or if he just went to the parties afterwards

Past Life

A Shawn Mendes one shot.

Request from @alone-in-madness : Shawn and you are in a party and end up talking, you were instantly atrackted to each other and probably falling in love and you kiss, the kiss is steamy, passionate like they were waiting an entire life to kiss each other. You can continue 💕🙌🤗😘 **

The music was loud enough for me to feel the rumble of the bass in my feet as I walked through the party in search of my friend, weaving through all the drunk neighbourhood kids that had come out that night. I was fairly drunk myself, feeling the fog clouding over my brain. Eventually I found my friend Laurel by the fireplace talking to someone who had their back turned to me.

“Have you been drinking enough water?” I said, interrupting whatever Laurel was saying to drunkenly make sure she was okay. Laurel turned to me and laughed in disbelief.

“Yeah, Y/N. Have you?” She asked. I engulfed her in a hug of relief.

“That’s so good to hear, Laurel. Also, um, probably not. I’m very drunk.” I replied. Laurel laughed, making me shrug nonchalantly.

“I can see that. Y/N, this is Shawn.” Laurel said, gesturing to the stranger she was talking to. I turned to him and had to blink a few times to register that the guy in front of me wasn’t just attractive because I was drunk, but because he was genuinely attractive. He half smiled and let out a small laugh.

“Hi, Y/N.” he said. My brows furrowed for a moment as I continued looking at him.

“You’re that singer guy, right? I knew you lived in town and everybody always talks about you but to be honest I don’t really listen to your music.” I said. Laurel and Shawn both laughed, and my eyes widened. “That sounded mean! I’m so sorry!” I cried, putting my hands on Shawn’s firm shoulders. He was warm and solid, and his laugh was light as he shook his head.

“You don’t have to listen to my music, it’s alright. Do you want some water, Y/N? Let’s go get you some, alright?” He said, ducking to look me in the eyes, glancing at Laurel for approval. He was so much taller than me, and his eyes were kind. Laurel laughed again and put her hand lightly on my shoulder.

“Thanks, Shawn. Let me know if she’s too much trouble. It was nice talking to you.” She said, brushing by into the crowd. Shawn raised his big hand in a wave, then guided me towards the kitchen with that hand expanded over the small of my back.

“You alright?” He asked as we got into the kitchen. It was significantly quieter, with only a few people. I nodded and smiled at Shawn, who returned the gesture, holding eye contact for a moment before moving to the fridge to grab a bottle of water and handing it to me. I thanked him and took a big sip of it, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand afterward and hiccuping. Shawn’s smile grew at the sound of my hiccups.

“What!” I protested, my laughter being interrupted by more hiccups. Shawn just laughed and leaned on the counter beside me, shaking his head.

“Your hiccups are really cute.” He said, grinning at me. His cheeks were flushed red, making me smile wider.

“You’re really cute.” I replied. The tips of his ears went red this time, and he looked away. I hoisted myself up on the countertop and took another sip of water. “What are you doing here, anyway? Shouldn’t you be partying with Miley Cyrus or someone instead of us?” I asked. Shawn leaned on his side to face me, laughing.

“I’m friends with the guy who lives here. Also, I have yet to party with Miley Cyrus, for the record.” He replied. I hummed, unsatisfied with his answer.

“Pickering isn’t that big. Weird that I never met you before.” I said. Shawn smiled still.

“We’re meeting now. I guess it was bound to happen, right?” I returned the smile.

“Is it nice to be back?” I asked. Shawn laughed lightly at how my brain was switching topics so quickly.

“It is. I wish I could be back more often.” He admitted.

“You must miss it. You’re my age, aren’t you? 18?” I asked. Shawn nodded in response. “I couldn’t imagine being away all the time at 18. I’m still a kid.” I sighed, leaning my head back against the cupboard. Shawn laughed.

“So am I. I mean, I love everything about what I’m doing, but a lot of people forget that I’m only 18. I like being home and being able to act my age.” He replied. I smiled wider.

“Getting drunk at a house party and wooing some girl with the whole rockstar thing?” I laughed. Shawn blushed.

“I’m not trying to woo you with the whole rockstar thing.” He defended.

“I never said you were trying to, but you are anyway. Come on, regular teenager, let’s go dance.” I said, hopping off the counter and grabbing his hand. I could hear Shawn laughing over my shoulder as I lead him to the living room where people were dancing. His laugh was airy, boyish, child-like, and it made me feel fuzzy for a reason that wasn’t the alcohol in me.

Shawn and I danced for what could’ve been forever, but I don’t think Shawn nor I were aware of the passing of time. We were just having pure, unadulterated fun. His dance moves were hilarious and awful, so I tried to teach him a few but he failed miserably. It just made it more endearing. We seemed to keep getting closer and closer, like the reeling in of a tether, until his fingers dug into my waist and my body pressed against his. He smelled warm yet fresh, and enticing. I could feel his breath on my neck. I wanted to get closer.

Eventually, needing room to breathe, Shawn led me out the back door to the patio. With the door closed behind us and nobody in the backyard because of the cool April night, things were quiet. The music was muffled behind us. The sky stretched above us. Our lungs filled with fresh, cold air that left in plumes floating to the dark.

“It’s so peaceful.” I whispered, feeling the need to break the quiet as little as I could. Shawn smiled at me, and I returned it before closing my eyes, focusing on the breeze against my cheeks. I only opened them again when I felt Shawn’s hand interlace my own timidly. He smiled shyly when I caught his eye, and held his gaze. “Did we really just meet a few hours ago?”

Shawn smiled. “I think so. It feels differently though.” He replied just as quietly.

“Maybe we knew each other in a past life.” I mused, making Shawn laugh lightly.

“That would make sense.” He said, pausing. “I’ve always thought I was a deer in my past life.”

I smiled. “I always thought I was a doe.” Shawn laughed airily, close enough for my to feel it. His hand played delicately with mine.

“That would make sense too.” He whispered, his nose brushing mine. My senses were overwhelmed by him, my only focus being on his lips and his breathing.

I was the one to close the distance and meet his lips. His lips pressed to mine in one long kiss before he pulled away and moved his hands to my waist and pulled me against him, my hands instinctively resting on his chest as we kissed again, our mouths open. My hands roamed up to the back of his neck where I threaded my fingers in his hair. I tugged gently and got a breathy moan from Shawn, making me smile into the kiss. My smile made Shawn smile, and he turned us so I was pressed against the bannister of the porch. His lips moved to behind my ear and then down, sucking hickies above my collar bone and raising small noises from me. He smiled against my neck and moved back to my lips, hand sliding down to cup my bottom.

“Y/N?” He breathed against my lips. I hummed in response, too engulfed in his taste to focus on the fact that he was trying to say something to me. “I- have a- confession.” He said between kisses. I pulled away in confusion and searched his eyes.

“What is it?” I asked. Shawn’s swollen lips spread into a grin.

“I may have been trying to woo you with the whole rockstar thing. Just a little bit.” He admitted. I laughed and kissed him again.

“Don’t worry. It worked.”

I really don't think the fight story is unrealistic!

I don’t quite understand why so many thinks the fight story about Isak is totally unrealistic. I mean, I would love it, if there is more to the story, and maybe there will be. But let’s get real… Why do so many of you think it is totally out of character for Isak to act this way? I thought the story was bogus too, when all we knew was, “I got jealous.”… Like over what? Now we know Even and Mikael was talking, which was what presumably sparked Isak’s rage. Vilde also wrote that Isak was drunk, which made him act stupidly. But people totally dismiss this story.

First off. Isak is known to be jealous! Season 1 Isak was the most jealous little shit ever. And yes, he did develop a lot, but having jealous tendencies is not something you just throw away over night. And keep in mind, he knows Mikael and Even have a past. They have history, and Isak doesn’t know what that history is. It has clearly filled up Isak’s mind quite a lot. And it is so easy for a story to get out of proportion inside your head… Especially if both your boyfriend and Best Bud™ know stuff they deliberately don’t want you to know about. It would drive me crazy too, tbh.

People also shuts down the drunk part pretty easily. We do know Isak was drinking, but no he wasn’t Eva-drunk. We have never seen Isak being shitfaced drunk, but he definitely had alcohol in his system, which can make you more sensitive, emotional and act more irrational. I could see him being drunk on the same level as he was drunk the night they went to Emma’s party… Where he acted irrational too, when he started to fight Mahdi over literally nothing! We know from this, that Isak can react physically if he gets upset when drinking… Especially if it involves Even.

And just like after the Mahdi incident, he knew afterwards it was stupid and embarrassing, that he acted like he did.

I really don’t find it unrealistic for Isak to react towards Mikael, the same way he did towards Mahdi. No, I don’t think he started to beat up Mikael, but that wasn’t  insinuated either. Aggressive pushing can easily be translated to hitting. (And his punching technics aren’t really anything to write fairytales about… Remember him hitting his locker? Hah).

I just hope he apologizes to Mikael at some point… But maybe not tonight. Because this is not eps. 9. This is eps. 8, and things will be WILD!!

anonymous asked:

meow there! maybe something like... the rfa and mc meeting briefly when they were children? And maybe now they recognize each other at the RFA after not meeting for a long time, or they were childhood friends, or they hated each other, etc? (Depending on who it is lol) not sure how you'd write this ^~^"

( ᐛ )و Meow there! (So cute!) I have an idea. If it’s not what you meant feel free to tell me!


-You were one of the few childhood friends he actually had

-Besides his brother, you were the only one who supported him and told him he wasn’t ugly

-You two only were able to see each other at school, but he had such a cute little kid crush on you

-But you moved suddenly- No explanation or warning

-As he grew up, he occasionally wondered about you, especially as he got more lonely.

-When he finally sees you in person, he can’t believe it’s actually you!

-He instantly hugs you so tightly, almost doesn’t even let go for a while

-Just constantly he’s hugging you or holding your hand

-”Maybe we were meant to be?”


-When the two of you were kids, you hated each other

-You thought he was such a jerk, and he thought your taste was bad. The two of you constantly fought each time you saw each other

-But one day you weren’t in the neighborhood? Weird.

-Turns out you moved, and your family lost a large amount of money.

