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Last giveaway piece for the wonderful @thedestinychosenforme ! She requested one of the LOVE SQUARES so…i had to go with Ladynoir <33 !!

You know that feeling when your 2 weeks with your gf is finally over and you had to drop her off at the airport 3 hours earlier…then your gf’s plane just took off and you have to wait hours and hours before you’d hear from her again and you just feel useless and you don’t know what to do with yourself cause you miss her so bad?

Yeaaah…that feeling. ; n ;

Voltron Characters as Things That Happened to us at Sakuracon
  • <p> <b>Pidge, tackling a Grell cosplayer on an escalator:</b> I’VE BEEN WANTING A PICTURE WITH YOU<p/><b></b> _____<p/><b>Lance after falling off an escalator:</b> sorry I was looking at that hot Mabel cosplayer-<p/><b>Shiro:</b> you should go hit on her if you think she's so hot<p/><b>Lance:</b> dad you can't say that<p/><b></b> _____<p/><b>Lance:</b> why are there so many damn Kiritos here<p/><b>Keith:</b> *walks in dressed as Kirito*<p/><b>Lance:</b> I'm gonna go throw myself off the escalator again<p/><b></b> _____<p/><b>Shiro, other paladins following behind:</b> hey I'm here to pick up the lanyard thingy for Takashi Shirogane<p/><b>Dude behind window:</b> um it says you already picked yours up<p/><b>Shiro:</b> no we just got here<p/><b>Dude behind window:</b> I'll need you to wait over there then<p/><b>Shiro, after waiting twenty minutes by the stands:</b> did you guys figure out the problem?<p/><b>Other window dude:</b> oh yeah there's another Takashi Shirogane here so your cards got mixed up. Here's yours.<p/><b></b> _____<p/><b>Hunk:</b> *drops sandwich before getting a bite and cries*<p/><b></b> _____<p/><b>Allura:</b> *finds the paladins in crowd, dressed as Mizore*<p/><b>Pidge:</b> oh my god you're Mizore?<p/><b>Allura:</b> why have you watched that anime?<p/><b>Pidge:</b> fourteen year olds are not what they used to be<p/><b></b> _____<p/><b>Lance:</b> *gets yelled at by idol*<p/><b>Lance:</b> <p/><b>Hunk:</b> hey I'm sorry that must be hard<p/><b>Lance:</b> WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT MY IDOL TALKED TO ME<p/><b>Keith:</b> what the hell-<p/><b></b> _____<p/><b>Pidge, standing on Shiro's shoulders:</b> WHERE ARE ALL THE DIPPERS AT<p/><b>Pidge:</b> *watches from above as all the people in blue hats turn*<p/><b></b> _____<p/><b>Pidge, sitting on Lance's shoulders:</b> SEID IHR DAS ESSEN? NEIN, WIR SIND DER JAGER!<p/><b>Lance:</b> *screams as AOT fans scream and crowd them*<p/><b></b> _____<p/><b>Lance:</b> MARCO<p/><b>Hunk, somewhere in the distance:</b> LANCE HELP ME<p/><b>Lance:</b> NO YOU DIDN'T SAY POLO<p/><b></b> _____<p/><b>Pidge, running down escalator:</b> DAD HURRY UP<p/><b>Shiro, running after Pidge:</b> WAIT *looks around and sees people smoking weed inside*<p/><b>Pidge:</b> what-<p/><b>Shiro:</b> *sCREECHED AND SUDDENLY COVERS PIDGE WITH SWEATER SO THEY CAN GET AWAY*<p/><b></b> _____<p/><b>Pidge:</b> *waiting in line with Lance to get signatures*<p/><b>Lance:</b> they're gonna love my shirt *just wearing a shirt that says senpai with blush marks underneath*<p/><b>Pidge:</b> that shirt is stupid- *walks up to get signatures and the people can only speak Japanese*<p/><b>Lance:</b> I got this *takes off sweater and turns around to reveal "senpai" written in Japanese*<p/><b>People Signing:</b> *laugh at him and shake his hand*<p/><b>Pidge:</b> Lance you can never wash their hand<p/><b>Lance:</b> who were those people again<p/><b></b> _____<p/><b>Hunk:</b> *starts aggressively hitting Lance's arm*<p/><b>Lance:</b> *turns, mouth full of cookie* w H A T<p/><b>Hunk:</b> *points at girl with a shiba inu in her backpack* I can't tell if that's a dog or a doge plushie it hasn't moved<p/><b>Lance:</b> <p/><b>Lance:</b> *stares at it intensely*<p/><b>Dog:</b> *turns head slightly*<p/><b>Lance:</b> *SUDDENLY FLIES OUT OF SEAT TO PET THE DOG*<p/><b></b> _____<p/><b>Pidge:</b> *blowing bubbles by the shops*<p/><b>Rent-a-cop:</b> hey you can't do that in here<p/><b>Pidge:</b> *blows bubble in his face and sprints away*<p/></p>
BRIAND the master tracer

