or if he is bad luck

Unintentionally Sinful

Group/Member: VIXX/N

Genre: smut 

Word Count: 1136

Summary: she just knew that bruises were going to form, but when she caught his eyes through the mirror, she didn’t care.

Requested: yes! Anonymous said; “ I love this blog! Can i request a N/Hakyeon scenario in which he makes a sexy dance just for you… smut final???”

Author’s Note: Thank you for loving this blog! And I hope you enjoy this smut (this is my second time writing smut, save me lord)

- Admin Mel

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niallandharrymakemestrong  asked:

Do you do asks: I've been looking for someone to write something about a slightly older woman like 30ish (who has had bad luck with men and feels unattractive) meeting Harry on holiday and they have a vaca romance. He and her feel sexy for the first time in ages. (Love your work and would love for you to write this)

Elizabeth Murphy is 35 years old and tired of her life.  She wants something different.  Meeting Harry Styles at a couples only resort wasn’t exactly what she had in mind.  But it might be exactly what she needs.

>>>>Coming August 5th<<<<

He went to grab my drink from me which I quickly yanked out of his vicinity, causing more of the drink to spill out onto my skin,

“Hey!”  I reached over to a nearby table and grabbed a napkin, blotting my skin with it.  I glared at my sudden attacker, “Who the hell do you think you are?”

He frowned,

“I’m trying to be helpful.”  He protested.

I glared up at him,

“Who made you the drink Nazi?  I don’t even know you.”

He held his hand out to me,

“Harry Styles.  And you are?”

I blinked up at him a few times.  I knew that name.  Why did I know that name?  Whatever, it didn’t matter.  I shook my head,

“I’m annoyed and irritated.”

He looked slightly confused,

“Can I just call you Ann for short?”


inspired by wan! 20 courtesy of Snowy, icons for you and your shit taste ex-partner \shot 
I love Dazai, he looks like he’s about to murder half of Yokohama. Completely jusified imo that hat is an abomination Chuuya why 

But I love drawing flowers (they’re literally just squiggles no thought necessary here what’s not to like) about as much as I love bullying these two, so. Tough luck, suckers. 

…Or so I’d say, but Chuuya still ended up looking like a slightly annoyed ojou-sama. It’s really hard to draw profiles and expressions at the same time, ok!? Especially since this is my first try! Just pretend he’s mad but probably-not-that-mad because being mummified is nothing compared to that hat. Yes, it’s that bad.

As for the pink background, I just finished coloring the flowers and thought “lel, why not?” So they get pastel pink, and surprisingly it made Dazai look more murderous. Pink is amazing.

chiaki73  asked:

Hey! for the writing prompt's if you don't mind could you please write some fluffy Naehiro for me? (*^▽^*)

Naegi/Chihiro (naehiro)

Chihiro wanted to be strong.

But lately he’s been anything but strong. It was especially hard to do so with Makoto around. He was just so nice and understanding and the worst part of it was that Makoto wasn’t even aware of just how distracting he was. He kept complimenting Chihiro and cheering him on that it was affecting him. It was just hard to stay strong around him especially with the feelings that came with him.

Makoto made Chihiro feel weak… but not in a bad way.

“Chihiro!” Makoto yelled encouragingly from the bench. “Good luck!” He smiled brightly at him as he waved with as much gusto as he was supportive.

And there it is again. That feeling of weakness… no, warmness.

“I-I’ll do my best!” Chihiro yelled back as he hardened his resolve.

Chihiro wanted to be strong but maybe he’d keep a weak spot for Makoto.

