or if he liked the original

Well this is who I had in mind for a 10th class lmao As y'all can see I did a lot of erasing… I haven’t actually come up with a class icon yet, so have some empty circles for the time being

This boy here is called the transformer… Bc his wheelchair transforms dammit and bc he’s personally I guess a transformer

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Taking a break from actual work to sketch some boys and I swear to gahd I can’t fall in love with every new character I draw this is getting dangerous. 

updated money second years, may you always be blessed with good luck and fortune 

i like to imagine that clark kent’s search history is mostly normal but then there’s stuff like “improved superman costume concept art” because he wanted ideas


Assassin’s Creed Origins + Scenery


Kol angsting over Davina’s picture


so uh, about aizawa,


Happy birthday to the man that inspire me the most; Kim Junmyeon. ♡

You inspire me to always look forward and keep going. You spent seven years, working for your dream and it sure as hell paid off. You’re the very core and strenght of EXO and you’re the best leader anyone could’ve asked for. I just appreciate you so so much and I’m so extremely grateful for everything you do. Thank you for being your amazing lovely self. Thank you for being our guardian. I love you little bunny prince. Happy Birthday  ♡

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why do people talk about Jonathan Groff more than Okieriete Onaodowan? Jon left Hamilton months ago and is literally on stage for like 10 minutes. Oak has an amazing range and is the last original cast member. Why does no one talk about him. Why wasn't he nominated for a Tony. I need answers.