-You weren’t poor, just not as well off

-When the two of you finally meet, you laugh as soon as you realize. It explained why he was being called a robot in the RFA chat. 

-He’s slightly surprised. Do you still hate him? Do you still have bad taste?

-”I remember you being….Very temperamental.”

-”I thought that’s how you were supposed to flirt as a kid!”

-Oh…My god. You even liked him then?? He’s very flustered.


-When the two of you were younger, you two were neighbors.

-He remembered you being very shy and hiding behind your parents- He remembered you the most for your pokemon shoes

-He wasn’t into games back then, but when your families met up for dinner every now and then, you were too shy to talk- Always playing a handheld or reading a book

-He developed a kid crush on you about the time you moved.

-When he sees you at the party he just can’t stop smiling. 

-”You’re not so shy anymore, are you?”

-”Oh my god, Yoosung!”

-After a tight hug, the two of you spend a lot of the time at the party and afterwards catching up

-He’s so happy you’re doing well, and that the two of you found each other again


-When he went to church, you were one of the people who always managed to sit beside him.

-He never talked about himself much, but you liked sitting next to him and brought him apples from your family’s apple tree.

-You were very nice, one of the few people that actually tried to talk to him

-After he left, he always wondered about you. Were you okay? Did you help others as a kid?

-He recognized you when doing the background check, but he didn’t want to admit it was you. He played stupid. Acted completely different. Did you know who he was? Did you forget?

-But when he found you in person….

-He gave you such a tight hug. You softly hugged him too, admitting how worried you had been about him ever since he left.

-He thanked you for everything, even though you never did much, but it helped him so much as a kid.

-Wants to keep you as safe as possible, you were so precious to him


–The two of you were friends as kids. You’d play pretend, and the two of you were pretty close

-But one day…Jaehee just left. Without any warning.

-Your parents tried to explained what happened, but it was still hard for you to deal with it.

-When the two of you met at the party, she was so shocked

-She even had tears in her eyes. You were her first friend! She was wondering what had happened to you!

-She’s so happy someone even remembers her from so long ago

-After a tight hug, the two of you make a night of going to the local cafe to catch up after the RFA party.

-She. Just couldn’t be happier. She’s so glad to have a friend again, she cries so much when the two of you are alone

-”Thank you so much for remembering me.”

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ So cute!


Pairing: Pete Dunne x Reader
Prompt: “I’m not jealous.”
Word count: 2,227
 Smut (Even if it is short)
 Knowing me Pete is more than likely out of character as fuck right along with Trent and Tyler.

“She’s talking to that fucking asshole again,” Pete grumbled, folding his arms. Trent chuckled at his words, not seeing anything wrong with it “She’s just having a friendly conversation. Where’s the harm in that?” The harm? Every conversation you had with someone who wasn’t Pete, your husband, was harmful in his eyes.

Who were you speaking with? Seth Rollins. Pete didn’t trust him, he thought that he was too attractive and that he could get any girl he wanted. It irritated him, almost to the point that he wanted to drag you away and fuck you hard enough so you know that you can’t leave him. Was he a bit crazy? Probably. He’s only crazy about you though.

You two are spouses and seeing you talk to anyone else besides him made him think that whoever you were paying attention to was threatening your relationship. Pete stood there, scowling, trying to see if Seth would notice him and back off. Trent placed a hand on his shoulder “Relax, besides, they’re married to you. Not him. Remember that.” Trent slipped his hands into his pockets and walked away. Seth turned his head a little and saw Pete staring and looked back at you.

“He’s staring pretty hard.”
“We’ll he’s my husband and he also gets jealous easily.”
“So….should you even be talking to me now?”
“In his eyes, I shouldn’t talk to anyone….but that doesn’t stop me.”

You two began laughing and that was the last straw for Pete, he walked over there and snatched you up without saying a word to Seth. You just waved “bye” to Seth while being dragged away “You look like you were enjoying yourself.” “And you look like a jealous asshole right now.” It was always the same argument between you two.

Would Pete ever stop being jealous? Probably not. You knew how he was when you two began dating. Why marry him if this is a probably? Who knows. Maybe you’ve learned to block him out just a bit. Sighing, he crossed his arms, the frustration and irritation not leaving his face. You couldn’t help but laugh “If I wanted anyone else I wouldn’t be with you.”

Pete’s face softened just a bit, but still kept his stern look “Even if we weren’t together I’d go out of my way to make sure that you were in my arms.” He grabbed your chin with his index finger and thumb and raised your head, giving you a passionate kiss. You brought your hands up to his chest and pushed him back a bit “You do realize that we’re still at work right?”

You could read Pete like a book, most of his movements were a bit repetitive as well. He would always kiss you, then it would lead to him trying to get your clothes off, then you two would disappear for an undisclosed amount of time, and by the time you two came back you’re covered in passion marks. It never stopped you before but this time you stopped him.

Pete hated it when you pushed him away, so he just grunted and walked away. You sighed, walking off to the women’s locker room. Trent touched Pete’s shoulder when he saw his friend give off a rather scary scowl “Are you alright?” Pete stopped and looked at Trent “I think she’s cheating on me….or she’s hiding something.” Uh oh. Jealousy. It’s beginning to consume Pete and he wasn’t sure if he could shake his fear.

For weeks you reserved yourself, you didn’t touch Pete, you rarely showed affection towards him, you kept coming home late at night and you always spend your quality time with multiple different guys….mainly Seth and Tyler. It ate away at Pete at the thought of you cheating on him. Every time he confronted you about it, it was the same old thing “Why would I entertain that option? You know I don’t love anyone else but you.”

“How long until you think he finds out?” Tyler asked, turning his attention to you. All you could do is shrug “He’s getting highly suspicious though.” you shifted your place on the bed to where you were facing Tyler with your legs crossed. This is one secret you couldn’t tell Pete, at least not right away. When you heard your phone vibrate you could only guess who it was.

“Where are you? It’s 3 in the morning.” Your eyes scanned over the text and you tossed it on the bed. Tyler picked up your phone and saw the text “He’s gonna want a divorce.” You exhaled slowly through your nose, a feeling of anxiety going through you. Would Pete divorce you if he found out? You stretched and rested your face in your hand “If he does it will be his mistake.”

“You’re the one keeping secrets.”
“So are you, you’re his friend and you’re hanging out with his wife a little too much.”
“Seth’s involved too.”
“Everyone’s involved.”

You two got quiet and your phone vibrated again, only this time it was Trent. Tyler looked at the phone and his eyes got wide “I think you might wanna see this.” handing the phone back you saw Trent’s long text about Pete’s behavior getting worse and worse. How Pete is losing his mind over the thought of you cheating…..and how he’s gonna fucking kill someone.

You set the phone on the nightstand after turning it off “You’re not concerned?” you shook your head at Tyler’s question “Pete’s a lot of things….but he’s not a killer.” You kept looking at your phone and decided to call it a night.

When you arrived at work the next morning the atmosphere was incredibly dark. You didn’t see Pete or Trent and that wasn’t a good sign in your eyes. You looked over at Tyler and he was also confused. Scratching the back of your head you walked around the backstage area with Tyler. Soon enough you saw Pete and Trent “There they are.” When Pete turned it looked as if he was about to go on a killing spree.

You froze in place, grabbing Tyler’s arm to stop him as well “He doesn’t look happy….” Pete began to walk in your direction “Pete don’t!” Trent called after him. Uh oh. That wasn’t a good sign. In fact, that was a really bad sign. You tugged on Tyler’s shirt “You should go. Right now.” Your heart began to race and Pete began to power walk. You tugged harder on his shirt “Tyler!” When Pete began to run it was too late.

You couldn’t push Tyler out-of-the-way and Pete gave him a right hook. Tyler went down pretty fast and you didn’t know what to do. You turned to Trent who was quickly making his way over. Grabbing Pete’s arm, you attempted to pull him off Tyler but he wouldn’t budge “Get the fuck off him, Pete!” you were easily pushed off, which made you stumble back a bit.

Before Pete could do some real damage Seth and Trent pulled him off. You helped Tyler up and he staggered a bit trying to regain his balance. His nose is bloody and he looked as if he wanted to cry. You tried to compose yourself but you hated seeing this type of stuff happen, especially for all the wrong reasons. You looked at Pete and his face is beet red and he’s breathing heavy. Your eyes shifted to Seth, he gave a simple nod and began to pull Pete away.

“Are you alright, Tyler?” Trent sighed touching his friend’s shoulder “I told you, but you didn’t listen to me.” he told you. You flailed your arms a bit, in a rather childish way “I-I didn’t know you were serious! I’ve never seen that kind of side of Pete before!” you rubbed your temples and hugged Tyler “I’m sorry…..I didn’t want this to happen.” Tyler held his nose, slowly shaking his head “If he can learn the truth through all of this….then I suppose it’s fine. This is the only time it’s fine though, I don’t wanna get punched just to prove a point.”

“Get the fuck off me, Seth!” Pete sharply pulled away from Seth, still seething with anger. Seth rubbed the bridge of his nose in irritation “Look, buddy, whatever you think is going on between your spouse and Tyler, it ain’t happening.” Pete wasn’t hearing it, he didn’t believe Seth. Not for one second. All he could do is chuckle at Seth’s words “Then what do you call being with another man more than your own husband? Or how about the fact that they don’t even wanna be touched by me? Or being alone with my best friend last at night?”

Seth remained quiet, crossing his arms and looking at the ground. He brought his face back up and simply said “Follow me.” and proceeded to walk away. When Pete asked where he was going Seth just continued to walk and Pete had no other choice then to follow if he wanted to know what was going on.

The duo walked all the way to catering and then all you heard was a loud “SURPRISE!” from multiple voices. Confetti flew everywhere, there was cheering, and Pete could see the entire men’s and women’s locker room in the room. He looked over at Seth, still confused about what was going on. Seth had a devilish smirk on his face and pointed to you with his head.

Pete met your eyes and he sighed “Did you forget?” you asked walking towards him, taking his hands, “It’s your birthday, stupid.” you said with a ‘feel stupid now?’ tone. Pete held his head back and laughed to himself. This is why you’ve acted strange? Just to throw a birthday party? Pete wasn’t the type to admit he was wrong or to apologize….but he did punch his friend in the face.

