or if he just went to the parties afterwards

Look guys he was TOTALLY there…… I can’t stop with the Oscar doodles

okay so I was just looking at some panels from the afterparty in ya v2 and I’m pretty sure Noh-Varr didn’t even bring a shirt to the party which is like. fine I guess, but when the team went out for breakfast afterwards how long do you think Noh spent standing around outside staring at the “no shirt no shoes no service” sign before someone took pity on them and lent them a jacket??

so i just heard a story about jonathan toews

So my coworker grew up in Grand Forks, and went to UND, and she shared a fun little tidbit with me today

So back in 2006 when her brother turned 13 he got to have a party where he and his friends skated with some guys from the UND hockey team

(Which is somehow a thing? Idk)

Anyway so he and his buddies were skating with Jonathan Toews, TJ Oshie, etc, and afterwards her dad had pizza for everybody. So 18 year old Toews comes up my coworkers dad with a full pizza box in his hands and asks “Can I have this?” To which her dad replies “Uh…ok?”

Jonny boy proceeds to take himself and his pizza to the other side of the room, sits alone with it in his lap, and slowly eat the entire pizza slice by slice while hyper active 13 year olds scramble around the room.

…I just thought people might want to hear that story, because quite frankly I am delighted to know that was a thing that happened

today i was talking to this guy J who owns a record shop, and he said in the 80s he went to a birthday party show and afterwards he got to meet nick and blixa! he said nick was very friendly and talked to him for a long time, which tbh i was surprised to hear because it seems that everybody else who met him during those days generally say otherwise lmao, but anyway after he talked to nick he went over to blixa who was sitting on top of a garbage can in the corner away from everybody else just staring at the wall, and he said “so… uh…. is it true you named yourself after a kind of pen?” and blixa didn’t even turn to look at him, just took a pen out of his pocket, clicked it and said “Yes.” so then J was all nervously like “can… can i have it?” and blixa turned to him, slowly, looked him up and down, then turned back to the wall shaking his head and said “No.” LMAO

Brandon and Callie as a couple

Okay but take every single brallie scene ever in the show like every single scene that Brandon and Callie interact or do something in the same shot, now take those scenes and pretend like they were a couple the whole time, during all of those scenes. Suddenly I feel like I need to write all the fan fiction. I just punched myself in the feels. Why.
Like imagine if they were a couple when Brandon sang outlaws at the party, and then afterwards she came into his room and he pushes her against the wall and they made out for like seven years and Callie ran her hands through his hair like she does, and he ran his hands along her waist and then she straddled him and they fell back onto his bed and his shirt came off but then they hear someone coming up the stairs so Callie hides in the closet and then when stef leaves Brandon’s room after saying goodnight, they burst until laughter and Brandon tries to pull her back down to his bed and she shrieks and laughs and keeps saying that she has to go but he won’t let her and ahhhhhhh butterflies
Or if they had been a couple when they went to Mexico and before coming home they parked the car somewhere quiet and lay on the hood with blankets and watched the sunset while cuddling and kissing and doing fluffy brallie stuff while holding hands and entwining their legs together and he would look over at her and brush her hair out of her eyes and whisper “I love you, so much” and then she would smile and kiss him gently before responding that she loves him too. Always.

I hate myself. Now I’m even more sad.

So do you like my kid or me? || L.H

anon said: You and Luke go on your first date and baby hemmo has to come and your so good with the baby and Luke thought you would be mad that he had to bring his baby with him but your not (single daddy)💙👀

a/n: this is so cute i cannot 

Living in Los Angeles had a nice advantage, you could go to concerts every now and then. It just so happened that your friend was a mutual friend with the one and only Luke Hemmings. Him and his band were currently in LA producing their fourth album and one night, you went out partying with a few friends and coincidentally happened to be in the same club as him and his band that night. You two partied all night and remained in contact afterwards, constant texting here and then until Luke decided to ask you out and take you on a date. The date was in a few hours from now and you still hadn’t decided what to wear. It took you a few phone calls to your best friend and multiple closet dives to find what you finally wanted to wear. You settled down with a pair of jeans and a white crop top to suit the rather chilly weather today. Taking the cab to where you two were supposed to meet, you could feel the anxiousness building up in you. Finally, you arrived at the restaurant and sat down. A few minutes later, Luke walked in lankily, holding hands with a toddler. 

‘Hey’ he said breathlessly, ‘I’m so sorry I’m late, I had to pick him up from the baby sitter because for some reason she had to leave and now no ones looking after Jake so I have to take care of him on the date, I’m so sorry I thought it would only be us two’

Luke motioned to the waitress for an extra seat for Jake. ‘It’s totally fine! Don’t worry about it, is he your son?’ you asked.‘Yeah, his name is Jake Thomas Hemmings!’ he grinned

‘Why can’t Jake’s mom look after him?’

‘Oh, um she’s not around anymore’ Luke looked down to see the tiny blue eyed boy playing with a paper napkin. 

‘I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to’ you said

‘its totally fine, I’m so sorry I had to bring Jake along to our date and now we can’t go to the cinema’ 

‘We could always go for ice cream and netflix afterwards if you don’t mind’ you suggested

‘That would be lovely, Jake loves ice cream and I’m sure he’ll enjoy netflix. Thanks so much for being so accepting and flexible with my son’ Luke thanked

‘I understand the struggle, my sister had to take her daughter Danielle everywhere because her ex boyfriend ditched them two days after Danielle was born’ 

‘So shall we continue our date?’ Luke asked hopefully

‘Gladly’ you smiled ‘Jake’s adorable by the way, his cheeks are so adorable, he’s cuter than you’ 

‘So do you like my kid or me? ‘ Luke said fake pouting causing you to laugh. After the lunch date, you, Luke and Jake went out to a nice ice cream parlor and ended up at Luke’s house watching netflix. 

ok this was pretty cute idk let me know!

{Hufflepuff Party}

Hunter knew here was no way he was going to get out of the party.  It didn’t matter how many people told him that he could study afterwards, with a victory this big, everyone was going to want him there.  So he was….on his terms.  He had talked to a few people, and smiled at all the things he was supposed to.  But the longer he waited, the more his Charms essay started to weigh on his mind.  So the moment he was sure nobody was going to miss him, Hunter went and sat in the corner, pulling out his textbook and started studying, hoping that people would just accept that he was actually there and leave him alone.