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Hey Ria, in terms of deep, dark secrets, could you possibly tell us how you'd interpret the boys' Chiron asteroid (if you're versed in that) and how to best handle them with care? Please and thank you!

of course i can do that! chiron is a powerful asteroid that represents our “wounds” and insecurities, often due to childhood trauma and just bad experience in general. whatever house and signs it lies in reveals things that we feel aren’t good enough, or cause constant pain throughout life. it’s also associated with healing. once we heal our chiron wounds, we can help others who felt the same

anyways let’s look at the tea on bts:

jin - leo chiron in the sixth house

  • leo is the sign of the spotlight and center stage
  • he feels that his talents are constantly overlooked and unappreciated, especially in his work (6th house)
  • is constantly pushed to the back which causes him to doubt his self worth and abilities
  • “chiron in leo needs to find a way to touch their inner child and reawaken their creativity” 
  • and i think he’s been doing that really well recently! he’s transformed a lot from the reserved, quiet guy he once was 

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yoongi - leo chiron in the 5th house

  • just like jin, a feeling of not being in the spotlight
  • (interesting that they both have leo chirons and are in a group that was disregarded heavily when they first debuted)
  • as a child, parental figures rejected his creative expression (5th house = creativity, music) 
  • had to learn that it’s okay to be expressive, different, and not have to conform to others
  • can be a great role model to suppressed youth once he overcomes this

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hoseok - virgo chiron in the 5th house

  • another chiron in the 5th, suppressed creative expression in childhood
  • virgo chiron is a big indicator of a perfectionist. 
  • can lead to compulsive behaviors
  • struggles with anxiety, pressure, and stress
  • never feels good enough, especially in areas dealing with music and dance
  • needs to learn to accept imperfection, that it’s ok to not be perfect

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namjoon - virgo chiron in the 10th house

  • another virgo chiron: a perfection, quite hard on himself
  • now with the 10th house, wounds and trauma come from his career, reputation, public image, and maybe the father
  • public rejection or humiliation has a long lasting effect on him
  • father may have rejected him or was overly strict or critical. never was good enough in his eyes
  • struggled with finding courage to follow his dreams, but once he did he became a prominent public figure who used his influence to help others find their place in the world

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jimin - libra chiron in the 4th house

  • chiron in the 4th can mean many things but usually manifests in trauma related to the home, family, and youth
  • may have felt that he didn’t belong anywhere when he was younger
  • unstable home, parents are emotionally or physically absent 
  • this can lead to him relying on others to provide a sense of security
  • libra chiron: trauma in relationships and love. may have experienced unrequited love, feels constantly betrayed and disappointed by others 
  • this can create someone who seeks approval from others throughout life and is willing to sacrifice his happiness in order to gain it
  • but he’s graced with an amazing ability to provide for others and give people that feeling of acceptance he never felt

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taehyung - libra chiron in the 10th house

  • you can kinda combine namjoon’s (10th house) and jimin’s (libra)
  • for him i think it manifested through feeling rejected by peers and society
  • i believe he mentioned being bullied or made fun of in school
  • however once he feels that he has gotten the recognition and level of success he’s dreamt of, he feels content

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jungkook - libra/scorpio chiron in the 1st house

  • his chiron is 29 degrees in libra so it’s right on that libra-scorpio cusp so i’ll look at both 
  • wounds and fear relating to love (libra) and sex (scorpio)
  • many failed relationships, depending too much on others 
  • feeling powerless, scared of being taken advantage of
  • chiron in the 1st is quite a tricky placement 
  • can be an indication of self hate and insecurity
  • highly critical of his appearance. trouble expressing himself
  • self acceptance is a big journey 

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bts imagine where youre embarrassed abt wearing glasses but he loves them? jungkook/taehyung/yoongi?

i use glasses too girlie we in the same club 


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Please,” Jungkook whines into the phone and you laugh into the phone. “Send a picture, I want to see you in them.” 

“I told you no Kookie,” you sigh as you cleaned your glasses with the hem of your t shirt. “I look so ugly with my glasses, you’ll never see me in them.” you continue and look yourself in the mirror while the phone is pressed against your ear. 

“I hate it when you lie to me like that-” Jungkook says and you’re confused for a second. “I bet you know you look hot as fuck but you won’t share it with me!” 

