or if he is bad luck

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im so upset rn bc my cat is doing drugs how do i tell him that its a bad life choice he wont listen to me he just keeps snorting catnip pls help

You might want to consider sending your cat to a rehabilitation program. Sometimes there is nothing that you can do yourself, you just have to let the professionals handle it. Addiction is  very serious issue and must be treated accordingly. Good luck to you and your cat. 

I feel Takeo from Ore Monogatari!! because while it seems obvious for everyone that Yamato likes him, not Suna, he can’t see it after years of being heartbroken. And it’s what it does to a person. Stops them from considering themselves lovable, from thinking that anyone can actually have feelings for them.

It doesn’t always affect self-confidence. Just like Takeo, most people with bad luck in love, still love themselves and are kind with everyone. They’re just not picturing themselves as ever being someone’s target of affections. It’s very well portrayed. Unlike the many other shows that show people who didn’t strike gold with love as being miserable and gloomy.

Headcanon: Why Theta and Koschei were his main targets.

The Fordfarding house was a very very old House. As such they had a very… conservative ideals. Outsiders and Shobogan where a sub species, and new bloods were well …. Think of the white suppressed politicians the American south. Thats Forfarding!

Torvic was taught to hate Everyone who was not an Old blood and all new blood sympathizers. (IE Theta)

Not only that , but Theta gave Torvic a bad feeling. He felt something around him that pissed him off.

Theta could do all sorts of things and get away with it with ease, while the simplest childish stuff he did would get caught. Theta was lucky Torvic was not. Torvic must beat the luck out of Theta (Child thinking)

I’m making a Webcomic called ‘Guardians’

Basically, the backstory is this:

There are two secret groups that no human knows about, one being The Guardians and the other being The Demon Empire.

The Guardians appeared after The Demon Empire rose, their goal being to protect the humans from the Demons, who would make the lives of young children through adults horrible, may it be by whispering discouraging things into their ears, or cursing them with bad luck.

The Guardians and The Demon Empire have been around for many years, more than they can count, both in a never-ending war for the humans’ freedom.

If a Guardian and Demon fight, and the guardian happens to be defeated, he/she is brought to the Demon Empire’s leader, who turns him/her into a demon.

In the event that the Guardian defeats the Demon, the Guardian can either keep the Demon and try to 'tame’ him/her, which would bring him/her back to being a Guardian, or the Guardian could simply kill the Demon.

Guardians’ power depends on the happiness of their assigned human. They have their normal power stored inside, but if their human happens to be happy at the time, their power level grows.

Demons are the opposite. They get their power from the negativity that comes from a human being.

The story mainly stays around one Guardian and his assigned human. The Guardian is an eight-legged, two-tailed calico cat known as Percy (Thank you zyracta for the name suggestion!) and his human, Simon Carlton.

More about this will come as I get asks. So start sending in!
I will also be accepting OC’s into this later on. So feel free to start making those OC’s~!

Spirit out! 

i really love the man out of time series because it’s basically like five issues of steve crying about bucky and that’s absolutely wonderful but i particularly like this panel right here

b/c steve is basically saying that he would give up everything - even his own identity - just so he could go back and time and save bucky because he didn’t want to live in a world without him. that’s beautiful. 


im emotionally compromised ayyyy lmaooo

I Dont Care About Bad Luck | Quick RP | REDWINTERSLYRA

Jack had been sailing the seas for as long as he could remember, accompanied by his famous band of misfit pirates. The stole and pillaged and plundered, and destroyed anyone who dared crossed his ship the Jolly Roger. He was a famous pirate. Wanted almost everywhere.

One day when sailing, one of his shipmates spotted a body drifting around wood. They couldn’t tell yet if it were a boy or a girl, so they had to pull them in.

On inspection, it was obviously a girl. Ebony hair and Ivory skin. “Move her to the cabin below” Jack ordered his men, moving to his own cabin on deck.