or if they even have a ship nam

Some words for Anti Shippers/Haters

Sometimes I got some questions: “Do you scare of haters if you ship [name of the ship]?”. The answer is… I don’t scare of them, I don’t even hate them, because I belive haters/anti shippers also a person like me and they have their taste, like I have my taste. Why don’t we just let both of us enjoy the fun we have in peace instead of argument to hard to change eachother’s mind?

It’s good to speak out your opinion sometimes, but don’t be too serious over something that’s not even real.

It’s supposed to make you feel comfortable, and pleased, not make you feel mad.

Block the tag which you don’t like to see, ignore it, and you’re good my dear~

Ofcourse this is just my opinion so… It’s okay to say something back, I’ll listen to you all. Sorry for my English if it bad~

Your preference in CITT?

Baek In Ho is a character who is impulsive, simple-minded, and desires family love. He can be immature, but he has suffered a lot, and feels a strong sense of responsibility and justice due to his own orphan status and being wronged by Jung. If you like Inho, you are likely to be a strong girl who hasn’t led an easy life. You’re sick of people who have had a negative influence on your life, and you prefer people like Inho who may not say the prettiest things, but who will always say the most truthful things.

Yoo Jung is a character who is level-headed, distrustful, and narcissistic. If Inho is warm or hot water, then Jung is definitely ice. He’s been surrounded by people who want to become close to him for their own selfish reasons since a young age, and as a result it became his habit to hide his emotions. He doesn’t trust easily and doesn’t like it when people invade into his personal world by seeing past his ‘perfect exterior’. If you like Yoo Jung you are likely to be a nurturing and caring girl who loves him like a mother. Or, quite the opposite, you are distrustful of others and prefer to keep to yourself like Jung. Or, just like Jung, you may hold both types of personalities close to you and you prefer to keep a distance from others - yet you are also lonely from doing so and actually have a warm and accepting heart beneath your cold cynicism.

Kwon Eun Taek is a character who is bright, happy, and loyal. If Inho is a stray cat and Jung is a black cat, then Euntaek is definitely a puppy. He gives without asking for much in return. He follows without any complaints. He does what he believes is right without a second thought, and stays by the person he wants to protect as long as they need him. If you like Euntaek, then you are a girl who prefers simplicity, is cute, and wants to be loved without too much hassle. (Note: in a recent interview Kim Go Eun said she would choose Euntaek, unlike Seol!)

anonymous asked:

Hello :) Could I pretty please get a written SVT/BTS ship? I'm 169 cm, actually kind, friendly, down to earth and also clumsy. I well have the mind of 19+ lol I cannot live without talking and really love taking care of others. Good adviser. Yet, there is a time I need someone to hear me pour out about anything and give me courage. My goal is to have a big family. Love running, dancing and advanturous things even though I'd rather choose to lay down all day lol Thank you so much for your effort.

In BTS I ship you with:

I literally think that you’re quite similar to Nams, but some point would go well with HoSeeyak, as well… But I’ll give you to NamJoon in the end. That 19+ mind really helped me in this choice, you know 9.9.9

In SEVENTEEN I ship you with:

I think you’d go well with SeungCheol since it sounded to me like you tend to try and cope with everything on your own, but then can snap and that’s when you need support. Dad Coups would be perfect for that~