You laughed and shook your head. Damn, this kid knew how to talk. 

“Fine.” you chewed on your bottom lip. “Give me a second.” You hear him celebrating on the other side of the call hissing yes! You leaned your head to at least look a little cute and take a picture of yourself to send him. After retaking it four times you finally send one with some kind of filter to make you feel alright about him seeing you in glasses. 

You pressed the phone to your ear awaiting his reaction as he receives the image. In anticipation you start biting on the side of your thumb, an unhealthy habit. On the other line you hear Jungkook almost, gasping?

Jagi,” he starts, “I thought you were gonna look adorable but..” 

Your heart almost stops in your chest. You knew you shouldn’t have sent that! Sarah from fourth grade was right, glasses were ugly and nerdy and no boys liked that. Suddenly you felt ten years old again, vulnerable and small like when Sarah and her friends stepped on your glasses and laughed in your face, saying you should thank her for getting rid of those ugly things. You were convinced Jungkook didn’t love you anymore when his voice now raspy interrupted your thoughts.

“-You look so fucking sexy baby,” he almost moans into the phone and your cheeks heat up. “I can’t believe you’ve been hiding this from me.” 

“Are you serious?” you chuckle and heat spreads between your legs from his comments. All your doubt was washed away and now you were breaking out in cold sweat for a whole other reason. 

“Dead serious. Are you home alone?” He asks and you can hear him clicking his tongue.

“Didn’t you have to study?” you tease and raise your eyebrows like he could see you. 

“Is that a no?” He torts back, avoiding your question.

“Of course not. Door’s open.” 


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“Come on!” He yells from the living room. “Let me see you,” 

Taehyung was seated on your couch and you were on the other side of the wall, twisting in front of the mirror. Wearing nothing but a lingerie set you felt exposed. The set was in a dark red, Tae had picked it out. On you, you had matching stockings draping over your legs that stayed attached to your underwear and a pair of black heels. Your hair was worn natural but the scariest thing about what you wore was the glasses. 

Never had he seen you with them and you planned on keeping it that way but this was different. It was Taehyungs birthday and he specifically requested it. If he requested it he couldn’t hate it, right? Sighing and looking yourself in the mirror you felt stupid when you should be feeling sexy. 

“Don’t keep the birthday boy waiting!” He yells again from the other room after you stayed quiet for too long. You inspect yourself in the mirror, turning around to look at yourself from every angle. He’d always say he loved the natural shape of your body and you didn’t know why you doubted him since he was right about many other things. 

“Coming,” you speak softly and anticipation builds as your heels meet the floor with every step you take. Finally you’re in the door frame and Taehyungs eyes burn into your skin. You shudder under his look, his eyes traveling all over your body, admiring you as he, probably unconsciously, palms his crotch. 

Fuck,” he breaths at the sight of you. 

Suddenly his eye stops wandering when he gets to your face and sees your glasses. He visibly squirms at the sight of you in your black frames, making you gain confidence. You had no idea that you in glasses affected him like this and neither did he. 

With a half naked girlfriend in front of him, he ends up getting more turned on by her glasses than her ass, not that anything was wrong about your ass. 

“What are you staring at?” you tease because the silent sexual tension is killing you. He just stares at you with his lips parted.

“Get over here and let me fuck you,” he almost ordered, voice dripping from lust. 


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The sun finally lit on Yoongis face and he blinked, suddenly struck by the bright light. He had been lying sleeping next to you about an extra hour longer than you. Slightly sitting up in his bed with a pillow for support reading a book you waited for him to wake up. He grunts and you look at him and smile at the sight. He looked like a confused puppy, his hair messy and eyes puffy. 

“Good morning,” you shoot him a warm smile and let your hand massage his scalp and feel him lean into your touch. He turns his head to look at you and blinks. 

“You-you’re wearing your glasses,” he stammers, suddenly looking wide awake as he lifts himself with his right arm as support. That’s when you remember you’ve never used your glasses in front of him but you still don’t understand the big deal. He knew you used glasses when reading, so why did he seem so shocked? You shoot him a look that questions his confusion. 

“It’s just,” he bites his lip to stop the wide smile that spreads across his face. “I didn’t know you could look so hot and cute at the same time.” 


