or if he's evil or not


Khal Drogo, he’s incredibly cute and incredibly evil. He enjoys being held like a baby by his favorite human (my bf) and loves to chew up every expensive bra I buy.

Sakura making Sasuke “earn her love” at the end would have been emotionally manipulative to the point of being evil. You don’t pursue a romantic relationship with a mentally and emotionally distressed person, tell them you’re committed to them, and then abruptly take that back and start playing juvenile mind games when it looks like they’re actually interested. That’s beyond messed up.

Sakura is an adult, and a strong one at that. After all they’ve been through, she knows exactly who and what she chose. She knows he’s far from perfect. She’s not naive or delusional or masochistic. She’s incredibly brave not in spite of but exactly because of how honest she is about what she wants and what she has to offer. She knows Sasuke is fighting tooth and nail out there just to not be considered a criminal anymore; she’s not going to welcome him home by giving him yet another thing to fight for.

I wish Dumbledore haters would just admit they hate Dumbledore for personal bias and be done with it, instead of trying to find ‘proof’ and theories in the books that 'Dumbledore is the most evil character ever’. I mean, 'literary interpretation’ can only go so far before you’re making stuff up. If they expect one day for JK Rowling to say 'Dumbledore was the most evil character, and he never cared about anyone, and only used people for power-hungry reasons’ they’re deluding themselves cause Jo loves Dumbledore.

Yes hello

This is my tfoc his name is Mega Dadmus

He likes poetry, legal documents, finding loopholes in the law, music, and cats

He would like to be a lawyer but he is being hunted after he dismantled a government with a misplaced semicolon in the constitution.

Everytime he breathes Rodimus is in physical pain.

Ultra Magnus and Megatron would love to meet him but in this au they mysteriously disappeared.

Re Percy’s alignment:

To me, Percy’s alignment comes down to a couple key features of his personality. The first is his impulsiveness. The second is his tendency to have “dark thoughts” and immediately jump to the worst possible solution to any given problem. The third is his awareness of both of those tendencies and his desire to curb them. The fourth is his blithe willingness to let people he considers evil suffer the consequences of their actions.

So the impulsiveness - Percy does a lot of things just because “this will be funny,” and it’s hard to say sometimes if it’s Taliesin who thinks it’ll be funny or Percy. I always assume that if Taliesin is speaking in his Percy voice, then he means it to be Percy saying it or at least that he would say it, even if it doesn’t necessarily make sense for him to be saying it out loud. 

Giving Craven Edge to Grog was done on impulse. Now it’s important to note that Percy did not know that Craven Edge was capable of hurting, much less killing, Grog. Percy knew the sword spoke and that it had previously belonged to Sylas Briarwood. He’s a smart enough man to assume that the sword was a little suspect but this is sort of where the fourth point comes in - Percy didn’t think the sword would hurt Grog, he thought it would hurt Grog’s enemies. And Percy was okay with that because to him, anyone Grog killed with that sword deserved exactly what they got as enemies of Vox Machina.

Doing “a rail of soul” was also done on impulse. He saw that it gave Keyleth and Tary a burst of energy, was about to go try and negotiate with a devil, and wanted to psyche himself up. More importantly, Percy was the one who read up on everything about the Hells. Percy knows that the only souls who end up in the Nine Hells are Lawful Evil (to clarify, a person who is not lawful evil can end up in the Nine Hells as a slave, but upon death, their soul would leave unless it was trapped in Mentiri. And if it was, it couldn’t be turned into a soul sliver.) So again, the fourth thing comes into play - Percy doesn’t care about the soul sliver he ate because it belonged to somebody who went to hell when they died.

Now obviously that doesn’t make it Good behavior, but to call it Evil is misplaced, I think. It sort of trends that way, for sure, it’s on the darker side of neutral, but it’s important to understand where Percy was coming from with this because intent matters for a lot in D&D.

Which brings us to points two and three - his tendency towards having dark thoughts and his desire not to act on them. A lot of people got hung up on his conversation about the Ravinites and saying that an effective plan might be to kill all of them and pretend Thordak did it, which Vorugal wouldn’t take well. But Percy specifically said he didn’t like the plan and didn’t want to do it - just that it would work. Which, honestly, it probably would, if only because Vorugal would never suspect the heroes of doing it. People also got hung up on him calling the Ravinites expendable when talking to Raishan, except he didn’t do that - Raishan said they were expendable and Percy said “I should hope not, but it may come to that.” Again, Percy is talking worst case scenario and the last thing he wants, just acknowledging it as a possibility.