ok so as i’ve mentioned, queueing with @quadrainbow (who is in GM) means we tend to end up in lobbies with players who are in mid diamond at the lowest, and a nice sprinkling of top 500

on hanamura attack there was someone on the enemy team, slade, who was in top 500, which was all well and good, but that’s not who i want to talk about. there was a person playing tracer:

and this guy’s not bad. one of their most played heroes is tracer, they’re in mid master, they can play tracer. they did some serious backline harassment. spawn camping. y’know, typical tracer stuff.

we had a passable team comp with the classic 3 dps of both shimadas plus widowmaker. i was lucio, jing was mercy, octy was rein.

quad was playing hanzo.

and i’m not really keeping up with what’s happening on his end. we’re mostly coordinating our pushes, frags, and complaining about the tracer. but at the end of the game, after we cap to victory and are watching quad’s potg,

the enemy tracer gets fucking pissed

and, yeah, we poked a fuckton of fun at them for their comments. even if that was all i had to report, i’d still make this post, because anyone getting salty at a hanzo in this mmr has got to be fucking delusional. people can aim! that’s just a thing they can do, man.

but it gets better, because after a long queue, we end up on route 66 defence and guess who was there to round out our fucking 5stack?

so the tracer proceeds to complain for the entirety of pregame; apparently they’d faced the enemy stack earlier. the enemy stack, according to tracer, has a mccree (who pissed them off) because he just. doesn’t miss.

a quick look at their ranks, and yeah, that checks out, because there is indeed a mccree (read: hitscan) main on the enemy team in top 500 and i’m thinking that probably relates to his good aim? and even if it’s not him, there’s another guy who mains genji who’s in GM, so how about that.

you look at this and you think, ok, that’s not so bad, because they don’t even have a tank. they didn’t need a fucking tank. you don’t need a fucking tank if all of your hitscan players land every headshot. the best tank is a good offence.

the killfeed was just filled with headshot kills on our team it was so awful. i really wanted to switch off of d.va but it was one of those ‘what the fuck can we do against 3 good snipers’ games. would they feel the same if they were queueing into a bronze match? is it satisfying to be god, smiting the tiny ants beneath you with a magnifying glass?

and this guy. this guy, brian, brian the tracer player in master, continues to complain throughout the game as they push us into last, and says some very rude things in chat after he lands a frag or two. it sucked, though. it sucked a lot. it didn’t suck in the way 6 dps games do, it sucked because it felt like there was very little we could do to counter.

except we still won because i dropped a triple nuke and, miraculously, we managed to hold it together for the last half-fight because they had 6 squishies

as funny as it would be to meet that guy again, i never want to experience this same terror in a future game

coffeeandcastiel  asked:

Im so scared to look for a new job bc I have vacay plans for September and im buying the plane ticket next week, and im scared that if i get a new job they wont let me take the two weeks off to go to a concert (ticket for that is already paid for, I am NOT giving this up) and to visit family and my boyfriend out of state bc I'll still be too new or whatever? Idk

Not all jobs are asshole about giving time off. I was able to get 4 days off for a vacation I had planned months before I started my current job. My hubby also got our anniversary last summer with no issues (we had tickets to go see Weird Al, again planned months in advance ). If you do look for a new job and you are hired bring it up immediately. Dropping it on them too close to your planned vacation might cause conflicts in scheduling if coworkers already requested time off for the same day (s). -Abby

anonymous asked:

Picture this... Will is pregnant (of course Hannibal is a preening proud Alpha the entire time). He hates hospitals and avoids them if possible. To ease his anxiety about the birth, Hannibal agrees to a homebirth. When the time finally does come, Will spends most of the time in a tub of comfortably warm water, clinging to Hannibal and cursing him out with every contraction.