Pete looked over to Tyler and when he opened his mouth, Tyler stopped him “Don’t apologize. You reacted exactly how I expected you to react.” Afterward, you explained to Pete how your actions were all leading up to this, but you apologized for making him think you were being unfaithful. The party went on for a few hours and in the midst of it, Pete pulled you into a secluded area.

It was dark outside and the stars were out “It’s beautiful.” you said quietly. Pete didn’t say a word, he just walked behind you and began to raise your shirt. Quickly grabbing his hand you turned with a light blush on your face “Whoa! Pete….you wanna do it out here? What if someone sees us?” he pulled you in closer “Then I suppose we have to give them a show.”

Back in the building, everyone was having fun, no one really noticed you two had left. Tyler was sitting next to Trent, drinking some water “You think we were wrong for keeping this from Pete?” Trent shrugged at the question “Maybe. Maybe not. It sucks that you got injured because of it, but at least he didn’t kill you.”

Trent turned in his seat and looked around, turning back “Speaking of which: Where is Pete? And where’s (Y/N)?” Tyler also turned and examined the room, but returned to his former place when he couldn’t spot them “Knowing Pete he probably pulled her off somewhere to fuck, he’s a horny bastard after all.” Trent couldn’t help but laugh.

That was true, Pete has a rather high sex drive and it only increases when you’ve done something to piss him off. He had you gripping the wall for dear life as if it would save you from the hard fucking he was giving you. It was hard for you to keep your voice down, especially since you two aren’t home. Whenever you were getting too loud Pete would kiss you deeply, and thrust deeper.

Pete then had you lifted up, pressed against the wall. You wouldn’t admit this to him but this was one of your favorite positions. He would firmly grip your ass just to give you the best strokes he possibly could. Pete could always tell when you’re at your limit. You wrapped your legs around his waist and pulled him closer. Taking this opportunity you always got asked the same question: “Are you cumming babe?” he already knew the answer to that. You grabbed his collar and pulled him into a kiss while cumming. You both panted and slid to the ground.

Weeks later you got hit with some shocking and exciting news, but you weren’t sure how Pete would react. You grabbed your phone in a hurry and called Seth. After a few rings, he picked up “Hello?” “I’m pregnant.”

Life lessons, chapter 7 (the end!)

Fluffy fluffy fluff. I can’t write smut, I admire anyone who can. You’ll just have to use your imaginations. ;) Or feel free to write the smut yourselves!

I’m not happy with this :( (I never am). The fact I could write a complete miserable fic two days ago in an afternoon but I’ve agonised over this for ages says a lot about the state of my life… So, sorry it’s rubbish. I’m going to stick to writing angst after this I think. Sorry.

Life Lessons masterlist

Imagine finding this, drunk, on your doorstep <3

So that was it of course, you got your happy ending and sailed off into the sun on a sea of sex and happiness. The end.

Or, not.

Sebastian stayed for dinner, and you didn’t even try to pretend that fish fingers and beans was a culinary masterpiece, but that was what Isabel wanted. He sat and read the paper downstairs while you put Isabel to bed and it all felt enticingly, terrifyingly, domestic.

When you came back down, you poured two glasses of wine and sat down together on the sofa.  You both started talking at once, then both stopped, laughing.  You sipped your wine, feeling self-conscious now you were alone and not separated by a text message.

Sebastian leaned closer and kissed you, gently, on the lips.

“So there’s a problem, I think.” Oh god. He was married. Had kids? Two months to live? Was gay? Or just didn’t like you? You gulped down another mouthful of wine then coughed as it went down the wrong way.

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MagicCon 2017 Experience + meeting Loo and Andrew

Sooo, since I’m back home again, I thought I’d quickly write everything down, otherwise I might forget something and I don’t want that lol

so if you want to read how it was meeting loo brealey and andrew scott, I’m putting it under the cut :) + pictures, because who doesn’t love pics lol

and if you only want to read the book story (so how loo reacted when I gave it to her) skip to sunday!!

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Historical Music BatB Head-canons

Okay, on my most recent quest for cool music-related stuff on Youtube, I came across this one really awesome video from a 1985 BBC film called God Rot Turnbridge Wells. Though I haven’t seen the entire thing, I particularly enjoyed this scene here, where composer George Frederic Handel goes toe to toe with Maestro Domenico Scarlatti in a harpsichord battle.  Me, being the music geek and BatB fan that I am, I jumped at the chance to compare Scarlatti and Cadenza, and potentially form a few headcanons about him based off of what I saw here.

Long story short, I too have history skills, and I have to show them off at least once during the time I have left before you all lose interest in me [haha, I’m only kidding…plz don’t leave].

So, let’s break down the duel in and of itself.  One composer would play a few measures of music, then the other would either repeat it back or put their own spin on it and try to make it better.  When one of the composers deemed that the melody had run its course, he started another.  Most of the time, both composers were able to keep the rhythm, and they never missed a beat.  The competition wasn’t about whether or not they could keep up with each other; it was based on skill alone.  And judging by the glances they shared during the duel, it was obvious that they both respected the other’s skills.  Let’s also take into consideration that while Scarlatti looks older than Handel, they were both 23 when this duel took place.

Handel insists that he won (three times, I might add), but from my perspective, it’s pretty obvious that Scarlatti was playing with him for most of the duel before he realized “oh, this guy’s actually pretty good, but I’m not gonna let him win” and used Handel’s own melody against him (2:33).  And even before that happened, Handel visibly starts to sweat a little, whereas Scarlatti remains confident–even a little playful–throughout the entire scene.

I think the thing that makes Scarlatti’s victory the most impressive was that Handel actually had the upper hand going in–his harpsichord had two rows of keys where Scarlatti’s only had one.  If you have two rows of keys, it means you have access to different octaves of the same note (notice that when Handel switches to the second row there’s a slight difference in how the notes sound).  So Scarlatti was able to beat Handel with half the number of keys.  And it was Handel’s piece they were playing; I found out later that each passage they played was taken from Handel’s Passacaille in G minor.

And I mean, it’s in the books that Scarlatti won.  Although with a little research, I found that they did duel again some time after this–only with an organ instead of a harpsichord–and Handel won.  And that they both respected each other greatly after all of it.  

So here are the headcanons:

  • Before he met his wife, Cadenza was invited to do this all the time (or he was the one that issued the challenge), especially if it was at a party where a lot of people could watch and judge who was better.  Before he was known as one of the best harpsichordists in Europe, this was how he’d make himself known.  And after a while, the right people started paying attention.  If he was at a gathering and people already knew him, they’d try to set him up (like how Scarlatti was given an instrument with less keys than Handel), and would be shocked when he still kept up with his opponent.  
  • God forbid anyone challenge him with his own music.  He wouldn’t even wait to acknowledge the other person’s skill; he’d just one-up himself and leave the other person practically tripping over the keys.  He’d be modest about it, though; he’d praise them for their ambitions.  But at the end of the day, the only master of Cadenza’s music was Cadenza himself.  
    • He’s a bit competitive overall, that much is certain.
  • I imagine he and Scarlatti met with each other at one point during their lives (since they were both from Italy and had a knack for the harpsichord), though Cadenza would have been a lot younger than at the time and maybe even saw Scarlatti as a source of inspiration.  [This is for historical accuracy; Scarlatti died in 1757, and if BatB took place in the 1750s as I believe it does, then Scarlatti was either dead or very old when the story started.]
    • Whether or not they went toe to toe…well, I’ll leave that up to you guys.  Scarlatti’s a genius when it comes to the harpsichord…so I’d think that they just respected each other’s talents, maybe played a little together, and moved on.
  • In fact, I think this was how Garderobe became aware of him.  I imagine that he’d already heard her perform on more than one occasion and had recognized her as a fantastic opera singer, but she hadn’t really taken that much notice in him.  One night, they just so happened to be at the same party and someone called him up to participate, and he won, and that was when Garderobe really began to take an interest in him because she saw his raw talent on display.  She went up and talked to him afterwards, and he took that opportunity to say what a huge fan he was of her talents, and the rest was history.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if the movie writers’ main inspiration for Cadenza was Scarlatti.  I just found a few good similarities between the two.  Both were Italian, both played the harpsichord, composed stuff, and both were supposedly the best at what they did.
[In fact I was so deep in trying to figure this guy out that I was like “If Scarlatti married a singer—!” But then he didn’t, and I was bummed.  Oh well.]

Imagine being best friends with the avengers

Again I’m sorry I haven't done the other avengers I have been busy but I will get them done ASAP I hope its ok :)

Tony Stark

Being best friends with Tony is a thing people only dream about. Well not for you. Because for you it is a reality. You met each other at one of Tony`s fundraisers, for a multitude of children’s hospitals. He saw you, sitting alone at the food buffet, and your eyes met. He was the first to approach you, of corse. And you had a blast, and Tony insists that the both of you do  the whole thing again next week, cause he thinks that he as never met anyone as fun, entertaining, jolly and cool than you. The both of you sped the most of your time chillin in one of Tony`s many houses all over the world. Watching tony build and (fail) to test his new suit designs, drinks with himself and Bruce, going to parties, in the lab keeping him company or just something as simple as watching films with him cuddles up in bed. being best friends with Tony is swinging.

Steve Rogers 

Being best friends with Steve may seem boring to some people. Because some people only see him as a 90 year old senior. But you see him differently. You se him as cool and hip. You met each other while you were giving a tour at the Captain America exhibit, and he just listened how you spoke about him, and he loved it. You both of you went for a coffee afterwards to talk about yourself. And at the end of it, he said that you are a happy, awesome and nice person to be around. The two of you like to do thinks like listen to Steve tell stories about his days in The Howling Commandos, watch all the old fashioned Disney hand-drawn animation films, speaking of drawing, Steve teaching you to draw and having drawing competitions, or just having coffee in a café and letting the world pass you by. Being best friends with Steve is a complete wonder.