So because there were no eyewitnesses because of this dickhead that drove through a red light i’m not getting shit from my insurance company because the other dude is saying he drove through “a yellow light” like fucking hell it was but whatever that shouldn’t make a difference.  my light was green.  his was red (or yellow in his words).  my car is fucking totalled.  his is just fine.  i’ve paid nearly $400 in renting this fucking car for the last few weeks and now it looks like i’m not getting it back, nor am i getting paid for this totalled car that i just got less than a month ago LMAO

but either way it doesn’t matter because there’s such a thing as bad luck and i have it in droves and there is no such thing as karma whatsoever



this isn’t a joke i legitimately wish that fucking asshole killed me

anonymous asked:

my dad if really abusive to the point where I've been making big plans on where to go if I run away. I'm really scared to ask for help because if he finds out that I told someone, I'm scared he'll hurt me. I've been getting really bad panic attacks because of him, and I haven't even told my girlfriend because, even though we tell each other everything, I'm too afraid. Any advice?

CA: in case things go really south before youre ready maybe you can stay wwith your girlfriend for at least a feww days

CA: good luck and stay safe

anonymous asked:

My friends are telling me he's bad news but there's a part of me that still wants to go on

You have to keep in mind that your friends are the ones who know you best and who want the best for you. They don’t want you to get hurt. But you are the one who has to make the experience in the end, who has to find out if he is worth your time or not. I really hope he is. Good luck!

Alicia Zimmermann & Bad Bob

Because they are still gross and in love!

  • She and Bob met at a bar in New York when he went out after a game - he was dared to go talk to her… she thought he was a dork
  • Two weeks later, they met again for a photo shoot… Alicia, being the amazing woman she is, recognizes him right away and makes sure to make his life as marginally difficult as possible.
  • However, she does this by simply being beautiful and awesome.
  • BadBob has NO game when it comes to Alicia.
  • He’s in luck though, because his desire to do a job right, even during a photo shoot, makes him look H-O-T.
  • He’s no model, but he has this brooding face thing that is so the opposite of his half-dorky charm & Alicia loves it.
  • She asks him on a date afterwards.
  • He says yes.
  • Cue to years later, when Jack is a teenager, and his hopelessly in love parents have a habit of PDA’ing to the max.
  • Kissing in public–you bet!
  • Making out on the couch–of course!
  • Almost letting Jack catch them down and dirty–there have been some very close calls.
  • He was so embarrassed by them his whole life, but come time for him to shine, he is all over Bitty too, so Pot, meet Kettle.
  • Really, their whole family is a dorky mess that attracts beautiful blondes.
  • That, is the real Zimmermann charm.

i wanted to draw an age progression for my dnd character, friday. he’s a catfolk rogue. he’s also cursed by the goddess bastet because his parents committed an evil act, so he gives bad luck to everyone he gets close to. specifically, people who’s lives he gets involved in tend to get in bad accidents and die.

get it. black cat crosses your path. heh

anonymous asked:

assassin's creed college au where assassins and templars are just two different dorm houses and the apple of eden is somewhat of a spirit stick (superstitious item that's supposed to either grand good luck or bad luck). idk what everyone's majoring in but desmond is failing because he stays up til 3am playing overwatch every night

- “Everything is due, Nothing is submitted” is the school’s motto

- Assassin house is named Alpha Dat Ass
- Templar house is named Omega Booty Baals

- Shaun writes for the school newspaper and he always looks sleep deprived because his noisy roommate plays video games late at night.

- Altaïr often picks fights with the Templar house, but Desmond gets blamed because they look so much alike. Altaïr expresses his obsession over the apple of eden stick in a personal journal.

- Ezio hosts the school’s radio talk show (1-800-Assassino) where he offers questionable relationship advice to his listeners. Edward drunk calls him every evening.

- Malik is annoyed by a freshman who constantly stares at him during geography class. 

- Desmond sits behind an attractive student in geography class and he blushes whenever he catches him staring for too long.

- Connor holds a deep grudge against Charles Lee after he discovered the nasty Templar had deep fried his beloved pet, Mr.Gobbles, during the annual barbecue.

tadashi-isnotonfire  asked:

Do you happen to have any soul mate aus that aren't just 1 chapter?

yeah! you can also go through our soulmates tag to check because it will definitely have more

Private Fears in Public Places by obriensbetch (3/? | 16,565 | PG13)

Scott thinks everything bad that happens to his brother is endlessly amusing. He has also expressed that apparently he takes everything “far too seriously" and that he needs to learn to laugh at himself. Stiles ignores his brother’s suddenly sage advice, in favor of silently cursing his luck and inevitable fate. Although, of course, he knows he has not been singled out by the universe to be literally assigned a future, as if he were born in the nineteenth century, he can’t help resenting that he was unluckily one of the two in every hundred.