‘Fuck you’ Will ground out as a new contraction swelled like a wave and made him groan in pain 'This is all your fault, you and your fucking alpha ruts—’

'Will, honey. I will not have our baby hear all this profanity while being born’.

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slycooperandcarlosfox replied to your post “Vorrei tanto sapere, Nick ti attrae sessualmente?”

Well? Does he?

y’know what? it’s time. i was putting this off but i guess it had to come out sooner or later. the #discourse of the last few days is nothing. i’m about to drop the most controversial opinion i could possibly reveal on a zootopia blog.

i am not sexually attracted to nick wilde.

or anybody else in the movie, for that matter! and frankly, i’m disappointed! i went into this film with high hopes - i’d been hearing for weeks how it turned everyone who laid eyes on it into a furry. “dunk me in the spice!”, i thought, or something to that effect. but when i actually saw it??? nothin’

y’know what it is? the size thing. i grew up with franchises where the animal people are, well, people-sized. they’re stylized humanoid figures with animal bits glued on to them

Originally posted by ringtail-and-wizard

but nick wilde is a fox-sized fox. he’s explicitly four feet tall. and yeah, he’s human-shaped. he wears pants. but because he’s so smol in comparison to other characters - because the whole universe is built on the idea of disparately sized persons - a certain part of my brain, when presented with the animal-people of zootopia, stresses the “animal” rather than the “people”.

truly, the heart is fickle.

i’m going on semi-hiatus again, queue will be running and i’m going to be here on the weekends (and probably when something drops to make gifs). to be honest this fandom exhausts me and my uni starts in less than 2 weeks so i need to focus on that. i’ll be at @wongyuhan if you need me 

anon option is back again, this time for good so go off you demons (but i’ll be deleting every rude message and blocking people so don’t bother if you want to send hate)

take care my friends, ilj (i love jin)

It’s raining cats and dogs out here so you get an Elementary ficlet.

For a long second, Joan didn’t know what woke her up; she opened her eyes to the familiar darkness of her room and the sound of rain pelting the street outside. Then, a flash of lightning seized the room in a spider web of blue and, almost immediately, a clap of thunder so loud it rattled the windows. Less than thirty seconds later, it happened again.

So that’d been it.

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You told me it would be different. You told me you had made up your mind, that you were to either be here as a friend or a lover…always this time.

You spoke through those cherry red lips like an angel, mocha eyes bright with life and adventure. You made me fall for you again, you made me fall quite hard..

I was readjusting to you, I was opening up to you, I was being less hostile, more loving, more caring…but I was still afraid to pick you. I was afraid, I had been broken by you, I had begun to let another man pick up the pieces to me…but I still wanted you.
I still wanted to pick you.

You told me you had convinced yourself to leave me again, so hastily I told you to because I was afraid… I was so, so afraid that I’d beg you to stay and ruin myself all over again. I was so, so afraid you’d leave me breathless like last time, my lungs never being able to quite fill enough to where I didn’t feel as though I was suffocating.
But instead of you leaving then, you dropped off of the face of the earth when I thought we were going to talk it out.
What am I to do now..?

Why didn’t I get a goodbye…

I trusted you.
I let you in.

You let me know last time.. I had something to cling to.. I clung to the fact you were gone.

I trusted you..