Natasha Romanoff

Being best friends with Natasha sound scary in theory. And absolutely terrifying in real life. Because of her being an assassin, avenger, spy and all round intimidating woman can put a lot of people off. You included. You met each other when you were a new recruit for the avengers. You met each other in a hall by complete chance, you tripped over and hit the ground, and fell to Natasha`s feet. Natasha saw your absent mindedness as strangely adorable. After that embarrassing event, you and her went to, the training room, to. Well, train. It isn’t what you had in mind, but you were too nervous to ask. After a few hours training. Natasha said that you had a cute, adorable quality about you and Natasha can relax and chill around you. Natasha and you like to spend time together training, cuddling on the couch, watching cheesy romantic comedies, finding out what happened in Budapest. Being best friends with Natasha is always thrilling.

Bucky Barnes

Being best friends with Bucky wouldn't not everyone’s cup of tea. But you knew it would be a adventure to say the least. You met each other in the strangest circumstances, you helped him escape from the police. You saw him being chased by them but you saw him and offended him a ride in your car, in which he was hesitant at first be he knew it was the best option, so he took your opportunity. After that he kept in touch with you, it was always by letter. But once he got use to you, you both went to watch a play in theatre. It was to see The Phantom of the Opera, he loves the Phantom being a misunderstood villain he likes the idea of. And Bucky just liked hanging out with you, you give him a sense of normality and after a long time, you make laugh, and give his life light. You and Bucky like to have challenges of arm wrestling, having dozens of nerf fights, sticking magnets on his arm, going to a well known restaurant in Brooklyn and a fair. Being best friends with Bucky would be happy.

Wanda Maximoff

Being best friends with Wanda is something that people would think to be awesome, and they were right. The both of you met when Wanda was just walking around in Central Park and she saw you about to fall over but she used her powers to save you, after that you just walked with her and started chatting, and you just hit it of. Wanda likes the way you think and your brilliant outlook on life. You and Wanda like to take long walks in the park, listen to music, listen to Wanda play the guitar and vice versa, reading books. Being best friends with Wanda is magical.                     

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Single dads Eren and Jean flirting with Kindergarten teacher Maroc~ Eren and Jean competing for his attention but their kids getting it all instead xD

“C'mon, c'mon dad! We’re gonna be late!” Balancing the tray stacked with brownies would have been much easier had his other hand not been occupied by an excited five year old, tugging him along the sidewalk, but Jean somehow managed. This wasn’t his first day wrestling the little bundle of energy after all and short child legs could only scurry this quickly.
They reached the gate without a catastrophe in form of baked goods crumbling to the ground and the boy jumping in front of him let out a joyful shriek as he took in the festively decorated backyard of his kindergarten.

There were several big, colorful tents already bustling with life, tables to draw and craft at scattered all over, a big barbeque station in the back and other, smaller food booths all around.
Everything was decorated with balloons in all shapes and sizes, fluttery paper bands with cute slogans painted on and photos stuck everywhere they would hold. St. Sina’s Kindergarten sure knew how to throw a nice summer fete.

Before his son could tug him much further onto the yard there was a soft tenor calling out for them and Jean turned to see one of the teachers, Mr. Bodt, heading their way.
His heart wasn’t doing that silly fluttery thing, it wasn’t.
“Oh, Mr. Kirschtein! I’m glad you could make it.” That smile was dazzling, as always, the sunlight catching in his dark, round eyes and making his hair shimmer like the richest chocolate. Okay, maybe a little bit of fluttering, if Jean was being honest.
“Yeah … yeah, I finished most of my paperwork last night, so…” Mr. Bodt nodded, smile still bright, before he crouched down in front of the boy still clutching Jean’s hand.

“My, Luke … what a nice skirt you’re wearing! It’s new, isn’t it?” He reached out to carefully tug at the hemline with the white cotton trim, making the boy beam with pride and run a small hand over the blue and purple fabric.
“I told dad how you said we could wear whatever we wanted … and he got it for me … and I…” Luke bit his lip as he cast his gaze down, a little shy all of a sudden, and squeezed Jean’s hand.
“It’s okay, go on…”, the teacher’s voice was soft and encouraging as he tipped his head to the side, still smiling. Luke still needed a little nudge from his father and a warm “Yeah buddy, tell Marco.” before he looked up again.
“I feel … really pretty”, the boy giggled, rubbing a hand across his flushed face as he grinned at his teacher.
“And you look really pretty, too!”, Mr. Bodt exclaimed, all enthusiasm and kind honesty as he regarded his charge one last time before getting up again and turning his attention back to Jean. Those big eyes would be the death of him someday.

“We uh…”, Jean began awkwardly, still struggling a little to keep the tray upright, “we brought brownies?”
“I helped!”, Luke cried immediately, bouncing on his toes. “I stirred the batter and put it on the tray! And dad let me put the flour in … but not the chocolate cause it was too hot…” Mr. Bodt’s eyebrows shot up at that and, gaze flicked between father and son and the tray stacked with treats a few times.
“Oh? Those look great, I didn’t know you…”
“Could bake?”, Jean finished with a lame chuckle. “Yeah I’m actually, uh … pretty good at it? Cooking not so much, but…”

“His cooking is awful!”, the boy next to him fake gagged, clasping a hand over his mouth and making Mr. Bodt laugh.
“Well, it’s a good thing you eat lunch here most of the time then, right?” The teacher sounded amused, eyes twinkling with laughter as he looked at the child, then back at Jean.
“Uh, anway … my brownies are great, you have to try them. And I also make mean crêpe, maybe you should…”
Before Jean could finish the lame pickup line of Mr. Bodt having to come around sometime to try them his son gave a piercing shriek and let go off his hand to run off back to the gate where a father had just arrived with his daughter.

“Carla!”, he cried out, wrapping the little girl in a clumsy but enthusiastic hug that was returned with just as much energy as they bounced up and down a few times. Mr. Bodt laughed at the sight, a sound so honest and clear that Jean had to take a deep breath.
“It’s like they haven’t seen each other for ages instead of just a day.”
Jean hummed and swallowed down the disappointment and anger rising up in his throat.
That Jäger guy did always have the worst timing. But there was no use in whining and self-pity, the afternoon was still young, he’d get another chance to talk to Mr. cutest teacher alive and maybe not make an ass of himself this time.

Leaving the kids to their excessive greeting Jäger strolled over with a wide grin, holding a large bowl out in front of him.
“I brought potato salad!”, he proclaimed victoriously and Jean was confused for a second before he heard Mr. Bodt’s almost pornographic moan and couldn’t help the deep flush creeping up his neck.
“The one you made last year?”, the teacher asked with way too much enthusiasm to his voice and took a step forward to peek under the lid Jäger lifted for him. “Oh, that smells heavenly, I might just jump in there and never come out again…”
Both men laughed and Jean felt something sting in his chest, anger again as well as something else, something more vicious.
“Please, feel free too”, Jäger snickered, eyes drifting over to Jean for a moment as he flashed a sharp grin.

This had been going on for at least a few months, both of them being crazy attracted to sweet Mr. Bodt, both trying to somehow make a move but always failing thanks to the other or one of their kids – who were getting along incredibly well, by the way.
Just now they came running again, hand in hand as they almost barreled into their teacher, screaming something totally unintelligible. At least it ripped Mr. Bodt’s attention away from Jäger and that damn potato salad.

“Hey, hey, calm down you two!”, Mr Bodt laughed and crouched down again, laying his hands on either of their shoulders. “What did you say?”
“Look, look Marco!”
“We match, Marco!”, Carla cried out, tugging at her purple and blue shirt and pointing at Luke’s skirt with the same colors.
“Ohh, you’re right!”, Marco smiled and looked at their respective outfits. “You both look very nice!”
“Earlier he said I look pretty, Carla!” Luke was flushing a little again as he told his friend about the compliment and she giggled.
“You do, silly!” Then she turned back to her teacher. “We need to show you something, Marco!” They both took one of his hands and tried to tug him along, almost tipping him off balance as he struggled to his feet again. Two kids with that much energy were harder to handle but he had even more practice.

“Okay, just give me a second, yes?” With that he turned back to Jean and the man standing behind him.  “I assigned you both to the salad bar, if that’s alright? Just over there … your shift starts at two and then an hour? Of course you can stay and enjoy the party with us afterwards…”
“Second’s over!”, Carla insisted and the kids began tugging again, this time Mr. Bodt went with them willingly, only shouting over his shoulder that Jean could give his brownies to Petra Ral if he saw her around.

Hearing Jäger clear his throat he turned back to him, looking at that raised eyebrow and borderline smug expression.
“One hour, eh?”
“Ugh, shut up…”
It would be one very long hour. But to get the chance to talk to Mr. Bodt again today, Jean could tolerate one shift at the salad bar with Eren Jäger. Even just barely.

Well I feel a bit guilty about disappearing for over a month without any warning so I have decided to post this further extract for the School planner AU. I am determined to get this done eventually but with a move to university now being completed and the resultant work and social expectations that I now have I don’t have anywhere near as much time to just lock myself into my room and write anymore. Fingers crossed I’ll have the next ROTPQ chapter out within the month, as I have started writing it. Until then enjoy this ridiculousness.

“Annabeth! Are you there!”

She winced at the thumping music that was blasting out of her phone as she moved it away from her ear.

“Jason, where are you?”

“At a party at the Stolls, listen. You need to come pick Percy up.”

Annabeth sat up quickly. “Why!”

“He’s pissed Annabeth, seriously pissed and he’s going to do something he regrets soon. He needs to go home, I’d take him myself but I’ve already had a drink and was planning to stay overnight.”

Annabeth shrugged on her jacket and began hunting for her keys. “What’s he doing there anyway, he never goes to the Stoll party’s, he normally hates them.” He hates drinking too, she added silently.

“I don’t know, he just turned up and headed straight for the drinks cabinet. I don’t understand what’s up with him, I’ve never seen him drink at all before never mind how much he’s drunk tonight.”

Annabeth shook her head. “Right, I’m leaving now, make sure that he doesn’t leave before I get there. I’ll be about fifteen minutes.”

“Thanks Annabeth, see you soon.” The phone went dead.