Soulmates AU / Sterek

Marked by Verya (2/2 | 6,973 | NC17)

The name of a person’s soulmate appears on their skin, in that person’s handwriting, at the age of twenty. Derek has been wondering for the past several years, what kind of name is Mienim?

The Road Less Traveled by Cobrilee (14/14 | 41,356 | NC17)

The thought is, the soul mark is ambiguous so people feel like they have a choice in who they fall in love with. Stiles thinks it’s to torture him. Derek thinks it means nothing.

Then they meet each other, and realize they’re both wrong.

Are You the One? by Venrajade (2/2 | 8,005 | PG13)

Derek’s sister works for a television network with a dating show that claims that they are able to find someone’s True Mate. Cora steals a scent sample from Derek and matches him to an Omega applying to the show with a 99% chance of them being mates.

Which means Derek is now a reality dating show star. Shit.

Ink My Skin by hoechlinanddylan (2/2 | 4,553 | G)

On your 18th birthday, the first words your soulmate will ever say to you gets tattooed onto your skin in their handwriting. Stiles is not at all concerned. Not at all.

This is Where it All Begins… by hannahlenore (15/15 | 32,369 | NC17)

The pack is living in an alternate universe where all supernatural creatures are born with (or appeared when bitten) a “soul mark,” that matches the one of their soul mate. It can be a star, a lightning bolt or just as simple as a red triangle. But, when Stiles gets his, tying him to a supernatural creature, they are all shell-shocked when it comes as a triskele.

Is his life over?
Will he ever gain the strength to tell Derek?
Will him and Derek ever get together?
Also… What is wrong with him?

This is where it all begins…

Adrien plays Pokemon Go while patrolling as Chat Noir on his secret phone (his dad tracks his main phone, and the milage he gets would be a bad tip off). Somehow, despite his best efforts, he can never seem to hold the Gym located at the Ladybug and Chat Noir statue for long. It keeps getting taken back by the same player over and over again, a female avatar in all pink, with black hair and blue eyes, username “buginetteo0o”. Regardless, each patrol he stops for a few minutes to try his luck.

Despite all the running around for her blog, Alya can never seem to get ahead of Marinettes hefty pokemon collection, and how quickly she hatches eggs. She blames it on the Dupain-Cheng bakery being a pokestop and the Gym at the statue in the park next door.

Business from the youth has never been better at the bakery.

Another gym in the city is constantly owned by a player with a Butterfree, username “4KUM4T1Z3D”.

            “ — go on, say it again and see where it gets you.” the hunter threatened, sarcasm lingering in his tone. it wasn’t what the person has said it was the way they said it. when they repeated what they had said, much to the hunters dismay, his fist slammed into their jaw with a heavy thud. “should of thought that through.”

Metro: Robert Sugden kidnaps Ryan – but who catches him?

You don’t want to mess with Robert Sugden in Emmerdale – just ask Paddy Kirk! Blackmailing teen Ryan incurs his wrath when he pushes his luck too far – and ends up bundled into a car boot while tied up.

As Robert takes him into the countryside, Ryan begs him to let him go, clearly terrified about what he will do. While Robert’s intentions may have begun as a sinister means of protecting himself from a prison term, his anger dissipates when a tearful Ryan begs for money.

Realising that Ryan is in a bad situation with someone he owes money to, Robert ends up taking pity on him and pays him off on the basis that he never comes to Emmerdale again.

As Ryan accepts the cash and makes a run for it, Robert seems satisfied that the problem has been dealt with – until he realises that he is being watched. But who has overseen everything – and will they drop Robert in it?