—  Why..

this is for @softspookyjace because wrye deserves the world

they’ve been settled on the couch for hours, alec watching absentmindedly between turned pages as the light went from that orange syrup color of the late afternoon into vivid reds and golds that hung in the curtains, until it faded entirely and twilight started to darken the shadows in all of the corners. he finished his book an hour ago, closing the cover and setting it aside. but magnus is quiet, lips moving almost imperceptibly as his eyes graze each sentence and the sound of each turned page scrapes at the silence in the room. for a while, alec watches, intent, catching every little flicker of an expression and the way magnus’s brows furrow in deep concentration. but somewhere after his mind stopped being occupied with words on a page, energy started to build up in his limbs and he can’t help but want to move. to do something. anything. it doesn’t help that magnus’s weight has rendered his arm numb and tingly since he’s once again realized it’s attached to his body. seconds stretch out, minutes pulled to their breaking point, the clock slowing to a still as alec’s leg starts to bounce, the sound of jeans shifting against the upholstery mixing in with the sound of pages turning and the silence between them. alec can feel it building and he doesn’t know why but that restless energy is mounting and all he can see is magnus’s lips, slightly damp from his tongue that peeks out every so often as he goes to turn the page. magnus’s shirt has been pulled down by gravity and the angle they are sitting at, exposing some of his shoulder and the sharp line of his collarbone and alec’s gaze dips there, pooling in in the spaces where shadows and light play with magnus’s skin. he doesn’t make a decision, it just happens, head dipping down, lips parting. it’s part childish, part hungry and he closes his eyes, sinks his teeth in. it’s a sharp quick bite. not hard enough to hurt, just to garner attention. or it was meant to be, but it lingers, his jaw loosening and then his teeth sinking in once more, letting his tongue just rest against the unbitten skin. magnus’s body tenses at the bite, surprise evident and it’s almost as though he’s going to jerk away but something, maybe the feeling of alec’s tongue or something makes him just sort of relax, pulling a low noise caught between surprise and contentment out of him. alec ignores it, shifting his mouth and sinking his teeth down again and this time the noise isn’t as low and it’s closer to a noise of pleasure, but it trails off into soft laughter. “alexander…” there’s a teasing, lilting, accusatory tone to his voice, like alec lightwood is about to get told off but he doesn’t wait for that to happen, sinking his teeth into magnus’s skin higher, deeper and humming as he listens to the dull thud of a book dropping and toppling against the rug.

just a reminder that the idea of going to college/university has been normalised but it is in no way your only avenue. on top of that, if you don’t go to university, that doesn’t make you dumb, or worthless. you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on an education, that’s just the system trying to force you into a single path it has deemed the “correct” one

if you want to do a trade, go to a specialist school, you’re awesome. if you want to go to community college, you’re awesome. if you want to never go near a learning institution again, you’re awesome.

don’t let others make you think otherwise. your life is yours and you deserve to be happy

  • Harry: Snitches get witches
  • Ron: That's why you can't catch the snitch unless you buy it, Malfoy
  • *highfive*
  • Draco: Is Pansy no longer a witch
  • Draco: I got her and then I dropped her
  • Draco: Just like you dropped the Resurrection Stone and any hope of ever seeing your parents or that blood traitor and his halfbreed teacher boyfriend again
  • Harry: ......
  • Draco: Bam
  • Draco: suck it Potter
  • Ron: Wait, boyfriend? Have I missed something here?
  • Harry: You've missed a lot of things Ron, I'll tell you later
  • Draco: He's right Weasley, and that's coming from Harry who's about as perceptive as a pinecone I bet he doesn't even know he's hot
  • Harry: what was that
  • Draco: nothing gosh piss off potter

so after taking like, the longest time to drop my tags (never let me put off tags for that long ever again), but it’s finally done except for a good few (other people that are my mains/exclusives, more verses I haven’t given tags for, and some chara tags).

anywho, for an explanation that no one probs care for, I had to like…organize ship/relationships tags because I’m weird like that. but basically:

  • s. shipname and b. chara name are for are mostly within fandom (s means ‘ship’ is romantic pairings b means ‘bonds’ is for platonic or familial relationships)
  • dyn. chara name counts for all musing posts in relation to the character, mostly on the dynamics (which is what the abbrieviation  means)
  • conn. blog name are for the people that are interested in being my mains/exclusives. also gonna be used in musings, fc posts (etc. etc.)