Annabeth threw the door open and jogged out to where her car was parked just down the street. Percy hardly ever drank alcohol, and he never got drunk. He’d never said it outright but she had always thought that being around drunk people reminded him of his ex-stepfather too much. He must be seriously cut up for him to resort to touching the stuff. Why would he go to some random party afterwards anyway, that in itself wasn’t like Percy at all. The drive itself was easy enough, the traffic at this time of night was pretty much nonexistent, the only people out were designated drivers or people like herself who had been sent for to pick up drunk friends or family. This was a first for her though, that duty had always fallen to Percy himself amongst their group of friends.

She could hear the music already as she turned onto the street, there were so many cars parked outside the Stoll brothers house that she wasn’t able to park anywhere near it. The door was wide open and as she walked through the door she was forced to dodge past a couple far too interested in eachother to look where they were going. Rolling her eyes she walked into the house proper, spotting Jason’s blonde head in the slightly more well lit kitchen she dashed forward tapping him on the shoulder.

The look of relief that appeared on his face as he turned and saw her increased her nerves even further.

“Percy look who’s got here!”

It was only then that she saw the tall person behind her, talking enthusiastically to Piper.


The next thing she knew she had been gathered up in Percy’s arms and pulled against his chest. On nearly any other circumstance she would have enjoyed the feeling of being wrapped in his arms, but the way they were clearly swaying suggested that he wouldn’t remember a single thing of this in the morning.

“I can’t believe you’re HERE Annabeth.” He beamed at her, his eyes attempting to focus on her face. “I was just talking about you to Piper.”

Annabeth stepped back and glanced at her over his shoulder. Piper shook her head slightly and rolled her eyes.

“Yes Percy, I’m here, come on let’s get you home.”

“Home! Why would I want to go home when i’m having sooo much fun here?” He exclaimed throwing his arm over her shoulder and starting to lean into her.

Annabeth grimaced and attempted to work out how to get him out of this house. “But Percy… It’s so loud in here we can’t talk, and it feels like we haven’t talked in ages.”

He perked up immediately. “You’re right, we haven’t talked for EVER.”

He staggered forward heading towards the doors. Annabeth waved a hand towards Piper and Jason before rushing after him. In this state she didn’t trust him not to attempt to get into the wrong car. She grabbed hold of his arm pulling him away from where he was about to walk into the door frame and steering him out of the door.

“Come on, I’m parked further up the road.” He grinned up at her and followed her down the road.

“You know you’re the best Annabeth, like the actual best person that anyone could have, ‘cause if you don’t you need to know.”

“Percy you’ve really dru-”

“No I mean it!” He interrupted her. “It’s not just because I’ve had a lot to drink, it’s the truth you are like the best person ever, even Rachel thought so and she kind of had a point earlier when she said that I -”

“PERCY!” She shouted. He fell silent, shooting her his baby seal eyes and she immediately felt guilty for shouting at him. “Come on, let’s get you in the car.”

She pulled open the door and half pushed, half carried him onto the passenger seat before running round to the other side of the car. She glanced across at him as she pulled away. “Percy, where does your mum think you are tonight?”

“She think’s I’m staying round Jason’s, she doesn’t expect me back until about lunch tomorrow.”

Annabeth groaned, she knew that Sally would not be happy to see him in this state, and would be even angrier if she found out he lied about where he was going.

“You’ll have to stay round mine then, the rest of my family are away so I’m there alone anyway.”

She glanced back across at Percy when she heard him gasp. The expression on his face could only be described as horrified. “You’ve been alone!”

“Yeah? Percy it’s fine, if anything I’ve been enjoying it.”

“But you could have been with ME Annabeth, you would have had even more fun with me.” He grinned at her and she desperately attempted to hide her blush. He didn’t understand just how true that statement was.

“But you had plans Percy.”

“I would have cancelled them,” he shrugged as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “You’re my favourite person Annabeth.”

She didn’t know how to respond to that so drove on in silence. It wasn’t until she deposited him on her sofa that he spoke again. “You really are my favourite person, above everyone Annabeth. Rachel said I loved you more than her.”

She froze as he yawned, staring at him intently.

“I think she might have been right.”

Before she had a chance to respond he was fast asleep.

arlene; dylric au

the point of these bullets are all drabble/ficlet ideas that i will willingly bring to life !!! (except for the few that don’t make any sense lmao) just send me an ask with your choice of bullet :^)

important note: the nbk mission was aborted 



  • arlene (lena) maegan klebold-harris was born on april 20th, 2002 (she had a different legal name @ the time and was drafted into foster care not long after)
  • eric & dylan took her in after dylan finished at the university of arizona, so about 2-3 months after she was born 
  • i strongly believe that arlene pissed on dylan when he changed her once and he started freaking out and throwing his hands everywhere 
  • dylan was a highkey savage and gave her loads of dr. pepper when she was like 1 & a half 
  • first word: fuck 
  • first steps: 11 months; towards eric (he went on and on about this for a solid three months afterward) 
  • her first birthday party consisted of sue taking like 20 pictures every five seconds and hugging dylan and crying 
  • when she first learned to talk, lena called eric ‘rebby’ and dylan ‘dada’ 
  • the first song she danced to was ‘i hate everything about you’ by three days grace so everytime it came on the radio eric would sing along and she’d bounce in her car seat (this song eventually became her lullaby and the boys would get so fed up of hearing “DADA SING ME TEE DAYS GACE”)
  • arlene got her first “cool shirt” when she was three; dyl bought her a kmfdm jumper and eric absolutely lived for it
  • robyn babysat her often as the losers went off to work
  • on her first day of pre-school eric took her because dylan thought he wouldn’t put up with her crying but when eric goes to hug lena she just flips him off and waltzes to her assigned chair 
  • her preschool teacher often referred to her as a hell spawn to eric and at one point eric punched him in the nose
  • dylan once chaperoned for one of her kindergarten field trips to the zoo because he had a day off of work and the entire time she just held his hand and dragged him off to point at deadly animals (”DADDDDY, DO YOU THINK REB WILL LET US BUY A TIGER FOR CHRISTMAS”)

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Engagement Rings Headcanons

I love looking at rings and dresses and all kinds of things and when I do things like this happen. Behold, my headcanon for the types of engagement rings the girls would end up getting and how the guys would pick them!

Pokeshipping: Ash bought it on complete impulse. There was really no reason to, he was just looking around trying to find something that would be nice for his mother. Misty wasn’t even on his mind at the time. But then he saw the one with raindrop diamonds and he decided to get it. The worker reminded him several times that it was an engagement ring but he didn’t care. It was only afterwards it really hit him and then he went into panic mode and told his mother, who just told him to get a move on cause she wants grandbabies, damn it! He had it for months before actually asking.

Contestshipping: Drew doesn’t propose to her right away, he’s actually pretty content with how things are. It’s after they’ve gone to a couple different weddings or engagement parties that May starts hinting that he should. Not even subtly hinting. She even gets her mom in on it. Drew actually takes Max with him to try and help pick out a ring, but every one he says that May would like, Drew hates, and everyone Drew likes, Max says May would hate. Eventually, Max gets fed up and says just to give her a rose. The girl helping them gets out a really expensive one but Drew just knows that’s the one. It’s shaped like a rose, it’s flashy but still elegant and it’s perfect. He spends way too much money on it but May loves the ring, so it was definitely worth it!

Ikarishipping: I always pictured them getting married after kids come along, so they live together and everything. Paul himself doesn’t really think it’s necessary and doesn’t pick a ring. Dawn does. She goes out, chooses it, puts it on hold and tells him to go and buy it because they’re going to a fancy restaurant and he’s going to propose to her. He doesn’t have to worry because it’s exactly what she wanted.

Wishfulshipping: Cilan was a bit strange when picking out a ring. He wanted something that suited Iris, something that was practical and simple that she could wear and not worry too much about , but he still wanted it to be nice and personal. He was also looking for one with the right ‘flavour’, which freaked out a couple sales associates who thought he was literally going to taste them. Eventually, he settled on something simple but with nature-themed detailing on it.

Leafgreenshipping: Gary was pretty meticulous about picking Leaf’s engagement ring out. He wanted something flashy that made a statement, but she wanted something that was a little more simple. He compromised by settling for the silver she preferred (over gold), but by getting a pretty intricate ring. He got a lot of opinions on it, and Ash joked that he should get one with 'leaves’ on them. Actually, he ended up dragging Ash on most of the excursions to look for the perfect ring. They were both extremely shocked to find one that was everything Gary was looking for, plus it had a bit of leaf pattern on it. He bought it on the spot.

Geekchicshipping: Clemont was really nervous about it. Really, really nervous. He actually made plans to propose and everything beforehand, but then realized that he needed a ring to go along with it. He started being really technical about it, talking about stone density and clarity, and getting no where with it really. The Bonnie came to save the day. Bonnie happened to know about a ring (with a matching wedding band) that Serena actually stopped to admire a little while before. Luckily it was still there, and while there were other ones he thought were better (with bigger diamonds and things like that), knowing that Serena liked it was good enough for him.