I’ve recently gone to a size 6 in pants. Started my journey in a size 14. I feel that I’ve given in to carbs and old eating habits lately but I continue to workout and stay conscious of my intake. Things have been a little “stressful”. Holidays are coming, I’m still continuing school and I’m waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting some more to be promoted. I keep reminding myself that no matter how hard things get that I need to remain consistent and not to give up. I’ve run into a couple ppl recently, who haven’t seen me in a while and were blown away by my transformation. It’s definitely a great feeling but sometimes it’s mentally tough to keep making better decisions for myself to stay the size I am. I wish I didn’t have such fear of gaining my weight back but I do. I look at old pictures and think of how I always wished to be where I am now. I hope everyone is doing well with their goals and journeys!

Prompto Week - Day 4: Alternate Universe

Me and my cohort @aero-n-dynamicsArranged Marriage au - after Lucis gains the upperhand in the conflict against Niflheim, their offer their Prince Prompto to be married to Noctis as a sign of peace [and like. actual peace. not their shady bullshit in the game]

Control- Rowcan Part III

I was finally able to finish this bad boy. Fun fact: did you know what I literally look at every single reblog of these fics and see if anyone says something in the tags? That’s how much of an attention whore I am. I have a problem.

Rating: Explicit

Tags: Kinkier and Kinkier

Word Count: 4.3K

Part 1Part 2


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In case anyone thinks it’s just the kaylors that think something is up:

I’m not a super popular blog, though I’d like to think I’m a recognizable Kaylor blog. My incoming followers is normally on the low side. In the last month I’ve gained 220 followers. Which isn’t huge but respectable.

Here’s the thing: In the last week, I’ve gained over half of that. 118. 83 of that in the last 3 days and 26 in the last 24 hours alone. None of them have blatant kaylor urls. More of the general swifties are starting to lurk and question what is going on. And yet we’re the ones who are crazy?

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for the fanfic trope meme: shigaraki, overhaul, endeavor

Oh god.







This is awful. This is literally the worst and I hate it.

Okay. Enemies to lovers with Endeavor. Now, hear me out. If I end up an enemy of Shigaraki or Overhaul, they would both definitely kill me immediately, so at least with Endeavor I’d be able to survive Step 1. But listen. LISTEN. Our relationship evolves. I learn what he respects in a person. I emulate those things until he hates me less. I gain his trust. I get to know him. His secrets. his insecurities. And then, when he is finally vulnerable to me, I destroy him. I’m undecided on how. Poison’s an option. I might find evidence that could destroy his career. I could blackmail him. Convince him to divorce his wife and set her free. I could do all of these things. The world is my oyster.

Slow burn with Overhaul I guess? As long as I don’t touch him with my dirty people hands I could reasonable survive.

Which leaves me fake dating Shigaraki again.

Idk man there really is no good option with this one.

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How to do you see Narti contributing to the group in a human AU if they were somehow fighters somehow still? (since in the canon, she seems to contribute by using her powers to gain intel along with other things)

In a mundane AU I could see Narti as a brutally efficient grappler per her canon self because if you have a good knowledge of the body, once you have a good grip on someone you really don’t have to see where they are because all of their body parts will be pretty much adjacent.

For example- a self-defense move I learned basically is- someone gets their hands on you, grabbing you or poking you or whatever unpleasant thing they’re doing, and you just find one of their fingers, get a good grip on it, and give it a nice firm twist in the direction it’s not supposed to bend. Joint manipulations, especially sensitive things like fingers, don’t matter if your opponent is a ninety-pound waif or a three hundred pound bodybuilder.

And if Team Sincline is getting into fights a lot, Narti would be 1. very used to finding target areas on people’s bodies by feel, since she’s been blind her whole life and probably doing this brawling thing for a while, and 2. as a small-stature, obviously disabled woman (her blindness in canon appears congenital so it’s likely that in a human AU she would either have no eyes at all or obviously underdeveloped eyes), she would stand out as seemingly an obvious target.

This could, honestly, be why Narti’s combat style features so much close-quarters grappling in canon: because as a fighting style that hinges on getting your hands all over your opponent, with or without Kova, Narti could effectively feel where she is on the person’s body and know what to strike at because of it.