Percy is well aware that these trains of thought are bad. You can see it time and time again whenever he’s talking to the group and they suggest a plan he likes, which in his own words, “is probably a bad thing.” Or “I’ve had a thought, and it is sort of my job to have these thoughts,” and proceeds to present the party with something awful. And having negative thoughts doesn’t make someone a bad person, obviously, and the fact that he’s determined to ignore those thoughts is a pretty Good thing.

In my personal opinion, based strictly on the totality of Percy’s actions over the stream, I’d probably put him at True Neutral or Chaotic Neutral at worst. However, the fact that Percy so desperately wants to be a good person and works towards that, even if he sometimes slips up along the way, means I can fully understand why Matt leaves him at Neutral Good. To me, intent matters for a lot, but alignment is always subjective, so maybe Percy’s desire to be good isn’t enough for you, and that’s okay. Ultimately, it’s Matt’s decision, not any of ours, and he seems fine with Neutral Good for the moment.

That said, if you think Percy is Lawful Evil, then you better come at me hard with some serious evidence because Percy’s about as Lawful as he is non-white. Which is to say, not at fucking all.

The Duality of Maul and Ezra
  • Ezra: *falls asleep on Maul*
  • Maul: Awwww, nighty-night, apprentice.
  • Maul: *falls asleep on Ezra*
  • Ezra: Eww wth get off me

I am a huge Dumbledore fan, I have loved him ever since the start of the series and I love him even more at the end. And I get furious when people blame him for things that aren’t his fault and hate him for things that he didn’t do. I especially hate bashing of any kind especially when they try to make Dumbledore be evil. He has his flaws but I’ll defend him to the death most of the time, out of all the HP characters he’s my baby.

However, the one thing I keep thinking about is the whole Willow/Werewolf prank. As much as I love Dumbledore, I can’t get over this. Every time I think about it I feel bad for Snape and find myself going “Albus…WTF?!” I can defend Dumbledore from a lot of accusations using canon, but I CANNOT defend this. Albus, what the hell? Snape isn’t my favorite but he’s still a kid who almost died! Merlin’s beard, man, what were you thinking?! Now I love Sirius to pieces, but his little ass needed to get expelled or locked up for that crap. JK Rowling, I keep thinking about this scene and I need you to come up with an explanation for this, something so I can get it out of my head. Unfortunately, this confession may attract Dumbledore bashers (I pray not), I will always love him. But gods dammit if this scene doesn’t make me want to throttle him. What was his reason? I really need a canon reason why this happened, and a good one. The whole “he favored Gryffindor” deal that haters use isn’t good enough for me. Nobody favors a house to that extent, it’d be bad business.

Related to that last reblog: My husband doesn’t watch The Magicians, but he loves Les Mis so he came in the room to watch when the singing started. He stayed until the commercial break, then left. Later he asked “So, what happened with that sword fight? Did he catch the dude who ran into the woods?”

I said, “Yeah he did and now they’re engaged.”

I think that’s a pretty good snapshot of how things usually go on this show

me and a friend of mine were talking about stuff the other day and we came to a the thought that one way to end the Starco/Jarco conundrum is for Marco to simply end up with neither of them (and go with tom…or die or something). So I imagined this scenario that would make things more “dramatic” as compared to Marco just kind of talking things out like a regular human being.

consumed by guilt, Marco asks Tom, the only other magical being he knows to cast a spell on both Jackie and Star to make them forget he exists.

there we go…no more ship war =D

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I think Jacksepticeye mentioned that one of the things he found off-puttin was the big grin. He even commented on an early design picture that was on a drawin desk, and mentioned how the smalled mouth made Bendy look more adorable, and that the wider, toothy grin was much more sinister lookin. Which I suppose makes sense given that characters who ususally have such a grin tend to be hidin darker intentions with it. ^u^

“I suppose makes sense given that characters who usually have such a grin tend to be hiding darker intentions with it “


Just what diabolical evil schemes are you hiding?

New Berserk out and I just feel so blessed by the haunting image of Guts in Casca’s mind: a loyal and steadfast hound who’s constantly fighting against evil demons to protect the one he loves. And poor Casca just seeing herself as dead weight around his neck. Truly blessed. (Well, as blessed as you can feel after reading a chapter of Berserk.)