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Hiiiii, do you know of any fics where Chanyeol and Baekhyun mess around sometimes and somehow feelings get involved? Thank you for all the hard work you do!

hello!! here are some friends with benefits/fuck buddies fics ^^,

  • Awkward - baek asks his best friend yeol to take his virginity to make him more experienced but whoops yeol’s in love
  • Beauty in the Breakdown - so much love for this fic! so they have sex almost on a regular basis but baek insists he’s just in it for yeol’s body but yeol’s hopelessly in love
  • Jealousy is a Fickle Bitch and so is Byun Baekhyun - they meet at parties and fool around until baek can’t take it cos he’s falling deep and then he sees yeol with a girl and baek becomes jealous and
  • Night Stands - ok so fuck buddies right student yeol and office guy baek and they fuck cos yeol’s a bartender in a bar baek and his mates went to and yeol’s a guitarist and they just meet and fuck and they become domestic and drama 
  • Baby, Put A Ring On It - aaaaaaah extreme fave roommates chanbaek too high tension and they got drunk and did the do and they literally fuck like bunnies afterwards and they’re not dating 
  • Naughty Naughty Baekhyun - yeol’s getting over a break up and baek’s just available to help *coughs
  • Old Friends, New Lovers - so like no strings attached au ya know
  • Savage, SSadistic, SSSensational - classic fave roommates chanbaek they fight over games but have sex regularly and they’re too domestic in this fic so much love but they’re just friends
  • Undisclosed Desires - girl baek best friends fucking
  • We Are Tonight - baek’s a sassy horndog and even tho he hates yeol he still wants a taste of that big d
  • Tightropes - baek got a taste of a d in his ass and loves it and still no homo

enjoy! - Admin Rose

#90: You’re Hired To Date Him By Management, But You Actually Hate Each Other | Part 2


You’re Hired To Date Him By Management, But You Actually Hate Each Other | Part 1


Luke was almost at the point of marching through the park he had been directed to by management; the sun streaming into his face in a happy manor, yet Luke was far from happy. He was mad as hell but there was nothing to do about it. It hadn’t taken long for the management to create a date for him and you only two days after the phone call he had received at the party he was at. After the phone call he couldn’t even get himself to party anymore which meant that he went home already before 2am to Calum’s confuse. Though, when he had explained to Cal what was wrong and the other boys afterwards, they had understood it all. Luke looked around in confuse to try to find your small form in the park and when his eyes landed on you standing with your phone, he started to sprint towards you. “You ruined by party.” That was first sentence that came out of Luke’s mouth just as soon as he had approached you. “Excuse me?” You chuckled, crossing your arms and looking up at him. “You know what I’m talking about.” He grumbled, reaching out for you to grab his hand to intertwine your fingers, his cold hand wrapping around your warm one. “In case you haven’t noticed you little piece of Satan, I’m not the one who took this decision to make us date.” “You were the one saying yes to this.” “You were the one fucking every third girl at parties!” Silence felt over the two of you as you looked at each other wide eyed, “I do not fuck every third girl I meet!” Luke defended, rage filling his veins as he started to drag you down the street of the park, just wanting it to be over. “What have you done then since your managers’ think you had changed into the role of a womanizer?” You asked which made Luke look down at you fast with aggressive eyes before he looked up again. “I don’t know okay, I don’t know a shitty thing about what’s going on and it doesn’t make anything better than I am with you!” Luke exclaimed, earning a few stares from other people in the park. “Why are you even this happy?” He asked after some silence, looking down at you confused with furrowed eyebrows. “Because I get the time to enjoy annoying the fuck out of you and see how furious you get each time but can’t do a single thing about it because you have to act like you’re in love with me.” Your smirk grew bigger as Luke’s eyes only went wider, a small growl coming from past his lips, “You’re such a bitch Y/N, I can’t believe your viewers haven’t noticed that big evil part of your personality yet.” He said in disbelief with a quiet voice, shaking his head at you. “I’m not a bitch normally Luke, it’s only you and your company that makes my blood boil like it’s been over the stove for too long.” “That’s only a good thing isn’t it?” He commented back which made you smirk up at him before shrugging your shoulders, Luke sending back an identical smirk. “The faster we get this thing into the media, the faster we will get as far away from each other as possible. I’m saying this from the start, I’m going to be the one who breaks up with you!” “Hell no!” Luke defended, yet he kept on having a happy smile on his face to make sure that nobody noticed something odd about you guys. “I said it first Luke.” You shrugged, chucking up at him and dragging him towards the lake near the park. Luke let out a sigh before letting his other hand run through his quiff. This was going to be long tough weeks and maybe months.  


The sun was streaming bright in the LA centrum of where Calum’s and the boys truck were taking a break from driving miles and miles per hour, going from arena to arena to perform in front of thousand people. “Cal, have you heard that Y/N might be coming today?” Ash asked as he was in the middle of eating breakfast, Cal looking up from his phone with wide eyes. “Please tell me that’s just bullshit.” He warned, but Ash shook his head and just as soon as he did the sound of the tour bus door in the front part opened and inside came you with sunglasses, putting them up in your hair. “How the hell did you even get inside this?” Cal asked with crossed arms, the other boys seeking place in the back area of the bus, not wanting to disturb or interact in the fight that was probably going to start between you and Calum. “Your manager let me in of course, what did you expect?” You answered like of Calum was stupid, placing the bottle with a bow around it that was before in your grip but now on the counter in their kitchen. “What’s that?” Cal asked as he stared over at the vodka, his eyes showing confuse. “Just a little girlfriend gift from me.” You smirked, “You know, since I’m dating an alcoholic now, I thought it might have been appropriate to by him some vodka.” Your smirk only grew bigger as a small growl came from Cal, him moving closer to you now. “Thanks. I appreciate it.” He mumbled, reaching out for the bottle before moving the bow from it and opening the bottle, taking a large sip of it. “Oh, watch out, I don’t think the managers would be excited to see you drink in working time.” “Listen, if I have to act like I’m in a relationship with you for over 2 months now, it’s literally necessary for me to drink my brain out before I can do that and even be near you.” Calum placed the bottle back on the counter before drying his wet vodka covered lips off, letting out a smaller cough. “How come your fans not noticed how big of a fucking retard you are?” You asked, throwing your purse with clothes and stuff towards the couch boot, taking a seat down and watching as Calum sat in front of you. “Because they bring out the good side of me comparing to what other persons do.” “You know, you can just behave like a real man in front of me.” You said as you leaned forward on the table in front of you and Calum, cocking your head as you stared at him. “No thank you.” Calum said back in a more fake polite tone, his smirk never leaving as he leaned his back against the couch, crossing his arms and just as he did, the boys came back into the area where you guys were sitting. “Boys, come meet my new girlfriend, Y/N.” He said in a sarcastic fake tone, making you cross your arms as well as you looked at him with a roll of your eyes, the boys chuckling by both of you guys immature behavior. “This is gonna be one heck of a tour trip.” Ash commented as he took a seat next to Cal, Michael and Luke taking a look at the belvedere vodka you had given Calum. Hell yes it was going to be one hell of a trip. And the boys couldn’t imagine if both you and Calum would be alive in the end and not kill each other.


With a small grumble leaving past his lips, Michael opened the recording door with force and walked inside to get his belongings before leaving with you. ”What the fuck..” Calum mumbled as he looked up from his bass and noticed you in the doorframe waiting with crossed arms, the other boys looking up from being occupied with their instruments, confused stares being directed towards Michael. “Guys I’m going on a date.” Mikey grumbled, grabbing his jacket from the couch where he had been sitting on before, pulling is arms through the sleeves. “With Y/N?” Luke asked confused, sending a small wave towards you which you returned in politeness. Even though you and Michael hated each other, you weren’t on the same term as the other boys. “Managements idea. Don’t ask any further questions.” Michael grumbled through gritted teeth as he was now ready to leave, nodding his head towards the boys in goodbye before the two of you disappeared out of the recording room.


“So do what have caught your eye?” You asked as you looked up from the menu with a smirk, making Michael look up at you with a questionable eyebrow that was lifted, “Why the hell are you trying to be polite?” He mumbled, throwing the menu in front of him and leaned forward on his arms. “Because I take my job very seriously Clifford.” You said in a small growl as you leaned forward as well to copy him. “And we’re in public. People are checking us out. If they see that there’s something odd going on between us instead of love, then the plan your managers have created will fail. And I won’t get my payment.” Michael kept quiet by your words, feeling a lump start to form in his throat. “Are we going to kiss at the end of this date?” He asked with a fake smile and leaned back in his seat to cross his arms. A disgusted look came across your face by the sudden question, your nose scrunching up. “Hell no.” You mumbled, throwing the menu in front of you. “But you know we have to make it serious. Remember it’s only acting.” Michael chuckled, sending a blow aired kiss towards you. “Do you kiss every girl on your first date?” You asked as you cocked your head to look at him which made Michael shrug his shoulders. “We have to give our audience something to die over, don’t we?” He nodded his head towards the paparazzi that was already hiding behind mailboxes and in crowds outside the street of the café, trying their best to get a frame of you guys. “Why did you sudden change attitude all of the sudden?” You asked after the waiter had been by your table to take in your orders. “Because I realized that the faster I get this rumor started and spread to the media, the faster I will get away from this fake relationship and most important, you!” “Feisty.” You commented with a smirk, sending Michael a wink with the eye which made it his turn to make a disgusted face. “I still don’t get why the management wanted me to do this with you.” “And I still don’t get why in the fucking why you had to say yes.” Taking a sip of your drink, you wiggled your eyebrows at Michael. “You need some resistance in life Michael Clifford. And I am gladly here to give you that.” Without another word said, Michael chewed on his bottom lip in thought as he eyed you up and down until the waiter came back with your food, mumbling out a small enjoy and walking away to let you guys eat and finish your date in peace.


“The opportunity of smacking the door right in front of your face is so tempting that I’m having a difficult time to control myself.” Ashton let out a fake giggle by your sudden statement just as soon as you had opened the front door to your apartment when he had ringed on your doorbell. “How mature of you.” He stated, moving past you to walk inside. Instead doing the usual “how to get noticed in public thing” the managers had other plans for you and Ashton. By taking advance of your YouTube community, they thought it would be a brilliant idea for you and Ashton to start out by making some kind of YouTube video of your choice, letting the fans see that you guys were actually communicating with each other. “Now everything is set up with camera and microphones Irwin so let’s get over with this as fast as possible so I can kick you out of my apartment, just the smell of your cologne makes me want to puke.” You mumbled as you guys walked up the stairs towards your bedroom, the two of you walking inside before taking a seat on the two chairs that was placed in front of the camera. “You’re such a tiger today Y/N, what happened to the innocent girl you used to be once.” “I’m still innocent; you just don’t get the chance to experience that.” You mumbled, looking over at Ashton fast before looking over at the camera to turn it on. You stood up from your chair fast to see if it was on the right ankle with the right amount of lights before you sat back down and ready to film. “Ready to do this Irwin?” You asked, watching him as he sat on his phone before looking up at you with a smirk, shrugging his shoulders before placing his phone in his pocket. “I’m not, but I have to.” “Fine then.” You mumbled and looked up at the camera before clapping your hands together to get the audio in sync. “So hello you guys, I’m here with the lovely Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer today!” You announced which made Ashton wave at the camera before letting out a small hi with a giggle. “So, the fans have given us some questions on Twitter.” You announced as you picked up your phone to show Ashton the hashtag that was now trending. The purpose of this video is to see the connection between us like, we have to act all goofy and loving but without acting like a girlfriend slash boyfriend.” “Sounds easy.” Ash mumbled, sitting up more straight for the camera. “So okay I’m just gotta pick one.” You mumbled, scrolling down the app. “Okay, what was your first impression of each other?” You asked out loud which made Ashton answer instantly with, “Her big nose was the first thing I noticed.” You rolled your eyes by his rude comment, looking over at him bored. And that was now the questions went along the first 20 ones you asked, making the whole thing more irritating for you and more entertaining for Ash. “I feel like I’m the best guest star you’ve ever had on your YouTube channel.” Ash smiled before sending you a wink which you could only roll your eyes at again. “I have a feeling that we’re never going to come to an end to this video.” You sighed with a growl as you looked over at Ashton who just seemed to be satisfied, leaning back in the wheelchair and resting his arms behind his head.

