a kiss on the vlive, the scene was cut and then the next part was another scene. Do you remember that? Well I was curious about other ships. Do you know if BH does it with other ships as well, like t//k or Y//M? Or even Nam and Jin?

i mean, i’m sure they have. they always cut things, it’s inevitable that they haven’t cut moments from other ships as well. but i don’t know (don’t quote me on this) if there’s been a moment as obvious as that one. because they legit cut the video, and like, it was so obvious?? it makes it sus, and idk if that’s happened for another ship. but i could be wrong. 

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Ew how disgusting how could you even ship taejin when REAL army's know that It's namjin that's cannon, obviously , just delete your blog and- haha jk I love your blog so much you're one of my faves, I just came here to say ily ✨

Oh little FakeNam’jin anon!

For a second I really believed you! HAHAH jump scare!!! Thank you for your compliments, I’m happy that I’m one of your faves and lots of love to you too.

Have a Tae vs. Nam’jin (aka Namjoon done with third wheeling Taejin for the sake of his bromance ship) pic cause you’ve earned it!!!

Lots of love to the Nam’jin good peeps too!


I love how they’re so supportive and caring towards each other. They have such a strong, solid foundation of trust even just as friends. They are friendship goals, relationship goals, and just overall goals.

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Do u have a pairing with jk or jm u can absolutely not imagine being together? Like as hard as u try u just find the pairing awkward or u don't see any possible chemistry at all? For me it's suga//kookie jin//kook & nam//kook. Idk really what makes me feel that way but I just can't. Jm is easilly shippable with all the members tbh but with jk I have a harder time. Maybe it's the whole alpha vibe those guys give (yes even jin lol) so idk it looks awkward to me. Pls tell me i'm not alone lol

i think it depends. because while i can’t imagine a lot of ships being more-than friends, if they were i wouldn’t be upset about it. i’m happy with any ship in bts being real, tbh. like, that’d be so amazing. but i feel like a few ships i just can’t seee being together, are like jin/kook (they legit act like brothers?? i??) and maybe like hoseok/jin?? or namjoon/yoongi?? like, idk all those ships seem v platonic to me. but there’s none that are like “if they were together i’d hate it” so idk haha. 

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ur 2seok tags are v important bless u

BLESS, thank you!! I will take any and every opportunity to talk about 2seok.

LIKE NOW, completely unprompted but hey, here’s some 2seok headcanon for you:

Like they can’t stop touching each other, but have you ever noticed sometimes Hobi’s super shy about it and it just GETS ME IN THE HEART. Look how happy and squeaky Hobi is, how Seokjin is just climbing right onto him.

Credit: goldseok

You know how Hoseok says he feels awkward complimenting the members? NOT SEOKJIN.

Credit: vmiin

Can we talk about how Hobi just full on GRABS JIN’S FOREARMS here in a legit caress? Can we have that discussion? He’s honestly trailing his fingers down his arms to his wrists I’m crying? Dominating dance teacher Hobi yes pls.

Credit: jinchims

Presented without comment because really, Hobi. Really.

Credit: nam-guks

I don’t play when it involves 2seok. /waving the 2seok flag

School 2015 Episode 12 reaction

I’ve been feeling iffy about this show since way back in episode 7, but it really came to a head this week and I can’t help but feel cheated on behalf of ALL the characters.

I’m dreading that with Eun-byul back they’re never going to actually tell anyone about Eun-bi pretending to be her. Like at the end they’ll “introduce” Eun-bi to them and pretend like nothing ever happened. That would be so ridiculously unfair to her friends but with 4 episodes left I don’t know what other way they might go with it.

On the subject of Eun-byul, her appearance brings so many plot holes I almost would have preffered if she hadn’t come back. But I guess if that had been the case I would just be angry that no one was really mourning her.

I was indifferent to Yi-an for about the first 8 episodes, but now that it’s clear that he and Eun-bi are end game, he’s become the biggest “what if” ever. Like what if they hadn’t made his feelings for Eun-byul romantic to start with? Just friendship and then had him develop romantic feelings for this “new Eun-byul” On that thread, what if they had made it clear that there was a real distinction in his mind between the “Old” and “New” Eun-byul? Because for me that never really came across. It always seemed like this “new” Eun-byul was something he was tolerating, a “phase” that would go away so he could have “his” Eun-byul back, even if he did like some aspects “better.” That made their romantic moments less impactful to me because at least in the begining it felt unreal, like it Eun-bi was “stealing” them in a way. And nothing against Nam Joo Hyuk, because I think the real flaw was in the writing of the character, but what if they had cast a more competent actor? (What I would have given for them to have saved Yeo Jin Goo from that train wreck Orange Marmalade) Would I have shipped them then? I don’t know. Al least I might not be so unitaleraly in Tae-kwang’s camp.

But shipping aside, my real issue comes from the fact that I just don’t see anyway that this show could have a “happy” ending, even with the loose standards of the school franchise. How will Yi-an and Eun-bi be happy with Eun-byul back? At the very least that’s going to be incredibly awkward, and the same goes with mom. And isn’t Eun-bi declared dead? What about her family at love house? I doubt they’ll just be totally ok with it, realistically they might react like Yi-an did, because they were tricked in an even worse way. And what about Shi-jin? Did her existential crisis dissappear because Min-joon needed screen time? She was just suddenly completly fine with what her mom was doing.

And no matter how much I ship them, it wouldn’t be any better for Eun-bi to end up with Tae-kwang. She hasn’t shown ANY romantic interest in him despite being there for her all the time. And honestly I don’t even think Eun-bi DESERVES Tae-kwang, and while being with her makes him happy, she’s never supported him. He needs a friend, not that Eun-bi’s been super great at that either. How many times does this boy have come to you clearly troubled and just wanting to talk before you give him the time of day!

I might just be unforgivingly pessimistic. Maybe the real problem was that my expectations were too high for this show. I’m still kinda new to dramas. Maybe four episodes are a lot more than I give them credit for, and the writers will have me eating my words, but right now I just feel really let down.