and yeah, that’s it. im free

Debate on the coolest guy
  • Naruto: Don't make fun of him! Obito's the coolest guy ever!
  • Me: Wait for it. 1...2....3....
  • Minato & Kushina: .... is he going through a rebellious phrase?
  • Neji: I'll haunt you, Naruto! That man was the reason I died a virgin!
  • Karin: *drops her glasses* I'm supposed to be related to him?
  • Suigetsu: Man, Sasuke's rubbing off you. Then, again, even Sasuke's not that cold.
  • Lee: That's youth!
  • Ino: And here I thought you were gay for Sasuke. But really, Naruto? Hitting on a guy old enough to be your dad?
  • Hinata: So my future boyfriend thinks my cousin's murderer is the coolest guy. How does that work?
  • Tsunade: It's decided then. The next Hokage. Sasuke it is.
  • Orochimaru: And people tell me I'm crazy.
  • Jiraiya: *wails* Where did I go wrong? Somebody tell me!
  • ...
  • Sakura: *blinks* Sasuke-kun, do you want to elope with me?
  • Sasuke: *shrugs* Why the hell not?
  • Sakura: Husbando!
  • Sasuke: Waifu!
  • ...
  • Kaguya: ....what the fuck is wrong with the world?
Shower thoughts of the signs
  • Aries: omg I have to poop soooo bad but if I do it after I shower I'll have to wash my butt AGAIN
  • Taurus: sharpay did nothing wrong and honestly...oh my god I'm crying again
  • Gemini: I should make a glitch remix of wake me up
  • Cancer: how do birds have sex
  • Leo: my my miss american pie oh my god I dropped the razor onto my foot again FUCK
  • Virgo: memes...capitalism....comrade...I'm just trying to be Internet famous
  • Libra: if I shave tonight I'll have exactly one week before I shave again which means
  • Scorpio: if I jack off in the shower than I'll get a boner when it rains like that kid in the Facebook meme post.....
  • Sagittarius: this shampoo smells like a fuckin ham sandwich....radical
  • Capricorn: I just don't understand the appeal of flannel it just seems like cotton but hotter
  • Aquarius: The Donner party did nothing wrong...we would have all done the same thing...call-out culture has gone too far «—•follow for more soft grunge•—»
  • Pisces: I know/you see/somehow the world will change for me/and be so wonderful/ding don DING

tinkerbell-alphabet  asked:

I haven't worked since the end of March, and it's the beginning of October now because of my mental health. My husband is telling me I need to find a job, but right now I'm in a M-F, all day program for my mental health. Eventually it'll drop down to three days a week for only half a day, but that won't be for at least a month. Will that affect my ability to find a job since I'll have a huge (at least 8 months) gap in my resume? I'm freaking out already!

8 months is actually not huge at all in the current job market. If any employer asks about the gap during an interview, just tell them that you needed to take time off for health reasons but that you are ready to work again. 

Another way to make this easier is to take the months off the date ranges on your resume. It’ll likely be required on the application, but every little bit helps.

My fave items! time for another acnl food giveaway  (o^▽^o)ノ

starts 8/5/15 ends 8/13/15 @ 4pm pt

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tteko plate, kimbap plate, rice cake, pumpkin pie, chocolate heart, berliner, birthday cake, afternoon-tea set, shaved-ice lamp, chocolate cake, bureom, new years noodles, twelve grape plate, turkey, coffee cup, milk, sugar, yule log, snow bunny, songpyeon, cream and sugar

handheld items >>

good-luck roll, lemon double scoop, vanilla ice cream, mint double scoop, matcha soft-serve, swirl soft serve, choco soft-serve

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there will be 1 winner, you don’t have to be following me to enter, likes and reblogs count (remember tumblr only counts 1 reblog so yeah) must have a spot for me to drop off the items, if you win and don’t reply in 24h I’ll pick another winner /sorry!, must be ok swapping FCs with me, if you have any questions just message me!

 good luck  ♡ (˘▽˘>ԅ( ˘⌣˘)