Denial (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Word Count: 1408

Genre: Mostly fluff…. humor? 

Request/Summary: Interruptions (Yes, you do have to read interruptions for Denial to make sense)

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

AU: Modern

Warnings: Cussing, implied smut, that should be it, let me know if you catch something else.

A/N- This has been sitting in my drafts for ages and I decided I’d finally post it and spur ‘the interruptions series’ yes I will still finish requests. Yes I still plan on another part to ‘the noise complaint series’

Standard TJeffs A/N: Historical Jefferson was an evil dick, I write for the character from the play

I can’t find the perfect daveed gif for this. I’m sorry. We’ll have to go gifless again.

Waking up to his bare chest pressing against your back instantly made you weak at the knees. You released a content and shaking sigh, slowly opening your eyes. You felt him leaving warm, open mouthed kisses all over the back of your neck and your upper back. You exhaled with the look of a love sick puppy morphing your face.

“Did you enjoy yourself last night?” He asked between kisses, his voice husky from sleep. Each kiss drew a tingle to where it was placed and each word in your ear brought you closer to shivering.

“Hmm… I dunno.” You teased, rolling onto your back next to him.

“Maybe we should try again.” You could almost hear his mischievous grin. “I can’t just leave you dissatisfied.” With that, he ducked under the covers, pushing up your tank top and trailing his kisses down your torso.

“Thomas! I have work!” You squealed.

“There’s still time.” You heard him argue from beneath the covers, growing tantalizingly close to the hem of your pants with his kisses.

“Yeah, but I have to use that time to go back to my place for all my stuff.” You told him, releasing the shutter that had been building up earlier.

“Mmm… what stuff? He hummed, unbuttoning your pants for just another inch or two of skin.

“I have to shower and brush my teeth and-” Your list was cut short by his fingers pulling your panties down the slightest bit, only enough for the hem to dip downward, giving him just a little bit more to kiss. The relentless taunting was beginning to get to you but you reminded yourself yet again of the dreaded ‘work’ you had to go to.

“Come on Jefferson. I’m serious.” You informed. His head popped up next to you once more with that annoying smirk plastered on his face.

“I have an idea.” He stated conspiratorially.

“What’s your idea?” You queried, raising an eyebrow skeptically.

“You could leave a toothbrush here…” He kissed your nose before moving on, “And a few changes of clothes…” Your cheek. “Shower here…” Your other cheek. “Problem solved.” He finished, finally kissing your lips. You couldn’t keep yourself from kissing back, pulling him closer to you with an arm around his neck. His hand lightly ran down your stomach, where your shirt was still pushed up, causing your skin to tickle at his incredibly soft touch.

“Okay.” You forced yourself to push him away. “I’ll consider it, but we really haven’t been together that long.” He pouted as you crawled out of bed, straightening your shirt.

“You’re so cute when you pout.” You mocked playfully, ruffling his already messy hair.

“YOU HAD SEX WITH HIM?” Eliza asked, almost yelling, you had grown quite close to her since your uncle’s office party and this was your fifth time having lunch together.

“Yes. But no need to tell the world!” You scolded. “Afterwards I was about to leave, I was all dressed and everything but right before I was about to step out the door he grabbed my wrist and just went ‘stay.’ and…” You trailed off.

“And?” Eliza prompted.

“I stayed.” You bit your lip guiltily.

“You stayed?” She asked in disbelief. You nodded hesitantly before your face melted into that of a child dreaming of sugar.

“But ‘Liza, the morning was just bliss.” You sighed.

“YOU HAD SEX AGAIN?” She nearly shouted again.

“No. We didn’t.” You laughed. “I woke up in his arms, an-”

“I thought you said you weren’t going to fall in love with him.” She interrupted.

“I’m not.” You shook your head, snapping out of the dream state.

“And it’s only been a couple weeks, nobody falls in love after only that long.” You argued.

“I did.” She stated.

“Fine. You did. But the mojority of humans don’t fall in love that fast. And I’m not going to fall in love with Thomas until I know he loves me back.” You denied.

“Okay. There is literally nothing you can do to keep yourself from falling in love and honestly (Y/N), I think you’re already in love.”

“I’m not.”

“You are.”

“I’m not!”

“But ‘Liza, the morning was just bliss” She imitated. “Honey. You’re in love.”

“I can’t be.” You shook your head.

“Wait a while before you tell him though. See if you can decipher how he feels.” Eliza shrugged, taking a bite of her salad.

“Okay first of all, I already told you. I’m not in love with him.” You declared. “And second of all, my uncle said he’s… tricky.”

“Tricky?” She raised her eyebrows incredulously.

“Well he said that Thomas… his exact words were ‘he’s broken a lot of hearts’ but I’ve taken to understand that he’ll be really affectionate… then brutally crush the women he’s with.” You explained.

“Oh c’mon. He can’t be that much of a monster.” She argued.

“You are literally married to Alexander Hamilton.” You pointed out.

“Yeah. So?” She asked.

“I’ve spent a maximum of twenty minutes with him and I already know how much he hates my boyf-… Thomas.” You told her.

“Quite the long pause.” She noted.

“We just haven’t labeled ourselves yet.” You shrugged, avoiding her eyes.

A week after your lunch with Eliza you were sitting on Thomas’ couch. You traced swirling designs on the back of his hand as he held you.

“Hey Thomas?” You finally broke the silence.

“Hmm?” He hummed.

“Am I… Am I your girlfriend?” You asked.

“Whaaat…” He began, causing your heart to stop mid-beat. “Yes.” He whispered into your ear with a chuckle.

“You didn’t even ask?”

“It’s non-negotiable.”

“Good thing I like it then.” You murmured, Turning to kiss him. He took hold of your shirt collar and deepened the kiss before flipping you over so you were beneath him on the couch.

“Now?” You sighed contentedly between kisses.

“Now.” He responded, bringing his mouth down to your neck as your legs latched around his waist.

“I won’t complain.” You breathed, unbuttoning his shirt and peeling it off his shoulders.

“He says I’m his girlfriend.” You announced.

“I saw that coming” She smirked. “C’mon in.” You hung your head as she pulled her apartment door open wider.

“Who’s whose girlfriend?” Alexander asked, peeking over his wife’s shoulder. A blush overtook his cheeks as soon as he saw you, likely remembering the first time you met.

“(Y/N).” Eliza answered him.

“And whose girlfriend are you?” He questioned. Eliza leaned over and whispered in his ear. His eyes widened as soon as she leaned away. He promptly turned on his heel and walked away mumbling “I can’t deal with this.”

“Go change Philip then!” She called to him.

“No wait, I’m coming back!” He stated hastily.

“Too late. And besides, it’s your turn anyway.” She responded. He groaned childishly before walking off again. She dragged you over to the couch and sat down, gesturing for you to join her.

“So how did it happen?” She asked excitedly.

“I don’t know, we were just sitting there and then stupid me was like ‘am I your girlfriend?’ and he was like ‘whaaaat? Yes.’ and then we had sex.” You shrugged.

“Okay. Lesson one: I don’t always need to know when you have sex.” Eliza told you. “Lesson two: I don’t get why you’re so paranoid, it doesn’t sound that bad.”

“Eliza, I’m not letting my guard down. I don’t care how adorable those curls of his are, or how sexy his voice sounds when he’s tired, or how much I love it when he-”

“Okay,” Eliza interrupted. “But from what I’ve heard, you’re not doing a very good job of keeping those walls up.”

“You’re right. I need to rebuild.” You agreed.

“That’s not what I meant.” She tried to say.

“Jesus, how could I let him in so much?” You ignored her.

“To be honest (Y/N),I don’t think you’re afraid of letting him in, I think you’re afraid of letting anyone in.” Eliza set her hand on your arm, her voice softening. She could tell you’d had your heart broken, crushed. It wasn’t hard for her to see, she’d noticed it not long after you’d begun talking to her about Thomas. She’d seen it in you just as she’d seen it in Angelica. And now it was her job to help you find your way back. That being said, it was also her job to change the ways of one Thomas Jefferson.

Jimin Scenario: Rock Your Body.

Request: May I have a request where Jimin goes to Vegas with his friends for a bachelor party. After a lot of cassinos they go to a club, have a few drinks & he starts to teasing a girl (you) in front of his hyungs. Jimin reminds himself that he has a girlfriend in Seoul, but all his friends say “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. I need kisses (biting & stuffs like that) and a sexy dance.

Genre: Romance / Friendship 

Jimin was having a blast, he didn’t imagine a friend’s wedding could be this fun, but then he remembered this wasn’t exactly a wedding but a bachelor party, Namjoon’s bachelor party that is.
Having his bachelor party at Las Vegas was the best decision his hyung could have ever made, in this everyone agreed on.

They traveled there on the fast line, Namjoon wanted this to be the weekend of their lives and thus the guy was making everything over the top, no one was complaining. They arrived at Vegas on friday morning and by midday they were already checked in a luxurious hotel, they were all in a gigantic suite of which Yoongi didn’t agree too much.

-Seriously? Might as well checked in on the dorm-

Everyone laughed, taking it as a joke but Jimin knew his hyung said it seriously, apparently he was looking forward to some privacy. But annoyance lasted nothing on Yoongi, Jimin followed him awed at the marvelous view, the suite had an incredible balcony with a jacuzzi and a second bar since inside there was another one as well.
Namjoon gathered everyone in a circle, he stared at each of them so they stood there quiet waiting for the typical Namjoon speech, but instead of that he surprised them by smiling devilishly, screaming in joy. The six other boys did the same, now more excited than ever for this weekend that surely promised to be unforgettable.