Dating Winwin (NCT 127)

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first of all: you’re a lucky bish if you date him

-He will text you, every day, every night, when he can… and even when he isn’t supposed to, he will text you ALL THE TIME

-he’s too shy shy shy to kiss you on the lips in public, he’ll just kiss you on the cheek if he feels brave enough

-is a blushing little shiet

-he makes sure that you are 100% okay, 100% of the time

-gets shy whe the members start asking about your relationship

-he tries to teach you Chinese, TRIES (mark my words)

-he plays with your hair A LOT

-if he accidentally pulls your hair a bit, he will apologize 1000356315786323428631579685213589865432 times

-if you’re sad, he will buy you an ice-cream, if you’re happy, he will buy you an ice-cream

-you will gain 2 things with him: a beautiful relationship and 10kg cuz food is life

-if you also have broad shoulders *cough* like me *cough* you and Sicheng will make jokes about it

-says he is not jealous when you fangirl over another idol, why you lying? why you always lying? oh ma gad! stop fucking lying!

-he tells you some Chinese legends

-late night talks

-he hugs you so tight  when he sleeps, you are scared that one day you will fall asleep and never wake up

-he will have his first time with you, you will have your first time with him

-awkward af

- “a-are you okay?” “d-does it hurt?”

-after your first time, you will cuddle in bed and probably eating ice-cream

-when you will get pregnant, he will be happy af

-will talk to your baby

-kisses your belly 24/7

-he will take really good care of you and the baby

Being a Vigilante and School? NOT a Good Mix

You weren’t really sure how it happened, but it happened. Somehow, in the past year, not only had you become a respected vigilante in your own right, but you had started to gain those icky things people call feelings for your partner in crime (justice? You weren’t really sure. Breaking the law seemed more like what the two of you did),  Robin.

Though the two of you still didn’t know each other’s secret identities, which made life all the more difficult, you both were too headstrong to ever admit that. Life was strange that way. Or, at least, you didn’t know HIS secret identity. Robin just didn’t tell you that he knew yours. Sneaky bastard.

Unfortunately, with the both of you being 16, school complicated things quite a bit. Late nights patrolling always ended up with cleary-eyed, sleep deprived algebra tests that were passed, but only barely. Early nights in ended up with a crime spike and even WORSE of a grade because you had more time to worry about it. It seemed that there was no in-between. And, even, when you DID have an ear;y night in, you nearly pass out on patrol the next day due to the intense worrying. 

Basically, you had given up on ever having a decent sleep, school, or even normal schedule at all. Nope. Didn’t EVER even HOPE for a decent day when nothing interfered with something else. 

Becuase of this, it was no surprise to the current boy wonder when he saw you sluggishly moving around as you knocked out some thug who tried to mug a civilian. “[Y/SH/N]?”

Almost confused for a second, you didn’t seem to register who was talking to you before you rubbed your eyes and your vision stopped swimming. “Oh. Robin. It’s just you. Yeah, I-I’m fine.”

Robin frowned and crossed his arms. You certainly didn’t seem fine. More like someone drugged you or something. Actually, he should check that. It is Gotham, after all, where it is COMPLETELY normal to have a blizzard in the middle of summer, while it rained, and watch a man in a bat suit fighting a clown before a dude shooting people breaks your window and a guy named after a restaurant to repay you in Starbucks gift cards for it. “You sure about that?”

“Well,” you started off, standing up and dusting your uniform off with a sigh, “no, no I’m not. I’m 99.9% sure that I’m going to fail my science quiz, I’m failing English, I have detention for the next week because I keep falling asleep in History, and to top it all off, I run around until four in the morning every night to beat up criminals, only to get up at six and try to avoid questioning on why I’m covered in different bruises and cuts. So, no, Robin. I’m not fine.”

      The boy seemed a bit taken back by your miniature rant (thank god. A full rant was nearly an entire patrol. And that was 8 hours on a good day.). “[Y/SH/N]…..Then why don’t you just quit being a vigilante for a while?”

     What? He was genuinely confused. If it caused so many problems, why didn’t you just quit? Was it really that hard to walk away from?

