or if it's a cropped fan pic


Benedcit Cumberbatch, TIFF 14 Portraits, by Maarten De Boer, from karin’s blog

Replacing my 7X10 drawing (that we see in the background of the first pic hehe) because i liked it a lot. i like the smaller frame, and this closely cropped very high res pic what just the ticket. i think i’ll love this one just as much! 

Thanks for looking!

beware the art tag!

my society6 

Mark and Tom pictures.
  • Me: -sees people cropping Tom out of pictures with Mark in them-
  • Me: -inwardly scowls and unfollows those people-
  • Me: I want more pics of Tom and Mark together.
  • Me: I want to meet both of them in person and take tons of pics of them.
  • Me: I want to hear brotherly moments and stories about the two of them.
  • Me: I want more Brotherly fan art
  • Me: -sighs forever-


“oh but Dan looks so good in this pic” - great. fantastic. but dont crop out the person who actually got the pic taken with him

“the fan doesnt look good though” - shut the fuck upppp. who even are you to judge that? the fan posted it and obviously likes it. dont make them feel bad when they see the same pic with them not in it

“oh i dont know. i found it on twitter and couldnt find the full thing” - shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhut up. its not even your pic to begin with. that is outright just stealing someone else’s. dont fucking do it. do not

if the fan in the pic crops it themself and then posts it then that is 100% totally fine and up to them

but with all these meet and greets that have happened and that are going to happen in the future

be nice. dont crop. love everyone. because you all look hellas good


Don’t! Crop! Fans! Out! Of! Photos! With! Their! Faves!!
They wait a long time/do a lot of things for those pics and its v rude to crop them out, even if your fave looks hot. Thank you.