The seven freshened up as fast as they could, which wasn’t all that fast in the case of Jimin, Hoseok and Jin, who were getting fancy for the night, the other four did so as well but they tended to be way quicker.
Taehyung peeked while Jimin finished his hair. -Come on man, you’re ready-

Jimin looked at himself in the mirror, he had tight black pants, a simple black shirt that was rather low on the neck and to finish off the look he put on an electric blue blazer. He was ready.
He smirked at Taehyung and went out of the bathroom, everyone ready to go.

-Boys, let’s hit Las Vegas- Namjoon said leading them outside.

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dragonologistic  asked:

♠: Your muse adjusting their jewelry/neck tie/ etc.


“Excited?” Bill asked with a wide grin, fussing over every little detail as he re-adjusted Charlie’s tie once again. “Now I know you hate the suit and the tie, but I talked Regulus off a long ceremony and afterwards I am sure you can sneak off during the party and change into something more comfortable, okay? There’s a new kilt hanging right there on that closet-” He said, pointing to the closet right next to them before he went back to adjusting Charlie’s coat and buttoner. “Along with a shirt you can wear with it, and if Regulus protests just tell me and I’ll keep him distracted so you can sneak off and change, okay?”

Only You (Suga x You) Scenario

Title: Only You

Suga x You 

Genre: Fluff - well towards the end, lol

Okay, I enjoyed writing this. It looked a bit rushed though, so I’m really sorry anon. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it! ^-^ Lehgo!~ 

Originally posted by yoonkooks

“How about her?” You said while pointing to a girl wearing a white tee and some converse shoes, just waiting in line to order some food.

You can hear him letting out a groan, which made you giggle and you dug back into your food.

“No. She looks like Namjoon’s type. Not mines.” He said while looking at you stuffing a spoonful of food into your mouth.

You looked up, and eyed to the side at another girl who just walked passed by.

“How about her? She has headphones around her neck. The expensive kind too.” You said to Yoongi, as you saw the girl had some Beats headphones around her neck.

“Eh.” Was all he let out from his mouth, and you silently laughed to yourself while taking another bit of you food.

You couldn’t understand why your best friend, Yoongi, didn’t have a girlfriend. Was it because he wasn’t into girls or he just wasn’t ready for one? You really wondered as you two been friends for such a long time. He never had a girlfriend ever since you two became friends, and he never mentioned about any girl he’s been with either. It bothered the hell out of you, and you really wanted to try and help him get a girl, since you didn’t want him to end up as a loner when he’s older.

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#50 Drunk best friends


Waay I just hit 50 prefs! Craycraycraaaazy! Oh and I just wanted to inform that this is actually personal experiences.. Alcohol is no good for you guys ahaha..

Masterlist || Country Pref Series


“Why are we even in here?” You laughed clumsy gesturing to the small bathroom you, Calum and Luke were pressed in, the light off so the dark was surrounding you. “The living room was quite filled.” Cal shrugged and you just nodded your head, rocking your head afterwards to the beat of the music. “ So, how’s it going with the two of you?” Calum asked and instead of the usual groaning and rolling with the eyes, you and Luke just laughed at Calum’s question. “We’re just besties.” Luke slurred before slinging an arm around your waist pulling you into his side. Calum gave the both of you an unapprovingly look knowing how the alcohol had not only boosted your confidence but also effected your logic. “Well okay then besties, I’ll just leave the two of you alone here.” He winked his eyes before opening the door, grabbing the key to the lock before shutting the door, locking it afterwards. “Are you kidding me?” You slurred, looking around for any other exit. “Well why don’t we just use the time on something more productive?” Luke winked, turning the board to the toilet down so he could sit on it. “What do you mean goofy?” You laughed but did as he was hinting to, placing yourself in his lap, legs on either side of him. “Wanna make out?” He winked and you gave him a funny smirk before nodding. Luke started to run his hands up and down your sides as he kissed you hungrily making you grasp the back of his hair in your fist, the other one holding his cheek. The kiss turned fast into a full on make out session and as a small groan came from Luke’s throat you pulled away from him. “Easy there tiger.” You laughed and he just gave you a ridiculous smirk before leaning in again for yet another kiss. Leaning your foreheads together you looked between his eyes and his lips. “ I THINK THEY’RE DOING IT GUYS.” The sound of Calum’s voice was clear from the other side of the door, making Luke groan instantly now knowing that you were caught. “ Cal go away I’m busy.” Luke yelled and Calum just laughed. “ Don’t tell me it wasn’t my fault that you’re getting something tonight Hemmings.” “Whatever.” Luke said rolling his eyes before giving you yet another wink.


Bragging into one of Ashtons rooms in his house you were faced with a half asleep Calum on the couch. “Cal?” You laughed seeing the blink his eyes a few times at your voice. “What’s up Y/N? Feeling better?” He asked as he sat up on the couch he before was laying down at stretching his arms. “Much better.” You laughed sitting in front of him on the coffee table. Ashton’s party was awesome to say at least, so many people being there with light music and not to mention – alcohol. It wasn’t far after your 4th shot that you had started to develop pain in your stomach because of the lack of food, key word never ever drink without food in your stomach. “Ashton gave me some chips.” You smiled widely your eyes dazing in every possible direction, still affected about the among of alcohol that was still in your blood. “Oh my god a guitar.” You exclaimed seeing the neck of it standing next to the couch Calum was sitting at. “Wanna here me play?” You winked at him before stretching your arm, reaching for the guitar. Grabbing it you placed it in your lap before placing your fingers in a random position. “Y/N you can’t-“ “I can play!” You interrupted and strummed it with your fingers. In your head the sound of Try Hard started and that was when you started to rock with your head letting your fingers slide over the strings whilst you started the verse. After coming to the chorus you sang louder and louder whilst letting your hands glide over the guitar Calum’s expression going from an amused one to an absent mind blowing one. After you had finished the chorus you looked at him with a big smile. “What…” He mumbled with squeezed eyes not really realizing what just happened. “I knew you would love it.” You laughed before placing the guitar back on its place. “Wanna cuddle?” You actually asked but didn’t really go for a respond as you almost threw yourself into Calum’s arms you almost cradling him like a bear. “Jeez girl you’re drunk. Remind me that we’re keeping the vodka away from you next time.” He joked as he shook your head at you.


Luke had wanted to host a party for so long now since he moved in in his new house. Now that he finally had time, the party had went great – you having the time of your life whilst having a sober Michael after you like a lost puppy. The party had now died down, the only persons in the house you and the boys. Luke and Calum had went to bed half an hour ago but Michael had been fighting against your will, wanting nothing else than just go to bed but you wouldn’t have any of it in your drunken state. ”Are you ready to sleep?” Michael sighed, as he saw you come out of the bathroom door, smiling widely. “Yeah.” You cheered, making Michael “shh” on you. “What?” You whispered, letting out a giggle afterwards. “Ashton’s sleeping on the couch.” Mikey pointed towards a pretty much dead Ashton, filling the couch, a small among of drool falling down from his parted lips. “Ohh.” You said in a hushed voice and Michael just nodded his head at you with his mouth in a straight mind. “As you were walking around in the basement of Luke’s house where Ashton had crashed on the couch, the entire basement transformed into a music studio. Michael turned his back to you trying to find a t shirt for you to sleep in as a sight of a piano caught your eyes. Walking over to the piano you let your fingers slide over the piano’s claves before stopping at the bass end pressing your fingers down so the deep sound from the piano came out. “For god sake Y/N what did I just told you.” Michael whisper-yelled sprinting over to you before you could make any more noise. “Sorry.” You mumbled and Michael just rolled his eyes at you. “Come on drunkie, where going to bed now.” He sighed but you shook your head and as you did he didn’t hesitate to bow in front of you before lifting you over his shoulder. “What a nice view.” You commented and took a grab on Michael’s ass making him gasp almost losing his grip on you. “Y/N stop touching my butt, private area.” He hissed but he couldn’t prevent the giggle that escaped his lips. “We’re going to bed now there’s no but.” He said sternly but with a smile. “Fine.” You mumbled crossing your arms as he walked out of the music studio before heading towards one of the other bedrooms for you to crash.


“For how long have we been sitting here?” Ashton asked you as him and you were sitting in Calum’s bathroom, him on the board of the toilet and you on the edge of the bath tub. It was not like the party was boring, you and Ashton wasn’t just much for sharing your alcohol. So why not having a little drinking game just the two of you instead? “We barely have anything left.” You laughed followed by a hiccup as you filled your class with the last piece of tequila you had brought. “We’ll go steal something in the living room then.” Ashton goofed almost twice as drunk as you. “But first I have to pee.” He mumbled looking confused around. “I’m not gonna leave.” You laughed and he just shrugged his shoulders. “Won’t care.” He winked and started to undue his pants. “For god sake Ash.” You laughed before standing up walking over to the mirror now looking in your own reflection as Ashton did his business – still sitting down as he was too drunk to stand up. “God we’re weird.” You laughed as you stuck your tongue out at yourself. “That’s why we’re best friends. No secrets.” “Yea.” You mumbled winking to your reflection. “Are you done?” You asked turning your head but in a fast mode turned it back as you forgot what he was doing. “Hey don’t look!” He snickered afterwards with a giggle and you started to laugh as well. “My bad.” You shrugged before giving your reflection one last wink as Ashton flushed the toilet, approaching you because he was heading to the sink. Turning up the water Ashton started to wash his hands as you were staring at his reflection in the mirror. “You know Ash a little bit of bronzer would make a hella shit out of your cheekbones.” You commented and he looked at you before giving you a slight push with his hip. “ I would love to see you without it though.” He mumbled looking at your reflection seeing the now scattered makeup because of the heat of the party all around your face. “ I only look like this when I’m at parties. You know that silly.” You said bumping your hip into his. “ I know. I just think you’re prettier without it.” “You’re such a cutie when you’re drunk Ash.” You said in adore before ruffling his curls.