     “I couldn’t if I tried, Robin. That’d be like quitting school, ditching my friends and family, and moving to the middle of Texas and adopting a snake.” Despite the humous content of your statement, you simply held your shoulders low. You weren’t Hannah Montana. There was NO best of both worlds.

     “I could help you study, you know. I happen to excel in school.” Robin shrugged, sitting down next to you as you pulled yourself up onto the fire escape. 

That sentence in itself made you narrow your eyes in mostly, mock suspicion. “I feel like somehow you would figure out my identity just by knowing what curriculum I’m studying….”

“Whatever you say, [Y/SH/N]. Continue to fail school and never graduate,” Robin stated, looking at the bloodied body of the thug you had made sure to be extra harsh on. Or maybe that had been because you had been so tired that you hadn’t know where you were hitting. Either, or, really.

Apparently, Robin had decreed it the annual ice cream night of the week without your permission. Maybe, instead, it was just a hoax to get you to stay still enough to go to sleep. 

“So, you said you excelled in school, didn’t you?” You asked, waving around a plastic spoon from the half empty ice cream container. It was rhetorical. “But didn’t you also say that you were homeschooled?”

At that, Batman’s crime-fighting partner’s lips quirked up into a sly grin, not that you were paying attention to them or anything. “Not anymore. Recently, some….things came up.”

The last thing you remembered from that night was falling asleep staring at the cloudy Gotham skies as it started to drizzle, and waking up on a dingy sofa in an old safehouse of who you figured was Robin’s brother - aka the Red Hood. 

Coincidently, the very next week, as [B/F/N] whispered excitedly to another friend of your’s, you had very confusedly asked what they were so hyped up about.

“You didn’t know, [Y/N]? THE Damian Wayne just transferred here! To our school!”

Very coincidental indeed.

Sunday Six

“Cocksucker!” The shout came from the crowd behind the opposing team’s bench.

Sherlock froze. It wasn’t the worst thing he’d ever had shouted at him in a game, but today the slur had gained a new power to sting. He knew he should just ignore it, but he couldn’t stop himself. He took a step toward the other bench, squinting to see if he could tell who had shouted. That one. A bland-looking business major who was trying to impress the girl sitting next to him. “At least I don’t have herpes!” Sherlock yelled in reply.

“Sherlock! Sit down!” Lestrade grabbed him by the back of his jersey and yanked him back toward their bench, then stalked away along the sideline, yelling for the referee who had blown the whistle for the foul. “Did you hear that?” Lestrade shouted, pointing to the man who had shouted at Sherlock. “That’s a technical!"  

–from chapter 29 of Full Court Press, ready soon!

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Any tips on how to create a whole flower language? My story is set on other planets with all new living things.

Hello Nonny,

Plants have generally gained their meanings through appearance, behaviour, colour, associations through myths, legends and fables and sometimes they were simply made up to suit the occasion or because someone had a different opinion. Colours are often attributed meanings themselves which can in turn influence the meaning of the thing which carries the colour. Cultural customs also have often influenced a flowers meaning. In short, there are a lot of things which have given them their meanings, some of them traditional, others well thought out and others simply situational. Your flower language can include these ideas wholly, partially, minimally or not at all, the specifics are up to you.

What you are trying to create goes generally by the term “constructed language” or short “conlang”, which as a whole is outside our scope, but there is a whole community of blogs and people on Tumblr about it and I would like to kindly refer you over to them. So please refer to the conlang community about how to construct a language of your own.

If you are interested in resources for flower languages, look no further, I’ve recently compiled a post about it.

- Mod Jana


This blog is intended as writing advice only. This blog and its mods are not responsible for accidents, injuries or other consequences of using this advice for real world situations or in any way that said advice was not intended.

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I’m a very shy person, and my boyfriend mentioned the feederism thing a while back and I decided to try it out. I’m probably the most subby person when my boyfriend starts tummy talking. I can’t help but melt and want to eat every thing and anything for him. I’ve gained nearly 60 pounds because I get so subby and can’t help but stuff myself endlessly. I’ll probably die of embarrassment from this kink aaaaaaaa,,

It’s okay to enjoy it~

Rereading “The Mariner’s Wife” – I vaguely remembered the letter Gil-Galad sends to Tar-Meneldur asking for Numenorean aid, but I forgot how prescient it was about the threat of Sauron’s growing influence.