“Whether you like it or not, he’s my son and I won’t be getting rid of him like she did!” 

“But you don’t even know if he’s actually yours! Be sensible, Hunter, what if this is some kind of sick joke!” 

“Think what you want, but Elsa isn’t someone to do something so malicious” 

“So you’re saying you trust her!” 

“Of course I trust her, she’s not evil, she’s just an idiot!” 

“I can’t believe you’re defending her, she’s trying to ruin us!” 

Bigbang as dads

T.O.P : cries when baby is born, tells to every MC who asks that it was happiest day of his life. Overprotective worried dad 24/7, panics every time his child cries, wants to beat up that kid that stared at his daughter at the park (it takes two hours for his wife to convince him that three year old boys don’t have evil thoughts) Has like 5 paintings of his daughter cause SHE IS ART duh. Also occasionally becomes tickle monster.

G-Dragon : Buys a shit ton of clothes and toys for his child. Doesn’t answer his managers calls because he is too busy having a tea party with his 3year old, also he is wearing pink dress with wings (cause according to his child every tea party is dumb if it’s without fairy princess), misses awards shows to watch cartoons. Brings out his kid to one of his concerts (fans coo at cuteness of them) Doesn’t get tired of listening to his kid talk for hours. Likes kissing his kid on the cheek.

Taeyang: Tries to convince Hyorin to let kid have dreadlocks. Teaches his kid how to swim. They dance together while he is cooking breakfast for mommy’s bday. Kid absolutely refuses to wear any clothes and Hyorin silently curses her choice to marry someone who takes of his shirt at any occasion (they eventually come to agreement - Youngbae and his child wear matching outfits). Recreates pics and videos of his child on instagram (Gah). Sings lullabies.

Daesung: Tries to be strict dad but fails because his kid’s face covered in lipstick is too funny. Wakes up in the middle of the night to change diapers.
Comforts his child after nightmares by inviting him to sleep in daddy’s and mommy’s bed. Cooks animal shaped pancakes just to see his kid smile. Likes petting his little one’s head. Hosts awesome sleepovers for member’s kids (they all learn look at me, Gwisun dance)

Seungri: Has atleast three kids and is insanely proud of their every achievement. There is a bigger possibility of world ending tommorow than Seungri missing kid’s soccer game or school play. Teaches kids how to do business from early age (after all someone will have to take over his business empire). Sends pics of his children’s trophies to other members.
Gets jealous of Daesung and starts teaching them “the real dance”. Gives best hugs and shoulder pats.


endless list of plot bunnies | alexandra jones

      Alexandra Jones was known as the intelligent, cynical, forensic scientist who preferred to sit in a corner while reading textbooks rather than socializing with people. In the S.H.I.E.L.D. academy, it was more than difficult for her to find alone time for herself since most of her professors paired her with students in an attempt to make her have at least one friend. After numerous trial and errors, Alex gained-not one-but two best friends. Leopold Fitz and Jemma Simmons were the only two people Alex could tolerate at the academy… and maybe share a few beers with them as well.

     Then the three stooges all got a call from the infamous Agent Coulson and everything changed for them.

blame @httpscoot for this

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Can you please do some headcanons for Revali and Sidon with a Hylian (S/O) who gets a nosebleed in front of them? Like the (S/O) just randomly starts bleeding and they have no idea what's happening so (S/O) has to explain its normal for them. Sorry if that was kind of confusing. I really love your blog! <3

Omigosh I am that s/o, nosebleeds happen all the time because dry weather is evil

-Mod Pinks

S/o has sudden nosebleed (Revali/Sidon)


  • He is rito and nosebleeds don’t really happen to birds. So he thinks they’ve broken their face or something, he is pure PANIC
  • Picks them up and runs to the healer
    • explanation be damned, they’re bleeding!
  • Is a bit embarassed when s/o explains to both him and the healer that its completely normal, there’s nothing to worry about
    • Still really edgy whenever he sees the blood though
  • Starts carrying tissues with him, under the tease that he doesn’t want blood on his magnificent plumage


  • Coincidentally, another panicker
  • “beloved what happened??? who did this???”
  • Waits for explanation before running to healer, so saves himself a bit of embarrassment
  • very understanding
    • Starts carrying tissues with him
    • Will cover for them if it happens in the middle of an event