A new shadow arises in the East. It is no tyranny of evil Men, as your son believes; but a servant of Morgoth is stirring, and evil things wake again. Each year it gains in strength, for most Men are ripe to its purpose. Not far off is the day, I judge, when it will become too great for the Eldar unaided to withstand.

This is the late ninth century SA, more than three hundred years before Annatar first shows up in Eregion, but here’s Gil-Galad already aware that the “shadow in the East” is one of Morgoth’s former servants, and anticipating a potential invasion. It kind of forces me to shift my whole understanding of the Second Age timeline. I assumed Sauron had been subtly laying the foundations for his rule in the East - whispering in the ears of local leaders, encouraging consolidation, leaving behind a half-remembered personality cult wherever he went – the kind of behind-the-scenes maneuvering that wouldn’t draw much attention. But here it seems like he’d already become a full-blown tyrant by the second millennium of the Second Age, and the Elves were aware of it.

Which has plenty of implications, but I’m most confused (and amused) by the thought that Sauron was forging rings with the Elves in Eregion and trying to rule a Dark Empire at the same time. Like, what were the logistics of this? You can’t leave a bunch of mortals alone for three hundred years and expect their descendants to still be loyal to you when you get back. Even with highly competent, trusted lieutenants, he’d still need to show his face every once in a while. But it couldn’t have helped Annatar’s shady reputation with everyone except the Mírdain if he kept disappearing with no good explanation for long stretches of time.

(Galadriel: I’m glad to see you’ve finally stopped associating with that sketchy Maia.

Celebrimbor: Oh, no, he’s coming back, he just went to survey some mithril deposits.

Galadriel: For ten years?

Celebrimbor: He’s a really thorough surveyor.)

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also there have been cases of thoughtforms, or spirits / energy created from thought, which have a lot of people focusing their minds onto something not real and therefore makes it real in this case pennyfuck. i've tried it with another fictional character he's pretty cool. it's like making an imaginary friend that has become sentient and also gained the power to Do things. why pennywise. why him. now he gonna eat your ass

that’s what we’ve been hoping for this entire time. he could tone it down a little on the spooks, though

Something to Gain, Chapter Eight: How Fast Things Change

Rating: T
Words: 3245
Fandom: Naruto
Summary: Sequel to Something to Prove. Shikamaru and Temari navigate their relationship now that it’s in the public eye.

Something to Prove   First     Previous  

Black gave way to blinding white as Temari blinked open her eyes. Her lids fluttered as she stirred, trying to take stock of her current situation. Her body felt heavy. The discomfort in the crook of her left elbow drew her attention to the needle taped to her skin, feeding her clear liquid from a suspended bag. On the other end of the hook hung a depleted bag, stained red. She couldn’t make out any of the characters except for the large ‘O’ demarking the blood type – her blood type.

Blissfully, she realized she wasn’t in pain. Whatever they were feeding her through the tube was high-quality stuff. That had to be why her brain wasn’t working like it should. She lay in silence until a nurse opened the door to her room.

The young, brown-haired girl beamed when she saw that Temari was responsive. “My Lady, thank goodness. We were starting to worry.”

“How long?” Temari asked, her throat dry.

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concept: magic that only works if it makes the world worse.

  • because the effects of anything are widely distributed in time and space, always room to argue that actually magic doesn’t work in this way
  • people trying to discern God’s utility function from analyzing which spells have and haven’t worked, though running into similar ambiguities
  • at a less exalted level, doing divinations from whether some small intervention was bad in the first place, and then arguments over whether or the extent to which this incorporates the knowledge thus gained
  • spellcasting methodologies by “default” not being especially gruesome or evil, but magicians often working “gratuitously” awful intentions into the working so there’s a greater chance of the principal intention coming about
  • so that this isn’t, like, hellworld, the “mundane” world works on principles of having mildly good luck overall. maybe magic works by being an entropic disruption of this or something??? idk
  • it’s impossible to stamp out magic in principle, because the same luck-coincidence-power thing that pervades the universe, makes things mildly lucky by default, and enforces magic-only-if-worsens-things-overall also sets things up so that people paying attention can follow and interpret symbols leading them to magical knowledge